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1. Must catch first pokemon in route(unless i have caught it before)
2. Must nickname all pokemons.
3. If a pokemon faints, it dies.
4. Gift pokemon don't count.
5. Can only trade dead pokemons 3 times.
6. Can't have more than 1 pokemon of the same type on the team, eg. 2 grounds, even if one was ground/flying and the other was rock/ground.
7. No starting with Chikorita.
8. If i black out, i die.
9. Special Rule: Things that have crap encounter rates (Dunsparce and Marril I am looking at you) can be grinded for.

I figured it would be fun to do a Team Rocket themed one in HG. My Character is a child of a TR rogue and now wants to shut the others down.
well i started and heres Chapter 1. BTW I HAVE A GIRL STARTER WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT!!!!!!
Chapter 1. And so it begins
Maxie and Cheren were waiting for Bianca when.
"What is taking Bianca, jesus i know she has no sense of time, but today is the day we get our own pokemon she should've been here by now"
*Maxie is in deep thought about how he should go about this*
"Ok so lets get this straight, if i choose Tepig, i could beat the 2nd, 3rd and 7th gyms but be weak to the 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th gyms Hmm maybe. If i choose Snivy i can beat the 5 gym, but be weak to the 1st, 3rd, 4tg, 6th and 7th gyms. -_- no definitly not.. Or the last choice Oshawott which beats the 5th gym but is beaten by the 1st and 4th gyms. Hmm maybe. So the choices are for me:
"But hmm which should i choose"
"Maxie are you even listening to me?"
*Maxie loses train of thought"
"Hmm whats going on?"
"Dude i was saying Biancas isnt here and-"
"Howdy all"
"Nevermind shes here"
"Ok Maxie you choose first since its your house and all"
"Yes Maxie thats how it should go"
"Damn Cheren he just wants to choose my weakness so hmm who should i pick"
""I pick........Oshawott"
"Fine i pick Snivy"
"Knew he would choose my weakness"
"That means i get Tepig now lets have a battle"
"Um i dont think thats a-"
"Tackle Tepig"
"Damnit go Oshy use Tackle"
*5 minutes of tackling later*
"Argh you trashed my room now-"
"Now let me heal both your pokemons so i can have a go"
"Fuck you Cheren"
*5 minutes of tackling later*
"See ya later Maxie"
"Yep bye"
"Wait what about my-"
But they already left before Maxie could finish.
I feel like an idiot. I lost Shogun, my Dewott. First I lost my Herdier, then a Herdier takes my starter away from me. Fuck.

All is not lost, however. Presley the Simisear has stepped up like a real bro, basically filling the leader void. Also, I have 2 new teammates, Luna the Gothia, and Karma the JOLLY Darumaka. There's no way Karma wouldn't be joining the party when I saw the nature. Presley has been too much of a bro to be boxed, though, so for now I have 2 fire types. I'm nervous as shit for Elesa, she ALWAYS KO'es about half my team whenever I did normal runs. I'm gonna overlevel for the first time in my career, I don't want to lose anyone. I'm also gonna try to evolve Liberty before this battle. Not that I'll use her (Elesa's entire team can hit 4x SE) but still, I want that firepower.

Presley, Liberty, Krusty, Swiper, Luna, Karma

Yorkie, Shogun
Lvl. 4-21, 5-24
well i am offically rocking the white nuzlock as i have a THROH which fucking took down the entire second gym by itself. Anyway when i tried to capture this bad boy it nearly killed all my pokemons -_-. Anyway heres some updates
Chapter 2. An Unexpected Call
*After Maxie talks to his Mum about his room he leaves to the Proffessors house to thank her*
"Sup Prof"
"What have i said about calling me that, never mind lets just get this over with"
* One long speech/lecture later*
*Maxie walks out and ditches Cheren and Bianca and continues to Accumula Town and goes to the PC*
"Maxie what do you want?" asked a very confused Dawn.
"I need to speak with larry"
"...............I havent seen him since he left for the Hoenn 2 years ago"
"Damnit, if you see him tell him i am looking for him"
"Argh Red is telling the truth.........Wait Simon"
*Dials in Lyras Number*
"Come on pick up damnit"
"Hmm who is it?" asked a very tired Lyra
"Wheres the Simon?"
"............He went missing when he went to Battle the E4 of Johto, we fear worst has happened"
"Damnit, the same happened to Larry in the Hoenn"
*Beep Beep Beep*
"Wait Lyra i have an incoming call, talk to you later"
*Hangs Lyra up and answers new caller*
Maxie looks in shocl at who it is
"Who else"
"But you died against Steven"
"No i didnt i just escaped, but Tim and the rest are dead and Steven is on my tail"
"Damnit get back to the SInnoh and get Tort"
"Thats what i am-"
*Tranmisson has been lost, please wait a bit and try again later*
"Damnit" Maxie shouts as he hits the PC
"Argh i have to get this done quick and get to the Hoenn"

