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NFE Viability Rankings

These are the Viability Rankings for the NFE tier. Pokemon are ranked based on their positive and/or negative traits, including their splashability, effect on the metagame, and reliability, as well as numerous other factors. All Pokemon for now are ranked by alphabetical order. If you'd like to see a Pokemon change rank, please leave a constructive post here detailing the rank you'd like to see the Pokemon moved to, and provide evidence to support your reasoning. Most importantly, if you wish to nominate an unranked Pokemon to be ranked, replays are required. This is just a preliminary list and the VR will fluctuate to accurately reflect the state of the rapidly evolving metagame.

Reserved for absolutely meta defining Pokemon.


:Corsola-Galar: Corsola-Galar

Reserved for Pokemon that do great in the current meta, and otherwise need little to no support to function, or ones that provide a tremendous amount of support.


:Haunter: Haunter
:Machoke: Machoke
:Piloswine: Piloswine

:Ferroseed: Ferroseed
:Linoone-Galar: Linoone-Galar
:Sneasel: Sneasel


:Fraxure: Fraxure
:Gloom: Gloom
:Hattrem: Hattrem
:Klang: Klang
:Mareanie: Mareanie
:Rufflet: Rufflet

Reserved for Pokemon that work well in the meta or can provide valuable niches, but otherwise have large competition or flaws that make them not as viable as A-Rank Pokemon.


:Charjabug: Charjabug
:Gurdurr: Gurdurr
:Morgrem: Morgrem
:Pawniard: Pawniard


:Clefairy: Clefairy
:Drakloak: Drakloak
:Duosion: Duosion
:Lampent: Lampent
:Palpitoad: Palpitoad
:Raboot: Raboot
:Roselia: Roselia
:Thwackey: Thwackey
:Togetic: Togetic
:Trapinch: Trapinch


:Carkol: Carkol
:Farfetch Farfetch'd-Galar
:Hakamo-o: Hakamo-o
:Munchlax: Munchlax
:Natu: Natu
:Pikachu: Pikachu
:Vullaby: Vullaby
:Vulpix: Vulpix

Reserved for Pokemon that have a notable niche, but are generally outclassed or have major flaws that hold them back.


:Honedge: Honedge
:Mudbray: Mudbray
:Ponyta-Galar: Ponyta-Galar
:Remoraid: Remoraid
:Shelmet: Shelmet
:Zweilous: Zweilous


:Corvisquire: Corvisquire
:Diglett: Diglett
:Drilbur: Drilbur
:Sinistea: Sinistea
:Sliggoo: Sliggoo


:Boldore: Boldore
:Dewpider: Dewpider
:Dottler: Dottler
:Dusclops: Dusclops
:Shellos: Shellos

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NFE Role Compendium

This is the Role Compendium for the NFE tier. Each Pokemon that is here is viable in the NFE metagame, and as such, it will change as the viability rankings get updated. Feel free to discuss below whether a Pokemon should be added to or removed from a certain role; however, please refrain from discussing the order of a given subsection unless something is completely off. The order of which Pokemon are listed in each subsection is based on both the Viability Rankings and how effectively they can fulfil the particular role or run a specific move. Pokemon have been organised into four separate sections:
Section 1: Utility
Section 2: Offensive Roles
Section 3: Defensive Roles
Section 4: Weather

Section 1: Utility

Entry Hazards:

Stealth Rock :Piloswine::Corsola-Galar: :Ferroseed: :Clefairy: :Carkol::Palpitoad: :Pawniard: :Mudbray: :Hippopotas: :Drilbur:

Spikes :Ferroseed::Roselia: :Carkol: :Shelmet:

Toxic Spikes :Mareanie: :Roselia:

Sticky Web :Charjabug: :Dewpider: :Dottler: :Swirlix:

Hazard Control:

Rapid Spin
:Carkol: :Drilbur:

Defog :Gurdurr: :Vullaby: :Rufflet: :Farfetch :Corvisquire:

Magic Bounce :Hattrem::Natu:

Section 2: Offensive Roles


:Machoke: :Linoone-Galar::Rufflet::Sneasel::Gurdurr: :Klang::Pawniard::Thwackey: :Farfetch :Drakloak:

Special :Haunter: :Togetic: :Duosion::Lampent:



Setup-Based :Rufflet: :Pawniard: :Morgrem: :Hattrem: :Duosion: :Clefairy: :Munchlax:

Other :Machoke: :Haunter:

Choice Item Users:

Choice Band
:Sneasel: :Piloswine: :Linoone-Galar: :Rufflet: :Fraxure: :Raboot: :Drakloak:

Choice Scarf :Haunter: :Rufflet::Raboot: :Torracat: :Charmeleon: :Thwackey::Linoone-Galar:

Choice Specs :Drakloak: :Haunter: :Roselia:

Item Removers:

Knock Off
:Gurdurr: :Sneasel: :Machoke: :Linoone-Galar::Pawniard: :Clefairy: :Ferroseed::Mareanie: :Thwackey: :Farfetch :Vullaby::Pikachu: :Haunter:

Setup Sweepers:

Bulk Up
:Rufflet: :Gurdurr: :Hakamo-o: :Machoke:

Curse :Munchlax: :Piloswine: :Sliggoo: :Ferroseed: :Hippopotas:

Dragon Dance :Drakloak: :Fraxure: :Hakamo-o:

Swords Dance :Farfetch :Pawniard: :Sneasel: :Thwackey: :Fraxure: :Hakamo-o: :Drilbur: :Honedge:

Calm Mind :Hattrem: :Clefairy: :Duosion: :Lampent: :Corsola-Galar: :Dusclops:

Nasty Plot :Morgrem: :Togetic: :Vullaby: :Zweilous:

Other :Corsola-Galar: (Amnesia, Iron Defense) :Gloom: (Growth) :Klang: (Shift Gear) :Rufflet: (Hone Claws) :Sinistea:(Shell Smash) :Wartortle:(Shell Smash)

Priority Attack Users:

Bullet Punch

First Impression :Trapinch: :Fraxure:

Ice Shard :Piloswine: :Sneasel:

Mach Punch :Gurdurr:

Sucker Punch :Pawniard: :Haunter: :Drakloak: :Raboot:

Section 3: Defensive Roles


Physically Defensive
:Gloom: :Corsola-Galar: :Mareanie: :Clefairy: :Hippopotas: :Vullaby: :Spritzee::Dartrix:

Specially Defensive :Corsola-Galar::Roselia: :Clefairy: :Sliggoo: :Spritzee:

Mixed :Corsola-Galar: :Mareanie: :Munchlax: :Vullaby: :Dusclops:

Tanks :Machoke: :Piloswine: :Gurdurr: :Mudbray:


Volt Switch
:Charjabug: :Klang: :Pikachu:

U-Turn :Raboot: :Thwackey::Drakloak: :Vullaby::Corvisquire:

Parting Shot :Linoone-Galar:

Regenerator :Mareanie: :Duosion: :Gossifleur:


Aromatherapy/Heal Bell
:Clefairy: :Togetic: :Hattrem: :Roselia: :Spritzee:

Healing Wish :Hattrem::Clefairy:

Wish :Clefairy: :Togetic: :Spritzee:


Clear Smog :Shellos:

Haze :Corsola-Galar: :Mareanie: :Dusclops:

Roar/Whirlwind :Vullaby: :Hippopotas: :Rufflet:

Section 4: Weather


Snow Warning

Aurora Veil :Vulpix-Alola: :Vanillish:


Drought :Vulpix:

Chlorophyll :Ivysaur: :Gloom:

Solar power :Charmeleon:


Sand Stream :Hippopotas:

