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I gotta update more often, jeez. I forgot how long I let this go. I'm about to enter Opelucid City. Karma and Gohma evolved, allowing me to destroy Skyla. They also had some help from Foxy, a Cinccino I Heart Scaled Rock Blast onto. Foxy died, however, to Brycen's Beartic :( I didn't realize how much defense that thing had, and Rock Blast only hit twice. She never stood a chance. Joining the team now is Swifty the Mienfoo, my Dragonspiral Tower catch. I'm keeping both Fighting types for now because I figure I'm gonna need the firepower against N and Ghestis, both of whom have a decent number of pokemon weak to Fighting. I also picked up a God Damn Pawniard (fuck yeah), and I might use him against Drayden, since I can't get an Ice type.

Liberty, Krusty, Swiper, Luna, Karma, Gohma, Swifty

Yorkie, Shogun, Luna, Grace, Foxy
Lvl. 4-21, 5-24, 20-28, 24-25, 20-36

One Gym left, then the real challenge!
This challenge inspired me to make an account and post here. Sounds like so much fun.
- Permadead faint, obviously
- Only first pokemon on each route unless I already caught it
- No gift Pokemon or legendaries
- No item use in-battle
- Nicknames
- Unlimited Pokecenter use
- Set battle style

And for an added challenge, I'll be playing my Silver rom...using Chikorita.

Probably gonna fail. Here I go!
well since its been about 4 or 5 days since i have touched my laptop i have no updated story. But i do have some nuzlocke news, My started died against a stupid wild zebstrika >:( and i lost Archie and Zebra >:(, also beat 8th gym and grinding for E4 at the current moment
But Thor is still alive and kicking gyms butts. Can't wait for his sweep of N's Team.
@Maxie-Shut up bro, i have heard you complain about that for hours at home
@Giga-Sorry for my little brother being a pain, he can be so insensitive(he was attached to our great nan and is still devestated by her death)
Also to make this not completey what my brother calls "Spam" i have a nuzlocke of my own somewhere and i might put some updates in here soon:)
I got a question. Playing Sapphire on the cartridge, and I have the Bonus Disk for Colosseum.

Is Jirachi banned? I mean, come on - you get it at level 5, and the stats aren't completely off the charts.
How do you know when it is over?

I was thinking (Gems Generation):

A.) The Elite Four is beaten.
B.) Lati@s is captured
C.) Mirage Island is seen once
D.) A Feebas is found.
E.) All Sidequests have been fulfilled, including Rayquaza and the Regis.

Or is there no ruling?


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Considering that Mirage Island and Feebas are pretty much just luck, that seems a bit long. I'd say that these should be the deciders:

1st Gen:
-League Beaten
-All Legends Caught (Including Mewtwo, not including Mew)

2nd Gen:
-League Beaten
-All Kanto Badges Obtained
-Red Defeated
-Both Version Legends and Legendary Beasts obtained

3rd Gen (Hoenn):
-League Beaten
-Lati@s, Regis, and Rayquaza obtained
-Trick Master defeated
-Emerald Only: Steven Defeated
-Battle Tower/Frontier visited
-Trainer hill beaten once

3rd Gen (Kanto):
-League beaten
-Birds and Mewtwo obtained
-Sevii Islands Ruby/Sapphire sidequest completed
-Revamped league beaten
-Trainer Tower beaten once

4th Gen (Sinnoh):
-League Beaten
-All Extra Legendaries Captured (DP: Heatran, Giratina, Cresselia, Lake Trio; Platinum: Dialga, Palkia, Heatran, 1st Gen Birds, Lake Trio, Cresselia)
-All Trainers on Battle Island (don't think it's called that) beaten
-Extra victory road and route beyond explored
-Battle Tower/Frontier attempted

4th Gen (Johto):
-League beaten
-Kanto badges obtained
-Red beaten
-Extra legendaries obtained (Other version legendary, Legendary Beasts, Kyogre/Groudon, Mewtwo, Wandering Birds)
-Battle frontier attempted once

5th Gen:
-League Beaten
-Extra Routes and Towns explored
-Extra legendaries obtained (Kyurem, 3 Muskateers, Tornadus/Thundurus)
-Volcarona Obtained
-7 Sages found
-Cynthia and Morimoto defeated
-Bianca rebattled
-Battle institute attempted
-Challenge cave completed

Let me know if I forgot anything or if that is too much.


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js some of that stuff is impossible for some Nuzlockes. For example I restrict myself from catching legends (I reckon they make the game too easy) plus, odds are you legend is not the "first pokemon in the route" which is central to Nuzlockes. In general i abide by the League as your final challange, with HG the obvious exception


I was significantly upset when I approached Elesa’s gym. I had lost a valued friend, and I had just discovered that N was the leader of Team Plasma and was after a legendary pokemon in order to manipulate people into giving up there pokemon. None of this was especially useful to my in my challenge and my guts were churning as I faced off against Elesa. Elesa looked radiant as well so that wasn’t really helping my confidence. Still, I knew that delaying this battle was pointless and so waiting for Elesa to make her selection.

I did not have to wait long, Elesa threw a ball and out came an Emolga, a fast Electric / Flying pokemon. After thinking hard I made my choice. I threw my ball and Graphite appeared at my side, looking somewhat nervous. It was, after all, its first Gym battle and bringing it out Turn 1 meant I really really needed it to work. Elesa struck first, ordering a Volt Switch. Emolga glowed with electricity, forming an orb around itself before slamming into Graphite, then, to my utter astonishment, it vanished, before being replaced by a second Emolga. Horror struck, I realised Elesa;’s plan. Her Emolga were going to simply Volt Switch around, crippling my team for her final pokemon to clean up. And since my only electric immunity, Jess, had died, I was helpless against this strategy. Struggling for a way around this strategy, I ordered a Stealth Rock. Graphite glowed silver, before hurling large boulders around the gym, which levitated slightly off the gym floor.

With Stealth Rock on the field, Elesa considered her next move while I was just happy to catch my breath. Stealth Rock was by no means a firm stop to the strategy, but it would put a timer on those Emolga, limiting the amount of damage they could do. On the other hand, that Volt Switch had done a lot to Graphite so I had to switch, no question. Taking a deep breath, I threw a ball and out popped Jasmine, ready to fight. Suddenly it let out a cry of pain as Emolga slammed into it with a Volt Switch. The attack had done a lot which forced me to switch again. Emolga disappeared in a blaze of light, and another Emolga appeared, before groaning as Stealth Rock activated. The stones suddenly shot forward, crushing Emolga before withdrawing. Elesa appeared irritated but was still confident that she would remain victorious. Still on the defensive, I threw another ball, and Inferno appeared, before being slammed by a Volt Switch. This time however, several things happened. Inferno had more bulk than I had realised and could survive a second Volt Switch. Also, both Emolga were now sitting at 75% and one would be sitting at 50% when it was next brought in. I smirked, finally, I had a chance at winning this. Predictable as ever, Elesa ordered a Volt Switch and Emolga switched in but this time Inferno was waiting for it. It charged forward, its fist flaming, firing off a crunching hit to Emolga, and knocking it out.

