New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

I'd like to change my name to TheLordDragon. It matches my discord name.

Eien: Hi, you need 100 posts to get a name change
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Would like to change my name to King Choco. Made this (inappropriate) username a while back in a rush and when I was a little less mature lol. Main name on PS is King Choco and this name change would streamline everything.

*I know i have less than 100 posts but I recognize my name is inappropriate*

Eien: You need 100.
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Hi i'd like to request for the name Icemann
I've been called the iceman IRL for years and also online, Iceman with one n is taken so two n's is fine

Eien: done
Requesting to unlock my profile, thanks

Eien: done
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Formerly mangarrow
Hello! I've hit the message threshold, and I'd like to ask for a rename to Ausma now that I have hit 100 posts.

Original Post:
Hello, I would like my name to be changed to Ausma. mangarrow, despite it being a name I've used a lot, is inherently an old alias for me. I'd prefer not to be referred to as such and go under ausma, which is a username/alias I've donned for the past 2 years, namely because mangarrow is a name rooted in an old identity from my 2015-2016 era I'm not at all proud of. Not only would this create a more comfortable identity for the person I've become more recently, but it would also be more accurate given how aged mangarrow is as a username for me.

Yes, I have less than 100 posts, but this account is over 3 years old. I'm unsure if the requirement is based in having less than 10 posts and having the 3 year gap or having the 100 posts, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway.

Eien: done
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Hi, I'm requesting to change my name to Annika because that is how I am known on Pokemon Showdown! and Discord, and I have not gone by LarTech for at least a year. (it's also my name in real life if that's relevant) In my opinion, it's just confusing for me to go by such an unrelated name.

Thanks a bunch!

Eien :done
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requesting name change to brewfasa

been my laddering nick on showdown for a while and feel like I’ve outgrown my old name

Eien: done
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requesting the name: leafeon

thats my discord name and the name i go by on most other platforms now. the dude who has it has not logged in since 2016 and only has 1 post

Eien: you had 2 name changes prior to this one.


Formerly Blue Whale
Can I have my name changed to Thvrn? I made this account years ago and don't really vibe with the name, plus Thvrn is the name I'm using on Showdown.

Eien :done
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just asking the change on my nickname from "THUNDER CEBRA" to "THUNDERCEBRA" since i hate that space

Eien: done.
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Hi, i would like to have my name changed and being called "The Hunterr". The name i currently have sounds kind of childish, since i created it when i was 13 years old. On the top of that, all of my friends know me as the hunterr or hunter by now. Besides, my main account on Showdown is the hunterr, so i'd like not to mess up with this difference.
Thanks in advance.

Eien: done
It has been over a month that mods fulfilled my request of name changing, can you unlock my profile pls?

Eien: done
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requesting the name: Fio

Nugget is a great name but it's been 10(!!!) years and I've since started using the name Fio Fiorello for everything except my taxes

Eien: the name Fio is taken sorry
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Hey , i would like to change my name into "Flex"
It's been a long time since I wanted to change my name but I didn't know how to do it, I would finally like to have a real nickname and not my first name.
there is already an account with the name "Flex" but it has been more active since 2013.

Eien: I'm not adding a space in front of the name just because it's taken, that's way too confusing.
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requesting a name change to : suijin

it's the name i've been using on discord and other websites

Eien: done
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formerly Agithos
I'd like to change my name to Stex.

Reason being I've been doing artwork for some time now for Jam, Pokeaim, Moet & other popular Poketubers and they know me by my discord name which is TripleXStex. I'd like my smogon username to match without me having to make a new account so that I'm easier to find by PMs if anyone would like to commission me for artwork in the future, thank you.

Eien: sorry the name Stex is taken
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I'd like my name to be changed to Waves please.

"Waveshaper" is a reference to the name of an EDM artist who I'm not that into anymore, and everyone refers to me as either "Waves" or "Wave" regardless. The account that has the name fits all the requirements.

Side note: Is it possible to get my name changed on PS simultaneously?

Eien: Done. For PS, you'll need to make a separate request. I don't manage that
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I’d like to have my username changed to Neb63 because that’s the username I have on other websites now (Discord, Lake Valor, the Nuzlocke Forums etc.)

Eien: sorry, you don't meet the name change requirements
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