NU C&C Index and Reservations

vigoroth is written up
might take girafarig later(but analysis constraints) so would be appreciated if no one else takes it; youre free to do so though n_n
Edit-ok vigo in gp so yay 4for giraffe
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it's a skorupi egg
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actually I'm going to unreserve Seadra because I probably won't be able to get it up within the next few days. I intend to rereserve it when my schedule is freeer, but for now anyone can feel free to go ahead with it
Discussed on IRC with Raseri Soulgazer and the like, a Seaking revamp is going to be postponed since all that is needed is a simple SCMS edit that updates some outdated stuff to common threats. The set is still the most viable and, more importantly, the prose is adorable.

edit: so reserving Cherrim

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