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Just letting everyone know that I've added Chapter 1 to my original post. Also I agree with the others; Acid Spray is more useful once you evolve it since you're running a special set. Unless you're looking to use it as a tank, Acid Spray is the way to go.


It's all coming back to me now
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Standing outside the gym I actually felt more confident that I had in ages. Sure, o.k I lacked a dragon resist and out of all 24 moveslots I had a grand total of 1 attack that dealt super effective damage but all that was fine. I had scouted out Iris with a certain degree of success. I knew that she had been taught pokemon battling from a young age, and had beaten her tutors every time. I also knew that she favoured the powerful move Dragon Tail, which forcefully switched out a pokemon from battle. This move was of particular concern to me as it made boosting difficult, plus, if Iris forced a weaker and unprepared pokemon to switch in, I could lose a friend, or risk Iris getting a free turn to attack or boost as she liked. I glanced at my party and, despite feeling confident, was a little worried that not all of my friends would make it. Some members faired badly against her team, Photon being the obvious one. Others had there STAB attacks resisted, which would make dealing damage hard. I realised that the trick to beating iris would be doing something unexpected, I would need to catch her off guard, preferably in the first turn to hurt her confidence as early as I could, and then build on it. Iris had a better team match up than me, and while our battling skills were similar, I knew that an ambush of sorts was my best shot.

With this thought in mind, I entered the gym, with a plan of sorts in my mind. My plan hinged on three steps

Step one: Hit Iris had and early with a decisive blow. This would weaken her confidence and perhaps cause Iris to lose focus in a critical point in the match, which I could then use to my advantage.

Step two: Ambush her. If I could also ambush her in Step one, then even better as I doubt she would expect it a second time. Frustrate her and then strike.

Step 3: When her morale is shattered send in my best chance against her final pokemon and strike it hard. All going to plan I kill it, if not then in all likelihood I lose a friend.

So yea, not much of a plan, more common sense but I really needed to catch her by surprise and to do that, I would need to lure her into a sense of security, then make a lightning fast counter attack and win. I hoped to God that certain crucial pre match calculations I had done before that match, and then, with nothing better to do, I challenged Iris for the eighth and final badge in my collection.

Iris threw a ball, and out appeared a Fraxure. I shrugged, having expected something of the sort. I threw my ball, and out appeared the might Infeno, ready to fight. At the sight of my fiery defender, Iris have a smirk. Cool, I thought, she already underestimates me, time to launch my plan. “Flare Blitz!” I ordered and Inferno glowed, red flames flickered around its body, cloaking it in flame before it made its charge, running toward Fraxure. Iris looked surprised, before she regained that annoying, brat like smirk, “Rule #1 of Pokemon Battling” she called out “Know your types!” I gave a snort as I listened to this, watching Infernos progress, it was picking up a bit of speed. “Actually Iris”, I called out, “You might want to read my own guide to pokemon battling, Rule #1: Typing means fuck all, Fire Gem Activate!”

“No!” Irish cried out, as she realised my goal but it was far too late. The small gem that Inferno had been clutching suddenly exploded in a blast of flame. The flames expanded in the air, before being sucked into the Flare Blitz, forcing it to grow in size and power. The flames, which had originally be red, tipped with blue, now glowed white hot. “NO!” Iris cried out for the last time as Inferno slamed into Fraxure with terrific force, there was an explosion of flame. The smoke cleared, Inferno was fine, apart from a little recoil damage from the attack, Fraxure on the other hand, looked like it had been run over by a truck. Despite resisting the attack, Flare Blitz had been too powerful, there was no way in hell it was going to be fighting any time soon. After a single turn , I was 1-0 up and my plan was working well.

Annoyed at my clever tactic, Iris chose a Druddigon as her next pokemon. I thought for a little while but decided that if there was ever a pokemon that could take down this bulky dragon then it would have to be Jude. I withdrew Inferno and sent out Jude, who faced off against the powerful dragon.

Seeing a small possibility for a sweep, I quickly ordered a Bulk Up. Jude glowed gold as its attack and defence stats were raised, as it shrugged off a Chip Away. Irish was outraged, “You DARE boost on me?” she cried. “Dragon Tail!” Druddigon whipped its tail toward Jude, looking to knock it around. Jude was ready for it however, blocking the attack with a Strength. Irish frowned in irritation as I quickly ordered another Strength. Jude charged its way up field, a defensive juggernaut, firing off punches toward Druddigon and forcing it backwards. Overcome by the sudden ferocity of the attack Irish lost control for a split second. She ordered a Night Slash to block the Strength, a command I had been waiting for. The night slash failed to connect with the Strength, instead glancing off Judes body. I smirked and Jude glowed before lashing out with a powerful fist. The +1 Revenge smashing into Druddigon, knocking it out.

