New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]


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Can i get Yuichi

[20:09] yuruuu: hi Yuicchii
[20:09] %Yuicchii: hi yuruuu
[20:09] yuruuu: bad name can u get a name change

uh sure--tdp
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Requesting my name to be changed to "Ro Ixen".
I made this account back in 2012 using my then online username, but at the time I just lurked and made no posts. I have since started using Ro Ixen as my online name on all platforms and have that name reserved on PS. I would like to be active in this community under my now standard name.
Since I never posted, and if at all possible, it would be cool to not have the "formerly" on my profile. I have read the rules and if that can't happen I do understand.

Thank you for your consideration.


Thank you so much!!
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May I have my name changed to Plague von Karma? The name I use here is really, really old. I've used the name Plague von Karma on virtually every other platform since around 2015, on Discord, Twitter, Pokemon Showdown, the Smash community, you name it. It appears I have reached over 100 messages (no idea how that happened honestly, I thought I was never on here), which I believe makes me eligible? I'm happy to have the "Formerly" title on as well, of course.

Thanks in advance! It's been bothering me for ages lol

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formerly Kolonel Kipkluif
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Hi, I would like to be renamed to "Kipkluif". I'm a Room Owner in nederlands and my name on the sim is Kipkluif, it's more convenient to have the exact same name in both places.

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Can I get Eve? Ezaphs is an old username that I'm no longer using anymore, I'm known as Eve in most parts of the internet at this point and would prefer to keep that consistent. Thank you!

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formerly Örly
Can I get my name changed to Luf? It is the nickname that I have been known by for nearly a decade on other parts of the Internet. I also made this account with this name as a meme when I was 13, and I'd really like a username that isn't terrible. I've searched for the name using the advanced search function and followed the instructions, and the username is available.


Edit: Many thanks for the username change.
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formerly pNdA
new name: pokemonishard
reason: Made this account a long time ago. Lot of people knew me by pokemonishard before I quit competitive mons a long time ago. Been interested in competitive scene again and thats the name I have on showdown as well. Appreciate if the name can be changed. Also, if possible since i've never posted can you not put the "formerly" on my profile. If not I understand. Thanks for the consideration.

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new name: Monika
I originally used LandoLando as my name since it was an inside joke with some mates but it hasn't lasted as well as I thought it would. Also everyone I know on discord and pretty much every other site/app I'm on knows me as Monika. Plus, Lando isn't even here anymore, so it just seems kind of irrelevant. Thanks if you do decide to change it.

Eien: hey sorry you need 100 posts to get a name change
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formerly Archfeywild
New name: DianaNicole

It's the name I use on PS and frequently on Discord, and have switched staff role on PS over to that name instead of using Archfeywild.

Eien: done
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formerly Mashfinch
Humbly requesting a name change to fvfrythfng, I believe I meet the requirements set in OP given the account is over 7 years old and I have fewer than 10 posts; recently come back to mons for SwSh and have started making the occasional post instead of just lurking from time to time. I already possess the handle on Showdown. Thank you in advance for reading.

Eien: Done
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I would like to change my name to -Soul- since is my new OT, please and thank you.
I wanted Soul but is taken already...

Eien: hey sorry I prefer not to add distracting characters to usernames. Do you want to choose something else?
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New name: Bread Sandwich
Reason: I hate the name anythinggoeslegend and no one ever calls me that they just abbreviate it to agl, recently I have been making lots of pokemon showdown alts with the name bread sandwich in it so I think it would help people easily recognize me for tournaments and stuff

Eien :done
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Hi can I switch to « Squash17 » bc it’s easier to tag, thanks in advance ! And if it’s possible I don’t want to have the « formerly Squash17 ^_^ » title

Eien: can I just give you the name Squash17 instead without the << >>? I don't like to add distracting text. Feel free to PM me your response to this question.
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formerly Ol' kfitz
New name: Cobruhss

Reason: my name didn't age too well, ended up going with my current one. Its also my username on Discord and showdown.

Eien :done
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HoeenHero's Speelchekr
I am requesting a namechange to Salamanders. I currently go by Salamander on Pokemon Showdown so I was hoping to update the name to something similar. I understand it will be my last namechange

Eien: Done. Remind whoever removes your "formerly Forrce" ct to give you your old ct back: HoeenHero's Speelchekr
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formerly Insert Cheese Here
I had this account since 2014. I didn't really use it much other than talking with friends, but now I want to start using the forums more other than talking to friends. and I am requesting a name change to Scorbunny. Scorbunny is my current PS name and my current PS name doesn't resonant with me. I understand I had a past name change.


Eien: done
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Can I switch to:


I figured using my real name initials would make my username longer bc sometimes people confuse me with Another user “Other Metagames” as they view my name as a nickname for his.

I think keeping my original username within the new one will help transition it, while still showcase we are not the same person.

Thank you.

Eien: I would strongly prefer if we didn't have !> in your username if you could please? Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss this
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