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Hello! Can I get a name change to jeronipuff? I'm rebranding myself because my old name is some wack shit I came up with in high school. jeronipuff is now my tag in all other games and social media so it'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you :]

Eien: you need 100 posts to get a name change
Hey, I think I surpassed the 100 post req. Can I get a name change to jeronipuff? :blobthumbsup:

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Hey, I'd like to submit a namechange to Celestial. The current name is taken, but according to their profile page, they only have 9 messages and it says: Last seen Feb 21, 2015 which is over 5 years ago. I also have a name request on PS for the same name which will be approved if I have the name on Smogon and it would be nice as a global staff member to have uniformity of names across both sites. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this!

oki, prepare for my scorn if you don't get the name on the sim though--tdp
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I wanna change my name to stableprince569 because that's what my main PS and Smogtours account is called and it gets really confusing for my opponents when they gotta fight me in some tours.

yo so I have been told that I need to request here for my profile to be unlocked at least a month after the namechange

It's been almost a year sooooo..........
I just saw the edit saying Stex was taken... I should've supplied alternatives lol

Any of the following are fine;


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I'm requesting a name change to War Incarnate.

It's the name I've started to use on other sites, and SteelixPrismGX hasn't really aged well for me.

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hey so i got back into showdown recently, i would like to have a new pseudo here

evronight(old) => NewNayte~

can't do the tilde as per the no distracting text rule, do you just want NewNayte?


juste NewNayte is fine thanks

sorry i forgot to actually check your postcount before i made the edit... you need 100 posts first, make another post when you get there and i'll change your name then
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I appear to have broken a rule. This was my bad I was unaware that you were not allowed to make a second account to make a new username. Insert Old Meme was an account I used like 3-4 years ago and I went inactive in mons for awhile until pretty recently. This is my second time in the thread and I apologize for not originally asking for my old account to be banned, sentimentally and all that jazz.
I'd prefer that my old acc is banned over this one as I've shifted my focus over to 1v1 and all my posts are on this account.
Sorry for the hassle, if Insert Old Meme could be banned and this account could remain that would be very appreciated.

sure ty for being honest, both accs combined also have >100 posts--tdp
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Hey, Can My Birthday be changed to the 22th of September 2005? I accidentally used my birthday for a different site where you need to be 18+....

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As per my conversation with a few people on the Wi-Fi discord, I was hoping to switch my name from my current one to "Vindicator", which is currently being used by an alt account I own.

It's a stupid explanation but I created it for notes/editing/formatting without having to post a trade thread under construction, so I was sending messages it to myself as a draft for my new trade thread. I chose my name when I was 19 and didn't know better (lol) so I'd like to change it.

I've used this account, my main, since 2011 (came back from a 9 year hiatus). So yeah, I'd like my alt (Vindicator) deleted and to take its name on this one. If you need proof of me owning the alt account, let me know.

Sorry and thanks if requested.

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yeah want my name changed to "Zneon" im referred to that on everywhere im on (ps and discord)

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Heya, I'd like to change my nickname to Lux Prima. It's my nickname on PS, and since the one I have on Smogon is quite old and completely dated, I'd rather have the nick I use in PS. Thank you!

I have less than 10 posts and the account is from January 2017.

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Im am requesting a profile change. The correct birthdate is Feb. 5th, 2001. Thanks in advance for your help.

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requesting to use my second name change to go from allstarapology to 'asa' (no caps). i still like the sound of asa more, and it's been over three years since the person with the name has logged in and posted. thanks in advance :)

with a heavy heart i did this--tdp
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Hello! I'd like to request a name change to ''iKioi''. I regged the alt on PS! long time ago with the intention of getting the same name here, but I didn't have the 100 required posts to do so. I also go by that name on Discord as well. Thank you for your time!

Gato edit: this dude spammed cong threads to get the 100 posts. I took care of that and the man wasn't trying to be malicious. Just give him the name change lol, he's from 2016

active infraction so can't do this regardless of the PC issue sry
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Requesting a namechange to OM~!, it's the name I've been using for over a year on ps now as the name I currently have got snapped. Thanks in advance

Eien: no distracting text. Can’t you just get OM or something?

OM: Yeah sure

Eien: done
Requesting a profile unlock sil vous plais
I would like to change my name to lllllucario. lucario has always been one of my favorite pokemon and I dont really like the current name as it doesnt really stick. ty in advance for the help.
Edit: I would like my name changed to man of steels. Man of steel is one of my favorite superhero movies and this change would be simpler to do than my last request. again ty for your help.
would rather you get around lucario some other way, w/ so many ls this e.g. is gonna be a pain to tag which is also a reason why we have the no distracting text rule so
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