Iris was furious at herself for losing concentration at a critical moment. She threw a ball and a Haxorus appeared. I eyed it up, running through the calculations in my head. I could stay in with Jude, +1 attack would do a lot to it but I doubted it would KO with Strength. Plus Iris could force me out with Dragon Tail. It seemed dumb but, I was going to switch in Typhoon for the fight. Typhoon had never failed me, and I hoped things would work out well this time around. Iris grinned when she saw my starter appear on the battlefield, She clearly thought it was amusing as Dragon pokemon resist water attacks. I glanced up at Haxorus and knew that I needed to get some minor damage on it, the trouble was, if Haxorus got time for a Dragon Dance it was all over. I took a quick look at Iris and hoped that she would miss this. Both pokemon glanced at each other before immediately attacking. Iris ordered a Dragon Tail while I blocked with an Aqua Tail. Both attacks struck hard, cancelling each other out but Haxorus was too strong. The recoil from the attack sent Typhoon skidding along the ground. Frantically, I tried to cope with this unexpected development. I had to avoid being struck full on by that Dragon Tail, but it could block my attacks with ease. Thinking quickly, I ordered a Surf. A wave of water rose up from the ground and swept toward Haxorus, Typhoon on the top. Haxorus slammed its tail against the water and the surf dissolved, but Typhoon had used the time to throw itself clear. Now, behind Haxorus, it drove its glowing horn into the side of Haxorus, causing it to Roar in pain. It whipped its tail around but Typhoon was ready for it and slammed its horn into the ground, shielding itself from the switching effect of Dragon Tail. However as before, that attack was so powerful that Typhoon was thrown away. Seeing that Haxorus had gained room to manoeuvre, with a smirk Iris ordered a Dragon Dance, raising its attack to unblockable levels. Seeing my one and only chance, desperately, I ordered a Blizzard, hoping to god it would hit. A blast of icy wind ripped accorss the field, picking up Haxorus like a doll and throwing it along the ground. The super effective attack had done its job, and Haxorus was out for the count. With a smile I collected my badge from the still in shock Iris, the pokemon league beckoned.
For anyone concerned I roflsmashed Clair with my Jolteon, Charge Beam laughing at her attmepts ot beat me with Kingdra. Unfortunatel I'm hella underlevelled :3

My team in this shitass update is Slowking, Exeggutor, Jolteon, Typhlosion, Steelix. larpas is backup if Slowking goes down, Golem backup to Steelix.
Your very own Pokémon journey is about to unfold...

Okay, so, starting a Nuzelocke in Heart Gold.

Yes that's right. I just erased my game. :O

Meh, it was pretty mediocre.
About fifty hours of playtime.
I beat the Elite Four only once, and that was luck.
I didn't catch Ho-Oh.
Hadn't beaten any Kanto Gyms.

This is going to be an awesome new beginning.


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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Alright people, I have a confession to make. It seems that even with the added pressure of having people counting on me telling a truthful story I still can't stomach a Nuzlocke. I've already had two Pokemon "die" during grinding due to insane hax, and both times I just shut off my game and played from my previous save, and then didn't write it up in my updates. I just can't do this apparently. I'm sorry everyone, but I think I'm going to abandon my Sapphire Nuzlocke challenge and replace it with a Sapphire Scramble Challange. This also means the first couple chapters of my updates for the Scramble are going to be a bit repetitive, but I'll do my best to condense it and avoid unnecessary repetition.

Sorry to disapoint you guys, but it's clear I just can't handle this damn thing, not when it's so easy to lose Pokemon due to sheer luck. I mean, most recently Jack the Torchic got KO'd by an Aron. How? It used mudslap on the switch. There was only ONE possibility that would lead to a KO here; if the Aron chose Headbutt, if it critted and if I missed Ember after only one MudSlap. ALL of that had to happen. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED.

I just can't handle it >.<
Haven't been on Smogon in aggggggggggggggges. Anyway, I feel a need to do a Soul Silver Nuzlocke with eeveelutions only... So first I may as well finish my normal run of Diamond...

Anywho, good luck with your shiny yukithewhitewolf.
I'm quite impetuous with my Nuzlocke Challenges, but I'm really invested into my recent one. I'm playing through Diamond and my team is... interesting. My one rule for Nuzlockes: no starters. I want my team to be completely out of my own hands. Here's what I got:



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In a world where most Nuzlocke fics are actually good…
One Nuzlocke fic will suck more than all the rest…

DetroitLolcat's Firered Nuzlocke Challenge!
Part 10: Panic in Fuschia City!
After claiming the fourth Gym Badge, Lolcat took his weary team to the Pokemon Center for a good rest. The fifth Badge awaits, and Lolcat had to make a decision on which Gym to visit next. Fuchsia was to the south and Saffron to the east. However, Saffron is still under a police blockade because of the Rockets, and the old lady in the Celadon Mansion said the Hot Tea wouldn't be ready for another week at best. Therefore, Lolcat decided to take Cycling Road down to Fuchsia and go for the fifth badge there.

The exit to Cycling Road lies to the west of Celadon, so Lolcat entered Route 16 and spied a Cuttable tree to the north. After Meowth cut the tree (can anyone explain how a kitten can chop down a tree?), Lolcat met a young couple and was challenged to a double battle. Fearow and Vaporeon took on a Rapidash and a Ninetales. Even two Fire Pokemon are no match for a Vaporeon, and the battle was won with just a little Water Pulse spam. A guard gate was beyond the two trainers, so Lolcat entered the gate and passed on to the western half of the Route.

This end of the Route was barren, unfortunately, populated by a few trees and a lone building in the back. Deciding to investigate, Lolcat walked into the building and saw that it was a one-room hideout. A lone Trainer was spotted in the distance, and Lolcat initiated a conversation:

"Hello.", spoke Lolcat.

"Crap! I was hoping that nobody would find me here. I cannot tell you much, but I must remain in hiding here for the time being. I am a Team Rocket deserter, and I cannot let my former boss know that I bailed on the Saffron attack. Please, if you keep my location
secret, it will be worth your while."

Lolcat agreed, and was presented with his bribe: a Hidden Machine for the move Fly. Let's just say that Fearow was happy.

Back on the main Route 16, Lolcat saw a guardhouse in the distance. However, this guard house was guarded by none other than a Snorlax! Unfortunately, the sleeping lummox is known to sleep for days on end, so Lolcat dug through his backpack for something that could awaken the beast. Pulling out Mr. Fuji's gift, Lolcat played the Poke Flute for about a minute until the melody forced the Sleeping Pokemon awake.

"SNNNNNNNOOOOORR! LAX LAX LAX!!", growled the beast. Enraged that his nap ended prematurely, the Snorlax attacked Lolcat, who threw out Vaporeon's Poke Ball to defend himself. Vaporeon shot a Water Pulse at the Snorlax, but the foe simply continued growling at Lolcat instead of attacking.

