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There are 8 teams this year. Each team has 6 players and at least 2 subs. Managers bought players using the 100k credits in their auction budget. Managers were allowed to purchase themselves at a fixed price of 20k but had to do so before the draft. Teams can win their matchup every week by winning 4 of the 6 matches that their players have to play.​
The tier lineup this year is as follows:​
  1. SS Almost Any Ability
  2. SS Balanced Hackmons
  3. SS Camomons
  4. SS Mix and Mega
  5. SS NFE
  6. SS STABmons
All games will be played on the Pokemon Showdown main server or SmogTours in the most current version of the format corresponding to those listed above. The result between players may be decided in a best-of-one (Bo1) or best-of-three (Bo3) at the discretion of both players involved. If there is no agreement, the match will default to a Bo1.​
Points distributions per round:​
> Win (4-6 or 5-1): 2 points​
> Loss (1-5 or 2-4): 1 point​
> Draw (3-3): 1 point​
In addition, the manner in which the round has been won will also be recorded i.e. the difference between a team's wins and losses in a specific week's round (referred to as "Win Differential").​
Each team will play one another for seven weeks. Based on the final standings, the top 4 teams will enter a Playoffs Round to determine the teams appearing in the finals.​

In the event of two teams being tied for a spot in the finals based on points and win differential, or a tie in the final round itself, we will have a tiebreaker round(s).​

Tiebreaker Rules: One metagame will be picked by each manager with the higher seed picking second. The third format will be determined at random by the hosts. All three metagames must be unique, so no format can be picked twice.​

Substitutes are to be used in the case of extenuating circumstances, whether on the first day of the week, or the last. At the same time, players should be relatively well-aware of who all are available to play in the opponent's camp. If last minute substitutes are being frequently used or abused and the hosts find explanations unsatisfactory, the hosts still reserve the right to veto them. In order to further prevent this being the case teams are only granted a maximum of two substitutes per week. Any substitutions after the second will be vetoed.​

The hosts have decided to not include trades this year due to reasons outlined in this thread - all roster decisions are final.​

Scheduling should be done on Smogon Profile walls, plain and simple:​
  • If there is no communication on Smogon Profile walls and a game goes undone, it will be left to the RNG to decide the winner
  • If there is communication on only one user's behalf, the win will go to them. Feel free to call activity in this thread beforehand
  • If there is a very healthy back and forth regarding potential times and one user is a no-show, a manager may take the opportunity to sub out the no-show competitor; if this is not done, the user that showed up responsibly will be awarded the win.
TL;DR: Post on your opponent's Smogon wall, schedule your matches, and be reliable. If you can't play for any reason, let your manager know so they can sub you out ASAP.​
Use these posts as a place to initiate discussion about bo1 or bo3 as well!

Exhibitions of unsportsmanlike conduct with regards to the Other Metagame Premier League will be met with an infraction at the discretion of the OMPL host/OM mods. This is unlikely to include interactions within a team's private chat unless there is reason found to make an exception. This rule is meant to protect other users from being publicly flamed/bashed/provoked by another competitor for the duration of and following the tournament.​
All players must complete their matches by the given deadline. Any incomplete matches by that time will be subject to an activity decision (MAKE SURE YOU POST ON YOUR OPPONENT'S WALL); otherwise, they will be decided via !pick publicly in the OM Room. All matches should ideally be done on your most notable alt (the one you registered for OMPL with) to avoid confusion and all match replays must be saved and posted in this thread. The replays will be archived in a separate thread, and will be used to calculate usage stats.​

Substitutions & Lineups
Managers, if you wish to make any substitutions, you must post here tagging both the player you're subbing out, the player you're subbing in, the manager and assistant manager of the opposing team, the substitute's opponent, and all of the hosts (Kris, Think, Sectonia). This is to assure that everyone is in-the-loop and that the OP is updated accordingly to reflect the new match-up.​
Managers, when you send in lineups, please send it in with the tier and Smogon username of each player fully written out for ease of transcription, following these guidelines exactly.​


:noivern: The Based Boomers (The Number Man and Lasen) - [3][3] - The Five Star Jolteons (Ransei and Racool) :jolteon:
SS Almost Any Ability - The Number Man vs motherlove
SS Balanced Hackmons - cityscapes vs Quantum Tesseract
SS Camomons - Terracotta vs Euphonos
SS Mix and Mega - DerpyBoi vs beauts
SS NFE - kythr vs S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
SS STABmons - Betathunder vs The Immortal

