New Name and Profile Change Requests (Yet Again) [READ THE OP]

Asking to lowercap my username (formatted skippergamez) if it doesn’t count as a name change, thx :)

it doesn't yea, done--mari
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Requesting a name change to Nyx

The accounts been inactive since 2011 and I believe I hit the requirements to claim it. Am getting frustrated by people confusing me with autumn and I’ve been going by the name in the Draft Discord for ~2 months now. Have a couple other reasons for wanting a name change but I’d rather not disclose those publicly, am willing to DM if it’s needed. Thanks in advance!

requesting unlock o/

lily did this--mari
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formerly Panther-T
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Requesting account name change from Panther-T to Morsel. I'm asking for this change because 1) I am not, in fact, a cat/feline and 2) I think Morsel sounds cooler.


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this would technically count as a second name change (the first one was a one letter change) but is it possible to shorten my username to Clas? I have owned the account on PS! for a while now and wholly intend to swap if/when my Smogon username changes for purely consistency reasons (fwiw i am active on that account, as shown by the disgusting number of vgc reg c games the past 2-3w, even with my week's absence + room activity), but have used this over Clastia for at least 6 months on Discord, if not longer. also the full spelling is kinda cringe still ngl but not as bad as clasmia lmao. I am aware that this would be my last name change ever and am completely comfortable with this.

requesting unlock

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Hi, I would like to request to change birth month to May and year to 2002 (day is the same)
Created account with some concerns about age restrictions.

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formerly 제이콥님
Hello i'd like to change my name 제이콥님 to Jacobnim
When I first signed up as a member, I set my nickname in Korean because I heard that "smogon" is just a competition site. Please change my nickname because there are many inconveniences while promoting. It is hard for me to get tagged and my nickname is changed to "characters" in various competitions.

done, obvious exception to the rules is obvious--mari
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F1shingRod --> pp

I have not used the showdown acc F1shingRod for many years now, and everyone who has met me through showdown or discord knows me as pp, and I'd like my name to be consistent here too. I don't believe the name pp is taken, but if I some how failed to find the user with this name, pp's splash town is an acceptable 2nd choice.

done, going with 2nd choice for name value reasons--mari
requesting unlock, thanks

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Hello, I accidentally entered the wrong day when setting my birth date and made my account without noticing this error, and I'd like it changed to February 6th, 1999, please.

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Requesting my name to be changed to Michael Bisping on here on the basis that I've used the said name on PS since 2019. I'm Sports room # if that helps.

yep, and yes it helps but you qualified either way--mari
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Requesting name change to BingoCatte
original name is a dox and I was a stupid kid when I first made the account who apparently had no regard for online safety