I let out a cheer as Emolga went down. Stealth Rock would cut the final Emolga’s health down to 50% when it was next brought in which means that my final pokemon would have a decent shot and cleaning up. Elesa looked annoyed, and threw a ball. Light flashed, and a Zebstrika appeared as Elesa’s strongest pokemon. I threw a ball and Jude the mighty Throh appeared at my side and Elesa grimaced. She knew the score. Zebstrika was powerful as heck, but it was not quite strong enough to tango with a full health Throh. Frustrated, Elesa ordered a Volt Switch, and Zebstrika charged forward, slamming into Jude before switching out to Emolga. Again however, Jude shrugged of the attack and then slammed Emolga with a powerful Revenge. Despite resisting the fighting attack, Emolga was crippled by Stealth Rock and folded under the power of Judes attack. With both Emolga, it was finally down to Zebstrika vs Jude (Throh) winner take all. If Jude lost this match up. It would be down to Typhoon to tank an Electric attack and KO Zebstrika, something that I did not want to bank on. Elesa and I glanced at each other, the match had been an exciting match as we had battled to counter each others strategies. At the same time we both screamed an order, Zebstrika charged forward, its body glowing with electricity, a Spark being readied. Jude waited patiently, charging up its Revenge. Zebstrika struck first, and Jude groaned as Zebstrika struck harder than it had been prepared for. The critical hit sent Throh flying before it landed on both feet, barely alive, and then slamming Zebstrika with the full power of its Revenge. Already weakened from Stealth Rock, Zebstrika had no chance as it crashed to the ground, knocked out, the Bolt badge was mine.

After winning the bolt badge I was pretty happy. I had faced down Elesa’s strategy and won. Now I needed to focus on Driftveil City, which was exceptionally close by. Since my team was already pretty strong, I walked over to the bridge, when suddenly, I saw a strange looking man. He had red hair, and seemed to be dressed in a poncho. The moment he saw me however, he broke into a smile and waved at me. “Elena, its so nice to see you!” he exclaimed. I frowned, unsure of this crazy man. I could tell he actually was genuinely happy to see me, but there was something else in those eyes, something I really didn’t like. Elesa must have noticed the nasty silence and quickly steped in to save the situation, introducing the man as the Champion Alder. Well Alder didn’t look like much but I guess he was entitled to do his own thing, although I could not help wondering why he had been so close to the city and yet not helped me root out Team Plasma. Anyway, Alder and I were clearly not getting on so Elesa stepped forward and lowered the bridge for me. Keen to keep moving, I continued on my way, forgetting all about Alder as I entered Driftveil.

Driftveil didn’t really give me a great welcome it had to be said. Apparently when the bridge was lowered for me a few grunts escaped in the confusion. Annoyed, I tracked them down and captured them without much trouble. I then captured a Deerling I named Bambi and found a Shiny Stone that I used to evolve Jasmine. My team set and ready, I challenged Clays Gym.

O.k the underlings of Clay were a joke. Granted, I had Typhoon which laid waste to the teams they had but still I reckoned they could have trained harder, or maybe I was just getting a lot stronger. Anyway in no time I was standing opposite Clay. There would be no surprises like the previous battle was Elesa. This time I had a plan and there was nothing Clay could do to stop me…

As the gym leader, Clay sent out his pokemon first. He threw a ball and a powerful Krokorok appeared. A pang shot through me as I remembered Jess but I quickly ignored the emotion, and sent out Jasmine. Clay looked confused, before shrugging his shoulders and our battle began.

Krokorok was fast, and it launched itself toward Jasmine, jaws agape. Fast as Krokorok was however, Jasmine was faster, it slipped away from Krokorok before administering two powerful slaps to it with its tail. Krokorok gave a roar and swung around, determined to catch Jasmine but again, Jasmine dodged its charge and leaped high, hurling golden stars at Krokorok causing it to wince in pain. My cute little pokemon was laughing as it raced around the gym floor, dodging anything Krokorok threw at it. Then, growing bored, it darted forward, and gave Krokorok a massive slap with its tail. Krokorok groaned as the Wake Up Slap had done massive damage. It swayed and then crashed into the dirt why Clay watched, utterly amazed at the power of Jasmine.

Clays confusion lasted a good few minutes before he finally recalled Krokorok and threw another ball. A Palpitoed appeared and I grinned. Jasmine was unhurt and could prolly win this match up too. With a smile I ordered a Tail Slap, and Jasmine slipped in close and slammed its fail into Palpitoed, sending it flying. Lightning fast, Jasmine darted forward for the kill, dodging a bubblebeam and slapping Palpitoed around a bit with its fail, knocking the poor pokemon out. Clay was stunned. Two thirds of his team had been crushed by cute little Jasmine and now he had one final pokemon left against my team of powerhouses. Furious, he sent out his final pokemon, and Excadrill. I smirked as I checked it out. I knew Jasmine could to serious damage with a Wake Up Slap but Excadrill was also deceptively bulky and had oodles of power. Playing it safe I sent out Typhoon while Clay gave a grimace at my selection. “Shell Blade” I cried as Typhoon charged forward, lashing at Excadrill with its energy blades. Excadrill gave ground, while deflecting Typhoons strikes with a powerful Slash attack. I watched carefully as the two pokemon continued to spare. I was not worried however, Excadrill was on the back foot and its attacks lacked the STAB power of Typhoons Shell Blade. It was only going to be a matter of time before one of my strikes got thought.

Clay, apparently, was thinking the same thing. He ordered a Hone Claws as Typhoon slammed Excadrill with a Shell Blade. Excadril have a roar of pain but was still standing… barely. With a boost to its attack stat Clay smirked, confident he had an advantage. “Bulldoze!” he cried as Excadrill stamped its foot, sending Typhoon flying. I shrugged, having expected this. Typhoon landed lightly on its feet and then charged forwards, adding the power of the Bulldoze into the power of its Revenge attack. It lashed out with a fist and Excadrill crumpled, falling to the ground in a heap. The Mine badge was mine, and Chargestone Cave was waiting…

No you don't get a level update. Mainly cos im at Mistralton City and ill give you levels after the gym battle which will be more realistic than me just guessing
I've started a SoulSilver Nuzlocke recently, currently on my way to Ecruteak City to smash Morty. I currently have a level 25 Graveler that tanks pretty much everything, a level 20 Slowpoke which does likewise and a fairly solid Quilava. Due to my being awesome at the Pokethlon I have a Thunderstone waiting for the Eevee I will receive. I will also evolve Graveler and Slowpoke after the Gym battle into Golem and Slowking.
I'm starting a Sapphire Nuzlocke later today the rules are this:
-I must nickname all of my Pokés.
-I can only catch Pokémon with Poké Balls (just to make it harder)
-I can only buy supplies once from each PokéMart
-I can use one PokéCenter in an area a maximum of three times.
-If it's a shiny I can catch it no matter what.
-I don't have to catch a common Route Pokémon if its the first I see.
-If a Pokémon dies to crits it's not dead forever (cuz crits are gay)
Hey guys! I've been using this site for years but I never signed up for the forums for some reason. I saw this thread though, and really wanted to get in on it. I've only done a couple nuzlocke's before (red, a failed white attempt, and crystal) and figured I'd share with you guys a run through of emerald.

