nj art

i was going to draw all of my favorite psychics (since I have a ton of them for whatever reason, not any kind of special affinity for psychic types) but I only ended up doing these three, despite them not even being in the top 5 but w/e
special mentions to musharna, deoxys-d, gothita, reuniclus, swoobat, starmie, and slowking lol maybe ill draw them later
well that was a long description for a small picture

127th person to say this is stunning. Last night I logged off irc at 11:00 meaning to go to bed, but stumbled across this thread. Dad caught me 2/3s of the way through at close to 12:30...

But I finished it this morning! So much great art. Now that I'm all caught up I'll have to check in regularly :)
My!!!!! Nasty you're AWESOME all in caps!!!! Your art is astounding, everything is so detailed the colors, the poses, the creativity in all of them make this some of the best art I've seen tho other being Renaissance art. Keep up the good work!!
lol nasty you have pretty much nothing to worry about
kevin garrett is an amazing teacher but I was pretty much starting from scratch :p I am EXCITED though !!!

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