nj art

im a huge fan and i like those pictures u did for KG's team. can u please draw a salamence for me in that style. please please pretty please?
I think this request got lost, or you couldn't be stuffed. It's ok if you can't, but please just tell me. I'm in desperate need of a half-decent Avatar :)
i am always incredibly nervous about sounding rude because i dont want to offput the people who like my art, but I don't have much time for requests nowadays!! usually it is only special occasions for people I know, sorry...

oglemi :heart:
Yo Nasty! Lovin the tutorial! I always enjoy seeing in what order other artists work in. What version of photoshop is it? I could not tell from picks unless it was one. I've been trying to find a more flexible program to use for digital art :P
part of an art trade...
my pal wanted a pure evil smoochum doing battle with a pure good oshawott

here is what he drew me in return...


Deal With It.
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^^ Agreed. His drawing was really good, but I'm afraid Nastyjungle's is amazing too!!!
I can't decide between the two!
Great job guys.
Nastyjungle I love you and I know I tell you that too much. That's ok, you make very very good art. When you make more pixely art, like that Ivysaur from a while back, do you use Paint or just the Pencil tool on Ps?

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