So my rules are
-Catch the first pokemon of each new area (no duplicates, I think I had 4 Rattata and 2 Weedle right after Cerulean, never again)
-Nickname all mons
-Faint = Perma Death
-Kill all legendaries
-Gift pokemon don't count as the one for the area (if there are gift pokemon in emerald, haven't played it in a while)
-No items
-Battle style on switch, because set ended my white run early :(
-No insane over leveling (I'm thinking all mons can only be 5 levels higher then gym leader at most, although I can't see me abusing this at all)
-Game complete when Steven is defeated (gonna regret that)


Littleroot Town
-Named my character Sutaami (yay)
-met Mai, then left town

Route 101
-Saved Prof Birch with a Torchic he happily let me borrow

Littleroot Town
-He let me keep the Torchic :D
-I nicknamed my new friend Apollo (After Lee Adama because why not)

Route 101
-Ran into a Poochyena. That means no new friends on 101 :(

Oldale Town
-Just walkin through guys :D

Route 103
-Got to Mai without encountering any pokemons YES
-Slaughtered May's Mudkip with Apollo
-Did everything else story wise and got back to 103 capturing our first new friend, Oona the Poochyena

Route 102
-Ran into and caught Gygas, the Ralts :D

I'll update again after the first gym :D
Time for an actual update.

Start game, pick Cyndaquil (Nascour)
Catch Hoothoot, Rattata, Geodude (Dakim), Zubat, Bellsprout>>>Onix(Rocky).
Smash through Sprout Tower with Cyndaquil>>>Quilava and Geodude.
Laugh at Falkner.
Go through Union Cave without seeing any new Pokemon.
Catch Slowpoke (Venus) in Slowpoke Well, see how ridiculously weak Team Rocket is.
Fail at catching an Aipom and Heracross with Headbutt in Azalea and the rainy route.
Smash through Bugsy's gym, fight my Rival with Smokescreen hax on Croconaw.
Catch an Oddish in Ilex Forest.
Catch Drowzee, place Drowzee and Onix into the Day-Care Centre.
Clear Goldenrod, see Geodude make Whitney cry while continuing to train Slowpoke. Get Fire Blast for Slowpoke.
Cath a Nidoran-M, destroy the Pokeathlon (seriously I'm amazing at this thing).
Do not catch a Ledyba on adjoining route.
Beat the Rocket in the theatre, get Surf, teach Surf to Slowpoke.
Get Eevee (Ein) from Bill, evolve with previously acquired Thunderstone, teach Jolteon Thunder and Hyper Beam.
Train Jolteon in Burned Tower and Ecruteak gym, beat Morty after some stupid hax shenanigans in his gym.
Go get Kings Rock, give to Slowpoke. Obtain Metal Coat, give to Rocky, obtain Rain Dance, teach it and Shadow Ball to Jolteon, Geodude evolves.
Obtain Strength.
Evolve Graveler, Slowpoke and Onix into Golem, Slowking and Steelix.
Prepare to continue on my journey.

The Team:

Slowking lv 24, Naive
Surf, Fire Blast, Confusion, Headbutt

Steelix lv 25, Hasty (-___-)
Dig, Screech, Rock Throw, Payback

Quilava lv 24, Docile
Ember, Smokescreen, Flame Wheel, Headbutt

Golem lv 25, Adamant
Rock Blast, Magnitude, Strength, Rock Polish

Jolteon lv 27, Bold
Thunder, Rain Dance, Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam

Brownie points to those who can guess my nickname theme ^_^
Pokémon Colosseum Cipher admins, obviously. If only you could get a Ludicolo or Voltorb named Miror B.

Also, daaamn, I didn't realise you could get Steelix and Slowking so early. That is crazy shit.


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Hello! I'm considering starting a Nuzlocke in about a week or two. I was going through the rules and deciding which ones I want to adhere to when I had a thought.

Could this topic potentially have a "Standard Set" of rules? Something like: this is the set that Smogon recommends starting with and playing through. Then we could get crazy and add a variety of challenges (beginner through expert difficulties). We could even add a "Hall of Fame" where each user who has beaten that challenge gets to have their username posted for all to see! Of course, people could still make up their own challenges and talk about them in here. But could something like that be any fun?
Okay I lost another White Nuzlocke, and so far my best is the 2nd Gym.

Somebody help me.
I am up to n right now and i play the same version as you, but heres some tips
1. Try to get a Throh(They rock, seriously i have had mine since 2nd gym and it hasnt died yet)
2. Be careful with your starter, otherwise you will lose it.........


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yeah, I don't see whats tooo hard about it. After looking at White for a little while chances are you can get a decent pokemon before the gym which makes things a fuck load easier.

The first 5 gyms all have a few pokemon available by the time you get to them which make it easy (iirc the pure Rock Type pokemon just shits on the next 3 gyms when you catch it). If you are getting haxed then thats just bad luck and there is nothing you can really do it help you. If you are getting half decent pokemon and still losing then you need to grind more. As a rough rule of thumb, I try to have most of my part around the level of the Gym leaders strongest pokemon. I don't think grinding that hard is overkill but that level buffer is a really nice advantage if the worst happens (and it prolly will)
yeah, I don't see whats tooo hard about it. After looking at White for a little while chances are you can get a decent pokemon before the gym which makes things a fuck load easier.

The first 5 gyms all have a few pokemon available by the time you get to them which make it easy (iirc the pure Rock Type pokemon just shits on the next 3 gyms when you catch it). If you are getting haxed then thats just bad luck and there is nothing you can really do it help you. If you are getting half decent pokemon and still losing then you need to grind more. As a rough rule of thumb, I try to have most of my part around the level of the Gym leaders strongest pokemon. I don't think grinding that hard is overkill but that level buffer is a really nice advantage if the worst happens (and it prolly will)
Really? I go in there underleveled and still come out on top :)
Peles Ruby Nuzlocke

Rules: 1:Pokemon faints you release it
2: Nickname all pokemon
3: Must catch first pokemon on a route unless its a repeat

So I start out in Littleroot town. Birch is really dumb, going off into wild grass and getting almost killed by a freaken Poochyana of all things, so I steal his Torchic and run off. Torchic gets named Fawker and is a total bro. Then I meet Troy the Seedot, who can't do anything attacking wise. Then Haley the Zigzagoon. I help some sick dude catch a Ralts (OH SURE HE GETS A RALTS FIRST THING, BUT I'M STUCK WITH A DAMNED SEEDOT), catch Colbert the Tailow, then go off to the forest.
Zigzagoon saves this run by picking up an antidote when Fawker got poisoned, I beat Team Magma, get a Great Ball (Woo?), and teach Seedot Bullet Seed (AKA the Canibal Cannon). Grinding time

Seedot learns Growth, so now he's actually useful. Off to Roxanne.

I spam Harden and Growth against the Fat Sitcom stars geodude, then rape with bullet seed.



Fawker the Torchic
Focus Energy

Troy the Seedot
Bullet Seed

Haley the Zigzagoon

Colbert the Tailow
Focus Energy
Wing Attack
Since i cant be f***ed writing a bunch of updates i am just gonna skip a lotta stuff and have one more chapter, expect it soon
Also Nuzlocke finish with 0 casualties against E4, N and Ghetesis
Also Thor killed Hydriegon in 1 hit


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I haven't started yet, but I think I'm going to be going through my Emerald game like this. It's just the push I needed to beat it again anyways.

My Rules:
* Faint = Dead.
* Must Nickname all Pokémon.
* Only capture the first on a route.
* Cannot capture repeats.
* Item use disallowed in battle
* Unlimited Pokémon Center use
* Gift Pokémon/Eggs count as the Pokémon for that area.

I'll be choosing Mudkip and playing on Set battle style. After I get some game play done I'll post back with my first update, probably all the way up to the first gym.


