nj art

ooh, I like that a lot. It looks like something you might find in one of those old-timey story type books. I sort of want to take that picture, hold it close, and smell the must.
You're art is pretty rad. I made an account on here just to make a request (I usually just browse smogon to see updates and the art, I don't have a whole lot of time to devote to creating competitive teams all the time and I refuse to use action replay).

But anyway, I'm a recent graduate of Coastal Carolina University with a degree in percussion performance and I fell in love with steel drumming and afro-cuban music with my studies. I was wondering if you could make a Blastoise playing either steel drums, conga, or bongo with a bright red hawaiian shirt on? That's the idea I have, but the style is up to you.

edit: It would also be super rad if it had a giant bottle of rum nearby.

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awww hahaha thats so awesome dude
i love that you made the robot look warmer and softer by using a lot of layered circles
and making it bronze instead of steel, his face reminds me of the heater from home alone haha
ive also always loved how delicate and flowing you draw outlines,
like how fine they are and how they have this really great energy in them
im sorry if that sounds lame, but i think you got a lot of talent dude.

also, i see that dog butt
thanks! also i forgot i drew myself as a pony to annoy somebody who hates the show...
i dont watch it myself but i thought it would be fun lol. my cutie mark is a cheesecake



oh my gosh you found me
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Nasty I love the style of the last drawing. It looks like it came straight out of GSC.

Nasty = freaking amazing as ever

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