Sand Rush :Drilbur:
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formerly UnleashOurPassion
is a Battle Simulator Driver
774 / Drilbur / 68 / 252+ / +4
666 / Drakloak / 102 / 252+ / +2
544 / Carkol / 50 / 0 / +6
516 / Drilbur / 68 / 252+ / +2
499 / Drakloak / 102 / 252+ / +1
492 / Mr. Mime-Galar / 100 / 252+ / +1
475 / Haunter / 95 / 252+ / +1
474 / Palpitoad / 69 / 252 / +2
466 / Fraxure / 67 / 252 / +2
433 / Haunter / 95 / 252 / +1
426 / Thwackey / 80 / 252+ / +1
398 / Klang, Sinistea / 50 / 252 / +2
387 / Drilbur / 68 / 252+ / +1
361 / Sneasel / 115 / 252+
360 / Rufflet / 60 / 252+ / +1
358 / Gloom / 40 / 252 / +2
354 / Zweilous / 58 / 252+ / +1
349 / Fraxure / 67 / 252 / +1
343 / Hakamo-o / 65 / 252 / +1
343 / Farfetch'd-Galar / 55 / 252+ / +1
333 / Drakloak / 102 / 252+
328 / Linoone-Galar, Mr. Mime-Galar / 100 / 252+
317 / Diglett, Haunter / 95 / 252+
315 / Raboot / 94 / 252+
313 / Lampent / 55 / 252 / +1
306 / Drizzile, Pikachu / 90 / 252+
301 / Pupitar / 51 / 252 / +1
293 / Cutiefly / 84 / 252+
292 / Scraggy / 48 / 252 / +1
284 / Charmeleon, Thwackey / 80 / 252+
278 / Corvisquire / 77 / 252+
272 / Klang / 50 / 0 / +2
267 / Cutiefly / 84 / 252
262 / Morgrem / 70 / 252+
259 / Charmeleon / 80 / 252
258 / Drilbur / 68 / 252+
253 / Corvisquire / 77 / 252
251 / Vulpix / 65 / 252+
240 / Pawniard, Rufflet, Vullaby / 60 / 252+
237 / Palpitoad / 69 / 252
236 / Zweilous / 58 / 252+
233 / Fraxure / 67 / 252
232 / Gloom / 40 / 0 / +2
229 / Hakamo-o / 65 / 252
229 / Farfetch'd-Galar / 55 / 252+
219 / Farfetch'd-Galar / 55 / 0 / +1
219 / Vullaby / 60 / 252
218 / Darumaka-Galar / 50 / 252+
209 / Lampent / 55 / 252
201 / Pupitar / 51 / 252
199 / Klang, Sinistea / 50 / 252
197 / Hattrem / 49 / 252
195 / Scraggy / 48 / 252
190 / Corvisquire / 77 / 0
179 / Gloom, Gurdurr, Togetic / 40 / 252
174 / Palpitoad / 69 / 0
166 / Roselia / 65 / 0
156 / Sliggoo, Vullaby / 60 / 0
146 / Farfetch'd-Galar, Lampent / 55 / 0
136 / Carkol, Klang, Piloswine / 50 / 0
134 / Hattrem / 49 / 0
132 / Scraggy / 48 / 0
126 / Machoke, Mareanie, Mudbray / 45 / 0
122 / Darumaka-Galar / 50 / 0-
116 / Cufant, Frillish, Gloom, Gurdurr, Togetic / 40 / 0
108 / Charjabug / 36 / 0
106 / Clefairy / 35 / 0
104 / Shellos / 34 / 0
96 / Corsola-Galar, Dottler, Duosion / 30 / 0
92 / Honedge / 28 / 0
90 / Dewpider / 27 / 0
86 / Dusclops, Shelmet / 25 / 0
86 / Duosion / 30 / 0-
77 / Dusclops / 25 / 0-
76 / Boldore / 20 / 0
56 / Ferroseed, Trapinch / 10 / 0
46 / Munchlax / 5 / 0

645 / Drilbur / 68 / 252+ / +3
499 / Drakloak / 102 / 252+ / +1
476 / Carkol / 50 / 0 / +5
475 / Haunter / 95 / 252+ / +1
433 / Haunter / 95 / 252 / +1
387 / Drilbur / 68 / 252+ / +1
360 / Rufflet / 60 / 252+ / +1
355 / Palpitoad / 69 / 252 / +1
349 / Fraxure / 67 / 252 / +1
333 / Drakloak / 102 / 252+
328 / Mr. Mime-Galar / 100 / 252+
317 / Haunter / 95 / 252+
298 / Klang, Sinistea / 50 / 252 / +1
284 / Thwackey / 80 / 252+
284 / Charmeleon / 80 / 252+ / -1
278 / Corvisquire / 77 / 252+
268 / Gloom / 40 / 252 / +1
258 / Drilbur / 68 / 252+
253 / Corvisquire / 77 / 252
240 / Rufflet, Vullaby / 60 / 252+
240 / Sneasel / 115 / 252+ / -1
236 / Zweilous / 58 / 252+
233 / Fraxure / 67 / 252
229 / Farfetch'd-Galar / 55 / 252+
229 / Hakamo-o / 65 / 252
222 / Drakloak / 102 / 252+ / -1
219 / Vullaby / 60 / 252
218 / Linoone-Galar, Mr. Mime-Galar / 100 / 252+ / -1
211 / Diglett / 95 / 252+ / -1
210 / Raboot / 94 / 252+ / -1
209 / Lampent / 55 / 252
204 / Drizzile, Pikachu / 90 / 252+ / -1
204 / Klang / 50 / 0 / +1
201 / Pupitar / 51 / 252
195 / Scraggy / 48 / 252
195 / Cutiefly / 84 / 252+ / -1
190 / Corvisquire / 77 / 0
189 / Thwackey / 80 / 252+ / -1
179 / Togetic / 40 / 252
178 / Cutiefly / 84 / 252 / -1
174 / Gloom / 40 / 0 / +1
174 / Morgrem / 70 / 252+ / -1
172 / Drilbur / 68 / 252+ / -1
172 / Charmeleon / 80 / 252 / -1
167 / Vulpix / 65 / 252+ / -1
160 / Pawniard / 60 / 252+ / -1
158 / Palpitoad / 69 / 252 / -1
157 / Zweilous / 58 / 252+ / -1
156 / Vullaby / 60 / 0
155 / Fraxure / 67 / 252 / -1
152 / Farfetch'd-Galar / 55 / 252+ / -1
152 / Hakamo-o / 65 / 252 / -1
146 / Farfetch'd-Galar / 55 / 0
145 / Darumaka-Galar / 50 / 252+ / -1
139 / Lampent / 55 / 252 / -1
134 / Pupitar / 51 / 252 / -1
132 / Klang, Sinistea / 50 / 252 / -1
131 / Hattrem / 49 / 252 / -1
130 / Scraggy / 48 / 252 / -1
119 / Gloom, Gurdurr / 40 / 252 / -1
116 / Togetic / 40 / 0
116 / Palpitoad / 69 / 0 / -1
110 / Roselia / 65 / 0 / -1
104 / Sliggoo / 60 / 0 / -1
97 / Farfetch'd-Galar, Lampent / 55 / 0 / -1
90 / Carkol, Klang, Piloswine / 50 / 0 / -1
89 / Hattrem / 49 / 0 / -1
88 / Scraggy / 48 / 0 / -1
84 / Machoke, Mareanie, Mudbray / 45 / 0 / -1
81 / Darumaka-Galar / 50 / 0- / -1
77 / Cufant, Frillish, Gloom, Gurdurr / 40 / 0 / -1
72 / Charjabug / 36 / 0 / -1
70 / Clefairy / 35 / 0 / -1
69 / Shellos / 34 / 0 / -1
64 / Corsola-Galar, Dottler, Duosion / 30 / 0 / -1
61 / Honedge / 28 / 0 / -1
60 / Dewpider / 27 / 0 / -1
57 / Duosion / 30 / 0- / -1
57 / Dusclops, Shelmet / 25 / 0 / -1
51 / Dusclops / 25 / 0- / -1
50 / Boldore / 20 / 0 / -1
37 / Ferroseed, Trapinch / 10 / 0 / -1
30 / Munchlax / 5 / 0 / -1

Formatting will be improved in the future.
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Gloom as B-rank strikes me as odd when it has one of the best 2 sets you could wish for.