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Alright everyone, I'm going to start a Sapphire Nuzlocke challenge. I'll be updating it in much the same way I did my Leaf Green Scramble (Look in my Sig for examples)

I'll be posting all my updates in this post, and be linking to it in my signature. I'll make additional posts whenever I make an update just to let people know, but all the updates themselves will be here (for those of you who don't know, this is the same method I used for my Leaf Green Scramble).

As for the rules, they will be fairly standard:
- Faint = Dead, but I'm putting them in a "dead" box rather than releasing them, in case I wish to keep them for some reason.
- First Pokemon I encounter in an area is the one I get, UNLESS it is a duplicate of a Pokemon without branching evolution lines. However, I only get to encounter 3 Pokemon that I can catch no matter what; even if the third is a duplicate, I still have to catch it. Also, splitting evolutionary lines count as duplicates once I obtain as many of them as there are of evolutionary branches
- Battle mode must be Set style, and Set style only.
- no restrictions on healing or items
- no repel abuse to obtain specific Pokemon
- A new area is whenever a new marker pops up. This includes event Pokemon in cities. In-game trades count as obtaining a Pokemon from that area, and any wild Pokemon encountered in that area prior to the trade means that the trade cannot be made, as the wild Pokemon was encountered first.
- Areas that must be visited before you can catch Pokemon may be revisited as if they were new areas once the ability to catch Pokemon is gained. Also, the starter counts as Littleroot town's Pokemon not Route 101s since you technically aquire it in Littleroot.
- No level limit, as I trust I won't over-level my Pokemon and some grinding might be necessary
- Game over occurs when I run out of Pokemon entirely
- Nicknames of course!


Hello everyone, and welcome to my first public Nuzlocke Challenge! While I have attempted Nuzlocke challenges in the past, I’ve never gone through with them all the way, either due to becoming bored with them or rage quitting when one of my beloved Pokemon died. I also used to have a tendency to pretend episodes where Pokemon fainted never happened by turning off my game and playing from my last save... yeah. Well, none of that will be happening this time, because I have an obligation to you, the readers, to do it properly this time! Those of you who know me from the Scramble Challange topic will want to know that for this one, I’m going to be in character the whole time. Basically, this time there actually is a fourth wall, and I won’t be breaking it often :P. I’ll also be skipping the starting bit where you name your character and stuff because it’s pretty hard to do that in character without utterly smashing the fourth wall to itty bitty pieces. Oh, one final note. The internal battery of my Sapphire version is dead, so time based events don’t happen. That mostly just means no berries beyond the ones that I pick the first time. Anyway, let’s begin!

*Thump thump... thump thump*
Seriously, why the hell do I have to ride in the moving van? Who the hell thought this was a good idea? I mean, Johto is a fucking long way away man. I don’t have a flipping clue how we got across the ocean either... I swear we were driving the whole time.
*driving noise stops and the back of the moving van opens*
Oh thank GOD I’m finally here. Yeah hey mom... why the hell did I have to ride with our stuff again?
*never gets a response*
Well shit. Guess she just likes locking me in cold dark places.

Anyway, looks like those Machoke already got my room set up... surprisingly they haven’t seemed to have broken anything. I guess I’ll set the clo-

HEY! So much for not breaking anything! They smashed it right up! Well screw that then... I’ll just get that potion I have stashed on my PC out while I’m here. Never know when you might need it.

Well that’s everything; I might as well walk around town...

Yeah he’s a Gym Leader mom, nothing new... I’m going out. Smell ya’ later.

Hang on, you call this a town? It’s just three buildings! I mean, I can walk across the whole place in 30 seconds flat! I can see why that professor set up here... there’s not exactly a lot to disturb his work.

I guess I should introduce myself to my neighbours... Hello there! You have a daughter my age? You don’t say... *sly grin*

Hello, I’m Jimera, your new neighbour! Nice to meet you May!
*a bit of talking later*
Well she seemed to like me pretty well. Maybe it won’t be so bad in this tiny little town after all...

*Pardon the interruption*
Ok you know what? I can’t do this first person sort of thing here. I’m realizing it’s too much writing and it just isn’t turning out as entertaining as I thought it would. Finally, working in why everyone is trying to kill my Pokemon is going to be ridiculously hard. From here on in, I’m going back to my old style from Leaf Green. It’s just going to be so much easier for me to do, which means I’ll be much less likely to quit on you and more motivated to actually do updates at a reasonable rate.

*Now back to your regular, yet slightly altered, programming*

Anyway, so now it’s time to rescue the cowardly Professor Birch, who’s scared shitless of a level 2 Poochyena. I’m going to pick Torchic as my starter, since I don’t think I’ve used it before and it’s just plain good. You’d think it’d have trouble with Roxy but really, it’s a breeze once it evolves and gets Double Kick.

*a little ass-whuppin’ later*
And what do you know, a level 2 Poochyena was a push over. Go figure.

Back at the Lab, Professor Birch, amazed by my incredible bravery in fending off a tiny dog, bestows upon me the Torchic I used to save him. I decide to name him Jack. Why? BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT BITCH >:O

AHEM anyway, it would seem I need to go see May on Route 103 now so she can try and kill my Torchic. Why? Who the hell knows why, apparently everyone just wants to kill my Pokemon. If you wanted a better storyline, go read the comics on the official Nuzlocke site. I can’t see a way to do it without totally warping the entire setting of the game to a post-apocalyptic wasteland (I’ve been playing too much Fallout...)

Anyway, ranting aside, I’m off. If you read the rules you know I’ll be back to these early routes after I get my hands on some Pokeballs, since I think it’s dumb that otherwise everything on those routes would be off-limits. Anyway, onwards to greeeat victory!

Alright, I reached Odale Town. Let’s see what the people around here have to sa—
I hate all you tour jerkwads. Some day, I am going to make your lives a living hell. Someday... *closes eyes and smiles sadistically as I imagine their demise*

Well at least this one gave me a Potion... got something for my time.

And of course they’re out of Pokeballs! What an incredible coincidence, that’s exactly what the plot needed to avoid bugging the game before I got the Pokedex! ...
Fucking bullshit

Anyway, I’m going to buy a few Antidote... I don’t want to make the same mistake that so, so many Nuzlocke players before me have made.

Well anyway, nothing interesting here aside from the dork blocking the way to 102 because he doesn’t recognize his own footprints (oops spoilerz! Trololololololol) (I kid). So I’ll just head up to Route 103 and find May, so she can assault me for no good reason.

*I finally get to May, after back tracking a few times to heal because they put a dangerous trainer at the end of a route with unavoidable tall grass*

Oh hai there May, I was just wonderin’ if you wanted to go out some ti-
AHHH!!!! Why are you attacking me with your Pokemon?? Cold bitch!
*Her Mudkip get totally wiped out*

Crazy bitch. You could have killed Jack! Good thing I kept trying to get up here with full health, or that could have been game over right there.

Well now that that’s over with, it’s time to head back to the Lab and get the Pokedex and start catching team members! Aweshum!

*back at the Lab*
You know your bitch of a daughter tried to murder the Pokemon you gave me right? You don’t give a shit? Well, fuck off then! But errr... Pokedex first. THEN fuck off. Gottit?

Oh, well May did just give me some Pokeballs as an apology... Maybe she’s not so bad after all?

Anyway, let’s see what the first thing I run into on Route 101 is!

