nj art

your colour choices are a bit jarring but they are certainly unique and add quite a bit to your pieces
so uh
don't change what you're doing

I think that demon looking one is my favourite
ive been playing lots of metroid!!
summer metroid marathon baby
about to finish prime (tried to do a 100% veteran run without any kind of guide and hint system off, I only got like 220 missiles and am missing some creature data as well as a pirate log, but I got everything else), of course the other two primes are next and then most likely return of samus followed by zero mission and fusion... already finished original and super, may or may not play other m depending on my mood

here is a thing that looks like shit but i spent like an embarrassingly long time on it so i feel obligated to post it anyways i guess

oh and thanks for all of the nice comments everybody :)


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Neat, looks like something worthy of a children's storybook. Although it looks weird when the gums can be seen on both sides of his mouth, but he might have really thin lips and who am I to mock him for it?


I'm trying to figure out what the latios face reminds me of. I think it's something from the paper mario series, but I'm not sure.

anyway, nice work as always and quite funny as well.
Hey that gArchomp is without the male version of the dorsal fin (crack on the dorsal fin)
Lesbian garchomp family????

Anyways Jesus yOurs fucking amazing
Loved your work for kg's team as well