New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

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Can I finally remove the _dota from my name? Or is Style still going to have the bloo stigma :V

The name is not available to be taken, sorry - Iyarito
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San Tomas

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Hi, sorry to be a bother.

Id like to request a revert to Berks, for the following reasons:

1) I’d argue that the first change, H&MBerkeley -> Berks was a removal of distracting text, cause everyone has pretty much always just known me as Berks,
2) I have a lot more content on the site than I realized and the credit means more to me than I though,
3) it was a bad name change.

I realize it’s a hard request and that I’d be 100% prevented from changing again if it happens, and I’m definitely okay with that. If it means anything, I’d appreciate it a lot!


See the OP, if you take the name of an existing account, you are not eligible for any future changes.
When I was looking it up before I requested the name change, it never brought up a user called San Tomas, so I don’t think I did that?

No, it was taken, sometimes users do not appear in searches if they do not have a post or have less than 10. - Iyarito

e: well, that's pretty lame, if i had known that I wouldn't have changed it...
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hello i'd like to change my smogon username to Imp, i'm tired of having people asking me if my name means marijuana, also been made fun of because marjane is a moroccan supermarket chain which is nice but not really. The account hasn't been used since 2014 and while it does have more than 10 posts, they're from 2009 which is quite long ago (hopefully that makes it ok). I've been using the name on discord for a couple of months now and my favourite Pokemon is impidimp! Thank you in advance!!

we don't make exceptions to the 10 posts rule, sorry
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I would like to have my current name changed to Abbey Street, which is my current name on PS, discord and twitter. Talked with Kala via PM and I was given the all-clear to make a request here, as my account’s several years old at this point.

Done - Iyarito
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Hello! Is it possible for me to change my smogon username to "quags"? I'm called quagsgone on ps and everyone calls me quags so it would just cause less confusion in tours for example. I also can't find anyone on smogon called quags so hope I'm qualified for a name change. Edit: Apparently there is an account with the name quags, but less than 10 posts

Doesn't meet the requirements to claim a taken name
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Requesting a name change to Kyo I always go by the abbreviated version of my name on Discord etc. and the account in question has not been used once since it was created 10+ years ago. I should meet the requirements for a name change (account 3+ years old).

you must be badgeholder to claim a taken name
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May i have my username reverted back to Ske? i was able to get my username back :)

Done - Iyarito
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requesting to change my name to "yikes!", I made this account more than 7 years ago (geez) and I kinda ignored it but I go by yikes! LITERALLY EVERYWHERE ELSE now, Showdown, Discord, Twitter, YouTube, you name it

no distracting text allowed, otherwise done - kala
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Requesting a name change

The LpZ -> LpZ

I don't even know why I put the "The" in the name and I think it is kinda nonsense and weird.

done - kala
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any shot i can take over the name Tack now that i have a badge? user hasn't logged in in years tmk and has like one post.

edit: also can i Change my bday to be [redacted since done for privacy]? i set it to start date of 1984 for giggles and regret it now lol

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I’ve been a lurker on this site ever since 2007, back when this site was pretty much barebones and the owner “Chaos” was very active. I have been on this site for almost 15 years and I would like to change my name to “Dior” if that name is available.

Done - Iyarito
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