:zeraora: The Zoomer Zeraoras (a loser and Redflix) - [3][3] - The Wiggly Family (Dragonillis and Gman) :wigglytuff:
SS Almost Any Ability - Osake vs Atha
SS Balanced Hackmons - a loser vs Onyx Onix 7
SS Camomons - Sylveon. vs Meta
SS Mix and Mega - TectonicDestroyer vs qways
SS NFE - King Leo V vs ojr
SS STABmons - vivalospride vs LBDC

:roselia: The Rozelias (Catalystic and shiloh) - [2][4] - The Spinda Wheels (xavgb and Jordy) :spinda:
SS Almost Any Ability - Bushtush vs Sabella
SS Balanced Hackmons - PinkDragonTamer vs xavgb
SS Camomons - shiloh vs Mossy Sandwich
SS Mix and Mega - Catalystic vs Fardin
SS NFE - Shing'n Streets vs tlenit
SS STABmons - Shiba vs Plas

:alcremie: The Fullmetal Alcremists (Jrdn and Andyboy) - [3][3] - The Temper Tyrantrums (OM and Chazm) :tyrantrum:
SS Almost Any Ability - Jrdn vs MZ
SS Balanced Hackmons - Monsareeasy vs XxSevagxX
SS Camomons - Siamato vs anaconja
SS Mix and Mega - Andyboy vs Chazm
SS NFE - Stareal vs Skysolo
SS STABmons - Hamhamhamhamham vs Fissure

11:59 PM (GMT -5) on June 13th, 2021
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so happy world
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Remember when I said last week was a one time special? Well, I got 17/24 predictions so it's time for round 2!

:noivern: The Based Boomers (The Number Man and Lasen) - [3][3] - The Five Star Jolteons (Ransei and Racool) :jolteon:
SS Almost Any Ability - The Number Man vs motherlove - I like motherlove's playing so much. Can't possibly bet against him.
SS Balanced Hackmons - cityscapes vs Quantum Tesseract - Honestly, this could go either way because I feel these two are around the same level? I also feel like their way of playing tournaments is very similar. Both try to win on prep so they don't have to do as much in the game. I feel like this style benefits city more in the mirror match, because his prep is just far more diverse in what you see.
SS Camomons - Havens vs Euphonos - Genuinely I flipped a coin lol. I refuse to bold the vs sign
SS Mix and Mega - DerpyBoi vs Pigeons - This guy beat Andy last week while Pigeons lost to someone who put an anime song in their winpost without any gg or anything. I also don't feel Pigeons had much time to prep? He's been busy. I want Pigeons to win, because he's my friend, but I feel like Derpyb0y has the advantage here.
SS NFE - kythr vs S1nn0hC0nfirm3d - I'm bolding against S1nn0h until that i gets changed into a 1
SS STABmons - Betathunder vs The Immortal - Ayaya knocked Viv out last week. What a beast. Betathunder doesn't stand a chance against the anime girl.

:zeraora: The Zoomer Zeraoras (a loser and Redflix) - [3][3] - The Wiggly Family (Dragonillis and Gman) :wigglytuff:
SS Almost Any Ability - Osake vs Atha - Honestly I don't feel as if either of these players impressed me last week, but Osake didn't have the matchup advantage while Atha did. Atha got lucked, though, but Pokemon is definitely a game where probability management is huge and he didn't really have to leave himself vulnerable to that position. Meanwhile, Osake had the chance to get things hairy for motherlove quite a few times and got close, so I'm gonna go with them.
SS Balanced Hackmons - a loser vs Onyx Onix 7 - Loser won last week, but it didn't really feel like a blowout? Onyx impressed me a ton, so I'm gonna go with the upset.
SS Camomons - Sylveon. vs Meta - I love Meta and he can 100% win this, but geerat is so incredibly consistent and he owned Euphonos last week.
SS Mix and Mega - TectonicDestroyer vs qways - qways rekt Cata last week. Tect also beat Pigeons, but he had such an incredible matchup advantage (at least it looked that way to me) that there really would be no excuse if he lost. Backing qways here, hopefully if he does lose though we get a won gg
SS NFE - King Leo V vs ojr - I like Leo, I also like ojr, so I'm gonna go for orange juice instead of the fifth king lion. I don't know anything about NFE, so this could go either way.
SS STABmons - vivalospride vs LBDC - I predicted against Viv last week because I wanted to make him mad but then he actually lost and he's my friend and I do want to see him do well, so I'm predicting him this week and hoping it motivates him