Snorlax yawned at Vaporeon after the water dog fired another pulse at it, which provoked Lolcat to withdraw Vaporeon and announce,
"Get back, Vaporeon! Go, Graveler! Fire off a Magnitude!"

A Magnitude 7 struck the Snorlax dead on, dropping Snorlax's health well below half. Snorlax retaliated with another Yawn aimed at Graveler, quickly putting the rock Pokemon to sleep.

"Hmm..." thought Lolcat, "That Snorlax can take a lot of hits, and it also knows a Sleep move? That thing might make a valuable addition to the team..."

Withdrawing the sleeping Graveler, Lolcat threw out Vileplume's Poke ball, taking a Yawn attack during the switch. With only one turn to act, Vileplume launched a plume of sleep spores at the Snorlax in order to facilitate the capture. Much to Lolcat's dismay, the attack went wide, missing the Snorlax. With Vileplume vulnerable and asleep, Snorlax landed a Headbutt. Fearing that a critical hit could kill Vileplume, Lolcat retreated to Graveler to take a couple hits while waking up. After four turns of sleeping, Graveler attacked the Snorlax with a Rock Throw attack with the intent of bringing it to red health.

However, Lolcat underestimated the Graveler's strength, and the Rock Throw knocked Snorlax out. No catch for Lolcat :(.

Though the Snorlax didn't join Lolcat's team, it did leave the area, permitting Lolcat to proceed to Cycling Road. A gang of Bikers awaited the Trainer. The first Biker, a rather scholarly fellow, began speaking:

"Hey, man, whatchu doin' on our turf! Doo yoo know who we are? We da Kanto Biker Federation, and dis Cycle Road be our HQ! If yoo wanna get to da otha side of da Road, yous gotta pay us da tribute! Yeah! cuz we own dis place!"

The cronies behind him gave a nod, saying:

"Yeahs! No kid gets to use da Road widdout respectin' da toll!"

Realizing that Lolcat is way too awesome to pay tolls to a lousy Biker gang, the first Biker threw out a Grimer. Vaporeon nuked it. Then a Koffing. Vaporeon nuked it.

The second biker approached Lolcat,

"Ay! Yoo doesnt be disrespectin da Biker bros! Cuz wen ya does dat yous be disrespectin da Biker bros!"

Wondering if that rather affluent gentleman was literate or not, Lolcat threw out Vaporeon's Pokeball. Three OHKOs later, Lolcat moved on to the third Biker.

"Dawg! Whys you gotta be not paying the tribute! Now da things gets bad for yoo! Hahaha!"

Dugtrio OHKOs Mankey. Then he 2KOs Machop. Machop hit it with a Seismic toss.

The fourth of the half dozen Bikers approached Lolcat, eloquently declaring,

"Kill stop kid Biker Weezing kill money law of the land omfghax0rs biker yeah cueball!"

True to his word, the man produced a Weezing from a Poke Ball. Realizing that this could actually be a challenge, Lolcat withdrew Dugtrio and sent out Graveler. On the switch, Graveler took a weak Sludge attack, and then another Sludge because the Weezing was faster. Unfortunately for Graveler, it doubled over on the second Sludge,coughing up a few rocks. Graveler was poisoned. Realizing that Vileplume can't get poisoned, Lolcat switched to the Flower Pokemon to take a hit. Vileplume launched a Sleep Powder after taking two Sludges, then Lolcat went to Fearow to finish the job. Two Secret Powers later, Weezing was down.

The fifth Biker challenged Lolcat immediately with a Weezing, which Lolcat put down quickly. Two Pokemon later, Fearow defeated the Biker easily. With only one Biker left, Lolcat challenged the sixth Biker to a duel so he could get back to the Pokemon Center and heal his Graveler. The man possessed a Machop and Mankey. Dugtrio took both out with 19 HP to spare.

Realizing that the descent to Fuchsia would have to wait a day, Lolcat got back on his bike and rode to Celadon.

One day later, Lolcat returned to Route 17, better known as Cycling Road. The grassy hill stood before the Trainer, and Lolcat put his bike in gear and charged right into a grass patch, where the next possible member of the Nuzlocke Squad might be. After about a second of riding, a wild Doduo charged Lolcat and knocked him right off his bike!

Alarmed, Lolcat threw out the first Pokeball he could find and threw it. Dugtrio emerged from the Ball, but his Ground moves would not be effective against the flightless bird. Lolcat withdrew Duggy, but not before the mole took an 80 power Pursuit on the switch. Vaporeon came out and, after taking a four-hit Fury Attack, Bit the bird right in the face. Before another move could be made, Lolcat took out an empty Poke Ball and snagged the Level 26 bird.

After picking up his Bike, Lolcat decided to go back to Celadon and check out his new Pokemon. However, while slowly pedaling the Bike up the steep hill, a Cue Ball charged him from behind, screaming

"You! You're the kid that beat up on my gang the other day! Well, get a load of THIS! Machop, Knock him out!"

Scoffing at the weak Machop, Lolcat threw out Dugtrio's Pokeball, hoping to get some easy experience from the weak fighter. One Dig attack later, Machop was reeling on the ground.

Expecting an easy win, the Cue Ball sent out his second and final Pokemon: a Machamp.

Though this Pokemon was a lot bigger than its pre-evolved form, Lolcat decided to handle it in the same manner. Dugtrio readied a Dig attack, while the Cue Ball barked out another command:

"Machamp, use Revenge!"

Though the Revenge attack missed the subterranean mole, Lolcat got a sinking feeling in his gut: Machamp was going to use Revenge again, and Dugtrio's about to use Dig.

Having no choice but to watch as the battle played out, Lolcat waited five arduous seconds before Dugtrio re-emerged and struck the Fighting champion with a Dig, depleting about half of its health. The Cue Ball just sat on his Bike and smiled.

Lolcat knew exactly what was about to happen.

