New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

Requesting a name change to Sole Survivor as I use some variation of it on every website like PS!, Discord, Twitter, etc. I had made this name before I started going by Sole Survivor and to be honest, it's cringe. I know the account is taken but it is actually an alt I had requested Aeonic to ban when I was informed by a friend that having alts on Smogon can get you banned. It had 0 messages so this shouldn't really be a problem and I wouldn't mind that account being deleted. Thanks in advance.

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Hi there, I would like to request my username changed to StrugglesVGC. I created my account a few years ago, and have since been known on all social media and discord as StrugglesVGC. Thanks in advance!

done -lily
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Would like to switch my name to The CONQUISTADOR I’m a bit tired of being called team charm and if my work/ irl people found out that was my username they might make fun of me & I go by TC anyways which is still the abbreviation thanks guys

update I’d like to change my name to Squanto instead to pay homeage to the man who invented thanksgiving

if you decide on something without going back on it within half an hour let me know and i can reconsider
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Requesting name change to “Mom Lover”
reasonings are:
1. i go by yeezy now and people confuse me very regularly with the other x amount of yeezys floating around the community
2. personal ties to a team i managed with a good friend.
3. most importantly, mothers need love. (plus i use this as my main ps account now)

Thanks if this gets approved!

...sure -lily
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TopLel TopKek ---> TLTK

Quite simple, everybody knows me that way, matches with my cord tag, and also I'm kinda tired of the current name, it was a twisted acronymous for something else but rn I'm some sort of a joke player because of the 2010 edgy kid name lol

EDIT: nah I don't need the ps, don't include it thanks

did, ps acc doesn't come with a smogon name change anyway -lily
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Stone_Cold —-> Dave

by far the most recognizable dave on smogon. No one even refers to me by my username anymore so might as well.

Also yes, I recognize the previous user has like 70 posts. But I still ask you make a special exception please. They’ve been inactive for going on 5 years. It’s time.


it hurts me but rules are rules, sry dave i can't do this
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hello, i would like to request the name skies in order to match the username i use on showdown (global mod + room auth in four rooms). i have previously had a name change in 2016 where i didn't take an inactive account. skies is currently taken, but the user has not been seen since 2014 and has 0 messages. thank you! :heart:

did! -lily
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Hey, would like to change my name to Beka as it matches with my current discord tag and almost everyone calls me like that, thanks in advance

if i were unfunny i'd make a sussy baka joke here, and i am unfunny so the joke has been made
done -lily

edit: :puff: (thx)
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Hi, I'd like my name to be changed to ACNT, it's the name I use the most and most people call me that on Pokemon Showdown.

I unfortunately have two alts on the site from when I didn't know the rules in effect on the site regarding multi-accounts. I have since tried to delete them but I have not succeeded, and the fear of a penalty has dissuaded me to ask for help until now. I did not repost with those nicknames for any reason after creating this one, which I have been using for 6 years.

If I can't get the name change because of the alts too bad it's my fault, but would it at least be possible to remove the two alts? (I can give them in PM)
Thanks !

done, please pm me about the alts (lilburr) and i'll help out -lily
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hi weird situation. around when i started playing ps i made the smogon account Xrn but never really used it, and when i wanted to start using smogon i forgot the password so i made this account to match my ps name at the time because i didnt know that you cant make multiple. id like to have the Xrn name on this account if possible to fix my mistake and to have unity with what i go by on other platforms, a while ago i remembered the password after some guessing so i can provide proof its me

done, no worries & thank you for letting me know -lily
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i let my cousin make my ps forums name because at the time I didn't have a name I used for everything. just found out i have a ps forums account and want the name obese tofu because its the name I use for everything now. i know i have no posts, but thats because i made a forums account years ago, forgot i made it, and just found out i had it. i will start posting if i can get my name changed because i dont want this cringe name connected to me anymore

done -lily
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Ayo so that name change thing I mentioned back in February still crosses my mind with relative frequency. In the end I didn't go through with it because of a lot of red tape and the fact it was arguably short-sighted. The tape was justified and it gave me the time to figure stuff out.

As those close to me know, my first name is May, and I've gone by that since I came out as trans ~4 years ago. I usually nickname myself "May" in more personal Discord servers but that's about the extent of my online usage. I'm comfortable enough in this community to consider using it.

Because the user with that name is one of those accounts that has been dead for close to two decades, can I take that?

Reasons for changing are the same as that old post, only I've also realised that some people are legit uncomfortable calling me "Plague" and get confused at what to actually call me. "May" is closer to myself, has the same letter count as "PvK", and gets straight to the point. It all works out.

If some people still call me PvK, that's fine, as chances are I'll still use the tag on the many sites I frequent. I mean, have any idea how many first names are taken on most sites?

did -lily
Been a month! at least in my time zone

Unlock pls :blobpex:


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Not to be the fun police but the amount of troll requests this thread has seen lately is starting to get ridiculous and I don't want to take the time out of my day to reject them anymore. Read the OP. Any more of these are just gonna get deleted and I'm infracting the users who post them & barring them from future changes for some time.

I'll get to the actual requests later today
New name: Solst1ce
Reason: It's the name I use in discord and everywhere else.


you need at least 100 posts / a 3 year old acc for a name change
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