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What is Balanced Hackmons?
From a technical standpoint, Balanced Hackmons (BH) is an Other Meta that allows you to use nearly anything possible that you can battle with in a local battle between players, in the most current cartridge.
Conceptually, BH is defined as a sandbox tier where one can use Pokemon to their fullest potential with normal restrictions being removed.

What makes it Balanced?
The removal of abilities, moves or Pokemon that focus the meta only around their use.

Highlights of BH Mechanics:
Here is but a sample of the cool things you can do in BH and nowhere else!
Note: The following is subject to the current banlist. Some mechanics may not be finalized on PS
  • Mix and match mons in any of their usable forms in the game directly!
  • Use (nearly) any Pokemon, Ability, move or item of your choice! If it's coded in the game, you can use it!
  • Make use of as many of the same mon on your team!
  • Make use of Pokemon with maxed out EV's!
Clause and Ban List:
The banlist keeps the"Balanced" in Balanced Hackmons. Here's our banlist for the BH8 Ladder:
  • :calyrex-shadow:Calyrex-Shadow
  • :darmanitan-galar-zen:Darmanitan-Galar-Zen
  • :eternatus-eternamax:Eternatus-Eternamax
  • :shedinja:Shedinja
  • :zacian-crowned:Zacian-Crowned
  • OHKO Moves
  • Double Iron Bash
  • Octolock
  • Shell Smash
  • Bolt Beak
  • Wonder Guard
  • Pure / Huge Power
  • Parental Bond
  • Protean / Libero
  • Shadow Tag / Arena Trap
  • Moody
  • Water Bubble
  • Innards Out
  • Magnet Pull
  • Stakeout
  • Illusion
  • Contrary
  • Neutralizing Gas
  • Gorilla Tactics
  • Intrepid Sword
Nov 18, 2019[Gen 8] Balanced Hackmons goes live on PokemonShowdown! Initial Banlist Decision Breakdown here
Nov 24, 2019Creation of the Balanced Hackmons Council here
Nov 30, 2019Gorilla Tactics QuickBanned here
Jan 27, 2020Shedinja Banned via Suspect here
Jan 31, 2020Double Quickban by BHC for Double Iron Bash and Zacian-Crowned here
Feb 28, 2020Octolock Quickbanned by BHC here
Mar 13, 2020Forme Clause implemented by BHC here. Further clarification of clause here
Mar 30, 2020Dynamax Suspect results in DNB here
May 12, 2020Shell Smash banned via suspect here
May 13, 2020Psychic Surge has been unbanned by BHC here
Oct 29, 2020Dynamax Clause implemented via Quickban by BHC here
Nov 8, 2020Darmanitan-Galar-Zen Quickbanned by BHC here
Nov 28, 2020Intrepid Sword Banned via Suspect here
Jan 11, 2021Calyrex-Shadow Quickbanned by BHC here
Feb 28, 2021Bolt Beak Banned and Glacial Lance remains via Suspect here

  • ComaTalk Clause: Sleep Talk can't be run on a Pokemon with the Comatose ability
  • Dynamax Clause: Dynamaxing is not allowed.
  • Endless Battle Clause: Forcing an endless battle is banned, similar to the rest of PS
  • Evasion Moves Clause: No moves that can increase Evasion are allowed. This does not include abilities or items that may modify Evasion passively such as Sand Veil or Brightpowder
  • Sleep Clause: Only one Pokemon on the opponent's team can be put to sleep at a time. This excludes self-inflicted sleep or Comatose
  • Forme Clause: You may only use one of each forme of a Pokemon on your team. (Example: you can use both Zamazenta and Zamazenta-Crowned on the same team)
<Nothing to see here>

Note: Anything that is included in Gen 7's banlist that wasn't carried over into Gen 8 will be treated as "dormant banned" unless otherwise stated i.e. if these are to return, they will be automatically banned before going forward with new discussion.

