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I want to change my name to RustySheriffBadge so it can be the same as the name I use on PS. The name is held by an account I tried to make when I switched names on PS shortly after making this account not knowing I couldn't make an alt. I'm hoping I could swap names with that account.

Eien: done
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I'd like to change my account name to "Glop" since it is my identity online and also in the smash community. When I first made this account I had no idea you had to go through all this to change your name, otherwise I would have given it more consideration. I have fewer than 10 posts and my account is more than 3 years old. I envision more activity on here in the future, and would users to find me more easily via the name I am known best by. Thank you!

Eien: done
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Id like to request my name changed from TieR to tier if possible, merely for asthetic purposes and to be more easily read.
side note does this fall under
Removal of numbers or other distracting text (eg. tennisace0227 -> tennisace) will not count as a name change;

Eien: done. doesn't count as a change
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Since my last name change request was rejected I'd like to request the name Big Sausage Pizza

I do not wish to be confused with another user especially as I am positive on THE SHEET and he is negative!

Eien: what happened to samsung?
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Requesting name change to Rosa
The account meets the requirements for inactivity.
Back during my initial name change, I would've gotten either Rosa or Glyx if I could, but I didn't have a badge at the time, nor did I think I'd ever be close to getting one. I also like to believe I've become less shitposty since then, but this can be debated-

I intend on following up with a name change on PS and Discord to keep things synced if I'm granted the change here.

Eien: done
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Hi i'd like to request for the name Icemann
I've been called the iceman IRL for years and also online, Iceman with one n is taken so two n's is fine

Eien: done
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Hi, i would like to have my name changed and being called "The Hunterr". The name i currently have sounds kind of childish, since i created it when i was 13 years old. On the top of that, all of my friends know me as the hunterr or hunter by now. Besides, my main account on Showdown is the hunterr, so i'd like not to mess up with this difference.
Thanks in advance.

Eien: done
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Formerly EsseCara
requesting name change to EC
because everybody knows me as EC, not EsseCara
and bc my nickname is 12EC (but EC is a ghost acc on showdown)

Eien: ok
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Gemini Taurus

Formerly SubwayJ
Requesting a name change to Gemini Taurus
Old name is from a long time ago and I want to start fresh as I begin to use Smogon again.

Eien :done
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Requesting my name change to StallGuy or Stall Guy (if its available).
Stall Guy is my primary username on Pokemon Showdown but I have no idea if its available.
StallGuy is the name of my alt because I couldn't access this account.
The alt got banned, I was able to reclaim this old ass account and I prefer the name of my alt because its closer to my Pokemon Showdown username "stall guy".

Or if its easier, could this account be deleted or banned and my alt gets unbanned instead?
Thanks in advance, sorry for the mess I caused.

Eien: If I remember, you were logged into this before you made the other account. We can revisit whether or not you can have the name once the infraction is over, but certainly will not be making a name change for sure until then.
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I would like to change my name to Champion Leon (Champion from S&S). He was undefeated and is inarguably the best of all Champions.

Thank you.

Eien: done

Requesting a namechange to OM~!, it's the name I've been using for over a year on ps now as the name I currently have got snapped. Thanks in advance

Eien: no distracting text. Can’t you just get OM or something?

OM: Yeah sure

Eien: done
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I would like to request a change of my name to: Madilyn
The reasons for this are:

1. Elvie (my PS name) is already taken on the forums
2. I no longer use Zyresus on Discord or PS (so it is inconsistent with my discord/PS branding)
3. My name is Madilyn IRL, so it's the most consistent name I can think of (seeing as Elvie is already taken), and I use Madilyn sometimes on Discord, so it would also make sense there too.


Eien: no you don't qualify under the rules
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