"Machamp, use Revenge", the man said solemnly.

The giant stepped back, then raised its top two arms and slugged the mole with a Revenge attack. There was no need to watch, as the outcome was obvious to both sides.

Dugtrio died on impact.

Lolcat was dumbstruck, then furious. Throwing out Fearow's Pokeball, Lolcat watched with glee as the fearsome bird Aerial Aced the Machamp, knocking it out in a matter of seconds. Tears streaming from his eyes, Lolcat didn't call Fearow back.

"You like Revenge, do you? Well try this! Fearow, Fury Attack this Cue Ball for killing Dugtrio!"

Fearow didn't know what to do. His owner was asking him to attack another Trainer. While the bird hesitated, the Cue Ball mounted his Bike and drove off as fast as he could. After he returned to his senses, Lolcat thanked Fearow for not hurting the Trainer. What lingered on both Lolcat and his Pokemon's minds was burying Dugtrio. The deceased Pokemon returned with Lolcat to Celadon, where Lolcat told the city's undertaker to transport Dugtrio to Pokemon Tower. Though Dugtrio might not get the warmest welcome from Lolcat's other Pokemon Wartortle and Butterfree, at least Dugtrio can finally rest in peace.

What might be even worse is that Dugtrio's premature death completely throws off the plan for defeating Koga. Dugtrio's high-powered Ground moves would have flattened the Poison Gym, and it's doubtful that Graveler can finish Koga off by himself. However, the most important issue now is simply getting to Fuschia without losing another warrior.

The Nuzlocke Team needed a replacement for Dugtrio, and the recently caught Doduo would have to fill the void. Though Doduo (and his evolution) are pretty much redundant with Fearow leading the squad, Doduo's access to Tri Attack and Fly would make him a serious competitor on this team if he survives grinding.

Doduo's first battle (and start!) on the team was against a Cue Ball, who sent out a Weezing. Not wanting to risk Poison or an Explosion, Lolcat switched out the fledgling bird for the veteran Vileplume, who wore it down with Bullet Seeds and Absorbs. The second Pokemon, a Koffing, was defeated in the same manner. The battle was won quickly, but Doduo didn't gain much experience from the sidelines. The next battle was against a Biker who possessed a high-level Muk. Since there was no way in hell Doduo was taking a Muk, Graveler took it out with a pair of Magnitudes.

The last challenge was against a Trainer with five Pokemon. The first was a Koffing at a lower level than Doduo. Deciding that Doduo could probably take the little smog ball, Lolcat kept it in. Doduo handled it excellently, but was switched out when big Weezing came out. Lolcat switched to Fearow since the team started hurting, and Fearow roflstomped the rest of the team until one final Weezing came out and Sludged the bird, infecting it with Poison. Not wanting to risk another death, Fearow Flew back to Celadon to heal the poison. Fuchsia would have to wait another day.

That night, Lolcat slept in the Pokemon Center. However, this sleep was restless, as a certain dream decided to haunt him... there a reason you ignore me? Is it because you know I'm right? Is it because you know you'll never be a Champion? I bet you thought your team was invincible. You hadn't lost a Pokemon since that Diglett Cave, you're about to get the fifth badge, you had a team of five Pokemon in the mid-30s and now look. Dugtrio's just the tip of the iceberg. There's a reason why 40% of Kanto Trainers give up between Celadon and Fuchsia, and that's because Koga wipes them clean.

Give up, Lolcat. Your Pokemon will thank you.

Much like the previous dreams, this one was ignored as well. Fuchsia City is nearby, and with it comes the fifth Badge.

Lolcat rode a different route down Cycling Road and was ambushed by another Cue Ball. This guy boasted about the Fighting Pokemon he possessed, and Lolcat saw this as a golden opportunity for Doduo to level up and possibly evolve. Two Mankey came out, each of which was killed by a Fly attack from the dodo. Next came the infamous Machamp. With a super-effective move on Doduo, Lolcat didn't think much of the Fighter. Commanding a Fly attack, Lolcat was dumbstruck to see Machamp survive with a sliver of HP left.

You can guess what happened to Doduo. He's Dugtrio's new playmate in Pokemon Tower.

Lolcat shed a tear for Doduo, but remembered that Fearow still stands strong as the team's leader and Doduo was still only a backup Pokemon. Still, Doduo's loss was tragic as it was a life taken in vain. Doduo is also the second Pokemon on the team to die in grinding, which Lolcat saw as unacceptable. The only positive to come out of this was that Doduo's sacrifice paved the way for a successful trip down Cycling Road. The guard post entered Lolcat's field of vision, and the battered team was finally able to rest for a while.

After Route 17 naturally comes Route 18, the short Route connecting Cycling Road with Fuchsia. A new route means a new Pokemon, and Route 18's fresh meat is...another Doduo! Deciding not to screw this up again, Lolcat took on a weak-looking Bird Keeper with Doduo 2.0. Deciding to switch when the powerful Fearow appeared, Lolcat sent out Graveler to duel the big bird. The next Bird Keeper possessed a lone Dodrio, who Doduo didn't stand a chance against. Deciding to wall it with Graveler, Lolcat switched out the little bird in favor of the rock Pokemon. Taking a Tri Attack on the switch, Graveler shook if off, but was burned.

Of f*****g course.

Deciding to go to another Pokemon to take Dodrio's assault, Lolcat called Graveler back and threw out Vaporeon's Pokeball. Dodrio used Fury Attack on the switch, and Vaporeon shrugged it off. Before Vaporeon could move, Dodrio launched a Tri Attack at the Water Pokemon, and Vaporeon's health bar began to deplete...

all the way to 0.

Dumbfounded, Lolcat had no idea how the Dodrio was able to knock Vaporeon out in two hits. The first attack barely scratched the Water Pokemon, while the second knocked it clean out. Either way, Fearow was able to clean up the Dodrio. However, Lolcat was devastated at the third loss since Celadon, two of which were core members of the team. Vaporeon was taken to Pokemon Tower by the undertaker, and Lolcat took the remnants to the Pokemon Center to give the team a bit of a pep talk.