:roselia: The Rozelias (Catalystic and shiloh) - [2][4] - The Spinda Wheels (xavgb and Jordy) :spinda:
SS Almost Any Ability - Bushtush vs Sabella - When it comes down to it, I think stresh and rozes can both prep fairly well against each other so I think this will come down to who can pilot the build better. For me, that's Sabella because of his experience playing the meta, but really it could go either way.
SS Balanced Hackmons - PinkDragonTamer vs xavgb - Man, I love PDT but he was not in top form last week. He needs to step up his game for this week, otherwise stresh will eviscerate him.
SS Camomons - shiloh vs Zesty43 - I love both of these users so I just flipped a coin.
SS Mix and Mega - Catalystic vs Fardin - Both of these users are my friend, but Cata got owned last week while Fardin proved he's the best Mix and Mega player in the west. Gonna predict Fardin here.
SS NFE - Shing'n Streets vs tlenit - bro Shing's game last week was grimy as high hell. I think both of these people can win, but I'm gonna predict Shing because I'm mad at mons. Realistically Tlenit probably has the better shot since he just destroyed Strap last week (should've kept the Charmy pfp) but Shing won't let me down.
SS STABmons - Shiba vs Plas - I think Plas will have the better team? Shiba can definitely win, but Plas definitely has the better STAB support and both of these guys are besties so I hope both of them win, but if I have to bold someone here (which I do) I'm gonna do Plas.

:alcremie: The Fullmetal Alcremists (Jrdn and Andyboy) - [5][1] - The Temper Tyrantrums (OM and Chazm) :tyrantrum:
SS Almost Any Ability - Jrdn vs MZ - Jordan
SS Balanced Hackmons - sugarhigh vs XxSevagxX - Oh boy. Uh, sugar's playing didn't impress me last week, while Sevag's team choice didn't impress me. These are two really different issues that I think are a quick and easy fix for both of them, and I think both of them can fix that up this week? Assuming both of them step up their game, I'm honestly gonna have to give this one to sugar... I'm sure Sevag can win, but playing against Sugar in a tour is like playing a completely different metagame than the one you normally play in BH, and I'm not sure it's one that Sevag has experience in. We'll see, though.
SS Camomons - Siamato vs anaconja - Matiss is super solid and dominated last week. Love him so much. Conja also won, but it wasn't pretty and I'm not sure he can manage that this week.
SS Mix and Mega - Andyboy vs Chazm - love Andy and I can't predict against him because he lost last week and I want to see my friend do well
SS NFE - Stareal vs Skysolo - I predicted Solo last week and he got owned, and I really want to see Stareal in action so I'm predicting him to somewhat motivate him even though he probably won't read this.
SS STABmons - Hamhamhamhamham vs Fissure - Fissure is my friend and I refuse to predict a 6-0

Like, subscribe and comment! If you're sad I didn't predict you, I'm sorry you feel that way and I want you to channel that energy into proving me wrong :)
one sentence nfe predicts lets go

SS NFE - kythr vs S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
i was gonna give ho3n the W here anyways because im still absolutely stunned he ate an onion on camera in an ahegao sweatshirt and made it public for everyone to watch, but i also have literally no idea who kythr is and ho3n is NFE TL sooooooo

SS NFE - King Leo V vs ojr
one of these people is willing and grateful to accept support and work with others on a quality, well-thought out team and the other person is king leo v who makes sure to remind you every week "bro im not worth the money i went for!!!!"

SS NFE - Shing'n Streets vs tlenit
tlenit actually wants to work with 85 compared to other builders and nfe players so he will try for this match instead of bringing mega kick thwackey / combusken / thunder koffing, so im gonna give him the advantage

p.s. shing if u win, just be aware ur sending 85 to the retirement home in a stretcher so make sure u lose, otherwise i wont have anyone to make teams for me anymore

SS NFE - Stareal vs Skysolo
if i say anything bad about strap im gonna get harassed in the nfe server again, but I've accepted that since id also get harrassed if i didn't write just "-strap" here
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a loser

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a loser's OMPL BH Review: Week 1
I enjoyed making these reviews in MAMP's absence last season, so I'm gonna pick up where I left off and dig into last week's games. I might get longwinded here, so sorry about that in advance.