Wait whats this ANOTHER UPDATE
Capter 3. The Trainer known as N
*Maxie is running to the 1st gym when he runs into some weird people doing a speech, afterwards*
"Damnit i cant get through untill they finish packing up"
"Why are you in a rush?" Said an Mysterious Voice
"Who are you?"
"My name is N and you pokemon is talking to me"
"Yeah your point is?"
"Can you understand him?"
"1. Shes a her, 2. why would i tell you, i just meet you"
"Ahh your not the trusting type then. Fine lets battle" N says sending out a purrloin
"Please Oshy will eat that for breakfast" Maxie says confidently while sending out his pokemon
"Hmm arent you the confident one. Purrloin use Stratch"
"Bah that all you got use Water" Maxie commands sending the Purrloin flying
"Argh use Stratch again"
"Bah dont you learn Water Gun followed with a tackle"
Bam and that was all she wrote as the Purrloin went flying into a power fuse and was killed instantly
"Shit a nuzlocker" Maxie thought to himself
"Just like me, Larry, Simon, May, Archie. Theres meant to be 10 of us, so who are the others?"
"See ya N" Maxie says wandering to the next route
"Argh" N said dialing a number whiling smirking
"What is it N"
" I found him dad, i found Maxie"

But wait, theres more
Chapter 4. The Return of the Rivals
*Running through the 2nd route Maxie catches a Purrloin(Purry)*
*Pant Pant Pant*
"Man i am exhusted time to-"
"Shit not her, not......Bianca"
"Come on Maxie lets Battle, go Lillipup"
"You never give me a choice, go Oshy nail it with Water gun"
Lillipup was blown away into a tree and knocked unconcous
"Hmm so Bianca isnt one"
"Argh go Tepig use Ember"
"Oshy Water Gun"
Bam the water gun went through the ember and made the Tepig go flying
"Finish it with Water Gun" Maxie says and walks off as Tepig faints and then Maxie goes to the Pokemon Centre with Oshy trailing behind and Bianca crying that she lost.
*After healing Maxies pokemon*
Maxie continues to the gym............only to find that the gym leader isnt there at the moment. So Maxie went to train at the Dream Yard and then kicked a few weak trainers butts and then gets a free Pansear(Sesear(MALE FINALLY)).
"Hmm perfect to counter Cherens Snivy with, welcome to the team SeSear" Maxie says striding back into town with a new partner and goes to the Pokemon School to find the Gym Leader.......but only finds Cheren
"Hey Cheren was the Gym Leader just here?"
"Yes he left a few minutes ago"
"Ok then i guess-"
"No we battle now, go Snivy"
"Fine, go Sesear" Maxie says sighing
"Now use Incinerate" Maxie commands defeating snivy instantly.
"No agh go Patrat and use tackle"
"Return Sesear and go Oshy. use Water gun" Maxie commands getting a critical hit and beating it in one hit.
"Bah too easy"
"here take these berrys, i hope they are useul to you" Cheren says leaving
"Bastard" Maxie says going to the gym.
Wow, I've done a lot since I last updated. Elesa went smoothly. Gurdurr and Sandile both dominated with Rock Tomb, and Darumaka helped a lot too. The time between her and Clay was a nightmare. I managed to catch a Ducklett, Grace. I lost both her and Luna to Herdiers in Cold Storage. I think it's the ghost of my Herdier, Yorkie, out for revenge for letting her die :pirate:. I also failed to catch anything in Cold Storage, and on Route 6. Luckily, Liberty evolved into Leavanny. I took Presley off the team. So I basically had 4 mons to beat Clay's three with. Excadrill damn near wiped me, but I managed a clean sweep on him. I caught a Joltik, Gohma, and just arrived at Mistralton. Although right now, Swanna can hit my entire team SE with her STABs, so I'm gonna overlevel again. I don't like doing that :/