The four remaining Pokemon stood before Lolcat, who began to speak,

"As we've seen in the past few days, it's about to get harder. A lot harder. It's common knowledge that the next Gym Leader is a master of the Poison type, and that means that Graveler is going to have to shine in the next battle."

Lolcat turned towards Graveler.

"Graveler, I know you've been living in Dugtrio's shadow for quite some time now. Now that Dugtrio is no longer with us, it's time for you to shine. I have complete faith that you are capable of taking Koga down in the next Gym battle."

Lolcat again spoke to the team,

"We've entered the second half of the journey. In the blink of an eye, this team has gone from overleveled to underleveled, but this will not stop us. Under the leadership of Fearow, this team will succeed. Fearow, Doduo, Vileplume, and Graveler, let's win some battles."

The Gym challenge would have to wait a few days, as the team is far from prepared for Koga's onslaught. The Safari Zone, however, contains numerous Pokemon, one of which will hopefully join Lolcat's desperate team and join the charge against Koga.

Lolcat paid the man in front of the Zone and proceeded. Knowing that the best wild Pokemon would naturally lie in the back, Lolcat took a few Repels with him. Hoping that the first Pokemon he found would be a good one, Lolcat charged into the grass and found...

a useless Rhyhorn. Instead of a Tauros, or a Nidorino, or a Venomoth, Lolcat got a weaker Graveler. Great going, RNG. After finding the Secret House and getting all the HM crap, Lolcat took the useless Rhyhorn and placed it in his team. You never know when it could come in handy (read: never).

The last place to get a Pokemon before the date with destiny is the pond in Fuschia City. Since Lolcat recently acquired a Good Rod, he decided to use it and hopefully pick up something worthwhile. Level 5 Goldeen. Never mind.

The last place to go to in Fuschia City is the ominous Pokemon Gym. About half a dozen Trainers lie in wait, and Lolcat decided to challenge the first one to a duel. To commence the infamous difficulty spike, the man sent out a Level 38 Hypno. This Gym doesn't mess around. Fearow defeated it soundly, but it's not a good sign of what's to come.

After healing, Lolcat challenged the second Trainer. This one led with a weaker, Level 31 Drowzee. Sending out the young Doduo and realizing the three level disadvantage, Lolcat made a bold play.

"Doduo! I want you to stay in! Tri Attack!"

Doduo defeated the Drowzee in two attacks, and the opponent was surprised that Doduo wasn't switched out. To regain the momentum, the Trainer sent out another Drowzee. This Drowzee fell in two, but launched Poison Gas on Doduo, forcing Lolcat to switch it out. The Juggler's next Pokemon surprised Lolcat: a Kadabra. Kadabra, sensing the switch to Fearow, set up a Reflect to soften Fearow's blows. Fearow, however, in an idgaf manner, killed Kadabra in one Secret Power through Reflect.

After taking a heal break at the Pokemon Center, Lolcat challenged the third Trainer. This one led with an Arbok; a Poison type that differed from all the Psychics seen in this Gym. Graveler handled it nicely, but not without being paralyzed by Arbok's Glare. The second Pokemon this Trainer challenged Lolcat with was a Sandslash. Vileplume accepted Sandslash's challenge and knocked it out with Absorb and Bullet Seed. Arbok returned as the third Pokemon, but he didn't last long against Graveler.

The next Trainer had a Sandslash lead. Making another bold move, Lolcat kept Doduo in because Lolcat knew that Sandslash has an abysmal movepool and can't really hit Doduo with much of anything. Doduo had some misses because of Sand-attack, but nevertheless took out the mole. Arbok was next. Graveler stepped in and was poisoned by Poison Sting in the process, but launched a Magnitude 6 at the snake. Doduo picked up the remains. Graveler jumped to Level 34 while Doduo became just a few points away from evolution at Level 31.

The fifth Gym Trainer possessed a Drowzee and Hypno, and a lucky Tri Attack freeze jumped Doduo to the magic Level 31. Doduo collapsed to the floor, and Lolcat's eyes filled with joyous tears. The wimpy dodo was evolving into the fearsome Dodrio, a Pokemon whose strength Lolcat has seen firsthand (RIP Vaporeon). When the evolution ended, a six-foot tall (I kid you not, Dodrio is taller than Charizard, Machamp, Articuno, Regirock, Rampardos, and Deoxys), three-headed pecking monster.

After Dodrio mercilessly killed the sixth and final Gym Trainer, Lolcat proceeded to the Pokemon Center for one last talk with the team.

"Okay, team. Tomorrow we're dueling Koga for the fifth badge. I'm going to say one thing to you all and I hope you understand it: This is going to be the hardest battle you've ever fought. The odds are stacked against us in every way possible: Vaporeon's gone, Dugtrio's gone, and we're going to have to rely on Graveler to deal a lot of damage, and Graveler's never had to lead the team in a major fight before because of Dugtrio.

Fearow and Dodrio, you two are the power hitters on this team. Dodrio, even though you're at a low Level 31 you have the most attacking power on this team. Both of you should be able to outspeed every Pokemon this guy has on his team. Vileplume, you don't have anything to hit Poison types neutrally with, but your Sleep Powder could help us clutch a win.

I want to add one final thing: I do not expect every one of you to come out of this alive. There's nothing I want more than to see the four of us come out with the badge, but I do not expect that to happen. Koga is tough. His levels trump ours by a lot, and he probably has more tricks up his sleeve than we can imagine. But we have one thing he doesn't: this team is more closely bonded than any team in Kanto, and only death itself can stop us.

Godspeed, soldiers.

The team dispersed, but Lolcat called Graveler back for a moment.

