New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

Requesting name to be changed to "wonnered", it's the name I go by on showdown and on discord. I don't really know why I went after the three letter abbreviation.

done - tdp
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Heart Doom

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hello i'd like to get my ct removed and a profile unlock, thank

not been a month yet
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I dont know if this is where i ask this or if its something i can do myself, but am i able to get the "formerly SirLittlePvP" removed from my profile? thanks
It’s been quite a few months since I’ve changed my nickname, so can I get the usertitle removed, please? ^^

Also, my profile info seems locked…
I don't understand why my name change request to "GGFanFan" was denied. Moderators never gave me a reason for this.

Can I please change my name to GGFanFan?
I would like to get my name changed to Suppress since i no longer use the name ShadowTash

you need 100 posts sorry
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Requesting a name change to Moltracer from Bla Bla Fat, original name was from a game I played almost 2 years ago before I started Pokemon, put the name as a throwaway as I didn't expect to stick to competitive Pokemon for long. (I was quite wrong about that). I believe I have 100 posts assuming that the messages section of my profile is what you are going off of. Moltracer is my name on showdown, I feel its appropriate to switch it on smogon aswell.

done - tdp
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requesting the 16 to be removed from my username, if possible, idr why I had that 16 in my name but i don't want it anymore

sure - tdp
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Requesting a name change to HPLMS.
I use dots in my nickname cause my real name has them, but I can't use dots in showdown acc, this new one comes from my real name too but without points for showdown acc.

done - tdp
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hello, requesting a name change to "Algeria".
I checked and the username on smogon isn't taken. I used that name cause Algeria was already taken on Showdown but now i think I can request it.
Thaanks in advance.

done - tdp
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I sent this message to an admin who was more than kind enough to link me here, but:

"So as the title implies, I'd REALLY like to change my name...I fell out of Pokemon a few years ago after 2011 VGC's because all of my belongings were stolen shortly after, and recently started again...decided to try to log into my old Smogon account and frankly, this name is borderline offensive. I'm sure it was with some sort of better intention 8 years ago, but I think (especially in the current social climate), it strongly deserves to be changed to something else, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to change my display name!
Any help would be GREATLY there a way to submit a new name? If not, it's totally fine, I just feel like maybe this current handle could very easily be taken out of context or be misconstrued as something more offensive...thanks so much in advance :) "

New Name: FrostyCakes

Thank you so, so much <3

sure thing - tdp
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is this the krusty krab?
yes it is.

taking name crusty tho, tired of being hl'd on ps lol and would rather change name than fully lowercase it and remove dot

also change my birthday same date as 9/11, deadass, its my actual birthday no matter how memey it is

e: "crusty"

done - tdp
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Requesting a name change to: Rabia

I've had this name since I came back to Smogon, but on PS! I've been going by the name Rabia is Trash or some variant of that for awhile. I'd like to be more recognizable by those I interact with frequently.


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I would like to get my birthdate changed into : October 25th 2000.
I just put a random date when I signed up.
Thanks in advance

done - tdp
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Im requesting a name change to Gliscorthegoat it is my Pokemon showdown account im using and I want people to easily access my smogon account from showdown. It would e appreciated.

done - tdp
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I would like to request a namechange to Toxic

The profile with that name, hasn´t been used since 2007, and it only had one post; proof here.

done - tdp
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I'd like to ask for a namechange to "Baracky"
If any reason is needed, I don't use the ObamaRainbow account anymore, I use Baracky instead
I've already checked that the account doesn't exists, so I don't think there's any problem w/ it.
Also, It'd be cool if my birth date could be changed to June 26th 2001, I thought there would be some age restriction on the page

Thanks in advance!

done - tdp
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Could I get a name change to "tea"? The account currently has 0 posts and is approaching 3 years of inactivity lol. It's my IRL name so I'm having people call me that these days. Thanks. Also my birth year to 97 lol.

hasn't been offline for even 2 years yet and was accessed somewhat consistently over 7 years, not comfortable reassigning this one sry
did your birthday
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