Onyx Onix 7 vs PinkDragonTamer
Team preview shows that Onyx has brought what looks like bulky balance while PDT brought what looks like triple Steel stall. Depending on the set, Onyx's Groudon could be in a really good place.

It looks like we're getting off to a slow start with some pivoting and scouting from PDT's Imposter Chansey, until PDT decides to sacrifice his Registeel to a Mold Breaker Groudon for some reason. Maybe he could tell Registeel was deadweight already, but it was definitely a strange play. Onyx's Dialga is confirmed to be RegenVest and PDT keeps sending Imposter in for free recovery. Onyx reveals Baton Pass on his Zacian-C, which is pretty cool when paired with what looks like Choice Band Groudon. As cool as it is, it isn't quite strong enough to take down PDT's double recovery Prankster Giratina, which can take a hit and heal up with Sap or Recover. They dance around for a bit with pivots and it gets pretty boring. PDT manages to get a Spike up with his PH Regigigas only to be hit with Core Enforcer and have it spun away a turn later. Onyx brings in Calyrex-Ice, which turns out to be his Simple Shift Gear set, and puts FC Dusk Mane to sleep with Spore. A few Spectral Thief's later, Onyx makes a hard switch to Groudon in front of Dusk Mane and PDT has to sack something, as most of his team is heavily chipped, so he brings in Giratina who dies to Glacial Lance. This pretty much seals the deal as PDT is unable to make any kind of progress.

I was surprised by PDT's team choice here, especially considering it was recycled from WCoOM when the meta was still dealing with Calyrex-Shadow, but also because it is incredibly passive. It showed how out of touch he is with the current metagame, while Onyx's solid build with Groudon showed the exact opposite.

Quantum Tesseract vs a loser
From team preview, you can see that we both brought balanced builds but with a surprising amount of birds. QT's Zacian-C could be an issue depending on its role but nothing else sticks out much.

I was expecting an Imposter lead to scout, but QT leads DesoLand Ho-Oh and gets up Stealth Rock while I switch to Darm-Z, who then hits a Giratina switch-in with Glare. Depending on its role, this could be big for my Regigigas as I safely pivot it in to activate its Toxic Orb. I take out Regi to keep Dragon Tail unrevealed and bring in Zama-C, to which QT responds by bringing Ho-Oh back in on an Anchor Shot. This was a bit strange, as I could have been FF, but he doesn't hesitate to fire off sun-boosted V-creates. My Prankster Darm-Z can shrug them off though, so QT brings in Fishious Rend Xerneas who takes a Glare that softens the blow from Rend. I kept expecting him to hard switch his Imposter into my walls like Darm-Z and later Lunala, so I predicted this and ended up hitting a Yveltal switch-in with Nuzzle instead. Yveltal caught a full para as I switched in Rayquayza, still unsure of what his set was. I spin away the Stealth Rock while getting hit with Beat Up for minimal damage. Boomburst then does a lot of damage while Yveltal catches another full para and QT makes a hard switch to Zacian-C. This was a weird spot for me because I didn't want Ray gone yet and was expecting a move like Glacial Lance or Sunsteel Strike from Zacian-C, but both Darm-Z and Lunala were at pretty low health and I didn't want them randomly dying with Ho-Oh still around. So I send in Celesteela, hoping to take a hit and lure another with Prankster Destiny Bond only to be trapped and forced to struggle to death via Imprison Transform. I bring in Lunala next, and with recovering being an obvious choice I went for Nuzzle hoping to catch a switch to Imposter but was wrong again. I bring in Regigigas and phaze things around with Dragon Tail for a bit and miss a key Precipice Blades that would have KOed Zacian-C. QT continues to bring Ho-Oh in on Zama-C's Anchor Shot but this time I stay in to use Poison Fang while it downs me with V-create. Lunala finishes it off with Hex and following this I make a questionable play that ends with me losing Darm-Z to impostered Lunala. Things are still looking up though, as both Regigigas and Rayquaza offer no recovery for his Imposter and his Giratina and Xerneas are chipped. I end up catching his Giratina on the switch with a well-timed Hex and then QT sends in Xern to get his sixth full para of the battle. I'm not sure if he was going to recover with Sap here or go for chip, but it was definitely unfortunate and helped to finish off the battle.

