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Ayo so that name change thing I mentioned back in February still crosses my mind with relative frequency. In the end I didn't go through with it because of a lot of red tape and the fact it was arguably short-sighted. The tape was justified and it gave me the time to figure stuff out.

As those close to me know, my first name is May, and I've gone by that since I came out as trans ~4 years ago. I usually nickname myself "May" in more personal Discord servers but that's about the extent of my online usage. I'm comfortable enough in this community to consider using it.

Because the user with that name is one of those accounts that has been dead for close to two decades, can I take that?

Reasons for changing are the same as that old post, only I've also realised that some people are legit uncomfortable calling me "Plague" and get confused at what to actually call me. "May" is closer to myself, has the same letter count as "PvK", and gets straight to the point. It all works out.

If some people still call me PvK, that's fine, as chances are I'll still use the tag on the many sites I frequent. I mean, have any idea how many first names are taken on most sites?

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Hi! I would like to request a name change to simply "pac" (all lower case).


Reasoning: My name has a weirdly long history of being mistyped, mispronounced, and misremembered. Everything from "pacattac" to "pacattack" to "paccattac" happens ALL the time. Hell, even my first streamed Melee tournament VOD had "pacattac" in the title. In addition to this issue, in all of the discords and communities I am in, everyone generally refers to me as "pac". Since I do not share my real name online with basically anyone, "pac" basically IS my name and it would be nice to have my name reflect that. Finally, I genuinely just prefer the name pac at this point.

Qualifications: I have over 100 posts, and since I am a badgeholder, I should be able to take the name of an existing account that has not been logged into for over 3+ years and has less than 10 posts.

This pac has 0 messages, 0 reaction score, and has not logged in since the day they made the account over 3 years ago.


Thanks for your time!

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Requesting name change to Zetalz. Gone by this name off the forums on discord & ps for a few years now and have been getting enough questions about who am I now to get off my lazy ass and finally get it changed.

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Hi !requesting to change my name to Gt0 as all ppl I know call me like that and its better and convenient for me and the others. Thanks in advance

Requesting unlock

ask the 21st please
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Requesting name change to : ac2127

ac2127 is the name I use on Showdown, I planned on changing it to ac1792 once I made my Smogon account, until I realized I would lose my ELO and GXE, and I would just like them to match

Thanks :)

does not meet requirements - kala
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oml hello hello henlo hi i asked mr. Kalalokki about this, and so can i get my name changed to all lowercase? i hate first part of it (i hate it as a whole tbh) and would like to change it as soon as i hit 100 posts, but for the time being, lowercase sounds more fun (and makes me sound better) ;;
as it wont count as a name change, I'm requesting it uwu
Thanks and have a nice day!!!

did -lily
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Hey there, I've been wanting to do this for a while so I'm gonna request a name change to Low-Key. Some people in the Game Corner room have prefered to call me this name before (my PS username is Low-Key-G-Mazing,) and I'm pretty uncomfortable with the name SlowAndBruh because back then, Slowbro was my favorite Pokemon, but now it's not and I don't feel too easy with that name. If you can't do it with the hyphen just name me Lowkey instead!

The name Low-Key is not yet taken, but the name Lowkey has a user that doesn't have any messages and that account was created in 2013.

Requesting unlock, thanks!

gotta wait until the 21st sry, ask again then please -lily
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Requesting name change to "clean" : fairly certain I checked this properly, did not see anyone come up under that username. if that is not available and I searched wrong, "clean cuts" (my PS name exactly) would also be fine

REASON: I have never gone by Fumes on PS, I am known by some variation of the word "clean" by basically everyone I know on discord, etc. Chose this forum name when I joined a year ago because I thought it sounded cool, didn't have much foresight. Choosing a name completely separate from what you are known as on PS is a huge hassle. Hope this is reason enough, thanks.

did -lily
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requesting name change to "Blax", made this account when I was an edgy teen in the midwest boonies and I've just shortened my name to Blax on all other platforms at this point. if i did something wrong and blax is taken, "blaxithan" would be an alternative that I use cause I'm a clown.

blax is unfortunately taken so i did blaxithan instead - if you'd rather the b be lowercase just feel free to pm me (username: lilburr), couldn't really tell which you'd prefer
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ayo could i have my old name back? among us imposter is cool, plus the name stuck out to people more. thanks

slightly confused but your old name isnt "among us imposter", i may be misreading / reading too much into things but yea plz confirm that it's indeed your old name that you want

when i said among us imposter i was refrencing that my old name is cool, not that it's my name. hope this clears up some confusion

your old name got taken in april -

:( this user looks like their account got deleted, could i still have the name or no?
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I would like to change my name to "Bea5"

It is my primary showdown account name as well as my discord. I am playing in an OM league and it gets confusing because my forum name is not what people know me as. It is my primary online alias.

My forum account is not very active, but it is 11 years old.

Thank you

oh i did this and forgot to say so but yep np -lily
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