Set 1, phystank, is amazing to handle Gurdurr and Machoke who otherwise are definitely monsters for the meta, where strength sap heals you and prevents them from gaining ATK, where moonblast hits them SE. Gloom can run gimmicks (sleep powder) or full offenses for the rest of its moves, and even run synthesis to avoid having the same issues as Corsola-G does (hattrem bouncing, etc)

Set 2, as mentioned in the dynamax suspect, is a full on offensive sun set that relies on dynamaxing (or... not because it's literally not a requirement for gloom. It growths, then hits hard. Like all growth sweepers do.)

Beyond this gloom can easily tank a lot of mons that Corsola-G would have trouble with, or rather, it does it without losing vitals.

Machoke: 252 Atk Guts Machoke Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Gloom: 123-145 (37.9 - 44.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
Gloom has a niche over Corsola against Machoke because losing Eviolite isn't a big issue for Gloom (provided you have to lose -someone-'s item, as machoke WILL click that knock off anyways) and isn't at risk of the 2hko from knock off with a crit (which, admittedly, isn't the most relevant argument, but losing eviolite on Corsola is very suboptimal.)

252+ Atk Gurdurr Ice Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Eviolite Gloom: 94-112 (29 - 34.5%) -- 5.2% chance to 3HKO
Similar to Machoke except Gurdurr has no knock off; Gloom walls it easily and can place leech seeds if it expects a switch or just moonblast and deal good (27%) damage to Gurdurr.

252+ Atk Farfetch'd-Galar Brave Bird vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Eviolite Gloom: 140-166 (43.2 - 51.2%) -- 5.9% chance to 2HKO
Much like Corsola, Gloom has issues with Farfetch'd (especially if it set a sub prior), not much to be said there

Surprisingly (not) gloom has a decent shot at klang unless sub klang, can live piloswine if no flinch, has trouble with pawniard, but unlike Corsola has a good matchup versus Morgrem, which can nasty plot threaten corsola, and has a better shot at handling DD unmixed Drakloak (which Corsola loses to if it dynamaxes at the right moment, but corsola wins against if it gets the wisp off, risky 1v1)

Also, with correct investment gloom can outspeed pilo machoke. Which isn't the MOST relevant but for pilo it means it can stall it out in a 1v1 (when otherwise it can't really do that properly due to flinching)

tl;dr Gloom provides major support for Corsola's few weaknesses and covers a lot of physical Pokemon on its own which can lend corsola to take a special role instead, covering that side. Gloom needs little to no support to function well on a team and is pretty splashable provided you are not already psychic/ice weak (hi mr. mime soon to be Gloom definitely deserves A-rank imo. (if we can suggest subranks, A- Rank, imo.)
Natu: C to B (probs like B/B+ when we get subranks)

This mon is fire rn. With the tools to bop basically all fat Pokemon which are heavily relied upon in the meta, it's a fantastic partner for set up or for just offensive Pokemon in general, especially those who dislike Haze. It beats Corsola outright, and can switch into non cm sets, prevents sap recovery, makes corsola think twice about clicking a non-attack. It also easily switches into Mareanie, preventing Tspikes and forcing it out. Good speed lets it outspeed and hit gurd/choke hard on a free switch, and good coverage lets it hit steels like ferro well. It doesnt prevent rocks from anything other than clef or gcors, but its still a fantastic antispikes, anti marecors, anti ferro, just antifat in general and offers fantastic support for offensive threats. You also make charja think twice about putting up webs, especially since volt doesnt do much. Underrated rn imo
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Welcome to the first VR update, including the introduction of SUBRANKS! In the tab below you will find a list with all the changes and below that reasoning behind some of the more significant changes.
:Rufflet: Rufflet S -> A-
:Clefairy: Clefairy A -> B
:Drakloak: Drakloak A -> B
:Farfetch Farfetch'd-Galar A -> B
:Fraxure: Fraxure A -> A-
:Gurdurr: Gurdurr A -> A-
:Haunter: Haunter A -> A+
:Klang: Klang A -> B+
:Machoke: Machoke A -> A+
:Piloswine: Piloswine A -> A+
:Diglett: Diglett B -> C
:Gloom: Gloom B -> A-
:Hakamo-o: Hakamo-o B -> B-
:Lampent: Lampent B -> B-
:Morgrem: Morgrem B -> B+
:Mudbray: Mudbray B -> C+
:Munchlax: Munchlax B -> C+
:Palpitoad: Palpitoad B -> B-
:Pawniard: Pawniard B -> B+
:Pikachu: Pikachu B -> B-
:Vullaby: Vullaby B -> B-
:Vulpix: Vulpix B -> B-
:Carkol: Carkol C -> B-
:Charjabug: Charjabug C -> B+
:Cutiefly: Cutiefly C -> UR
:Dewpider: Dewpider C -> C-
:Dottler: Dottler C -> C-
:Dusclops: Dusclops C -> C-
:Frillish: Frillish C -> UR
:Hattrem: Hattrem C -> B+
:Honedge: Honedge C -> C-
:Natu: Natu C -> B-
:Scraggy: Scraggy C -> UR
:Shelmet: Shelmet C -> C+
:Togetic: Togetic C -> B
:Zweilous: Zweilous C -> C+
:Remoraid: Remoraid UR -> C+
:Boldore: Boldore UR -> C-
:Ponyta-Galar: Ponyta UR -> C+
:Shellos: Shellos UR -> C-

Now, on to the significant changes. Thanks Simbo for helping write some of these.

Notable Rises

:Gloom: from B to A-: Gloom is one of the better defensive Pokemon in the current metagame. While it does face some degree of competition from Corsola-Galar as a defensive wall, Gloom is a more reliable check/counter to key threats such as Machoke, Linoone-Galar, Fraxure, Gurdurr, and Thwackey. It also matches up well against key defensive Pokemon such as Corsola-Galar, Mareanie, and Clefairy. Between Sleep Powder and Growth, it has good utility options to surprise teams.

:Charjabug: from C to B+: Charjabug has had very good usage over the past few weeks and was significantly under-ranked. Webs will continue to define itself as more than just a niche playstyle with the lack of hazard control in the tier, coupled with Corsola-Galar being a fantastic spinblocker. Charjabug is not only the best Webs setter in the tier but also a very solid defensive pivot, and is able to reliably check Mr. Mime Galar, the best offensive threat in the tier. It can also cripple faster threats with Thunder Wave. Fantastic bulk on the physical side also lets it act as a solid Machoke switch-in. It can stomach hits, then use its slow Volt Switch to let in frailer offensive threats. It matches up well against both Hattrem and Natu and makes them think twice about switching in to bounce back its Sticky Webs.

:Hattrem: from C to B+: Thanks to Magic Bounce, Hattrem is a great anti-stall measure, being able to reliable switch into good defensive Pokemon such as Corsola-Galar, Mareanie, Roselia Gloom, and Ferroseed. It can bounce back hazards from some of the aforementioned Pokemon, but also deters hazards from Carkol, Palpitoad, and Clefairy. Preventing Strength Sap recovery from Corsola-Galar is massive, and it often finds itself a valuable teammate for wallbreakers such as Machoke because of this. It has enough Speed to outspeed most of the bulkier Pokemon in the tier, and providing Healing Wish support for fearsome Pokemon such as Machoke, Sneasel, Mr. Mime Galar etc is a very valuable niche to have. It was severely underrated and under-ranked in the previous VR update, and this large rise in rank reflects this.