Liberty, Krusty, Swiper, Luna, Karma, Gohma

Yorkie, Shogun, Luna, Grace
Lvl. 4-21, 5-24, 20-28, 24-25
Chapter 5. The 1st Gym(finally)
*Running through the 2nd route Maxie catches a Purrloin(Purry)*
*Pant Pant Pant*
"Man i am exhausted time to-"
"Shit not her, not......Bianca"
At the Gym, Maxie battles through all 2 of their underlings and goes to battle Chillan the grass gym leader.
"Bah your Oshawott doesn’t stand a chance against my Pansage" He says sending out a Lillipup
"Wait? What? Argh never mind go Oshy use Water Gun" Maxie says still confused about him talking about his Pansage and then sending out his Lillipup.
"Use Tackle"
Bam the Lillipup was sent flying through the air and then started using a move Maxie has never seen
"What is that?"
"That, is Work Up now time for a superpower tackle"
"Finish it with Water Gun" Maxie commands as the pouch gets hit and doesn’t get back up
"Damnit go Pansage use Vine Whip" He said, sounding very pissed off, but when he looked up he saw......A Pansear
"When did you?"
"I just sent him out, meet Sesear. Now use Incinerate"
"Use Work Up" Cilian said desperately but his Pansage fell to Sesear’s might
"I admit defeat, here’s the Gym Badge"
"Thank you" Maxie said taking a TM and the Badge and then heading out the door to Route 3.
Maxie is wandering to the Pokémon to heal his Pokémon when he got a call on the PC
"Hmm should i answer" Maxie thought." Hmm maybe its Larry. Ok then that settles it i am answering it"
Maxie presses the answer call button and then a figure was on the screen
"Damnit that’s not Larry that’s that’s.........."
"Ah it’s so nice to see your face.........Maxie"
"If only i could say the same..................Red. Now what do you want?"
"I heard you beat the 1st Gym of Unova. i am here to say it was a fluke and you will never get past the 2nd gym MAHAHAHHAHAHHAAH also i would stop any travel plans to the Hoenn, we have your friend Larry already. We.......took care of him" Red says evilly and then hangs up and all Maxie can hear is his evil laughter.
Maxie punches the ground in pure rage
"Damnit i couldn’t save Larry, if only i was already the Champion then i could...... No use dwelling on the past i need to focus on the future, there is still time to save him, i just need to get the other 7 badges"
*Beep Beep Beep*
"Hmm another incoming call for me" Maxie was confused and answered it in curiosity
Maxie backed away completely shocked by who it was
"But......But your......Your meant to be dead" Maxie said with complete disbelief

Chapter 6. The 2nd Gym
After talking to the mysterious person on the PC(that’s right i aint telling you shit) Maxie heads off to Nacrene City defeating Team Grunts and little kids on the way. Also kills a Woobat and catches a Britzle named Zebra, which Maxie boxes in case he needs it.
"Hmm so this gym is a normal based type. I remember what Simon said about Whitney. But i don’t have a geodude or a rock type. So i need a fighting type. Ok so next thing in the morning i will catch a fighting type(hopefully)"
The Next Day, Maxie wakes up roughly around dawn and starts to look for a fighting type when he runs into a............THROH!!!!!!
"Fuck yeah go Purry use Scratch" Maxie commands completely forgetting the type matchup
"Purr Purr Purrloin" Purry says getting crashed by the giant throh barely making even a scratch(lol pun) with its scratch attack
"Shit Purry NO" Maxie yells just as its head gets smashed open killing Purry instantly.
"Ok that’s it, go Oshy and use Water Gun"
After several minutes of healing and switching from Oshy and Sesear and mainly balls thrown later Maxie finally catches it
"I name you Thor. Now let’s challenge this gym" Maxie says "But first" Maxie walks over and picks up the remains of Purry. "We need to bury her".
After a quick funeral Maxie is off to challenge the gym
"Hey kid the-"
"I know now get out of the way" Maxie says pushing the guy next to the statue out of the way and then proceeds to destroy all who stand in the way.
After doing so and levelling up Maxies team, Oshy evolves and now Maxie feels even more confident about this win, with Oshy and Sesear as backups for Thor, Maxie enters the gym and goes down the stairs to the leader.
"Leonora i challenge you to a battle or should i say a slaughter fest" Maxie shouts sound incredibly cocky
"Hmp another Cocky upstart bring it go Heirdier" Lenora says sending out the dog Pokémon
"Seriously do all the gym leaders use a Lillipup line or something? All well go Thor use your new move Vital throw"
"Use Take Down" The Nacrene gym leader said with fear in her voice knowing if this take down didn’t KO Thor her dog was done for and guess what.....HER DOG IS DONE FOR as the vital throw connects and sends the dog flying and doesn’t get back up
"Argh go Watchdog use Retaliate"
"Use Vital Throw"
BOOM As the attacks crashed Watchdog backed down a bit and Maxie saw his chance
"Quick finish it with Vital Throw" Maxie commands as another Retaliate came in but something was wrong with Thor this retaliate did more damage than expected so when Maxie looked at his HP he gasped. It was a crit and he survived with 1 HP !!!!!!!!!
"Nice try, finish this Thor" Maxie says as Thor finished off Watchdog.
"Argh your good here’s the gym badge and a new TM"
"What is it honey"
"Some thugs are trying to steal an exhibit" the leaders husband came in panting
"Let’s go Maxie" The leader says as her, her husband and Maxie went to the gym entrance

Also current team
1. Oshy the Dewott(Female)
Item-Mystic Water
1. Scald
2. Revenge
3, Razor Shell
4. Grass Knot