"Take this Berry as a good luck charm. If it's not looking good, eat it. You'll know when to use it."

Lolcat handed a Pecha Berry to Graveler before going to sleep.

--------------------Twenty Hours Later------------------------------

A wall of sound erupted from the two thousand fans that sat in the stands surrounding the battlefield. The MC, sitting in the press box, announced the battle

"Welcome, everybody, to Fuchsia Gym Challenge on Channel Four, the only channel bringing you live Pokemon Battles straight from Fuchsia Gym itself! Tonight's battle is shaping up to be a good one, with Lolcat from Pallet Town against Koga, the strongest Trainer in Fuchsia! For all of you gamblers, remember, the favorite in this match is Koga by one Pokemon! Now, let's go down to the field where the battle is about to begin!"

Lolcat stepped to the center of the small, wooden stage where one of the many ceiling spotlights shone on him. Standing in front of him is none other than Fuschia's Gym Leader, Koga.

"Good luck", the two foes said to each other as they shook hands before the match.

The MC continued, "Koga leads off the match with a Koffing, and it looks like Lolcat's throwing out Dodrio! It looks like Koffing's got a nice, six-level advantage over the bird, but that Dodrio's probably going to get the first move!"

All three of Dodrio's heads stared right into Koffing before all three mouths opened and blasted a beam of energy at the smog ball.

"Dodrio is indeed faster and opened the match with a Tri Attack, hitting Koga's Koffing dead center, but Koffing retaliated with a powerful Smokescreen! Dodrio's eyes are looking smoggy; I'm not sure if Dodrio can land its next attack!"

Taking a small risk, Lolcat orders another Tri Attack at the Koffing, which strikes it as accurately as the first one.

"But Dodrio's low level and accuracy didn't faze it, and Lolcat takes an early lead!"

The fans erupted, and a chant of "Dod-rio! Dod-rio!" could be heard in the stadium.

"But Koga's not going anywhere; it looks like Muk is his second Pokemon. With a hefty seven-level advantage over Dodrio, I'm not sure if Lolcat's going to keep Dodrio in on this powerhouse!"

Expecting an attempt to poison Dodrio, Lolcat immediately switched out the big bird and sent out Vileplume.

"I'm not sure if Lolcat's a Psychic or just mad, but he reads Koga perfectly and sends out Vileplume to take a failed Toxic attack! With the momentum in hand, it's going to be interesting to see Lolcat's next move!"

Vileplume's flower erupted, releasing pollen spores at the garbage heap. Muk started to nod off to sleep.

In the meantime, Lolcat switched again to Graveler to come in for the kill. However, luck was not on his side as the MC announced,

"Looks like Lolcat's sleep strategy backfired, as Muk's back awake just as quickly as it was put to sleep! That one-turn sleep was a lucky break for Koga, as Muk was able to fire off a Minimize and will probably get to move again before Graveler!"

Koga said two words that Lolcat would prefer to never hear again: Acid Armor.

"Graveler, I trust you! You need to pull through here; MAGNITUDE!"

Graveler stood back, jumped a whopping four feet into the air and came crashing down with a force that shook the stadium. The entire stadium was rattled, and one of the bleachers where the audience stood crashed. A grin appeared on Lolcat's face:

Magnitude Ten.

However, what was even more surprising than the massive Magnitude was the fact that Muk still stood. That Acid Armor really buffed it up. Muk retaliated with a Toxic, and Graveler's Pecha Berry kicked in. However, Graveler's second Magnitude only managed a meager 5, and Koga threw a Hyper Potion at Muk.

It was time for a long, bloody stall war.

Muk launched another Acid Armor off, while Graveler shook the earth with a Magnitude 9. Muk's health entered the middle yellow, and it looked like another Magnitude wasn't going to do it, especially because of those two Acid Armor boosts.

"Koga's regained the momentum here, as that Muk looks pretty much impenetrable at this point. If Lolcat doesn't pull something off here it could be good game!"

Lolcat's faith in the rocky underdog never wavered. While Koga began to whittle Graveler's health down with a Sludge, Lolcat demanded that Graveler keep spamming Magnitude.

And boy, did it pay off.

Magnitude 8 shook the ground and knocked some fans from their seats, but most importantly, Muk fell over. The referee ran up to the blob and announced:

Muk is unable to battle!"

Lolcat was elated that Graveler could take down a fearsome Muk with four Defense boosts, but knew that the battle was only half over.

Koga sent out another Koffing, and Lolcat switched to Fearow. Two hits later, Koga was down to his last Pokemon.

"Koga's really on the ropes here; it looks like Lolcat might be able to sweep this match! But wait, what's that? Is it Koga's last Pokemon? Yes it is! A Level forty-three Weezing has entered the field! With a five-level advantage over Lolcat's strongest Pokemon, it looks like this match is still in the air!"

Lolcat knew that Koga's first three Pokemon only existed to weaken his opponent; Weezing was the real deal. Predicting another Toxic attempt, Lolcat switched Fearow out to a Level 34 Vileplume. Before firing off a Sleep Powder, Vileplume took two Sludges that knocked it down to barely 1/4 of its HP.

Koga used a Full Heal.

Graveler began Lolcat's final plan of Rolling Out Weezing, but some bad luck stopped him. Weezing's Sludge poisoned Graveler, and Graveler's Rollout missed the mark.

Lolcat knew he wasn't going to 6-0 Koga, but he did have a plan to 5-0 him.

"Graveler, return! Go, Rhyhorn!"

Rhyhorn entered the arena, ready to serve its purpose in this fight. Though he looks like switch fodder, he's actually much more than that.

"Rhyhorn, Scary Face!"

Rhyhorn struck fear into Weezing's soul despite the gigantic level disparity, and Weezing slowed down enough so any of Lolcat's Pokemon could outspeed it. The first phase of Lolcat's New Plan succeeded, it was time for the second.