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Name Changes for Regular Users
  • you may request a name change ONLY if you fulfill EITHER of these requirements:
    • you have 100 posts or more total;
    • your account is at least 3 years old.
  • by default, you only get 1 name change;
    • you must provide a REASON;
    • you may revert to your old name, but only after at least 3 months have passed, and you will be ineligible for future changes for an extended period of time;
    • removal of numbers or other distracting text (e.g. tennisace0227 -> tennisace) will not count as a name change;
      • you can't request to ADD distracting text or request a username that includes distracting text (or any unicode characters / characters that can't be typed on a conventional keyboard), that's completely counterproductive and makes it makes it more difficult to tag users.
    • you will not be eligible for any second changes until an extended period of time has passed since your first one; we reserve the right to judge the situation ourselves, no two are equal. There is a SMALL chance for an exception to made sooner if you seriously want a second name or regret an old change, etc. but it will be permanent and under no circumstances will it ever be changed again. ever. Include a link to your original name change request that you want to revert.
  • you may not get a name change if you have an active infraction, are Wi-Fi blacklisted, or are (circuit) tournament banned and may be rejected on a case-by-case basis if you have a poor history as a user;
  • you will receive a custom title with your former username so that others may identify you;
  • you may not take the username of an existing account under any circumstances;
  • new/alternate accounts are against the rules, so you will be infracted if you are caught creating one instead of using this thread.
Name Changes for Badgeholders
  • badgeholders - all of the above applies to you;
  • you may take the name of an existing account ONLY IF
    • the account with the username you want has not been logged into for 3+ years, AND
    • the account with the username you want has 10 visible posts or less.
  • OR
    • the account with the username you want has not been logged into for 10+ years, AND
    • the account with the username you want has 25 visible posts or less.
  • not all names are created equal, and we reserve the right to reject high-value names for users who have a low badgecount or are not very active;
  • if you take the name of an existing account, you won't be eligible for any future changes including reverts for the next 3 years.
    • extenuating circumstances always exist; if you feel you have a strong case for an exception (e.g. deadname, privacy concerns) then feel free to make your case and we'll listen, either in this thread or in PM to a smod+ if you're not comfortable.
Name Changes for Staff Members
  • staff members - all of the above applies to you;
  • HOWEVER, you are exempt to the 100 posts requirement, and you may receive an exception to the 10 posts rule on taking over existing accounts on a case-by-case basis, e.g. for uniformity across platforms;
  • "staff members" includes forum mods and above.
Name Changes for PS! Contributors
  • PS! contributors - you can claim the forum name to match your main PS account if you meet and provide PROOF of ALL of the following conditions:
    • you are at least GLOBAL VOICE on the sim;
    • you are at least ROOMMOD or higher in at least one PUBLIC room OR you are at least ROOMDRIVER in the DEVELOPMENT room;
    • you haven't had a namechange on the sim in the past 3 months (don't try to pull a fast one, we can check);
      • globally voiced roomdrivers are eligible on a case-by-case basis if it's been at least 3 months since their (re)promotion to roomstaff.
  • this ONLY applies to the name matching your globally voiced PS account; if you want a different forum name, then get a name change on the sim first and we can process your request after 3 months;
    • only EXACT matches qualify; e.g. you cannot claim the forum account "mari" if you do not both own and are using "mari" as your main PS account, "mari215" is not good enough.
  • you are exempt to the 100 posts requirement, and you can claim taken names, but only those that meet the regular inactivity requirements;
    • HOWEVER, similarly to forum staff members, as long as uniformity across platforms is observed, global staff and public room ROs can be given an exception to the 10 posts on a case-by-case basis, as well as to the 3 months waiting period for the sake of immediate consistency for higher-ranked staff.
Profile Changes:
  • you may request birth date and related information to be changed only once;
    • please submit any birth dates in an unambiguous format (e.g. Nov. 12th, 2000, not 11/12/00), we don't know whether your country uses DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY;
  • we will not fulfill avatar or custom title requests;
  • badges and banners are earned, not given.
General Rules:
  • LOOK UP THE USERNAME BEFORE YOU REQUEST IT, as from here on out, you are likely to be denied future name changes if you attempt to request a name that is taken (TIP: use the search function; enter the username you are looking for and PRESS ENTER, the username doesn't always appear in the dropdown... if you get redirected to the main members page, the name is free! if the profile DOES appear, you may NOT request it unless you are a badgeholder. you have been warned.
  • do NOT ask super moderators or admins on their profiles OR in private message to change your name or to check the thread or anything of the like, as the point of the thread is so that you may request and so that we will get to it when we have the time to do so;
  • joke requests will not be tolerated and we will infract you if you do it at this point, have some sense;
  • Your custom title will be locked for a month after getting a new name. Remember to ask a Super Moderator or Admin to remove the lock after a month, it will not come off automatically;
    • naturally, this is a month after the change was carried out, not a month after you posted your request.
    • do not post here asking to unlock your profile "when my month is over in 3 days", if we want to go through the thread before then we're not gonna wait for you, and if we go through it later then there was no point in posting ahead of time in the first place.
    • Include a link to your name change request when you ask for your profile to be unlocked.

Archive of old name changes (for older changes see older threads)
Page 1
Mathy -> Mathy [old]
(331127) mathfreak231 -> Mathy

(286726) Ayaka -> Gondra
(30578) TheRealPseudo -> maccy
vert -> vert [old]
(186941) Vertex -> Vert

(445017) AtomicFish -> Prikki
Lilos -> Lilos [old]
(513351) Test Techles ->Lilos

cleffa hater -> hater
hidingflames -> hidin
ann -> ann [old]
Ann nonima -> Ann

Jac -> Anthiese
BoXeD -> Sebberball
Based Sexy Pants -> Em
Drivetacos -> choicebadkyurem
raisedintyo -> tyo
Glue -> Glue [old]
Roseybear -> Glue
Enzo Gorlami -> The Gunner

theBigbrother17 -> TheLoyalBandito
abbehzt -> Abbehat

Page 2
Yadunovamaster -> Yadplayz
ImmortalZypther -> Sorrica
Ishtar -> Ishtar [old]
keppy -> Ishtar

Lyss -> Lyssa
MajXP -> luckie
Eccalliti ✿ -> Ecca
Ice King -> Green King Kong
ketchup disliker -> sparks bloom
Kale EO Trixiewagon -> Melanie goes boating
Holy Ghost -> byulharang
Javi -> Javi [old]
Javitu -> Javi

That Dude -> Teals
Chrome8 -> Chromate
3乂匚卂ㄥ|乃ㄩ尺 -> Harlequin_07
tomatosoup110 -> Queen of Bean