2. Archie the Archen(Male)
1. Acrobatics
2. Agility
3. Quick Guard
4. Rock Tomb

3. Thor the Throh(Male)
Item-Amulet Coin
1. Strength
2, Work Up
3. Vital Throw
4. Storm Throw

4. Zebra the Zebstrika(male)
Ability-Motor Run
1. Spark
2. Flame Charge
3. Pursuit
4. Quick Attack
Pokemons ditched-
1. NAR(Scraggy)
2. Croc(Sandile)

Also pokemons dead
1. Purry(Purloin)
2. Sayer(Swadloon)


It's all coming back to me now
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Maxie when you list your current team is it different to the team in your updates cos how did you get an Archen b4 Lenora -_-


Nacrene City was pretty close to where I was, and my team looked solid so I headed there. Sadly, my team was almost too strong, and thanks to some ill timed luck, I was unable to add to my team, leaving me still with Typhoon and Mist as the only members of my team. I arrived at Nacrene City after a short walk. However, I skipped the gym and headed off toward Pinwheel Forest in the hope of adding a new party member to the team. To my delight, luck came my way as I managed to capture a Throh, which named Jude. With Typhoon and Mist already very strong, I trained a little more with Jude, before realising that with three powerful pokemon, the gym should be a breeze.

Fiddling with my locket I paused outside the gym, hoping that my team was strong enough when suddenly N appeared. I had encountered this trainer once before so naturally, I was very surprised to see him again. I also wondered why he was taking such a close interest in me. Hoping that he was not part of the challenge, we had a quick battle to which Jude proved his strength, easily crushing N’s entire team. Furious, N left, determined that he would befriend a legendary pokemon.

That sounded a little ominous to me. N seemed to be quite happy battling me over and over again, if he found a legendary pokemon and captured it I would have a tough fight on my hands. Still, the possibility of this was slim, so I shrugged off the worry and entered the gym. I had more pressing things to worry about, and defeating a gym leader was one of them.

Lenora was a normal pokemon gym leader, which made her exceptionally weak to fighting types such as Jude. Keeping this in mind I sent out Mist to battle with Lenora’s Herdier, trying to keep Jude as healthy as possible.

Herdier and Mist gazed at each other, before Herdier made a move, charging forward with a powerful Take Down. IT was Heirdiers strongest attack and it sent Mist flying. Shocked by the power of the attack, I immediately realised that brute forcing my way through Herdier was not an option. It was just too damn strong. Thinking quickly, I ordered a moonlight, and Mist began to glow, healing off the damage it had taken from Take Down. Lenora, frustrated that she had made no headway, attacked again and Heirdier charged forward. “Psywave” I ordered. Mist glowed, then unleashed a beam of rainbow energy at the ground, which then spread outwards, bouncing outwards, and forcing Herdier to stop its charge in order to avoid being hit. Lenora considered the beam, then calmly gave an order. Herdier gave a sudden leap sideways, dodging the beam and charged forward again, it leaped towards Mist… and was smacked with waves of hypnotic energy emitting from Mist, the powerful Hypnosis putting it to sleep instantly.

Lenora frowned, and Mist quickly acted, taking advantage of Herdiers helplessness, blasting it with powerful beams of Psychic energy. Helpless, Lenora could only watch as Herdier was quickly finished off, unable to defend itself.

As Lenora recalled her pokemon, I allowed myself to feel a surge of pride. Mist had certainly not been one of my most powerful pokemon, but the training it and I had done, had certainly paid off and now I still had a full roster of unharmed pokemon, while Lenora had only one pokemon left. Lenora made her selection, and a Watchdog appeared. Despite Mist handling Herdier quite well, I was a little more unsure as to how it would handle against Watchdog as well, for it was certainly more manuverable than Herdier was. After thinking a little more I threw a ball, and the mighty Jude took centre stage.

Lenora wasted no time in revealing her trump card, a powerful STAB Retaliate which smashed into Jude with crushing force. Jude flew backwards, spinning head over heels, it bounced once, twice, three times…before landing lightly on its feet. Despite of the attacks massive power, the blow had only done moderate damage, and while hurt, Jude was perfectly ready to fight on.

Watchdog charged again, trying to batter Jude into submission however Jude was too good, firing a punch into watchdog, stunning it as Jude retreated a little more, to give itself more room. Changing tack, Lenora ordered a Hypnosis, and waves of hypnotic energy slammed into Jude. Jude swayed a little, but the berry I had given it suddenly activated, snapping Jude out of it. Freed from the effects of Hypnosis, Jude snatched Watchdog up in its strong grip, then hurled it into the ground with a Vital Throw. Watchdog tottered around a little, clearly concussed, before it fell face down in the dirt, the battle, over.