"Rhyhorn, Tail Whip that thing 'till you croak!"

Koga's Weezing launched a Toxic attack at Rhyhorn that gradually defeated it, but not before Rhyhorn landed three Defense-lowering Tail Whips at the poison monster. Next, it was time for the cleanup crew. Lolcat barked out the name of the Pokemon that would seal Koga's fate:

"Dodrio, let's go! Tri Attack and that's the game!"

Not even looking at the field because he knew it was over, Lolcat closed his eyes and Dodrio delivered the strongest Tri Attack he had ever used. Lolcat should have paid closer attention, because Weezing didn't feel like going down that easily.

Koga stated, "You might have won this battle, but you will not win the war. Weezing, claim your rightful kill."

Weezing launched a Sludge attack at Dodrio, and Dodrio didn't see the critical hit coming.


Lolcat opened his eyes and saw a nightmare. Weezing healthily floated above Dodrio's corpse, and Lolcat felt the agony of losing a second Pokemon to Koga. Deciding to claim his victory, Lolcat threw out Fearow's Pokeball and ended the match with a Tri Attack.

The Fifth Badge was won by Rhyhorn and Dodrio's scarifice.

End of Chapter Ten

[pimg]75[/pimg], Level 34
Careful Nature
-Rock Throw
-Defense Curl

Fucking a fucking hero. Muk would have destroyed me if it weren't for this little guy. Though he lived in Dugtrio's shadow all his life, he finally got a chance to shine after Dugtrio departed, and he proved me wrong when I thought he would be weak.

[pimg]45[/pimg], Level 34
Naive Nature
-Bullet Seed
-Sleep Powder

Vileplume might be the LVP at the moment; he's only good for Sleep Powder. I think I'm going to crack open a Giga Drain TM, but that 5 PP is just...ugh. Either way, everyone on this team has going through so much that to say anyone on this team isn't a complete badass would be insulting. Vileplume, I salute you.

Jolly Nature
-Secret Power
-Aerial Ace
-Fury Attack amazing. MVP award looking to be sown up right here unless the Pokemon I get next chapter are utter gods or something. Though this team's looking a little thin in numbers it's about to get revitalized in Saffron, the next destination

Assorted crap Pokemon and a couple Meowth Pickup slaves

R.I.P. [pimg]8[/pimg]you brave hero. Thanks for making an appearance in the recent chapter. Vaporeon's doing a good job in your place.

[pimg]12[/pimg] (x2) R.I.P. Butterfree. Your ability to spread status went unmatched. Dugtrio feels sorry for killing you and Wartortle. If anything's filling the void, it's Vileplume, who's even bulkier and can at least spread sleep. I wish Vileplume got Confusion though, as Grass/Poison is crap attacking type.

Ironically, [pimg]51[/pimg] is the next to go. R.I.P. Dugtrio. You served this army well in the Battle of Vermillion, but that Machamp was just too much. You deserve all the rest in the world.

[pimg]84[/pimg] A grinding incident gone horribly wrong. Machamps suck.


OH GOD WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE?? FUCK THAT DODRIO MAN YOU'RE LIKE THE ONLY GOOD WATER MON IN FIRERED (besides Lapras). Either way you kicked so much ass in this challenge I'm so sorry you weren't there for the Surf HM.


This guy was a monster. He shat on so many things higher level that him and that's how he got so far. If it wasn't for a retarded crit this guy would be leading the team with Fearow right now.

Okay, sorry this took so astoundingly long. I had like no motivation to write for some reason, and I'm not sure why. This chapter was fun as hell to write, though the four deaths weren't fun to depict. Either way, Alakabroken is coming up and I think Gym Battles are about to become "pick two Pokemon and they die" challenges...

Let's not talk about future Rival battles...
Hey there! :D
I'm thinking about doing a Nuzlocke (not sure witch edition I'll use though) - however, I'd like to make it as hard as possible. In the opening post I found these suggestion:

-) play on set (well... I always do, so no big challenge here)
-) no use of Pokecenters, instead I'll have to heal them with Items (gnah, seems rather stupid actually ... most of the time you'll be having more than enough money anyway, so I doubt this will be a huge disadvantage)
-) won't use any pokemons with a way too high level, so I'd like to stay away from grinding

I thought about not evolving my pokes, but not sure about that actually .... I'm really looking for a really hard Challenge, so I hope you can give me some more ideas ;)


It's all coming back to me now
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at long last I finally get around to writing up an update. The last few weeks i have been having a pretty rough time (as I said earlier in the thread) and combined with moving out, moving home, my job and getting really sick I have not really found time to crank out an update. That said, here it is.

The lighting was dim but I could see the two pokemon going at it, hammer and tongs. I could feel the emotion flowing through me, there was so much riding on this battle. Suddenly, my pokemon gave a shriek of agony, I froze, I knew what that cry signalled, my pokemon had been struck with a critical hit. Suddenly, my locket glowed and pure agony rolled through me and I fell to my knees. I heard mocking laughter and my vision slowly faded to blackness.

With a shout I awoke immediately, sitting up in my bed panting. I lurched out of bed and snatched my poke balls out of my belt, quickly releasing my pokemon one by one. Relief surged through me as they all appeared, perfectly fine. I exhaled and sat down on the bed. I remembered where I was, in a pokemon centre just past Victory Road.

The last few days had been tough, at this stage of the game it was all about training. The League was my toughest challenge remaining and I knew that facing N was a possibility. I would have to be at my very best in order to take down the legendary pokemon Reshrim with no legendaries of my own.