:Togetic: from C to B: Togetic finds itself in a weird position in this metagame. The lack of Roost and Defog (pre-home) means that it has lost a lot of its defensive utility from Generation 7. However, the Galar Snap and the lack of threats in the 200-300 Speed tier compared to previous generations means that Nasty Plot offensive Togetic sets become much better. With enough speed and the coverage to outpace and threaten key threats such as Machoke, Roselia, Gloom, Ferroseed, Galarian Corsola, and Mareanie, as well as enough bulk to tank hits, set up Nasty Plot, and break, Togetic is one of the better wallbreakers in the current tier, and this rank rise reflects that.

:Natu: from C to B-: Natu is the second Magic Bounce Pokemon in the tier. While it lacks Hattrem's better bulk, Natu does have access to reliable recovery and pivot options in U-Turn and Teleport. Reliable recovery lets it switch into and provide more long-term hazard prevention from Mareanie, Roselia, Galarian Corsola, Clefairy, and Ferroseed in comparison to Hattrem. It also cannot be trapped by Trapinch. While Hattrem is strictly the better Magic Bounce user and hazard deterrent, Natu has enough niches over Hattrem to justify the raise in rank.

Notable Drops

:Rufflet: from S to A-: With the removal of Dynamax, Rufflet has clear weaknesses, most notably its average Speed which can no longer be compensated by Max Airstream and Max Moves in general covering for its Hustle inaccuracy. Whilst Rufflet is still a solid Choice Scarf or Choice Band user, its potency as a setup sweeper has significantly decreased and its general reliability as an offensive threat decreasing has caused it to drop to A-. It still is a dangerous Pokemon; Flying-type switch-ins are limited in the tier, especially when most are hit hard by Close Combat, but the banning of Dynamax means that Rufflet is no longer the S-rank monster it previously was and is far more easy to revenge kill and deal with offensively.

:Clefairy: from A to B: Clefairy was overvalued in the previous VR update, and the banning of Dynamax hasn't done much to improve its stock in the current meta. Losing Soft-Boiled means that Calm Mind and other late-game cleaner sets are harder to pull off, and Clefairy faces huge competition as a defensive wall from the likes of Ferroseed, Galarian Corsola, Gloom, Mareanie etc, who are all more valuable and splashable for the average team. Clefairy is still a fairly good Pokemon, but it is not on the same level as the A rank threats.

:Drakloak: from A to B: Drakloak is a Pokemon who heavily benefitted from Dynamax. Physical sets with Dragon Dance took advantage of Dynamax turning both Outrage and Phantom Force into strong one-turn attacks which do not lock you into a move, and special sets appreciated Dynamax breaking the Choice Specs lock. While Drakloak does still have a niche of being a reasonably good attacker who is fast, it is far easier to wall post-Dyna, which is reflected by this rank drop.

:Farfetch from A to B: Similar to Rufflet, Galarian Farfetch’d sits at mediocre speed tier, and therefore relied heavily on Max Airstream in order to get around its offensive checks or sweep teams. It is difficult justifying the usage of Galarian Farfetch'd now that it lost its Speed boosting method over Machoke and Gurdurr, and the large rank drop reflects how significant Dynamax was to this Pokemon's viability.

:Klang: from A to B+: Klang is another offensive threat which loses out due to the removal of the Dynamax mechanic. After a couple Shift Gear boosts, Max Steelspike was very useful for getting around some of its common switchins such as Gurdurr and Machoke, due to the boost in the Defense stat and the doubling HP. Klang is also less reliable as Max Steelspike was guaranteed to hit the opposing target, whereas Gear Grind has quite poor accuracy. In addition, offensive Klang sets can no longer use Dynamax to break past counters such as Mareanie and Ferroseed. Resttalk and bulkier sets are still solid in the metagame, serving as both a good wincon and a check to threats such as Haunter and Mr. Mime-Galar, but the banning of Dynamax took some of the sting out of it offensively, which resulted in this drop.

Looking forward to seeing more nominations soon!!
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Been a solid week since the update, been trying to get a lot of games to best understand and back up my opinions on the post-Dyna NFE meta. Most of the VR is very accurate now, and I agree with almost everything. There's only a few noms that I personally think are worth mentioning:

:klang: Klang: B+ to A-
Klang no doubt is just as viable of a set up sweeper as Fraxure, arguably even more viable. Building around either Sub or RestTalk Klang as your wincon is very easy and intuitive when support like LO Haunter, Knock Off Machoke, and phys def Gloom all exist to switch in and break down its checks. Both sets can set up on most of the special attackers of the tier and be great late game sweepers, and even some walls like Piloswine or Corse can't wall it depending on the set. While it lost a lot from Dyna being gone, its still a total top tier that players ought to always build for and consider.

:honedge: Honedge: C- to C+/B-
Honedge has an incredible anti-meta typing with Steel/Ghost, meaning even with its poor special def and speed it can set up a ton of relevant Pokemon like Ferroseed, Rufflet, Klang, and Mime without Shadow Ball to name a few. Once at +2, it's Shadow Sneak is a priority attack that is great for sweeping late game on the likes of Mime, Haunter, and the other multitude of Ghost/Psychic Pokemon in the meta with only SR or other chip needed. Its a great addition for teams that want to have extra priority, and unlike Pawniard, Shadow Sneak is guaranteed priority and Honedge has the bulk to take a ton of physical trade offs on mons like Linoone-Galar and Sneasal. It's not a perfect mon, and its reliance on good tradeoffs, set up opportunities, and competition with Pawniard hinders it. It's more of a low middle ranked mon rather than the least viable mon worth using is all.

:roselia: Roselia: B to B+
Rose might be generally outclassed by Ferro, but I'd argue with it's high speed tier relative to the other walls and bulky attackers in the tier makes it very valuable when you consider its movepool options. A heavy 136 EVs for speed allows it to outspeed Adamant CB Pilo and everything below it, making that along with Machoke, Mare, Gurdur, and more vulnerable to Sleep Powder and Leaf Storm. This is still enough special bulk to be 3HKO'd by LO Haunter, and have positive trade offs with Mime as you can put it to sleep. Hat has to worry about Leaf Storm damage if Specs, and Ferro/Gloom have to worry about it stacking Spikes. These positive MUs make it totally worth considering at the top of B.

:farfetch Farfetch'd-Galar: B to B-
Fetch lost a ton with Dyna being gone, and now faces incredible competition from both Machoke and Gurdurr. I'm already of the opinion that at least one of these two fightings (if not both) should be on any serious NFE team in this meta for all the value they bring, so to consider another mid-speed Fighting type to build with would mean that Fetch would need to bring something huge to the table. Fact of the matter is that without the speed boosts from Max Airstream, its SD Scrappy sets are pretty underwhelming. It might be able to get off a Substitute and SD on Pokemon it threatens out like Pawn or a choice-locked Linoone, but Fetch relies on the opponent to have Gloom or physdef Cors as their Fighting checks so that it can break past them or anything the opponent sacks. Fetch also would love to have all of Knock/Sub/BB, and is forced to be vulnerable to more checks depending on what coverage is chosen; without Sub, Corse can Wisp / Sap, and without Knock, Fecth can be checked by Hatt. It's just in a tough situation that Fetch isn't being the best glue or wincon like the other Fightings, and often is a liability with its reliance on the right movepool and setting up.

:palpitoad: Palpitoad: B- to B+
Palpitoad has all the right things for its role as a SR wall. It's great base 69 speed means that even when uninvested it can outpace every other rocker in the tier, and has a dangerous Scald/EP coverage to hurt just about anything that isnt Hatt or Rose. The rare Water STAB with Scald is particularly notable for deterring Piloswine and other Grounds or Fire types, and having the rare Toxic means that even Cors cant stay in on it. It's a good switch in to most Pokemon just in general thanks to all these traits and its good mixed bulk, and on top of all that can check Klang very well. By being this good of a rocker, Palp covers a ton for teambuilding with little opportunity cost and a ton of room to support its short comings. Check out this replay for it in action early to late game setting rocks then actually cleaning a weakened, slower team.