I was still on a high as I left the room, when suddenly the room shook. The entrance to the museum was filled with smoke, voices were yelling and there was a sound of running feet. Coughing against the smoke I threw a ball. Mist appeared at my side. Seeing the situation, it focused hard, before blasting the smoke with psychic rays, forcing it outside of the building.

The smoke finally cleared and I realised that Team Plasma had been here, and judging from the empty headed statue in he entre of the museum, they had stolen something too! Outraged, I gave chase, running into a new area of Pinwheel forest where I captured a Venipede which I named Venom. There were many grunts, however Jude was exceptionally strong, soloing everything pokemon in the area, wild or otherwise, without needed to return to a nurse or pokemon centre to heal. Against such a foe, Team Plasma had no chance, and I was able to successfully return the fossil to its home at the Museum, before heading off to Castelia City.

Castelia City was rather boring to be honest. It was a massive City so it took ages to explore, but I still found it rather dull. After basically living in a building for most of my life I preferred the outdoors for the wide open spaces and fresh air. Regardless, I was here for one thing and one thing only, my badge.

Despite lacking a Fire typing I charged right into the gym. With no pokemon matching up “favourably” I was going to regard this as a test of character and skill, It was time for my third badge. The Trainers in the gym were no match for me, and I was quickly able to eliminate them with little trouble, finally facing off against Burgh.

I had the feeling that Burgh was a pretty easy going guy, but with on look at my expression his face tightened and he sent out a Whirlipede. I tossed a ball and Typhoon appeared. I was going to pull no punches here, it was time for Typhoon to unleash its power. Whirlipede struck first, lashing out with its powerful tail, attempting to send it flying. “Razor Shell go!” I ordered. Typhoon pulled out its two scallops from its legs which began to glow. As Whirlipede closed in, Typhoon whipped its arms, and a blast of blue light swept outwards in an X shape. The attack not only stopped Whirlipede’s attack cold, it blasted it backwards, as if shot from a gun. Brugh grunted in annoyance but I was hardly going to let up now, I ordered a Water Pulse and Typhoon fired an orb of water, which slammed into Whirlipede and then exploded, water flying everywhere. “Whirlipede!” Burgh yelled but with water flying everywhere, visibility was cut in half. “Finish this” I cried and Typhoon swept forward, its scallops glowing. With all the water flying around, Whirlipede had no chance as Typhoon suddenly appeared right in front of it, before slashing it from close range, knocking it out.

One pokemon down Burgh quickly sent out his strongest pokemon, a Leavanny. Eyeing up the Bug / Grass pokemon, I withdrew Typhoon and quickly sent out Jude. Brugh grinned, and then ordered a String Shot, I was confused as Leavanny blasted a stream of silk, as it moved with lightning speed around the field. Jude tried to grab it but it was too fast, firing a stream of silk at the gym ceiling and swinging away, firing silk as it did so. Suddenly, I realised Burghs plan, Jude relied on its opponent getting in close but the String Shot was trapping Jude while Leavanny still had free mobility. “Jude”, I ordered, “Wait until Leavanny gets too close than snatch it!” Jude nodded slightly, and settled down to wait. Leavanny swung around the gym floor, flinging silk everywhere and limiting mobility when suddenly, it swung in too close to Jude. Jude lashed out trying to grab it but Leavanny suddenly flashed blue, and despite the power of Judes hands, it was unable to grab hold and Leavanny slipped away. Frustrated, I realised that any chance of a sneak attack was over as Leavanny could protect anything I threw at it. I really needed a strong, decisive hit and then to hit it hard with everything I had.

Leavanny suddenly stopped swinging around and landed lightly, across from Jude. Then, aiming carefully, it launched a flurry of leaves which smashed into Jude, without cutting any threads trapping it. Panicking slightly, I tried to get Jude to break apart the silk but it was no use as Leavanny calmly hit Jude with another Razor Leaf. As Leavaany prepared another Razor Leaf, inspiration struck. The razor sharp leaves smashed into Jude, when it suddenly glowed blue, and with a tremendous burst of strength it smashed down the cocoon of silk. The Revenge had done its job, striking the silk barrier with double the power and breaking it apart. Horror struck, Burgh ordered Leavanny to go Tarzan again, and it swung around the gym, firing off Razor Leafs. I gave a growl, the tactic was annoying as Jude could not get in close to punch it. Suddenly, I had a brainwave. “Jude go, collect the silk into a ball now!” Jude looked confused by the order but began doing so while Razor Leaves continued to rain down on it. Finally it was ready and I ordered a powerful revenge. Jude fired a powerful punch but Leavanny glowed blue, protecting itself from the attack. “Vital Throw” I cried as Burgh looked confused, then realisation dawned as he cried out. Jude grabbed the ball of silk, and then fired it at Leavanny. Vital Throw was a fighting move but it ever, ever missed and the silk ball hit its target, sticking into Leavanny and tied it down to the gym floor. It struggled weakly but it was helpless as Jude strode over to it and began to brutally slug it until it finally fainted.