Or, hang on, it seems my Mom has something for me. Running shoes! I love how you get them right off the bat in R/S/E instead of having to go like 4 Routes without them.
And of course they come with fourth wall breaking instructions: Press the B button to run! That makes a lot of sense from an in-game perspective *sarcasm*

Alright, NOW let’s see what I find here... a Male lv 3 Zigzagoon. Alright buddy, you’re mine!
*easily catches it*
Alright now what to name you... how about... Dash! Because I said so. Yes my names are terrible. Shut up.

Hmmm a Hasty nature. Well it could be worse... it could be something that boosted Special Attack.

Route 103 next! Let’s see what I run into here!

A female lv 3 Poochyena. That’s pretty good. Get ready to join the party!
*it takes two Pokeballs, but I catch it*
Alright, you get to be called Penny, after my dog in real life :3

Anyway, it has a Lonely nature... my team is going to be low on defence isn’t it. Not so good for a Nuzlocke... anyway, Route 102 is next.

Well a Zigzagoon first, but my duplicate rules mean I get to try again... next one is a lv 3 female Lotad! That’ll do!
*Catches it an names it Lily*
Yes it’s a pun on Lilypad. No I don’t give a shit that it’s lame. DEAL WITH IT!

Oooo a Modest nature! That could prove quite useful!

Anyway, it’s time for my first trainer battle that isn’t against May. I’m going to lead with Lily so she can get a little bit of exp... I expect she’ll be the most difficult of the Pokemon I have so far to train at this point in the game so a little bait and switch will help.

Looks like this Youngster has just a lv 5 Zigzagoon. I’ll swap to Jack so he can beat it, shouldn’t be hard.
*a few turns later*
Well that wasn’t bad! I think there are more trainers on the way to Petalburg, so I’ll be keeping Lily out to get her more exp. Once she gets something better than Astonish to attack with I expect she’ll be quite useful.

*a few trainers latter*
Geeze the “set” battle style makes switch-training weak Pokemon much more difficult against trainers with more than one Pokemon. Oh well, still better than nothing. I just have to get a little more creative with my switching is all.

Ah some berries are on the tree here! I won’t be able to grow any new ones of course, but I can still make use of the ones I find already grown. Honestly, I’m just glad that berries are pretty much the only thing affected by the internal battery in this game... if it were like Gold and Silver, this thing would be pretty much unplayable.

Anyway, I made it through to Petalburg City without much difficulty. Time to heal up and then take a look around! Let’s see just how rock stupid the denizens of Hoenn are compared to their Kanto counterparts hmmmm?

Cmon, you know you all were thinking it when you first talked to this guy.

*many useless (and several fourth wall breaking) pieces of advice regarding basic game mechanics later*
Well that was pointless. Let’s see what’s on the other side of tow- ACK AMBUSHED! AGAIN!

This type of character is the single most annoying type of broken bridge in any game EVER! EVVVVEEEER! I swear if Jack knew Ember you’d be a smouldering pile of ashes and bones right now...

Well I guess I’ll go see my deadbeat father in the gym so I can get this ass-faced annoyance out of my way.

After a very brief and unsurprisingly cordial chat with my deadbeat dad, Wally barges in and drags me off on another tutorial, which, in an odd twist, is actually being carried out by my character... supposedly, since you don’t say a word or do anything but watch. All this is really teaching me is how to mash the A button so shit goes faster. In fact it seems I don’t even have to do that, I can just literally close my DS and wait for it to be over... really engaging Gamefreak, nice job with this one.

Alright, so after getting some simplistic advice from my father, it seems that I’m pretty much done here. This looks as good a place as any to end the chapter, so I’ll end it here for now. Hopefully next time will be more exciting, as my challenge will truly begin! Maybe!


Badges: 0
Location: Petalburg City
Captured Pokemon: 4
Casualties: None (at this point, it would be embarrassing to have any)

Current Party and Comments:

Jack the Torchic

Level: 9 - Nature: Sassy - Ability: Blaze
Item: None
Focus Energy

Obviously, so far Jack has done all the work, seeing as he’s the only member of my team that can actually both do damage and take a hit. I’ll have to do some grinding so the others catch up. I expect that Jack will be very useful throughout my adventure, being both a dependable Fighting and Fire type. I just hope that I can manage to keep him alive throughout the entire challenge.

Penny the Poochyena

Level: 4 - Nature: Lonely - Ability: Run Away
Item: None

Poochyena have been mixed bags in my experience. At the start they’re pitifully weak, being upstaged even by goddamn Zigzagoon and Wurmple (who can at least poison shit). Once they evolve into Mightyena they become much more useful for a while but quickly become outclassed. It can’t take full advantage of its Dark typing thanks to Dark type being special based in the generation, but despite this I have found them to be useful in the past. Nonetheless, if I can get my hands on a Carvanha somehow, Penny will probably be ditched.

Dash the Zigzagoon

Level: 4 – Nature: Hasty – Ability: Pickup
Item: None

Zigzagoon is pretty dependable early on, especially since it learns the pretty high BP Headbutt fairly early on AND it gets STAB on it. It’s decent later on once it evolves too, though like Mightyhena it does find itself becoming outclassed. Despite this, there is one big-ass advantage to keeping Dash around – Pickup. Not only can it grab high end healing items and boosting items, but it can also find rare TMs at later levels, which is indispensible. It’s extra useful as an HM slave thanks to it too, since it doesn’t need to actually participate in battle to pick up stuff and it learns a decent number of HMs. I’ll be using him as a main at first, but later on he might end up just being an HM slave and item factory. Hey, at least he won’t be shoved into the PC!

Lily the Lotad

Level: 5 – Nature: Modest – Ability: Swift Swim
Item: None

Due to low stats and having the insanely lame move Astonish as its only attacking option, Lily is going to be dead weight early on, but keeping her around can pay off later on. Grass/Water is great typing, and while the Lotad line might not have the best level-up move-pool there’s always TMs and HMs to help rectify that. Still, it’s going to be hell to train, since it learns god-fuck-all for STAB moves by level up and has pretty damn bad stats to go with it. I might end up using it if I can keep it alive long enough to find good moves for it, but if it proves more trouble than it’s worth it’s likely just to end up as a Water type HM slave... something vital in this game with there being THREE freaking water type HMs, and Lucidolo being one of the few that is able to learn them all.

Latest Update:

Alright, before I start grinding I need to catch a new teammate from route 104! Let’s see what fate gives me...

*a lv 4 female Wurmple appears*
Dangit, I was really hoping for a Wingull... Well this will have to do.
*several Astonishes and one Pokeball later*
Welcome to the team Katie. Why Katie? Because... caterpillar, katerpillar... dang it, it works alright? Shaddup D:

Hmmm it has a Relaxed nature... with a defensive nature like that, I kind of hope she becomes a Dustox instead of a Beautifly.

Anyway, it is TIME TO GRIND!

