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I would like to have my name to Hoopa Daa God, the reason i want this name change is because, i have stopped using the im the batgirl alt on PS. I have tryed making a new name for myself under this new name

denied as you have an active infraction
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I would like to get my name changed to Ridley
It is an existing smogon account, but it hasn't been used for literally 10 years.
I have had the PS! account Ridley for forever (http://pokemonshowdown.com/users/ridley), and it would be awesome to have my PS! account match my smogon account, for clarity as well as it being much more appealing.

Thank you very much!!

tennisedit: denied, read the OP
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Can I get a name change to Smallguy please? That's my username on PS!. I could not get Torterrable on PS! as it was already taken, apparently.
can i have my name in all caps please?

Fortune --> FORTUNE

i already had a name change in the past but i swear i wont revert this

raseri: ok but its never being reverted
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Banned deucer.
Hy, i want my username to be changed into ~LucianVega

reason:i tryed name change already but for some odd reason LucianVega was taken(not sure why because when i search LucianVega it shows there are 0 people with that name),its been my in game name for a while so i want it here too.

raseri: denied "-You cannot get a name change if you have an active infraction or are Wi-Fi blacklisted"
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I would like to change my name to Aruns9332
Reason: i use that name in Pokémon Showdown and i have used that name for 2 years in Pokémon Showdown


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I would like to change my name to GreenGogoat.

Reason: The name is in my picture and that is what my name is on Showdown.

name is taken
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Hey mate, I would like to change my Smogon Name to match my PS user name GXS

Reason For Change: It is the shortened version of GreasyXSpoon and more people know me as GXS than GreasyXSpoon.

Take Azelfie

More flags more fun
SlaySlenderDragon XD ---> Take an A zelfie

It's my main on PS and like only 5 people know that i am slay on forums and zelfie on PS. Plus that name is more suited for MC than Pokemon.

raseri: no, you have an active infraction
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Wings of Night

Hi, could you change my name to Wings of night?
Reason: av Kakuna is just a shitty name. It's nothing but a username which any non creative human can think of within 5 seconds and idk why I used this name so long.
Oh, and it looks like I typed my birth date wrong. I was born at the 15th May 1998, not the 12th May 1998.


raseri: to all smods reading this I think I covered all the suggestions up to here!!!
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Wondering if i could go from Snowyyy to Snxwy
Reason: I own the account on Showdown and the triple y thing is getting kind of old (not sure if valid reason xd)
Thanks if you can do it

done - ante
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Looking to change my username to Flyhn

My reasoning is simple. More people online tend to know me under my other identity of FlyhnDaFlygon now than Pokeguy, and I'm changing that to my username on all future sites i sign up for, and i'd like to have it as my name here as well, as Smogon's the only site I've been on for over a year that I still use to this day on a regular basis. Planning on using the name on PS soon too. But i`ve decided to shorten it simply to Flyhn, to be used more broadly

done - ante
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I would like to change my name to AceTrainerAndy.

Reason: I made this account in 2010 when I was 14 and regret this name because Bill Cosby is wrapped in a scandal and I'm not a kid anymore.

done - ante
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Can I change my name on forums to Hashmahaia?

It's a name I use on some other sites/games since 2012 (also have the account on PS since 2013), and it's just better (or less worse) than the current one


done - ante
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