Important Links:
Previous Gen(s):
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Balanced "FAQ"mons
Why is Zacian-Crowned with Intrepid Sword allowed on the ladder when both are shown as banned?
Zacian-Crowned is only available for use by giving base Zacian the Rusted Sword held item, which allows it to enter battle as Zacian-Crowned locked into its signature ability, Intrepid Sword. Being restricted to one ability and required to hold a certain item makes Zacian-Crowned easier to play against since it can't use other items like Life Orb and Choice Band or abilities like Pixilate and Steelworker.

Why isn’t Normalize banned?
Entrainment Normalize, coming from Ghost-types like Dragapult and Marshadow can be annoying to deal with at times but there are multiple options to counter this strategy which include but aren’t limited to: all status moves except Thunder Wave, Magic Bounce, and Multi-Attack and Techno Blast with an appropriate held item.

Why isn’t Imposter banned?
Imposter is one of the few things in BH that you have a near 100% expectation of what you'll be facing because you design the set. The only variation is the amount of HP and the item. Imposter-proofing ("Improofing") means building your team to handle the Imposter of each team member, and the power of Imposter is entirely dependent on your own teambuilding. Taking advantage of Multi-Attack and Techno Blast, item removal, status moves, uncommon hard-counters to sweepers, trapping via Anchor Shot / Thousand Waves and even its limited 20 pp movepool are all common and valid strategies.

Balanced Hackmons: a Primer
Overview on popular mechanics in the Balanced Hackmons scene!
  • BH allows the use of anything that is coded in the game. This allows players to use unreleased mons, moves, abilities and items
    • This does not allow the player to use mechanics that were available only in previous gen games
  • The above also means the player can only use 4 moves per Pokermon
  • Pokemon are able to have maxed out EV's
  • Pokemon may begin in any form they have in game without restrictions (subject to the banlist). This includes different forms without necessary moves and/or items (such as Aegislash-Blade, Rotom forms, Meloetta-P, Darmanitan-Zen and so forth)
  • Hard-coded abilities designated for specific Pokemon can be used on other mons but will not have any effect on them. This includes RKS System, Stance Change, Zen Mode, Disguise, Gulp Missile, Flower Gift and so forth
  • Some moves are hard-coded for a specific Pokemon (or their Imposters), such as Dark Void, Aura Wheel, and Hyperspace Fury
  • Pokemon that change their forme during battle due to their item can utilize any ability in their base form, but this will be overriden with their new forme's ability
  • Gulp Missile + Cramorant-Gorging Mechnics
    • Gulp Missile cannot be removed or nullified by any move or ability, such as Core Enforcer, Entrainment, etc
    • Cramorant-Gorging enters battle in Gorging form and does so upon re-entry, even after activation in previous turns
    • Gulp Missile triggers upon any damaging move. It doesn't have to make contact
    • Gulp Missile activates and paralyzes foes behind a substitute
  • Silvally Mechanics: Silvally can be used in any of its forms. Without RKS system it will take on that form's typing, otherwise it will be normal type. See the following:
    • Silvally-Grass with RKS System without Grass Memory -> Normal Type
    • Silvally-Grass with RKS System with Grass Memory -> Grass Type
    • Silvally-Grass with any other ability with any item -> Grass Type
  • Pokemon with Imposter while holding special items retain their item's properties. This includes
    • Stat buffs from items such as Eviolite, Soul Dew, Light Ball, Thick Club, DeepSea items and more
    • Special effects from items such Lucky Punch or Stick
    • Note that this excludes Ditto's special items which are specifically coded to not work when Ditto is in a transformed state.