Burgh looked pissed at how I had turned his own plan back on him and sent out his final pokemon, a Dwebble. Burgh ordered a Smack Down which Jude absorbed, and then crushed the little bug with a Revenge, taking it out instantly, and the match was won.

With the defeat of Burgh the desert roads were open to me, and I was able to capture a great many pokemon. Such as Graphite the Dwebble, Inferno the Darumaka, and Jess the Sandile. I also added Cell the Solosis, Jasmine the Minccino, and Rose the Petilil after arriving in Nimbasa City. A few of these pokemon I decided to give permant party status, and began to train them in earnest. However, while training Jess, disaster struck. I was facing a wild Sandile, despite having a 3 level advantage, I attempted to flee from the pokemon due to the rest of my team being hurt and tired. Alas Jess was unable to escape and I was then hit by a critical hit Sand Tomb, preventing Jess from escaping or being switched out. Helpless, I could only watch as Jess died on the sandy roads after Sand Tomb killed it while it was underground, using Dig. Losing a pokemon like this was so…unfair I burst into tears. I had done everything right, but really, really bad luck had screwed me. To add insult to injury, Jess was going to be my best weapon against Elesa, and potentially Caitlin. Would my challenge fail without a viable electric resist or could my team carry on after this horrifying setback?

Typhoon the Male Dewott
Lv 29
-Water Pulse
-Shell Blade

Typhoon is my starter pokemon and really is such a boss. He has loads of natural bulk which makes im my go to guy whenever I face powerful pokemon such as Sigilyph. Team leader he is pretty balanced and helps hold the team together.

Graphite the Male Dwebble
Lv 29
-Bug Bite
-Rock Slide
-Stealth Rock

Graphite is and awesome pokemon. He has enough physical bulk to take quite a few hits, and is fast enough to get the first hit in a battle. Being a powerful Bug pokemon I hope to use him against Caitlin eventually. Graphite really is a solid and reliable pokemon that I can depend upon and in a Nuzlocke, you cannot ask formuch more than that.

Jude the Male Throh
Lv 28
-Vital Throw
-Storm Throw
-Seismic Toss

To say that this thing is bulk is an understatement, it had incredible bulk. It takes crits like a pro and then hits things exceptionally hard. Jude is easily the teams strongest member and can usually beat anything 1 v 1 without any problems. Defeating Leavaany by itself gave Jude a lot of confidence in its own abilities. Bulky as fuck and very strong, I see Jude shadowing Tempest the Scrafty in my previous White Nuzlocke so hopefully he goes the distance.

Jasmine the Female Minccino
Lv 28
-Tail Slap

Jasmine is rather an odd choice to have in a Nuzlocke party but its really good. Charm makes it an excellent supporter if there is a strong physical sweeper I am concerned about, while Encore can let me get a pokemon in for free or give Jasmine an extra few turns to weaken it. I am unsure if I will keep Jasmine in the party of the long haul, but for not, its the perfect pokemon, striking hard and supporting the team as required. Tech Boosted Tail Slap is hard to pass up as well!

Inferno the Female Darumaka
Lv 28
Timid (Ouch)
-Fire Fang
-Fire Punch
-Work Up

Inferno is the last member of my team and when you factor in Hustle, its prolly the strongest member of the team. It is a little bit frail tho, so taking a hit or two is best left to my other team members. That said, Inferno can to massive damage very quickly, and is perfect with a fast cleaner like Jasmine to defeat the opponent.

Mist the Munna
Venom the Venipede
Ruby the Purrloin
Scout the Patrat
Flint the Pansear
Cell the Solosis
Rose the Petili

Jess the Sandile



Region: Johto

Ivy (Meganium)
Lv 85
-Frenzy Plant
-Rock Climb
-Petal Dance

Such a pro pokemon. Man I remember everyone saying you were shit and then boom, you just smoked everything. Well o.k maybe you did'nt sweep but you were the PERFECT pivot to everything. Reflect and Light Screen got interchanged a bit but there were just awesome whether it was getting a frailer pokemon in safely, or setting up my powerhouse for my sweep. In my humble opinion, Ivy really showed emt hat you don't need a team of 6 sweepers to be successful in a Nuzlocke and that sometimes having a bit of defence goes a looong way.

Cancer @ Leftovers (Gliscor) (Male)
Lv 91
273 HP /216 Attack /267 Defense /106 Special Attack /138 Special Defense /214 Speed
Hyper Cutter
-Ice Fang
-Swords Dance

Highlight: You solo'd Lance (Rematch) which was pretty cool.