Page 3
(603814) SoBalancedGuys -> SoBalanced
(437268) n8kim1 -> eluxivae
(484270) beauts -> hayedenn
(465008) Oursome Souls -> Chef Seem of the Seas
(298648) digitalson -> LatiasDigs
(409013) Beraldinho -> Beraldo
(387847) DOOR MONEY -> Hacker
Hacker -> Hacker [old]

(475934) Demon Dragon -> DemonicRex
(397565) Chrome_ -> Rasche
(425845) IloveScaldBurns -> ILSB

Page 4
woo -> woo [old]
(528751) Moretto -> woo
Fame -> Fame [old]
(481420) The Fame -> Fame

(373175) green_typhlosion -> QuentinQuonce
(485718) AquaBlue313 -> Aquinox
(322263) Finding True Love -> Found True Love
(299239) Barbows -> Vitoran
Master Chief -> Master Chief [old]
(409898) Alpha Rabbit -> Master Chief

(605972) TheSerotoninVibes -> seroo
(364746) reshiramo -> Apollousa
(205868) Kyosuru Jets -> Lilymoding
(601870) MuffinMat -> MuffinMelody
(493781) TexasMan21 -> GameSetTex

Page 5
(307004) Toy Time King -> TTK
(555040) NotlPrimRose -> Noelle
(562495) MiNi Charizard-x -> MCX
(509496) RubMeWong -> RankleFrank
(510301) F1shingRod -> pp's splash town
(185125) Suckingmoreducks -> cyberacc
Kenn -> Kenn [old]
(604741) kennukem -> kenn
Nyx -> Nyx [old]
(564960) Autumnchi -> Nyx

(226377) EVIL z0mOG -> z0mOG
(545372) Clastia -> Clas
(559457) Bhalal -> Zoyotte
(558636) Aggrometaile -> zastra
(355160) Winterains -> w_r
(399306) xujing691691 -> 691
(548612) Rofna99 -> Rofna

Page 6
(530118) Mystras Leoxses -> Mystras
(340740) Guille14 -> Guille
(276708) Alakazam -> Ginger Princess
(54235) Corey Taylor -> BrunnoGreen
Spatula -> Spatula [old]
(459811) spatulakun -> spatula

(404799) Lpow12 -> termnal
Strawberry -> Strawberry [old]
(239505) tiki -> strawberry
Sacred -> Sacred [old]
(451283) SacredKunoCV -> Sacred

(424523) ragmatho -> Sk3no
Fade -> Fade [old]
(472436) jonfilch -> fade

(492353) Fabius Arc -> C1acc0
(363909) Elitemagikarp -> fiish
(255001) ShadowDragonian -> Haildras
(352947) Err0r Mobutt -> Glitchwood High
Snake -> Snake [old]
(227784) snake_rattler -> snake

(510629) Mustash -> DJWT64

Page 7
(304829) Panther-T -> Morsel
(515077) Mbouchon -> aerobee
(562479) 제이콥님 -> Jacobnim
(302531) Flying Kebab -> Michael Bisping
would like to change my age to June 6th 2007! Accidentally chose 2000 lol X3
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formerly Captain Combusken
Requesting name change to Capfoo

I haven't used this username for like years, and I'd like to update it to the one I actually use online most places :)

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Requesting name change to Orangex

just want to remove numbers, when i searched up the name it redirected to my profile so i assume that means its not taken

yep done--mari
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Champion Leon

Banned deucer.
I want to change my name back to my old name OM!

I feel since Gen 8 is done, it feels outdated and wanted to have my old name back since it’s timeless.

sorry this name is taken by OM now
Since I don't have the option to revert it back, it is fair to update it a final time to the new: "Satoshi Tajiri"

The only thing greater than a Champion is a Pokemon Master, and with this name I can upgrade my name one final time.

Thank you so much.

This means more than you know.

rejected, active infraction + poor user history
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formerly Zyniti
Requesting name change to Artemis04

I've been wanting to change my Smogon account name for quite a while now, and I haven't had the opportunity to actually have it changed until now. I made this name when I was 14, and now that I am around 18.5 years old, I do not wish for this name to remain. Also, ever since I discovered I was non-binary, I've been using the name Artemis everywhere that I am active on.

Edit: Change year 1995 to 2004 in my birthdate (November 2, 2004). This was when I was pretending to be a cisgender female in order to protect myself from transphobia.

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Can i change my account name to woo, when i made this account my name in PS! was woopersons, but even after i changed it people still called me woop and woo in Discord and i prefer this name compared to moretto. Also my discord account. acc exists but i have a badge and they haven't got on in almost 15 years, also 0 messages.

unlock please

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