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Sample Teams
Honk Honk
by XxSevagxX
[Stall - Fur Coat + Poison Heal + Eviolite Imposter]
How to Use: A lot of the gameplay here revolves around scouting and getting a feel for the match up to understand the opponent's team dynamic and how you plan on witling it down with the tools this team has. Throughout this process, you'll find yourself switching in Dialga often and pivoting out to Chansey. Here you'll also want to find a safe opportunity to active the toxic orb on Tapu Fini, so that you can begin clicking Knock Off and Scald. If your opponent has Zacian-C you'll probably want to find an opportunity where you can bait it into staying in during this time and then OHKO it with Ho-oh's V-Create (but only if you weren't able to kill it turn 1, when you lead with Ho-oh and they lead with Zacian-C which is part of the game plan). If your opponent doesn't have Zacian-C you'll want to trick scarf onto an important pokemon so that you can then start setting up spikes for free. From this point forward, the goal of the team is to whittle down the opponent with hazards and status, and to just outlast them with Tapu Fini, Dialga, and Chansey. Registeel should be used sparingly only when you want to pp stall or you have to bring it in to prevent set up.
Weaknesses: If the opponent is familiar with the team, Griseous Orb Giratina can be a pain sometimes as it prevents trick coming off of Ho-oh. It is still possible to set up spikes, but often times things can get a little tricky. The team also struggles to deal with very proactive teams which have really strong hazards play as Dialga and Tapu Fini can be prone to chip damage if the opponent is able to really keep the pressure going. Mold Breaker Kyurem-Black can be really difficult to handle sometimes, forcing the team to rely on Registeel to either destiny bond, or Chansey to come in and tank a hit. Besides these pokemon, there isn't really one notable pokemon which can 6-0 this team, but in a scenario where a specific set has that capability Registeel should be used to try and get a destiny bond off. In the end, the main way this team will often lose will be against strong hazards teams, w/ really proactive play, which doesn't allow for Fini and Dialga to heal up. So, to counter that you should also try and play proactively and really put pressure on your opponent by setting up hazards profusely, and trying to use Chansey to deny them progress as much as possible.
Effectiveness: With this team, and one varient of it I went 3-0 in the BH Open. I also used this team to get requirements during the bolt beak & glacial lance suspect test going 29-1 with it. Two other people were also able to get requirements with this team, with a similar record. I've also won multiple room tours with this team.
MONKE TOWN by opfish
[Balance - Metronome Xerneas + Choice Band Kyurem]
How To Use: Usually I will make Darm-Z the leader, to make sure it can be Poisoned by Toxic Orb with King Shield to block the attack. There are two (or three, sometimes FC Urshifu sweeps) sweepers, which are Kyurem-B and Xerneas. Kyurem-B requires good prediction because it is choiced, it is super strong which can OHKO Zamazenta-C, Zac-C. Zygarde-C, Giratina which are good Defensive/Offensive Pkms in this meta. Unfortunately, it can’t hit Tapu Fini, so you may use Bolt Strike > U-Turn in order to kill it. Xerneas can work as Hazards Removal and also strong breaker, with Metronome, Pixilate Boomburst can reach 336 Max Power, which is so scary and 2HKO most Pkms. Urshifu-R-S is Fur Coat, it works much better than I thought, it resist most the good Physical Breakers in this meta, like Zac-c(no one uses Play Rough when Glacial Lance exists), Kyurem-B(Dragon Darts doesn’t take too much). Water FC is good after Bolt Beak was banned. Ho-oh is the Improof of Darm-Z by trapping it, most Imposter users are greedy, they will want to Core Enforcer your Ho-oh and set up Spikes, and you can just trap them and Court Change when they are Struggling. For Giratina, it has a good Typing and Defensive Stats, eliminate opponent’s set up, click Destiny Bond when you don’t need it anymore or you can’t do anything.