*insert favourite montage music here*

*a few battles later*
Well Jack now has Ember! Finally it can make use of its typing.
*a few more battles later*
Dash learned Tail Whip! How incredibly useful! *sarcasm*
*a few more after that*
And now Lily knows Absorb! That’ll make training her a bit easier, though it’s still a weak attack...
*and after even more battles!*
Katie learned Poison Sting now. That’ll be of some use now, but even more so once she evolves and she can stall people out with poison and Harden.
*A little while later*
Dash learned Headbutt! FUCK YEAH! Even though his Attack is pretty much crap, Headbutt is an insanely high BP move at this point in the game. Seriously, he gets it at level freaking NINE. A BP 70, STAB move. With a flinch chance. On a very fast Pokemon. Tell me that’s not awesome?
*GASP! Even more battles later!*
Wooo Katie evolved into Cascoon! Just as I’d hoped! She’s going to be a defensive beast once she evolves, at least for the next few gyms anyway.
*Later still*
Penny learned Howl! Well, it’s something at least... not much use now with all the Growls flying about and her overall low power, but later on it could prove useful.
*And finally*
Penny learned Sand-Attack, which could be quite useful indeed... Or might see no use at all seeing as she can’t really risk taking a hit.

Alright, everyone is at lv 9 or higher now, which should be enough for the upcoming areas. Katie is going to take point for a while since I want her to evolve into Dustox ASAP. Onwards, through Route 104 and Petalburg woods!

First though I’m stocking up on some supplies. I was fortunate enough to have Dash collect two Nuggets while I was training, so I can buy a lot more stuff than I usually could at this point. I usually don’t use the X items, but in a Nuzlocke I think they might prove useful so I’m picking a few up.

There are just a few trainers on Route 104, so this shouldn’t take long.

*Against a Seedot with Katie*
Lol these things are so funny when they’re using Bide. I can just use Harden and String Shot to stall them out and then their Bide does nothing! Foolish fools!

*Against Rich Boy Winston*
Man this battle is just turning into a war of Hardens and Tail Whips... and had to use a Potion. I swear, Poison sting has a 10% poison rate not 30% >.>.
*way too many turns later*
Finally I poison it and get it in the red! One more tur-
*Winston uses a FULL RESTORE*
A Full Restore!?!?!? BEFORE THE FIRST GYM EVEN!?!??! I know they’re supposed to be rich but that’s just CHEATING! .... goddamit.
*after being forced to use another Potion, it finally faints*
Wow that was lame... but it was worth it because...!
*Katie is evolving! Congratulations, your Katie evolved into DUSTOX!*
*learns Confusion over String Shot*

Anyway, it is time to enter Petalburg Woods and capture a 6th member for my team! Let’s see what I come across here...
Well, add one to the repeat Pokemon tally... NEXT
*Female lv 5 Slakoth*
....Of course. The rarest and yet most useless Pokemon in the woods... *sigh* Well once it evolves it could be useful. Welcome to the team Jane, but I don’t know if you’ll be staying for long... Well I ought to get you caught up with the others anyway, since after you become a Vigoroth you’ll be quite useful...

*While grinding with Jane*
Why does Yawn only ever seem to put to them to sleep for one turn -.- useless piece of...
*A little later*
Jane learned Encore! Well that could be handy for dealing with Traunt... at least they equipped this dang thing with moves that help alleviate its lame-ass (dis)ability.
*Later still*
Alright, I got Jane up to level 10 and she’s not as bad as I feared. She has pretty good Defense and Attack, so as annoying as Traunt is at least she can take the hits that come from dealing with it. Still, I don’t think I’ll be using her much in trainer fights until she evolves in 8 levels.

Alright, time to actually go all the way through Petalburg Woods this time. This shouldn’t be too challenging.

Bug Trainer: “I had all these Pokemon but I couldn’t win...”
Yeah, when they’re all lv 3 Wurmple you might have an issue winning. *sigh* Seriously, who stocks up on 6 lv 3 Wurmple?

Oh noes, some Shroomish loving freak is being attacked by a Team Aqua grunt! I’ll just quietly slip away... wait I have to save him? Aw cmon =(
*Dash 2HKOs his Poochyena with Headbutt*
Lolololol weaksauce. Well I get a Great Ball (that would be a lot more useful if I hadn’t already gotten 3 Ultra Balls thanks to Pickup) and he dashes off. What a waste of time! :D

Alright, so there are a few bushes I can’t cut yet here, but beyond that I’m done in here. Now I get to see the other side of Route 104. If I remember correctly there’s a female copy of that Rich Boy up here... what’s the bet she has a Full Restore too -.-

Oooo I got TM09 Bullet Seed! It’s not nearly as powerful as it is in Gen V, but it is better than Absorb... I guess I’ll teach it to Lily, but for now I’m keeping Absorb alongside it for healing.

Ah yes, Lady Cindy, the other rich kid up here. She has the same Zigzagoon and probably same strategy. I hope I can just flat out KO the damn thing before she gets a chance to use her Full Restore...
*manages to do so*
Alright then, hopefully the rest of my battles here will be just as easy.

Man, giving Lily Bullet Seed has already proven useful. It’s a pretty useful attack at this stage of the game. With this I probably won’t even have to use Jack against Roxanne after all, meaning I don’t have to grind until he evolves and gets Double Kick.

Ah and now it’s time for my first Double Battle! This should be fun.
A Lotad and Seedot? Wow, I happened to pick just the right Pokemon to lead with... Jack and Katie are perfect to take on these two!
*Battle is easily won*
Gina (one of the twins): “Big guy is strong! We have to train lots more!”
Me Jimera! Me use Hulk speak! Me like you! Uhg uhg!

Anyway, after murdering one of the infamous Magikarp trainers (they do not be deserved to be called Fishermen), I just collected some berries and moseyed on into Rustboro City! This place will be fun to look around! (not)

Wow these little kids seem to be blown away by the concept of evolution... which is kind of weird since evolution isn’t exactly unusual in the Pokemon world =/. Pretty damn sheltered, aren’t you, you brats.

Old guy: “For my own Pokemon, I give them perfectly suited nicknames! It’s my expression of, uh... originality, yes, that’s it!”
*His Pikachu’s name? Pekachu.*
BAHAHAHAHAHA ok I’m not going to say my nicknames are terrible anymore. I have been outdone.

Ah, this guy gave me HM 01 Cut because he says my Pokemon look great. I’m not sure how he decided that, considering all my Pokemon are in their Pokeballs, but I’ll just take his word for it. Maybe he’s one of Superman’s relatives with X-Ray vision or something. Anyway, Dash is going to get it, since he’ll be sticking around as an HM slave anyway... and at least he gets STAB from it.

Teacher: “Students who don’t study get a little taste of my Quick Claw!”
O.O I’m pretty sure corporal punishment isn’t allowed anymore... errr can I see that? Yeah, well you’re not getting it back now psycho. I’m reporting you to the cops.

Hmmm this kid wants to trade his Makuhita for my Slakoth... that’s actually not a half bad idea. However, I think I’ll wait until I get to Granite Cave and make sure I don’t get one there naturally anyway. If not, it could be a very useful trade.

And that’s everything around here for now, so let’s see what’s in the surrounding area hmm?

Alright, let’s see what Pokemon I can find on Route 116...

Oooo a lv 6 Male Nincada! Two Pokemon for the price of one! Of course, Shedinja will die the second I forget what moves an opponent has, but it’s something right?
*Catches it*
Welcome to the team Kage! I’ll take you out in place of Jane for now, since she’s pretty much useless until she evolves... and even then I’m probably better off trading her for that Makuhitta.

Hmm, Kage has a Serious nature. No loss, no gain I suppose.

Anyway, time to look around the rest of Route 116 and take out the trainers here, getting Kage up a bit in the process.

