New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

Hello! May I please have my name changed to "OPJellicent" ? I removed the "The" from this pseudonym a few years ago and I like it a lot better this way despite it being such a minor change. This is also my username on Pokemon Showdown. Thank you!!

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I'd like to change my name to TheTrueVictoryStar.
I like Victini, but my current name has nothing to do with it at all. It is also my PS username.
I'd also like for my birthdate to be changed to 2007.

rejected, active infraction
bumping this as I believe my infraction has ended

it hasn't, it only does jan 5th; i also wasn't aware when i first rejected yours that the infraction was specifically for flooding in order to meet the 100 post threshold, so we've decided that you shouldn't be allowed to request a change for 3 months

I'll try to adjust to my current name then!
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Hello, I would like to request a name change to "Buffy" (without the quote marks). I know I changed my name here very early this year, but Buffy is a name that means much more to me than the word Celestial, as I've been a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer since I was a teenager (and Sarah Michelle Gellar in general since even before then). I plan to swap to some Buffy related name (I already have one as an alt I use now) as my main account on PS and this would absolutely 200% be the last change I'd request. The name is also unregistered on Smogon (photo evidence attached). 2020 has been a crazy year and with the new year, I would really appreciate a new start with a name that has been near and dear to me for over half my life. Thank you so much in advance for taking the time out to read and consider this request, it would really mean the world to me ❤
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unfort no, since you took celestial off an existing account, see OP
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Hey there, could i change my birthday to Feb 1st, 2007? Made my account before i was COPPA legal but i posted like twice then so hopefully it's fine? :3

i enjoy the playing with fire in your username--tdp
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Hi there, would it be possible for me to get my name here changed to Nol? I got my account changed to that on PS about a month ago and would like the uniformity.

I didn't find an account matching that name, and I think I qualify under being PS global staff.

Thanks in advance!

Done - Iyarito
Requesting an unlock please. Thanks!
Can I have the T in my name capitalized lol, I made this account on mobile and didn't realize

done - kala
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please change my name to MM2. i use it on ps/disc and its short n nice. thanks

that name is taken- eternally
seeing as MM2 is taken is shit like -MM2- alright to request or does that fall under distracting text rule?

it does fall under that, unfortunately - kala
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Hi, I would like to change my name to Purple Kecleon now that I am getting back into playing Pokemon. This is the username I use on other sites and chickenofdoom was just a throwaway username when I first made an account on Smogon and didn't think I would ever post on here.

done - kala
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Hi, I would like to change my name to Pr1nce0fAllSaiyans because that's what I now go by on showdown. Please and thank you!

does not meet requirements - kala
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Hello requesting a name change to ToxaNex. ToxaNex is my main showdown alt and the alt I use most often for tournament games. So it'll be handy to have my main alt and my smogon name match each other.

done - kala
It's been well over a month since my name was changed, could you unlock my account pls?

done - kala
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hi, i would like to request a namechange to Havi - looks like this username is still free and i’ve been using it across multiple platforms like discord since my namechange in showdown. i believe i meet the requirements as a sim public RO as well. thanks in advance :)

done - kala
hey, can i get a profile unlock as it’s been a month? thanks in advance

done - kala
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Good day,

I would like to request to have my Smogon name changed to Aquaa

While it represents 99% of my PS! name "Aqua", it would just be easier to not be "cloudiness", which is a super irrelevant name now. People don't recognize who I am often and it would be very convenient if my PS! and Smogon names were synonymous with one another. I've become increasingly involved in Smogon for events, tournaments, and other things so I felt the time is right to go for the change.

Whether or not it gets accepted, thanks in behalf.

done - kala
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Hello, requesting a name change to Rellia
I use the name on Discord and I have the account on PS. People in the past have had issues spelling/pronouncing my current name so I think this would make it a lot easier. Thank you in advance and have a nice day!!

done - kala
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