Slightly more calm now, I replayed the dream back in my head. The details were fading but I remembered two pokemon battling hard, then a critical hit, and then blackness. It had just been a dream but like some dreams, it had a grain of truth in it. Critical hits were the death of you in Nuzlockes. They were utterly random, and would always catch you by surprise. Short of having the ability Battle Armour or Shell Armour they were pretty much unstoppable and almost always cost you a pokemon. The only reason why I had been so successful was because many critical hits I had suffered in my journey had hit Jude, which had massive bulk and could shrug them off. The tricky part of the league is that a critical hit had a high chance of occurring and, thanks to the leagues powerful trainers, it would almost certainly be fatal. The fear I had of losing a trusted friend was a valid one, and it was certainly possible. There was also a decent chance that my entire team could be destroyed after a crucial, critical hit on something. On the other hand, I had no other choice, I had to challenge the League soon, otherwise N could achieve his goal and then I would never win the challenge. I took a deep breath, tomorrow was the big day and I needed as much rest and preparation as possible if I wanted to win. I knew what types the 4 Elite specialised in which would make preparing for them easier, but I needed a few secret weapons if I wanted to beat the champion. I crawled into bed again, and began to replay situations in my head, planning things out. Soon after, exhaustion overwhelmed me, and I went to sleep.

The next day dawned. It was a lovely day and a made my way up to the league. I entered and the gates closed behind me, there was no going back now.

Four doors awaited me and after a bit of thought I entered the left most on, Shauntal would be my first opponent, the ghost type trainer. A string of ghost lights lifted me up to her platform, and then my first battle of the League began…

Shauntal lead with the powerful Cofagrigus, a ghost pokemon notorious for its high defensive stats. I glanced at it, then sent out Jenn the Scrafty. Jenn appeared and waited obediently for my order. Hoping to hit things hard I ordered a Crunch, trying to cripple the ghost before it could threaten my team.

Jenn leaped forward, slamming its jaws down on Cofagrigus, which retaliated by blasting Jenn back with a ball of shadowy energy. The Crunch attack had done loads of damage, while Cofagrigus had only weakened Jenn a little with its attack. Suddenly however, Jenn trembled and flashed white. I realised that Cofagrigus had activated its ability, Mummy, which negated my beloved Jenns ability, Moxie. I frowned a little at this as Moxie would have made Jenn exceptionally hard to handle.

Trying to ignore this small setback, I ordered another Crunch attack which quickly eliminated Cofagrigus and netting me an early lead.

Golurk was her second pokemon and I had a quick think. I knew that Jenn still had the advantage however; I wanted to save it for here last, as Jenn was on almost full health and still had use. Confident, I threw a ball, and the mighty Typhoon entered the battlefield. Shauntal frowned a little at the obvious type disadvantage, then ordered a powerful Shadow Punch. Golurk charged forward, forming a fist of shadow before punching Typhoon in the face, sending it flying. Typhoon landed hard, but the blow had only enraged it. With a Roar it charged forward, slamming its powerful tail into Golurk. The ghostly robot gave a groan, swaying on its feet. Typhoon gave an evil grin, before blasting Golurk with a powerful wave of water from close range. Caught by surprise, Golurk went flying across the gym floor, having fainted from the impact.

With two pokemon down Shauntal was in trouble, but she took a deep breath, and sent out a Jellicent, the one ghost type I had feared on facing. Jellicent had been a major nascence to the team before I added Photon and Jenn to the team, now, it was just a minor inconvenience. Still wishing to keep Jenn at a safe level health wise, I sent out my powerful Photon, which had finally evolved into one of the most powerful electric pokemon in all Unova, Eelektross

Eelektross had taken large amounts of training but it was finally worth all the effort just to see Shauntal’s face when she realised the position she was in. Photon had learnt the powerful move Volt Switch, a move that Elesa had taught me to use well, which firmly threatened whatever she did. Even if her Jellicent survived, Photon (by virtue of being slower than Jellicent) would gain a free switch in for Jenn, who would then out speed and KO with Crunch, picking up a Moxie boost along the way If she switched, her switch in would be dented and I would have my first pick on what to counter her switch in with. It was win/win for me.

Shauntal, realising the tough position she was in, ordered a Surf. A powerful wave of water smashed into Photon, sending it rolling along the platform. The high powered Surf attack had done a fair amount of damage but Photon still held strong, before glowing with golden energy. It slammed into Jellicent and disappeared in a blaze of light. Jellicent shuddered from the power of the electrical attack and promptly fainted, leaving Shauntal with one final pokemon against my team of six.

Shauntal appeared annoyed at the ease I had smashed here team but, then again, my team covered a wide range of types so I doubted there was anything she could have done differently. Anyway, Shauntal sent out her final pokemon, a Chandelure. At the sight of the fiery ghost, I swallowed hard. Chandelure was weak to Dark, Rock and Water attacks and I had all three types in my party. However, Chandelure possessed massive power, and it was decently fast. I thought about sending in my Maximum (Archeops), however, a figured a Rock Slide miss could cost me dearly. In hindsight, Typhoon would have been my best option, but it was already weakened by its battle with Golurk. After thinking hard I sent in Jenn, hoping it could survive an attack from the powerful ghost.

As predicted, Shauntal ordered Chandelure to use its strongest attack, a powerful Fire Blast. The blast of flame swept toward Jenn. I had no idea if Jenn could survive such a powerful assault, but knew for certain a critical hit would finish me. Helplessly, I could only watch as the attack…connected.

yeaaaaaaaah cliffhanger cos this update was reaching close to 1500 words and anything longer than that makes this text tl:dr.

If anyone actually likes my updates and want to get an idea of the sort of thing that *might* happen you can read my old updates. Quite a few things are hinted in them so yea.

also cos flamestrike apparently wants successful Nuzlockes featured in the OP im editing this post with a link to my previous White Nuzlocke (which, I was pretty happen with)

Battle for the Balance Badge
Triple Gym leaders!
Rise of Team Plasma
8th Badge: Battle of Dragons
Elite Four: Part 1
Elite Four: Part 2
Battle VS N: Part 1
Battle VS N: Part 2
Final Battle: Endgame
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