Alright, I’ve done everything I can before I fight Roxanne, except catch a Wishmur in Rusturf Tunnel. I probably won’t be using it though, seeing as I already have Dash as a solid Normal type.

*I catch me a lv 7 male Wishmur.*
Hello Megaphone, and goodbye Megaphone. Won’t be seeing you again.

Alright, it’s the favourite part of everyone’s play-through now! Yup, it’s grinding time! I got to get my Pokemon up a few levels for Roxanne, so I got some work to do. Also, Kage is still only level 7. That needs to change.

*After a bit of grinding*
Good lord, right now Kage is almost as bad as Jane was. Pathetic attack and low HP mean that it can’t dish out or take hits well. It has great defense, but that tiny HP really lets it down... *sigh* it’ll be worth it when it evolves... it’ll be worth it when it evolves...
*Kage learned Sand Attack!*
Well that’s something... will make using him a bit easier.
*a bit later*
Penny is pretty damn useless too, thanks to not having any STAB and her terrible defense. Once she learns Bite it’ll be much better though, even if it does come off her lower special attack.
*a while later*
Holy crap, when she levelled up to lv 12 Penny got THREE points in attack. At level TWELVE. That Lonely nature is really showing up... worst Defense on the team, but definitely the highest Attack. Of course she can’t really take advantage of it...
*later still*
Finally, Penny has learned Bite! Now she might actually be of some sort of tiny use. Or not. Time will tell...
*later still*
Alright, Katie learned Gust! She might not be a powerhouse offensively, but an extra attack type added to my repertoire can’t hurt.
*and yes, later still!*
Alright, Lily gets Nature Power over Growl. While it’s usually just Stun Powder, it does have its uses. At least more so than Growl does.
*Even later still!*
Alright, Dash learned Sand-Attack over Tail Whip. Sand-Attack is nice to have early game...
*And even LATER still! (yes, this grinding is taking a long time. Sapphire is bad for that)*
Hot DAMN is Bite ever so much more useful than Tackle. Low Sp. Attack be damned, it’s still doing twice as much damage as Tackle. Hell, it flat out OHKOs some of these wild Pokemon, something only Jack and Lily can match (and Lily only when she gets 4 or more hits in with Bullet Seed).
Man, Kage requires a TON of EXP to level up... Nincada must be in that group that only takes 600k exp to get to level 100 but requires a ridiculous amount of exp prior to level 50 compared to the other groups.
Alright, I’m not giving Fury Swipes to Kage since it’s unreliable as hell. SCRATCH is even better than it... at least it’s consistent. I can’t wait until he evolves and actually becomes useful...
*Congratulations! Your Lily evolved into Lombre!*
But she’s not cute anymore... I mean... YAY! *shifty eyes* none of you saw that.
*and finally*
Alright! Everyone is at level 14 now, which should be good enough for taking on Roxanne.

First though, her lackeys need to fall. That should be no trouble though. Then Lily is going to wipe the floor with Roxanne. I very much doubt I’ll have much difficulty with her.

Heh, one of the Youngsters in here intended to show me how Gym trainers were better.
It’s safe to say he failed in that endeavour.

Penny’s Bite tore through the Geodude of both the Youngsters in this gym (seriously ALL THEY HAD WERE GEODUDE). Now Lily just has to go in and absolutely wreck Roxanne.

Well Roxanne is a pretty damn polite Gymleader. I think she’s the first one I’ve fought in around 2 months that didn’t say something along the lines of “YOU’LL NEVER BEAT ME WAHAHAHAHA!!”

Alright, Lily vs her Geodude. Guess how this is going to go.
*Geodude is filled full of seed shaped holes*
Nosepass is next. I think more dakka is in order, don’t you?
Well that did a little over half, but it critted with Rock Tomb bringing Lily to half HP. Just for safety’s sake, I’m going to use Absorb this time.
*Roxanne used a Poition, Absorb only does 10 damage...*
Well that didn’t help much. Ah well, MORE DAKKA!
*it hangs on with literally 1 or 2 hp, strikes back with another Rock Tomb*
OH CMON! Now I’m in the yellow and maybe even slower than it... goddamit. MORE DAKKA!
*Roxanne uses another potion, but it is not enough!*
YES! It’s about time! Well it didn’t go quite as smoothly as I had hoped but the battle is won with no casualties! So long, and thanks for the fi- er, Stone Badge. And TM 39 Rock Tomb. Much appreciated.

And so ends another thrilling chapter of my challenge! Weren’t you just enthralled by the intense danger of fighting dozens of Zigzagoon and Whismur? I know I was! Anyway, until next time, AUDIOS!

Wait, as soon as I stepped outside of the gym there was a commotion as that Aqua Grunt struck again! God this Devon employee is pathetic. Anyway, looks like I’ll have to jump to the rescue next episode. But really, AUDIOS!


Badges: 1
Location: Rustboro City
Captured Pokemon: 8
Casualties: None (at this point, it would be embarrassing to have any)

Current Party and Comments:

Jack the Torchic

Level: 14 - Nature: Sassy - Ability: Blaze
Item: None
Focus Energy

Not much to say here, except that Jack has maintained his usefulness, thanks to the power of his Ember attack and his decent bulk (compared to the rest of my team that is). I can’t wait for him to evolve though.

Penny the Poochyena

Level: 15 - Nature: Lonely - Ability: Run Away
Item: None

Man, did learning Bite ever change the field for Penny. Before she was totally useless, thanks to having a ridiculously low Defense stat and not being able to take advantage of her high Attack with a weak, non-STAB Tackle. Once she got Bite though, she saw an insane jump in power, comparable to going up an evolutionary stage. Even if the attack comes off her unimpressive special attack, it still hits harder than almost anything else I have at the moment. If only it were physical this generation...

Dash the Zigzagoon

Level: 14 – Nature: Hasty – Ability: Pickup
Item: None

Headbutt has turned Dash into a beast of an attacker. Despite having the lowest Attack stat on my team (seriously) the high base power and STAB bonus of Headbutt means he’s still one of my heaviest hitters. Add that to the fact that I have yet to encounter anything that can out speed him without priority and that Headbutt has a flinch chance, and you have one potent fighter. Just don’t ask him to take a hit. Oh, and Pickup is pretty damn nice too.

Lily the Lotad

Level: 15 – Nature: Modest – Ability: Swift Swim
Item: Quick Claw
Bullet Seed
Nature Power

Likely my MVP at the moment, Lily is a beast. STAB Bullet Seed is actually quite powerful at this stage in the game, and the ability to recover decent amounts of health with Absorb and paralyze with Nature Power (usually, since most battles occur in tall grass) is very useful. Hell, she was beasting it up even before she evolved. Now that she’s evolved, there isn’t much that can stop her at this point in time. However, I expect her usefulness to see a sharp drop over the next few chapters as the rest of the team catches up to her.

Kage the Nincada

Level: 14 – Nature: Serious – Ability: Compoundeyes
Item: None
Leech Life

Right now my LVP in terms of in-party Pokemon, but that’s subject to change. At first even with his sky-high defense, his low HP meant he couldn’t take any hits, but after he levelled up a bit it stopped being an issue. Leech Life is also useful for extending his life, though the low damage means low healing, lowering its overall usefulness. The real issue is that he can’t dish out any damage between weak attacks and a low attack stat. What I really can’t wait for though is for it to evolve; I’ve never tried using Ninjask or Shedinja before, and I am very excited to try them both out. Sure they might turn out useless anyway, but it’s a new experience and that’s exciting for me.