I definitely caught some breaks with multiple full para's at clutch times in this game. I'm not sure how different things would have been had his Xern gotten off a Boomburst or two, but I'd like to think that Gigas could have finished things off either way. Our teams were fairly similar in strategy and it could have gone either way but it is hard to make progress when you aren't moving. I also think it worked out best for me that I never paralyzed his Imposter because that might have made improofing Regigigas a little more sketchy in the end.

xavgb vs XxSevagxX
Preview shows that both players brought Xerneas and Zacian-C, which could lead to some interesting plays but sevag also doesn't appear to have any Zacian-C switch-ins. Sevag's Groudon looks a bit out of place as its Ground STAB is not hitting much super effectively. Stresh's Zyg-C looks like it could either be a weak link or incredibly hard to take down, depending on its ability.

Not long into the battle, sevag is in a hole with a spike on his side as the opposing Zacian-C makes its first appearance. Palkia comes in on its Anchor Shot to reveal FC and Rocky Helmet, which is great against most Zacian-C but not good against Imprison variants. However, using Glare as Zacian-C Imprisons makes things more interesting as Palkia chips Zacian-C for 50+ the next turn. Alas, stresh whips out the ole' Jungle Healing while dodging the full para to finish off the Imprison trap and we watch Palkia struggle. From here, sevag switches around a bit trying to find an opening to break but doesn't make any moves, all while the spike continues to chip his mons. Zekrom finally fires off a Clanging Scales in front of Ho-Oh, hoping to catch the Zyg-C or Giratina on the switch, but ends up getting an Ice Scales Zyg-C which is the last thing sevag's matchup needed. Zekrom goes down to T-Waves and sevag brings in Xerneas, who has only revealed Nuzzle at this point. Zyg-C is well in range of being KOed by Pixilate Boomburst, but sevag opts for V-create in hopes to dent a Zacian-C switch-in. But stresh stays in to play the 75% roll and eats the V-create while healing up. Sevag makes a hard switch to his Zacian-C after this, as stresh doubles out to bring in Ho-Oh. Barring Bolt Strike, which seems unlikely considering sevag has it on Zekrom, stresh's DesoLand Ho-Oh lives anything Zacian-C throws at it. That being said, sevag chooses to go for the most chip damage with V-create and fish for a full para, but comes up short and dies to Ho-Oh's V-create in return. This pretty much wraps things up for stresh, as sevag no longer has anything that can hope to deal with his Zacian-C and the battle is over five Anchor Shots later.

Overall, the matchup was pretty dreadful for sevag here. Looks like he was hoping to throw stresh off balance with some paralysis spam, but only two mons got para'd and only one inconsequential full para was achieved. Despite having FC Palkia, sevag's Zacian-C counterplay was very lacking, which is surprising considering how easily Imprison sets can pick up KOs. And this was definitely the case in this battle, as Anchor Imprison Zacian-C was the MVP and stresh didn't even have to reveal half of his team. Future opponents should look out for this team being recycled!

sugarhigh vs cityscapes
At preview, we see city brought comfort food, which for him is unmon semi-stall, and sugar has brought what looks like bulky offense with a random Lugia. Both sides have a Palkia, each of which could prove vital in breaking the opposing team, but sugar's Zacian-C also stands out here since city appears to have no legitimate switch-ins.