Comments: You were damn near unbeatable with this set as Roost + Swords Dance it a bitch to take down. You were damn bulky as well and you realy helped me in the game, especialy in Kanto. I would highly recomend this set to anyone and it served me well. Anyway Cancer you were an awesome sweper and I could always count on you when I needed to. My only critisism is that I did not trust your abilities enough for you to sweep. However you certainly proved your worth vs strong opponients such as Blue and Lance.

Hope @ Choice Specs (Togekiss) (Female)
Lv 90
276 HP /121 Attack /176 Defense /266 Special Attack /232 Special Defense /196 Speed
Serene Grace
-Hyper Beam
-Aura Sphere
-Shadow Ball
-Air Slash

Highlight: Taking down Cals Feraligatr with a Hyper Beam. If I had failed with that attak then I would never had got this far.

Coments: Hope you were named and you never failed me. Whether it was putting Whitneys Miltank to sleep (which let me win) or blasting Chuck and Morty to pireces or (later) always KO'ing dangerous threats with your Super Powered Hyper Beam you were a huge help. You helped me throughout my Journey and, yeah, you always gave me Hope that I could pull through. A true powerhouse not much could stop you.

Vulcan @ Charcoal (Typlosion) (Male)
Lv 88
246 HP /181 Attack /176 Defense /251 Special Attack /177 Special Defense /198 Speed
-Focus Blast

Highlight: Oh come on..... you all know it! You blasted Clairs Kingdra with aSunlight STAB Specs Blast Burn then took a Hyper Beam to the face and then finally beat it with a second Blast Burn, this one being backed up by Blaze. What a hero. However survivng 3 rounds of hail damage, taking 2 Air Slashs from Reds Charazard and beating both Reds Charazard and his Venasaur with 8 health remaining comes pretty damn close.

Comments: Well a true team player. You were never my strongest special attacker in the team but you never needed to be. You managed to take down Whitneys Miltank with a Blaze activated Flame Wheel. You were there at the beginning and you showed that with a little help (namely a sunny day boost) you could damn near OHKO anything. You took down "counters" Kingdra and Gyarados and proved that you had what it takes to have a place on my team. You showed true grit and you could take punishment from both sides attacking sides of the Spectrum. You were awesome. That is all.

Achilles @ Flame Orb (Heracross) (Male)
Lv 86
243 HP /276 Attack /134 Defense /90 Special Attack /181 Special Defense /174 Speed
-Close Combat
-Stone Edge
-Night Slash

Highlight: Taking on both Cals Meganim and Typlosion and winning. Pretty awesome.

Comments: Wel I got you very late and you played more of a supporting role. YOu could dish out the big hits and not much could survive your attacks. Still, You could take a hit or too and you helped me with the Elite 4 and with Red. You were like a rock, somebody I could fall back on if needed and you did a damn good job.

Chaos @ Leftovers (Gyarados) (Male)
Lv 85
258 HP /229 Attack /151 Defense /121 Special Attack /201 Special Defense /152 Speed
-Aqua Tail
-Ice Fang
-Dragon Dance

Highlight: Sweeping through both Bruno's and half of Karon's Team. Epic

Comments: Well you were very usefull early on and you eventualy replaced Slick since you were becoming stronger. Considering you came in as a replacement for Aerodactyl (Terror) you proved your worth when it counted taking special hits like a tank and threatening to sweep teams with ease. You also helped soften blows with Intimidate. Like above you and Heracross were a nice fallback option I had whenever I was on the backfoot and under pressure. You were a very powerful back up sweeper and I underestimated your strength. Laters Chaos

Khan @ Muscle Band (Kangaskhan) (Female)
Lv 84
279 HP /217 Attack /162 Defense /79 Special Attack /158 Special Defense /185 Speed
-Focus Punch
-Rock Climb

Highlights: Pretty much single handedly taking down Clair and Lance in that Tag battle in te Dragons Den.

Comments; You proved to eveyone to Fear the Khan again. YOu abused that underated move Substitute and you were the perfect psysical powerhouse on my team until things like Gyarados and Heracross took over. That said you were very helpful in my Gym and Elite matchs often taking down 2 or 3 pokemon before your substitute broke. You crushed strong trainers such as Koga how were dependant on status and you shows that you could always hit had when needed to. Authough your power dropped (compared with other team members) you were still a damn tank sometimes and you were my best go to person on my team when dealing wth Dragons. you also exemptified why no-one can take down a mother defeding her kids.

Region: Sinnoh

Engel (Staraptor)
Lv 61
-Brave Bird
-Close Combat

o.k I used Staraptor a few times but man seriously, U-Turn + Intimidate is just fucking gold in a Nuzlocke Challenge. You can start the battle with a massive advantage and still have massive momentum. From there you can choose to set up or take out your opponents strongest pokemon but it really is awesome. Staraptor is also excellent for hitting damn hard with BB and CC and its pretty fast too. It also works well in the early stages of the game with you get a Luxio with Intimidate.

