nj art

So rubbery! Shaved Meowth?

I like the expressiveness in pouty-guy. You ever considered giving a regular webcomic a serious go? All the cool kids are doing it now.
Honestly, I'd love to see more of your loose, less polished work.


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The drill on its tail could use some finer adjustments rather than just turning into a weight lifting apparatus, but as I'm a big fan of Dunsparce, I actually find this evo to not only be appropriate, but also concurrent with the style of its base stage. Good jorb.
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ps volmise you can get easy sugimori lines in photoshop by adjusting your brush scatter to your liking, not sure how to do it in sai tho
How long do you work on your art?
Do you have goals when beginning a project?
Where would you say you find most of your inspiration?
Would you consider doing a speed paint project on youtube?

Lovely art by the way. I would go insane drawing all of those circles (referring to king croc).

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