Things start off pretty rough for sl42 here, as sugarhigh's team develops into I-Sword Baton Pass and city comes up empty on attempts to poison sugarhigh's mons not named Regigigas. A couple turns of dancing around leads to city's Groudon taking a one-two punch from V-create Zacian-C, further cementing the fact that the base 90 Speed tier is garbage. Sugar's Lugia comes in and is shown to be Ice Scales + Spikes and Bunker, which I have no clue what this does for his team but does happen to check Pixilate Xern somewhat. And it actually comes in clutch later, as after a couple Spectrals and Baton Passes, city's Xerneas ends up getting +4 SpA passed to it and this turns into +5 after a Quiver Dance. This looks really scary, but Scales Lugia tanks the Boomburst and forces out Xern after stealing the boosts. City brings back in Triage Celesteela to maybe scare off Lugia with Toxic, which it succeeds in doing only be KOed by Zacian-C's Fishious Rend shortly after. Things are looking quite bleak for sl42 now, down 6-3 with Imposter at 28% facing a Speed tie and sugarhigh's team in pretty good shape. City goes for the tie as sugarhigh switches to Prankster Giratina and has to burn some recovery PP as impostered Zacian-C spams Sunsteel. This is where sugarhigh starts to make questionable decisions that ultimately lose the momentum he'd had all game. Lugia and Xerneas face off again, and while Bunker was scouted earlier on Lugia, sugarhigh never clicks it and Xern is able to stall out turns with Rapid Spin and Quiver Dance and Lugia dies to poison damage. From this point on, we are shown just how good Pixi Sap Xern is with a Speed boost as it just heals for free in front of Zacian-C's face. After some more dancing around, sugarhigh sends Zacian-C back in to face Xern with Rapid Spin boosts and city must have been wary of a critical hit cause he switches to Palkia as sugar passes the Attack boost to his own Palkia. Here we find out city's Palkia is FC as it tanks a +1 Dragon Darts and chips the opposing Palkia heavily with Core Enforcer. SL42 tosses this progress in the trash though, and loses his Imposter to Dragon Darts and negates most of the chip damage he picked up as Palkia uses Strength Sap on Xern. But here we see the perils of getting creative with Palkia, as +1 Fishious Rend with Tinted Lens is not enough to OHKO Xerneas, who proceeds to Spin and Saps its way to victory.

At multiple times in this battle, I had no clue how city would be able to win. I feel like he was playing on his heels the entire battle due to his soft defensive core and he was really unable to make progress with anyone outside of Xerneas. But Xerneas, thanks to a key Toxic from Celesteela, was really all he needed to break through sugarhigh's team in the end. If sugar had brought a much better and more standard Adaptability Palkia, it might have been gg much earlier though.

Metagame Observations
Unsurprisingly, Zacian-C, Giratina, and Xerneas led the way in usage this week. Zacian-C is the best mon in the meta right now and you absolutely have to prep for its variety of sets or you just lose. Baton Pass Zacian-C saw more usage than it has in a good while, but this isn't too surprising considering it can easily overwhelm an opponent in a tournament setting. Anchor Imprison was also used a couple times and put in some work in each of its battles. Bulky balanced teams are still king, as all eight teams could be described in this manner.

Upcoming Matches
cityscapes vs Quantum Tesseract - this battle should be interesting as both players have been active lately but I'd have to give a slight advantage to city as he's been a little more creative in the builder.

a loser vs Onyx Onix 7 - another interesting match here, as each of us are capable of bringing a variety of playstyles. Buckle up for a wild ride that will range from 25 to 400 turns.

PinkDragonTamer vs xavgb - last year, PDT showed that rust was a non-factor early on and proceeded to have a great showing all season. One week in, this is not looking to be the case as he now has to face stresh, who has been untouchable in BH for some time now.

sugarhigh vs XxSevagxX - both players will be looking to recover from a week 1 loss, so expect some fun and quality builds from both sides.
SS Almost Any Ability - Osake vs Atha - Honestly I don't feel as if either of these players impressed me last week, but Osake didn't have the matchup advantage while Atha did. Atha got lucked, though, but Pokemon is definitely a game where probability management is huge and he didn't really have to leave himself vulnerable to that position. Meanwhile, Osake had the chance to get things hairy for motherlove quite a few times and got close, so I'm gonna go with them.
I don't want to start a drama or anything but watch the game and try to understand what's going on please
If anyone is interested, here is the schedule W2 vs The Zoomer Zeraoras (all GMT=0)

SS Almost Any Ability : Osake vs Atha : Saturday 7 PM
SS Balanced Hackmons : a loser vs Onyx Onix 7 : Wednesday 8 PM
SS Camomons : Sylveon. vs Meta : Saturday 3 PM
SS Mix and Mega : TectonicDestroyer vs qways : Saturday 2:30 PM
SS NFE : King Leo V vs ojr : Friday 5 PM
SS STABmons : vivalospride vs LBDC : Sunday 4:30 PM

I'll edit this message if I can be more precise about the schedule.

Good luck to the other teams. wigposay.png
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