Region: Unova

Thorns (Ferrothorn)
Lv 50
-Power Whip
-Gyro Ball

Thorns was a true champion. Taking hit after hit like a pro and striking back with Gyro Balls or Power Whips. Even the most powerful physical attacks in the game failed to OHKO him even after he took prior damage and he has been a master at getting me out of tight spots. For examples of this look no further than his effort soloing Haxorus without taking any damage, or in the final 2 battles after the E4 where he soloed 2 members of Ns team while eliminating 2 members of Ghetsis's team and weakening a third. Toxic and Protect also gave him the ability to take down any walls I might have had trouble with. What a pro.

Tempest (Scrafty)
Lv 51
-Hi Jump Kick
-Brick Break

Tempest the undisputed hero of my Nuzlocke it has proven time and time again it can go head to head with anything and come out on top. Soloing a Fraxture, taking down Grimsley, and then proving its bulk, power and its determination to never fucking die, against Reshrim and Hydriegon. Tempest was put under pressure time and time again every time emerging victorious after taking down whatever was threatening me at the time. Without Tempest there is a high chance this Nuzlocke might not have been as successful as it was and as such deserves the team title of Hero.

Some come on guys, lets here it, what were your Nuzlocke Heroes?
*facepalm* s*** i forgot about that...........................My updates are up to gym 2, and i am at gym 6 So......yeah
Also Giga, it says your starter is 19 and the rest nearly 30 so WTF?
Also Giga, whats with you having a impish Throh? I have that too, thats really creepy


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yeah typo its Level 29

well I actually got the Throh b4 you updated lol but it took this long for me to bother writing all this stuff up. And yea its pretty creepy.


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Some pretty heavy shit just happened, I might be giving smogon a break soon idk it depends on how things work out. So yeah my updates (if ever) might be a little while in comming.

Sorry guys
A certain Venusaur and Vaporeon who kicked ass across 10 chapters, and then another nineteen because ten wasn't enough.

Although, a Wigglytuff in my current FR run absolutely dominated before she died. Early access to just about every TM and epic HP? Awesome. She sucked later, but that's irrelevant...
No actually my best friend (and room-mate) just committed suicide and I am exceptionally broken up about it. Did that happen to you too?
Oh. Oh god. Pretty heavy shit's a major understatement, if you ask me. I'm having trouble finding words here. Know that no one here will likely ever make fun of you again. Damn. Sorry.
That makes a trio of us going through shit (although my shit can't compare to your shit). Do whatever you need to do and take whatever time you need ginga, we understand (except for the prick who didn't realize how sensitive this was >.<)
Advice help requested 'ere: heading into Vic Road with a freshly dead starter, a lvl 50 Sigilyph, 52 Krookodile, and 52 Mienshao. My box has a badly-natured Litwick (lvl 20-somethin'), a badly-natured Drilbur (lvl 20 something) a badly-natured Archen (lvl 25), and an EXTREMELY badly natured Bouffalant which I caught illegally (unintentionally of course) and which has a useless ability (Modest, Sap Sipper). There's also a Vanillite, but I refuse to train it cos it needs a shitload of exp to get up to speed, and I honestly can't be bothered.

So what now? I'm leaning towards the Bouffalant simply cause its level is not hopelessly low. I know I'll be destroyed if I go fight N and Ghetsis with this team, so I really need at least a 4th member. What should I do?

P.S. Don't ask if there's anything left in my box. I flubbed my Mistralton Cave and Victory Road catches, and let both a Simisear and a Sawk die. So yeah.


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If bouffalant was caught illegally then you cannot use it. Simple as that. Tbh your challenge looks fucked already (not sure why you have fuck all pokemon in your box but w.e) but I guess Archen is good to go. Does decently against the E4 so id rather pick that imo.
Advice help requested 'ere: heading into Vic Road with a freshly dead starter, a lvl 50 Sigilyph, 52 Krookodile, and 52 Mienshao. My box has a badly-natured Litwick (lvl 20-somethin'), a badly-natured Drilbur (lvl 20 something) a badly-natured Archen (lvl 25), and an EXTREMELY badly natured Bouffalant which I caught illegally (unintentionally of course) and which has a useless ability (Modest, Sap Sipper). There's also a Vanillite, but I refuse to train it cos it needs a shitload of exp to get up to speed, and I honestly can't be bothered.

So what now? I'm leaning towards the Bouffalant simply cause its level is not hopelessly low. I know I'll be destroyed if I go fight N and Ghetsis with this team, so I really need at least a 4th member. What should I do?

P.S. Don't ask if there's anything left in my box. I flubbed my Mistralton Cave and Victory Road catches, and let both a Simisear and a Sawk die. So yeah.
grind the 3 you have, it's faster and easier. besides you're gonna get your version legendary soon.
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