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Nasty, I love all your pieces, but my favourites have to been some of your earlier works such as these (below are my favourites) and your watercolours. I have them in rotation as the desktop background for our computer (Current is Big Moon Over Small Forest). I would love to see some more in this style as it is so unique and interesting. Thanks for the excellent works you constantly produce, it is a great part of my day seeing your thread has new posts.

Probably my favourite piece of art anywhere, ever.

This is so great I can't even say.
I love ink drawing and I will definitely do many more as soon as I get some more pens ;)

Unfortunately, I don't have the money to support doing any watercolors atm, which is sad because I would really like to do some more

thank you for the very nice compliments :) i am so glad i make somebodies day happy with the works i produce. :heart:

its a pretty small canvas because i'm working with my 1px brush, which i don't shrink down after i make. i think i was working on a 1000x1000 canvas? i think the actual picture only uses around 400-600 pixels of that, i just liked the extra wiggle room.

also this, just doodling

emerald nuzlocke i was doing with a friend, never finished but i really liked this team so i drew them

special shout outs to Einstein the Vibrava who died 3 levels before he was going to evolve, replaced by Ruben

playing on regular rules+ set mode, no duplicates

Bad Ass

Serious as a heart attack!!
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i'm just posting to say how much i like your art. it's really great, i love how you experiment with different styles and textures and outlines...it's the best art thread on smogon!

continue to pursue any art ambitions you have, your work is really excellent.
thanks bad ass. support like that always makes me feel really confident!

speaking of experimentation, I suppose i can post this wip, playing with different lines again. trying to make the cleanest lines i can with the least amount of work while still having flow. anybody who wants to give me feedback is welcome to do so

finish this later

That thing is the shit
I love what you did with the fur in the outlines
P.s. I envy your ability to do things without pens, my art has too many steps the way it is, but my tablet stuff is the pits!
lineart for the first of two parts of a commission for somebody on deviantart.

yup i will do anything from furries to fetish porn for cash

i think the commissioner would have liked it if i made arcanine majestic but i just cant take arcanine seriously. it looks so dopey in every single way

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