:Hattrem: Hattrem: B+ to A-/A
Hat has proven itself a staple on so many teams in the current meta thanks to both Magic Bounce and its raw power / coverage. Magic Bounce is one of the best options for hazard control in the current meta, as everyone knows Defog has a ton of options and not every team can afford Rapid Spin Mime. Hatt does this while also shutting down recovery from Cors, and with the right investment can be 4HKO'd by Night Shade while firing back Specs Psychics/Dark Pulses, or have Gleam/Mystical Fire coverage for potential Dark/Steel switch ins. Using Hatt is just so rewarding at the moment, as its ability gives it a ton of switch ins, and its speed still allows it to outspeed most of the slower attackers. It's without doubt in my mind a top tier mon in this meta, and thats not even considering the potential of Eviolite sets with Nuzzle and their function to trade hits / status with weaker offensive Pokemon.

That's all for now, mostly rises!
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Few quick noms, agree with all of Ho3n's noms

Mareanie: A to A-/B+

Mare usage has fallen off heavily post-Dyna. The rise of hat makes stacking Toxic Spikes very difficult, and just allowing Hat free switch-ins is not optimal. It's too passive and lets in too much to justify keeping it in the A rank, and it is also the biggest momentum sink defensive Pomemon in the tier currently. Rising Roselia and Gloom usage also hinder its ability to stack Tspikes and they can both freely switch into and exploit mare. Haunter can sub up on it, it loses to choke, haze is not really as important as it was in a Dynamax meta. Overall, I think it falls short in a post-Dyna meta, can't keep up against offensive teams and lets in too many big threats, and other defensive walls such as Gloom, Roselia, and Gcorsola are easier to fit on teams right now. It still walls Klang, weakens Gcors, and is a good wall, but not A worthy imo.

Gurdurr: A- to B+

Outclassed mostly by Machoke unfortunately, and most teams appreicate Choke more. BU Drain Punch is still a good niche, and Defog is nice, but Hattrem is now the premier hazard deterrent, and Gurdurr BU sets are walled by Gcors, the most prominent mon in the meta, and situationally walled by Mare, Clef/Toge, and Gloom depending on coverage. It's not A- good right now, it's mostly in Machoke's shadow.

Lampent: B- to B

Lampent is really good right now imo. Between Scarf, Specs, and CM Sub stabs, it hits nearly all of the tier hard and is very annoying for most standard builds to switch into. Nothing in the S to A ranks with the exception of Spdef Mareanie can switch into it, and in the lower ranks, only Spdef Palp and Munch are solid switch-ins. It matches up really well offensively against standard Choke/Cors/Hatt teams, and most teams right now aren't packing a Fire resist.

Munchlax: C+ to B-

Think I undervalued Munchlax for the first update, being a good Ghost-Type switch-in and one of the only Haunter switch-ins in the tier is solid. It also walls and can switch into and sit in on Gcors, Ferro, Rose etc. Fighters are fairly easy to chip for a well-built team. It's a decent special wall and wincon. Better than C+
Welcome to VR Update #2. Below you will find what each individual council member voted, along with the reasoning for any changes.

VR Update 2.png
:Klang: from B+ to A-: Klang has shown consistent usage despite the loss of Dynamax and was dropped too low last update. Its SpDef Rest Talk set continues to be one of the few reliable switchins to Haunter. The more offensive Substitute set is also rising in popularity, as it brings more immediate power, while still being able to deal with status moves. Both sets are proving to be effective late game wincons and its overall defensive and offensive merit is why it has been moved up to A-.

:Honedge: from C- to C+: Honedge's typing is definitely a valuable niche in the current meta. This combined with its very respectable physical bulk makes it one of the few defensive Rufflet checks in the tier, and with Sacred Sword, allows it to beat both Linoone-Galar and Sneasel in one on one situations. Its access to Shadow Sneak is also very valuable being one of the more reliable ways of revenge killing Haunter, after a bit of chip.

:Farfetch from B to B-: Farfetch'd-Galar has seen a significant drop in usage post-Dynamax; more than we predicted in the previous update. Unlike the other Fighting-types, its has poor defences, which isn't helped by its middling Speed tier. It's difficult to find opportunities to get Farfetch'd-Galar in, in order to setup a Swords Dance and its heavy reliance on the team for some sort of speed control (eg. Webs or being Scarfed), means it only fulfils a small niche as an offensive Fighting-type.

:Palpitoad: from B- to B: Palpitoad makes a for a very reliable Stealth Rocker and physical wall. It's defensive typing means its able to switch into most Pokemon in general since very few Pokemon carry coverage to hit it for super effective damage. It's one of the more reliable Klang checks as well as being able to switch in. Its access to the combination of potential Scald burns and the limited Toxic dissuade common threats such as Piloswine and Corsola, respectively.

:Hattrem: from B+ to A-: Hattrem is one of the most common Pokemon at the moment, thanks to Magic Bounce. It is most teams form of hazard control, because of the limited Defog distribution and our Rapid Spinners being relatively poor in general. Hattrem can also prevent Corsola-Galar from ever recovering and dissuade it from using status moves, just because of the presence of its Magic Bounce ability, whilst also with investment avoiding a 3HKO from Night Shade. It has very solid coverage, and the combination of Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, Dark Pulse and Mystical Fire let it hit everything currently in the S to A- ranks, barring Rufflet, for super effective damage. Its utility of Healing Wish and Nuzzle continue to be very useful support for teams.

:Mareanie: from A to A-: Mareanie is no where near as common as it was during the Dynamax meta. Haze is not nearly needed as often as before. A lot of teams currently run Hattrem which stops it from every setting up Toxic Spikes. The rise of grounded Poison-types such as Roselia and Gloom also make this difficult. Common tanks such as Machoke and Piloswine are able to break past it with ease. Haunter being the biggest offensive threat can use Mareanie as an opportunity to pull off a free Substitute. Overall, Mareanie struggles to keep up with the meta changes, with everything becoming slightly more offensive but is still a reasonably solid wall, hence only this minor drop.

:Gurdurr: from A- to B+: Sadly, Gurdurr is largely outclassed by Machoke due to not having access to Knock Off. Even with Taunt, Gurdurr is unable to beat to the most prominent Pokemon in the tier, Corsola-Galar which completely walls its Bulk Up sets. Depending on its coverage, its also walled by Mareanie, Gloom or Fairy-types.

:Lampent: from B- to B: Lampent is very difficult to switch into right now, since its amazing coverage of allows it to hit everything except specially defensive water types hard. It matches up really well offensively against teams with standard Machoke, Corsola-Galar and Hattrem core. Addiotionally most teams are currently not running a Fire resist, allowing Choiced sets to freely spam Fire Blast with relative safety.

:Munchlax: from C+ to B-: Munchlax is the most reliable Haunter switchin, in the tier and a solid special wall in general. Its able to setup on passive Pokemon such as Ferroseed, Gloom, Roselia and non-Haze variants of Corsola-Galar.

Thanks to those who posted nominations in the past, and I'm hoping these changes reflect the meta better and that we see more nomms in the future.
As a fan of various unmons (and as a council member ig) I've taken a look at the C ranks of this VR and gotten very sad :(
so here's my attempt to fix them!


Honedge: C+ -> C/C- I know this thing literally JUST got up to C+ but I don't understand why. It's cool that it gets sd and sneak I guess, but Corsola-Galar beats almost everything Honedge does and it does it while being Corsola-Galar. I don't want to encourage new players to use this instead of Corsola-Galar because C+ is still an "Okay" rank for a mon to be at.

Mudbray: Keep C+ Mudbray hasn't been explored to its full extent yet but it's definitely better than the mons currently in C and C-, keep it where it is.