Weaknesses: Defensively, as the team does not have a dedicated special wall nor Steel-type, it often struggles with strong special attackers or Dragon-types such as Specs Eternatus and Specs Rayquaza. Mixed attackers that can get around Urshifu (and Ho-Oh to some extent) such as Palkia and Zekrom can also dismantle the team if not played carefully, and since the team does not have any defensive pivots, it could be hard to bring in Xerneas to offensively check these Dragon-types. Darm-Z can be useful to scout for Specs sets and switch into an appropiate Eternatus check depending on the chosen move, though the team does not really have an Aerilate Boomburst switchin for Rayquaza. Giratina is important on these matchups as Destiny Bond can remove these problematic wallbreakers from the game, but it might not even be able to come in more than once without sacking a team member. Offensively, faster Steel-types namely Zamazenta-C and Kartana both threaten to either trap or OHKO our wallbreakers, and while Kyurem-B has V-create for them, its attack can be easily scouted and the Steel-types can come in freely on another attack.
Effectiveness: It is easy to use on laddering and able to get high winning streaks.
Zacian's Gambit by A Touch Of Crazy
[Balance - Specs Eternatus + ImprisonForm Zacian-C]
How to Use: The lead usually depends on your opponent's team, as usual if you are unsure it is usually safe to lead with chansey to scout. Any teams lacking a really good scales steel or fairy types can slowly be destroyed by Eternatus with its massive dragon type nuke, and by using Eternatus with trick/gambit and Zacian-Crowned you can work to eliminate the Pokemon capable of walling Xerneas. Fur Coat Zamazenta-Crowned walls a lot of physical attackers like Kartana, Regigigas, and Kyurem-Black, while leaving Blissey primarily to clean in the gaps and Zygarde-Complete as a last resort. When I play with the team I view my wincon being dependent on breaking holes in the opponent's team while denying them any openings for long enough to finish them off with Xerneas (or even Zac-c/Eternatus depending on the situation).
Weaknesses: The offensive aspect of the team is weak to a combination of fairy/steel types and ice scales with pivots to prevent getting trapped and killed by Zacian-Crowned, while avoiding the threats of Xerneas and Dragon Energy. Being paired up against a team like this is very commonplace, the primary example of such a matchup would be against Quantum Tesseract, as his teams usually feature multiple steel and fairy type pokemon with shed shell/pivots. While being incredibly difficult this does not guarantee a loss, and with careful trick/gambit plays from Eternatus I have been able to defeat these teams without too many issues in the past, it just requires a lot more delicate plays. The defenses from Blissey, Zygarde, and Zamazenta-Crowned are all weak to the weather dragons (Palkia/Reshiram with swift swim/chlorophyll) and are usually the prime example of when Destiny Bond becomes useful to prevent a loss. Zygarde can click prankster Destiny Bond and then hold that status until clicking T-waves and trapping the pokemon in question, leaving it trapped with no option other than to die to T-waves or activate destiny bond. Poison-Heal Palkia can still be problematic compared to Reshiram due to its hp recovery and neutrality to T-waves, however the threat of these pokemon primarily lies in the weather team variety with eruption/water spout and even if they avoid the destiny bond they are usually as helpless as you are and unable to do anything while you stall them with destiny bond until the weather runs out, allowing you to outspeed + survive with your other mons. This team is also slightly weak to some Belly-Drum sweepers depending upon their ability.
Effectiveness: I have found great success on the ladder with this team, and have gotten up to around 1700+ elo and 88gxe+ before on multiple accounts with winstreaks usually lasting 20+ games and losses being few and far between. It can handle many of the low ladder gimmicks well including normalize and hazards etc, while performing very well at a higher level. This team has also gotten multiple of my accounts into the top 10 on ladder (sometimes multiple at the same time), by allowing me to overcome some of the well-known players right now like QT, Sevag, and SL42.
Adaptable Offense by a loser
[Balance - Double Adaptability Breakers + Cramorant Support]
How to Use: Groudon is a decent lead that lets you scout your opponent's switch-in and see who their Fur Coat user is. If they lead Imposter, you can switch to Cramorant and tank a hit to paralyze them which helps out massively in the long run. Heavy-Duty Boots on Cramorant allows it to be a somewhat reliable Court Change user although you can't always count on it since this mon takes a lot of hits. Magic Bounce Tapu Fini helps cover hazards as well and also fully improofs Palkia. Mixed Adapt Palkia is super strong and can mess with Zama-C by sapping and using Glare, but you have to watch out for Magic Bounce in order to not cripple yourself. Fur Coat Zama-C makes sure the team isn't overrun by Regigigas and other physical threats like Zacian-C. Anchor Shot and Taunt is an annoying combination that can shut down walls. Prankster Giratina checks setup threats, removes items with Knock Off, and keeps the team from struggling with Imprison + Transform.