Katie the Dustox

Level: 14 – Nature: Relaxed – Ability: Shield Dust
Item: none
Poison Sting

Katie was a solid member of the team ever since capture, but since all she fought as a Wurmple were low level wild Pokemon, that’s not necessarily saying much. That set aside though, she has performed just as well as I expected her to. At this point in the game Dustox is a defensive beast, even more so after getting in a Harden. Poison stall is a strategy I’ve used with Dustox plenty of times in the past and I’ll likely use it again. However, as with all early game bugs, her usefulness WILL drop off fairly rapidly. Seeing as she doesn’t even get any decent bug type attacks until she’s really high level, expect to see her retired before the third gym. I’ve always liked Dustox, but really there’s only so much you can do with a Pokemon that has a BST of 385 and no unique qualities. Of course though, she will almost certainly see action against Brawly, so it’s not like she’s getting shoved off to the side for no good reason!

Boxed Pokemon:

Jane the lv 10 Slakoth:
Likely to not be used, but not likely to be traded off either since with Jack I don’t really need Makuhitta

Megaphone the Whismur: Not likely to be used, since I already have Dash. Could be useful in a pinch thanks to large a special move pool and great mixed stats once evolved.


It's all coming back to me now
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yeah o.k I know its been a while since I have updated.


Chargestone Cave was going to be very important to me. I had long ago realised that using repels in Caves were an excellent option. I could explore the cave, battling trainers and pick up Gems along the way. Plus if I was lucky enough to find a Drilbur then it was win / win. Plus, I really wanted to find the legendary Flying Gem which would serve as an excellent addition to my item slot.

I entered the cave and began searching, when suddenly I heard a cry. Curious, I strode over to a collection of rocks where I heard the cry. There, floating gently, was a Tynamo. I stared at the small thing in shock, Tynamo were rare as hell, and I had never expected to find them with a repel active. A thought struck me and I checked Bambi, my lead pokemon, then the Tynamo in front of me. Sure enough Bambi was a slightly lower level. Irritated, I glanced at Tynamo with some annoyance before realising that it could actually be a useful member of my party, especially with Skyla nearby. With this thought in mind I happily threw a ball, and with that Photon the Tynamo was captured.

With a full team of 6 ready I decided to do some serious training. Every member of my team (bar Jude) evolved a full stage. With an electric pokemon, and 2 rock pokemon, I cruised past Skyla, and then Brycen, with no trouble at all. I even managed to catch a few new pokemon, notably Jen the powerful Scraggly, and Draco the Axew. Jenn was so strong I actually moved it into my main team, giving Graphite a well earned rest. My team was capable of taking on the best trainers out there, and yet despite this, I failed in my attempt to thwart N’s attempt to awaken Reshrim. Desperate to be strong enough to awaken Zekrom, I rushed to Opelucid City. My rival had a full powered legendary and if I wanted to succeed in this challenge I figured I needed a legendary too. However, if I wanted to awaken Zekrom I would first need to defeat the deceptively strong Iris. Would I emerge victorious?


Maximum (Archeops)
Lv 45
-Rock Slide

Maximum is actually my strongest hitter of the team. With excellent STAB attacks Maximum hits very hard, and it is my first choice in an aerial battle. It did not see much action against Skyla due to Photon taking a more defining role, but it can always be relied on to take on the bulkiest pokemon, and smash through them. U-Turn is such an awesome move in challenges like this, giving me perfect momentum, which is really useful if Maximum falls into Defeatist range as I can simply U-Turn out to preserve its health. My team also has a fair bit of bulk to it so it can work out pretty well.

Jude (Throh)
Lv 45
-Vital Throw
-Bulk Up

Jude is easily the mvp of the team. That bulk coupled with excellent power as well as cool attacks such as Revenge let me control the tempo of a match. Jude cannot really sweep a team, as its slightly too slow, but if it gets off a bulk up nothing in hell can stop it rampaging though a team. Jude is an excellent pivot, and just shrugs off critical hits with ease. Judes legendary bulk and power have come in handy so often, as has its remarkable ability to win damn near any 1v1 match up, making it invaluable against a gym leaders pokemon that I lack a super-effective attack against (such as in the Elesa battle).

Jenn (Scrafty)
Lv 45
-Hi Jump Kick
-Brick Break

After the success of Tempest last whiet Nuzlocke did you really think id pass up a chance to use Scrafty again? Seriously though Jenn is easily the most dangerous of my team. its excellent duel stabs hammer through a lot of things, and thanks to its Moxie ability, if it steals a KO then you can bet that the rest of my opponents team is going to be in for a beating. Jenn is also pretty fast, and with the bulk of a Bronzong its not hard to put that +1 attack boost to good use. Jenn is also my main weapon against psychic pokemon, as it hits them very hard thanks to its STAB Crunch.

Typhoon (Samurott)
Lv 45
-Aqua Tail

Typhoon was my starter and its remained solid throughout my challenge. Typhoon might not have the bulk of Jude or Jenn, but its good enough, and Typhoon makes up for it by acting as a powerful wallbreaker, attacking from both attacking spectrums and generally wrecking havoc. Typhoon has always been my steady companion, backing up fellow team members when needed, leading by example when required etc etc. It makes a great leader has his experience helps out newer members such as Jenn and Photon, as well as giving them confidence when needed.

Inferno (Darmanitan)
Lv 45
-Flare Blitz
-Fire Punch
-Hammer Arm
-Rock Slide

Inferno is my third oldest team member so its seen a fair bit of action and knows how to handle itself. Inferno is all about hitting things, and can function on my team as either a tactical nuke, which rips into a team so Jenn or Maximum can clean up, or as a cleaner, cleaning up weakened opponents with Fire punch, after Typhoon or Bruce are finished with them. Inferno has wide type coverage, nice bulk, and doesn't lose its matchs often. I really wish it had U-Turn so Maximum and it could combine for an explosive partnership but alas, it does not have access to it yet and I have to make do with breaking things. Still, its a good team member which does what its supposed to do and I guess you cannot ask for more than that.

Photon (Eelektrik)
Lv 45
-Flash Cannon
-Volt Switch

Photon is a bit of an oddball really. Because its not fully evolved, it can use Eviolite really well, which makes it quite bulky and an excellent pivot switcher with Volt Switch. It also is really helpful against water pokemon (such as Jellicent which REALLY hurts this team before I had Photon and Jenn). Despite this, its a bit weak offensively although I am expecting its attack potential to increase once I evolve it. Photon is pretty steady, its rare tho which makes it cool to have in this chaleange, even tho Bambi might have fitted better on the team. With a bit of luck, Photon will evolve soon making it an excellent wallbreaker for me to use along side Typhoon.

ok thats it. The update is short I know, but its setting the scene for (hopefully) some epic fights up ahead. After all, I don't just rush into Nuzlockes blindly, I try and think ahead as much as possible. If you go back and re read some of my updates you might find some of the strategies ill use in the battles ahead, that I hinted at!

I know this thread is usually pretty dead but I was wondering if you guys could help me with something. I can evolve Photon pretty much any time I like but am wondering what set should run. I want it to have either Acid Spray or Coil, and im not sure what I should run (this directly has an impact on when Photon evolves). Anyone have any recommendations on whether I should teach Photon Acid Spray or Coil, leaning toward Acid Spray but I really don't know :/
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