Ponyta-Galar : C+ -> UR there is literally no reason I could think of for using this over Hattrem other than that it's faster. Next.

Remoraid: C+ -> UR Moody is too random for it to work most of the time and this mon can't even abuse it well.

Shelmet: C+ -> C Similar to Mudbray, I don't think Shelmet has been explored fully, but it's not as good as Mudbray at all, so I think C is a fine rank for it currently.

Zweilous: Keep C+ This thing is terrifying if it's able to do anything. I want to see it used more so keep it at C+.


Corvisquire: Keep C Birds that aren't named Rufflet haven't really gotten any love so far. This mon probably does enough to warrant a C rank.

Diglett: C -> UR completely outclassed by Trapinch except in the extremely rare scenario where it's able to set up with sub hone claws. UR it.

Drilbur: Keep C has a valid niche on HO, also it's literally on a sample for some reason? Should probably stay ranked then.

Sinistea: Keep C the only smasher right now, pretty scary if it gets an opportunity to set up under screens. Has a valid niche, keep at C.

Sliggoo: Keep C oh how the titan has fallen. Despite my passionate hatred for this mon's entire line I will admit sap sipper is an acceptable niche to have right now. So Sliggoo can stay at C


Boldore: C- -> UR Boldore is literally worse than Carkol. It doesn't really have a niche over it other than showing up on low ladder and still dying to Piloswine. UR it.

Dewpider: C- -> UR Doesn't have a niche over the much better Charjabug and the very borderline acceptable Dottler as a webs setter.

Dottler: Keep C- Psychic typing along with recover is a good enough niche to keep Dottler on the VR for right now.

Dusclops: Keep C- council talked about this guy for 2 hours already I'm not reopening that can of worms.

Shellos: C- -> C+ Shellos legitimately has a niche that's not dogshit or outclassed like the other mons in C and C-. Sticky hold stops it from ever losing Eviolite which greatly increases it's ability to wall mons like Machoke and Linoone-Galar. Access to Stockpile to further increase its bulk and Clear smog to stop setup further this niche of being a dumb wall that you can't knock. It's not even a meme it's good.

UR Mons:

Salandit: UR -> C/C+ well known for being the mon that worked once for me in NFEPL2 back in SM. Salandit actually has a niche now. The ability to spread toxic to normally immune mons like Gloom and Klang greatly helps a team that struggles with them. Corrosion toxic is good.

Those are all the unmon noms I have so far. I'll leave it to other powerful innovators like ShuckleDeath to add some more. Or later me once I get Pupitar and Mime Jr. to work at least once.
s/o Tack :] for dealing with my shit as we make awful teams that somehow aren't awful together.
Until next time when I nom a bunch of shitmons up and down once again.
More Noms:


:haunter: Haunter - A+ to S: Kind of been the general consensus for the while now, was surprised it wasn't ranked up in the last shift, but I guess no one formally nommed it so I may as well. Everyone who plays the tier knows of Haunter's immense offensive pressure. A great dual STAB, awesome speed and power, and has a lot of utility in its coverage and multiple viable sets / variations. Haunter is a premier mon to build around and for, and like Gorsola, centralizes the meta around a certain speed tier and needed checks. Unlike Machoke, Haunter's position as a strong and fast special attacker is much more valuable and unique. This easily makes it a slight tier above it and Piloswine, as Haunter simply is no doubt the best for its roles, and almost any offensive team mandates its usage.

:linoone-galar: Linoone-Galar - A to A+: The Dark / Normal typing with an almost untouchable speed works so well for linoone. It dances around teams thanks to Knock into Parting Shot, and can be invaluable for either the speed support from Torb sets, or the Taunt and one-time Haunter switch in with the Eviolite sets. Even its checks hate coming into it for losing their Eviolite, as it makes the Fighting-types be in range of Haunter's Psychic to 1HKO, and walls fear being shut down by Taunt. Trappinch fails to trap the Torb sets with Protect, and only have a 37% chance to 1HKO Evio sets. It itself may not be as unhealthy as Machoke and possibly Piloswine have been suggested to be recently, but it totally makes broken mons more broken. That is a level of unparalleled support and prestige that justifies this rise.

:rufflet: Rufflet - A- to A: Rufflet has almost no viable 0 switch ins or counters, and even if its one counter that comes to mind Honedge rises in popularity, that is not only a C+ mon but also can go down to Shadow Claw if the CB sets opt for that over U-turn. That is a very easy tradeoff to guarantee nothing trades well with CB Ruff if played correctly, and even has the added bonus of hitting Gors / Hatt without recoil. Regardless, its wallbreaking speed and power are unparalleled. It can be supported just fine and is one of the few mons that can gurantee 1HKOs on the Fighting-types and Piloswine. On top of that, it has a decent amount of variability, although I do not account for these sets to be as viable or unstoppable as the CB set. Of course Rufflet is limited by its inconsistency from its low accuracy, heavy residual damage vulnerability, and 50/50s that it forces. This causes it to have a high skill ceiling for teams that prepped for it, and ultimately prevents it from being any more viable (that still doesn't exclude it from being deemed as broken, though). It deserves a rise.

:trapinch: Trapinch - B to B+ / A-: What Trappinch offers to the right offensive teams is invaluable / borderline uncompetitive. It can get rid of a handful of crucial checks and counters depending on if its CB or Eviolite, allowing for Haunter and entry hazard setters to run rampant. It single handedly devalues Klang and Ferroseed as special walls, and puts much more pressure on Piloswine to be the only guranteed Haunter switch in (which already is a mess because of the liklihood of Wisp or even Specs Energy Ball taking it down). Even Linoone-Galar has a heavy opportunity cost of running Evio Taunt, the best of its sets for punishing Haunter / Gors, for its likelihood to be 1HKO'd. It usage has even warranted Hattrem running Protect itself for almost no other viable reason. Surely, Trapinch is worthwile amongst the top tiers, as it warrants an entire strategy that has seen a ton of success with limited to no viable counter play once its in.

:Gurdurr: Gurdurr - B+ to A-: A tone deaf drop in my ears was Gurdurr to the B ranks. Gurr has been a staple on the double-fighting archetype that has been running around, and unlike some of the reasoning above suggests, it actually has its reasoning as to why some teams would prefer it over choker. Not only is its Taunt / Defog support unique, but Gurdurr is just a better designated switch-in to physical attackers like Linoone-Galar, Pawn, Sneasel, and Klang. Fighting priority and the recovery from Mach and Drain Punch respectively are great way to keep Gurdurr around much longer than Machoke would in the same situations. This also frees up Machoke to be its Florb set if it wanted, which is an incredible wallbreaker, or just double down on the Eviolite tanks. All in all, Gurdurr is a staple to so many teams for these reasons, so why the drop?

:shellos: Shellos - C- to C+: Shellos is totally deserving of a raise for its unique ability to keep its Evio and wall the Fighting-types and Knock Off users to an extent. It sees a good amount of use for a C rank mon, and is one of (if not thee) best of them for what its worth. It seems like its own standalone mon rather than an ultra specific niche, and for that I give it props.

:drizzile: Drizzile - UR to C / C+: You know I had to do it to em. Attached below is a spoiler of the set I've been running these past two months. Drizzle only has a few niches but they are very valid on the right teams. It threatens bringing Piloswine down to barely any health (small chance to 1HKO), can 1HKO Haunter with Sucker Punch (25% chance normally; 87% after 1 turn of LO recoil), pivot with U-turn, and lastly 2HKO's Mare with Mudshot. These are the positives and yes, it pretty much stops here outside of the reasonable Torrent situations and nailing slower physical attackers like Machoke, Gurdurr, and Rufflet. The fact of the matter is that the meta is way too focused on physical attackers and walls, so having a midspeed Water-type mixed attacker can actually be a valuable support to some teams. Not to mention that some teams only have 1 or no Water resists, and that once in Torrent range Drizzle can 2HKO Gorsola and 1HKO specs Hatt. It obviously has its competition, but the fact that the tier just lacks special attackers as a whole makes the small niches Drizzle have noteworthy and totally worth ranking.
Drizzile @ Life Orb
Ability: Torrent
EVs: 156 Atk / 252 SpA / 100 Spe
Mild Nature
- Surf
- Sucker Punch
- U-turn
- Mud Shot / Substitute


:Mareanie: Mareanie - A- to B+: Mare has become second banana to Gors and Gloom as a Fighting-type check. This is largely because of the support Machoke and Gurdurr have so easily deals with and prevents Mare from deterring them. Hattrem and Haunter can switch in and shrug off Scalds, and too many Poison-types, Magic Bounce users, and Guts users have been making Toxic Spikes much more unviable. I'd argue Mare is better off having Toxic to wear down Gors and Vullaby if needed late game at this point, or even Payback for Haunter. Mare is much deserving of a drop, as while it still has its worth, it should not be comparable to Gloom at this point.

:ponyta-galar: Ponyta-Galar - C+ to UR: Seriously why is this ranked. It sees no use or valuable niche over Dousion or Hattrem. There are only downsides to using it, and should not be anywhere near viable.

:shelmet: Shelmet - C+ to C: Shelmet has hard time dealing with Hatt, the main hazard preventer, and can't do that much with Bug Buzz while it give Hatt a free Mystical Fire / Psychic. While it can somewhat wall Fighting-types and Yawn Defog users, there is just nothing that great using Shell over Gloom, Rose, or Ferroseed.

:boldore: Boldore - C to UR: Totally, Boldore's niche of having Sturdy with a strong Stone Edge / Body Press to back up SR is insignificant when Piloswine does that and more. Piloswine already has a pseudo-Sturdy with how bulky it is, and has much better coverage options and attacks to boast.

Thats all for now. When the eventual suspect test rears its head, I'm sure a lot of these noms will be in vain. Regardless, its worth going over what I believe the last shift had missed.
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:Mareanie: Mareanie : A- to B: I'm gonna be blunt, this shit is ass. Loses to haunter, loses to machoke, fucked up by anyone after it gets knocked when its literally supposed to switch in to the knock mons, pilo being in the tier definitely doesnt help it. I have no clue why this is above B.

:Fraxure: Fraxure : A- to B+: Despite having taunt and being a sweeper than can setup on corsola, it doesn't like the ice shard spam from pilo and sneasel or just does not have the opportunity to setup in a lot of games. Definitely not bad but isn't upto the quality of mons like gloom, klang and trapinch (which should be in a-)

:Corvisquire: Corvisquire : C to UR: this is unviable
I agree with most the nominations on this thread so far; here are just a few of my own:

:Thwackey: B to B- Thwackey has really fallen off since the start off SS. With how popular Klang, Ferroseed, Gloom and other walls are along with its poor matchup against the big three (Galarian Corsola, Haunter and Machoke), Thwackey struggles to get much done in the current metagame. It’s outclassed by other wallbreakers right now, and its choiced sets aren’t particularly effective either. The hype for this has died down, with the usage stats showing this and I believe it’s deserving of this drop.

:Clefairy: B to B+ Clefairy is a really good physically defensive wall at the moment, being able to switch into the most Machokes, since they very rarely carry Heavy Slam. It’s able to check the common physical Dark- and Fighting-types in the tier reliably. Whilst Klang and Haunter are super common, Clefairy can keep checks for the aforementioned threats, such as Machoke and Ferroseed, healthy with Wish. I find WishPassing super useful currently, especially when bringing in tanks, like Piloswine which want to switch into many attacks, and healing Galarian Corsola, whose Strength Sap tends to gets blocked by the common Hattrem.


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Posting for crystalites so he doesnt double post

The council has decided that because of home's release, the metagame will shift heavily to the point that we will need all nominations to be new. Because of this, nominations before this post will likely not be considered, however if the nomination is still relevant, feel free to quote your post and add any extra relevant information.

Ill probably edit in noms if i get any, happy posting

:gurdurr: B+ to S
Gurdurr truly did recieve the saving hand of arceus from home, as gaining knock off has turned gurd from a subpar fighting phystank into an omnipresent sweeper that can clean teams with minimal support. With teammates removing the few flying type checks to it, very little can actually stop this thing long term, and sap checks must struggle with Hattrem.

:wartortle: New to B+
This thing is actually kinda banger with shell smash, but it has trouble getting it off. I think B+ is a nice place for this mon to start as once it gets out, it's relatively hard to stop from sweeping. Great late game but needs great team support.

:torracat: New to B
Another fire type is really nice and this gets intimidate with a decent offensive movepool and access to U-turn. B seems ok for a start.

:vulpix-alola: new to A-
Veil is borked, ice is a nifty offensive typing. Genuinely not much to say about this mon, it has the unique advantage of being the only (viable) veil setter in the tier though. A- may be pushing it, but the offensive pressure that veil can provide to teams is well worth it with the multitude of setup sweepers we have.

:togetic: B to A
This got roost and is probably the best gurdurr check in the tier. Really fat mon too.
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Home's been a pretty nice update so far giving us some really nice tools to work with. Here are my nominations after playing around for a bit.

:Sneasel: A to S
The Home update gave Sneasel Knock Off back, which has been a pretty substantial buff. This not only lets Sneasel easily wear down its commons checks, such as Machoke, Piloswine and Ferroseed, far more easily but provides useful utility in general being able to remove Eviolite's from defensive switchins. Its Choice Band set improved since Knock Off is a very spammable move to be locked into and far more reliable and less team reliant than Throat Chop. Its Ice Shard is also extremely valuable for revenge killing Ivysaur under the sun. Swords Dance is also extremely threatening and pairs very well Aurora Veil support.

:Rufflet: A- to A+
Rufflet regained access to Roost, which the Double Dance set greatly benefits from. It’s now able to easily boost up in front of Physical attacks with Bulk Up and recover its health. I think it speaks volumes that if given a free turn to use Bulk Up as the opponent goes into their Standard Piloswine, it’s able to just setup on it for free. It’s one of the best abusers behind Auroral Veil. Knock Off distribution indirectly buffed Rufflet since it can either more freely spam Aerial Ace after a few Bulk Up or if choiced locked spam its Flying STAB.

The Sun Package

:Vulpix: B- to B+
:Ivysaur: New to B
:Charmeleon: UR to C+

Alright so I’m going to talk about the next three together, since they are very closely linked. Sun has picked up quite a bit of traction recently (s/os Quagg sgoat). Rather than just relying on Gloom, teams are looking towards Scarf Charmeleon and the newly released Ivysaur as other sun abusers (some sun teams don’t even run Gloom any more!!).

So firstly, more sun abusers is a massive buff to Vulpix, which is the sole Drought user in the tier. Vulpix also carries some very useful utility such as Encore, Will-O-Wisp, Hypnosis and Memento which all cripple opposing Pokemon, especially setup sweepers, and let you switch into your sun sweepers far easier.

Ivysaur is a brilliant sun Sweeper. The most effective set is Growth + 3 attacks. Access to Weather Ball and Growth makes it extremely difficult to switch into since the Steel-types and Roselia which are able to switch into its STAB attacks are hit for super effective damage by Weather Ball under Sun. Ivysaur is pretty lackluster without sun but is by far the most reliable and threatening sun sweeper we have.

Charmeleon is an amazing wallbreaker thanks to both Solar Power and Sun boosting its Fire Blast massively. Apart from bulky Water-types,, it’s quite difficult to switch into Charmeleon under sun. It’s coverage is kinda poor so you’ll pretty much be always using Fire Blast. It’s also very reliant on Sun being up but I think it’s definitely notable enough to deserve C+.

I’m pretty much in agreement with most of SBPC ’s nominations although I think he nommed Togetic too highly.

:Togetic: is a reliable switchin to Gurdurr, assuming they dont start running Poison Jab, and has access to Defog and Roost now, which are great for making it a reliable wall and Defogger. However, it should probably be fine at B+ or A- rather than A, since it does suffer from a lot of momentum issues. It doesn’t have a great matchup into common sun teams, and struggles with HO Aurora Veil teams going around. Sneasel and Haunter still being super common means it can be forced out super easily. I think it’s niche still stands tho so a rise is deserving.

Probably will drop more nomms later once i’ve tried out some other mons.


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:corsola-galar: S -> A-
Galarian Corsola is by far the biggest loser of the Home DLC release. It can't check Gurdurr particularly well due to Knock Off, Toxic has become available for various defensive Pokemon like Charjabug and Clefairy, Sneasel and Pawniard have become far more viable, and its primary checks like Linoone-Galar and Hattrem are still just as good as before.
It's still reasonably solid, being one of the better Stealth Rock users and a check to certain physical attackers like Scarf Rufflet, but it's become far easier to give teams counterplay against Corsola and it feels like Cors is becoming deadweight in certain matchups for the first time, whereas before you could see it put in work even vs a core of Hattrem/Machoke or something because of how good Night Shade is.

:machoke: A+ -> A
Machoke is still fantastic, but its Eviolite set is overshadowed by Gurdurr due to its far superior bulk. Gurdurr is a better Klang & Piloswine answer, it can perform as a win condition with Bulk Up, and is generally just much easier to fit on teams.
Flame Orb should rise in usage though; it can really put the hurt on the standard Gurdurr counters like Mareanie and Togetic (Earthquake/Facade and Heavy Slam).

:ferroseed: A -> A-
I would've made this nom pre-home to be honest, I'm a known Ferroseed hater. That said, it's lost some of its lustre with Knock Off becoming less exclusive. It has all the same issues with Fighting-types and Hattrem, still leaves teams struggling against certain Pokemon it can't handle (but is usually expected to) like Substitute Haunter and Bulk Up Rufflet.

:duosion: B -> B-
Following the pattern of Knock Off, Duosion is way easier to offensively check with the likes of Pawniard and Sneasel becoming vastly more viable. It has no coverage for Steel-types, faces heavy competition with Hattrem unless you're using Iron Defense or Trick Room, and both of these sets have the same ongoing issues with consistency (Iron Defense being unable to touch the increasingly common Dark-types and OTR being checked somewhat easily by specially defensive walls like Klang and Ferroseed)

:drakloak: B -> B-
Alright, I have two arguments for this one.
The first one is thus: Piloswine is more common than before, as are offensive checks like Sneasel.
The second one is thus: it's always been disappointing, with Haunter's presence mandating bulky defensive Pokemon like Klang, Carkol and Piloswine on teams. None of these Pokemon care about Drakloak at all; its Special Attack stat is almost half that of Haunter's, and a lack of coverage makes it impossible to suprise these Pokemon with a physical DD set (and honestly being a lure is the only niche it'd have over Fraxure).

:gurdurr: B+ -> S
Yo this is a huge rise but I think everyone knows why. Knock Off makes it far more reliable at dealing with the likes of Galarian Corsola and Hattrem, and means it can pressure resists like Charjabug and Mareanie way more. It's one of the few things that can reliably check Sneasel and Klang, while also being fantastic against Piloswine, Galarian Linoone and way more. Poison Jab and Ice Punch are also viable alternatives to Mach Punch for taking on the likes of Clefairy, Togetic and Gloom. I feel like I'm preaching to the choir here but Gurdurr is the best Pokemon in the current meta with no exception.

:sneasel: A -> A+/S
:pawniard: B+ -> A-
Both Sneasel and Pawniard got Knock Off back and became far more threatening wincons as a result. Barely anything checks them, with Sneasel especially being a solid offensive check to Rufflet and Haunter. This pairing is also arguably the most reliable way of crippling Gurdurr, which is a huge bonus in itself. Sneasel is arguably broken, with most offensive checks dying to Ice Shard after a bit of chip and Gurdurr being crippled after maybe two switch-ins without full investment into Physical Defense.

:rufflet: A- -> A+
Access to Roost, and almost as importantly access to Aurora Veil support makes Rufflet far more viable as a wincon, with Bulk Up sets being lowkey broken and Choice Scarf/Choice Band sets being as good as ever.

:togetic: B -> B+
:clefairy: B -> B+
They're both pretty consistent answers to Gurdurr and Wish support is genuinely really good in a tier where you want to be pivoting around a lot with Pokemon like Piloswine, Gurdurr and Hattrem. Not a ton has changed for them in what they do, but I think their niches of "bulky Fighting-type resist that can be knocked off without caring and sometimes wishpass" is more valuable than it was pre-home. Less Machoke is also pretty good for them. Oh, and Togetic got Roost. Nice, I guess.

:carkol: B- -> B
Carkol is a cool blanket check for special attackers in the tier. Haunter, Gloom, Klang (lol) etc.
A lot of people seem to have a hard time building with this thing, but I hope some of my recent NFE Open games shows that when supported properly (hatt/gurdurr/carkol was an incredible defensive core pre-home) Carkol can put in serious work. This is one of the noms I can see being disputed the most, since it's largely unproven post-home and Piloswine has overtaken Galarian Corsola as the best rocker, but I personally think it's still good enough to justify a raise and I'll be happy to nom it up again a couple of months from now if this one doesn't go through.

:vulpix: B- -> B
While Sun is admittedly a rather matchup-dependant playstyle, it's far from an unviable one. Torracat recently dropped, but even without that addition, Sun's proven itself to me (at least in tests) as a strong enough playstyle to warrant a small rise. I'll talk more about this later.

:diglett: C -> C+
Diglett has a strong niche as a suicide lead on HO teams. Stealth Rock/Memento/Earthquake/Filler (I usually opt for Toxic here) is incredibly solid, reliably getting Stealth Rock up (Arena Trap preventing the majority of Pokemon from switching into Hattrem) and giving a teammate virtually free setup thanks to Memento. Diglett is more than just a budget Trapinch, I promise.

:wartortle: Unranked -> B
Probably the most overhyped Pokemon of the Home release. It has some pretty nice bulk that lets it get Shell Smash up semi-reliably but a mediocre base 65 Special Attack leaves it struggling against all the standard Specially Defensive mons. It does have a good matchup against teams reliant on Piloswine or Carkol to take special hits, but it also doesn't offer a ton of compression and is generally not too useful in the matchups where it doesn't have a clear way of breaking through the likes of SpDef Gurdurr or defensive Roselia.

:torracat: Unranked -> B+
Torracat is a pretty cool offensive pivot, with options on both the Physical and the Special side. Intimidate & Parting Shot is really cool and notably better than it is on something like Galarian Linoone, with the key difference being that Piloswine is this things main switch-in and being unable to meaningfully touch Hattrem or Machoke because of the stat drop gives a huge amount of momentum to the Torracat user. Band and Specs also seem pretty viable, although maybe not any more than Raboot sets already are. This thing is basically a more versatile Raboot, so one subrank higher seems fitting.

:vulpix-alola: Unranked -> A-
Aurora Veil is really good, if only because of how insane a lot of our setup sweepers are at the moment. I only hesitate to put it higher than A- because I don't think it's strictly necessary on every build of its type, with Morgrem or even (non-screens) Hattrem providing a decent amount of support that can work better on some builds to let Sneasel, Gurdurr, Klang etc. thrive.

:charmeleon: Unranked -> B-
The only rank nomination that didn't come from Home. Charmeleon is almost entirely restricted to sun builds, but Solar Power gives it a fantastic niche as an incredibly powerful scarfer under the aforementioned condition. It OHKOs or 2HKOs most of the tier, and its reliance on Sun is the only reason I wouldn't put this higher.
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