Weaknesses: Xerneas, both Pixilate and Poison Heal can be a pain depending on its moveset but is manageable if you don't let it get too much momentum. Tapu Fini can steal PH Xern's boosts but has to watch out for Thunder Cage. Baneful Bunker also throws off Pixilate Xern's Metronome count in a pinch. Pixilate Xern with Strength Sap can break past Zama-C but has to be careful not to have its Sap bounced back from Tapu Fini. Groudon and Palkia also deal massive damage and outspeed Modest Xerneas, but Palkia needs to watch out for Extreme Speed sets. Offensive Eternatus can be annoying to deal with, especially non-Choiced sets that can pressure Tapu Fini more easily, but they must watch out for paralysis from Cramorant. Other things like burns can really hamper this team but Tapu Fini and Giratina are decent Scald sponges. Opposing Cramorant is also annoying but can be worked around with careful playing or just eliminated with Groudon if you don't mind the paralysis.
Effectiveness: So far I've been surprised by the success this team has had, as it has gone 52-4 on the ladder. A small portion of this run used Zekrom in the last slot, but it hardly saw use on the team and was replaced after the Bolt Beak ban. The team can struggle in certain matchups, especially ones with Xerneas, Eternatus, and Cramorant all on the opposing team but has shown to be pretty consistent nonetheless.
Fiends of Tartarus by Onyx Onix 7
[Stall - Monotype Ghost + Double Poison Heal + Fur/Scales Core]
Hazard a Guess by Quantum Tesseract
[Stall - Hazard Stack + Fur/Scales Core + Eviolite Imposter]
How to Use: You generally want to use chansey as much as possible in the early game, to get an idea of what your opponent is running. You can beat pretty much anything with this, but there are a lot of things (random trappers with stuff like toxic, imprisonform, etc that aren't obvious from team preview) that can be a pain in the ass if you don't know they're ahead of time. Generally, try to play cautiously; this team excells in the long term, so as long as you don't fuck up long lasting games are generally in your favor. You want to try and have at least one hazard layer up whenever you can, but don't worry about stacking it too early!
1. Good Hazard control. If they have Self Improof CC + PixiSpin Xerneas, Spin + Shore Magearna, Dual Defog, etcetera, then the team has a lot more trouble doing its job. None of these are insurmountable, as you have helmet to punish spin, bounce to block sap from Xerneas, and 2 hazards to outlas dual defog, but it can equalize the MU. Magearna is probably the most threatening of these even if it's not objectively as good as xern. Shed Shell Imposter can make this easier and is definitely worth considering, I've run it a few times and it tends to be a bit less reliable vs most teams but a much easier time vs some specificly threatening ones.
2. Mold Breaker physical attackers. Mold Breaker Zekrom or Lando-T were the ones I ran into most, but anything with a good attack stat and a threatening coverage spread can be a pain, like Ho-Oh. You can usually play around it unless it's got very specific coverage but it requires active play.
3. Shed Shell Imposter. In short games, like when they're very weak to hazards (especially ones where their improofing can't do its job after a few spikes / sr), it's not really an issue, but if they have good hazard setters of their own or the longevity to make PP stalling a factor it can be a major threat, especially if their team has enough trappers to neutralize your imposter. Keep an eye on damage rolls and make use of Zama-C / Zygarde / Chansey to remove their items, or at least threaten them out so they can't waste 20 of your PP, and try not to bring in Magearna too much.
Effectiveness: Very effective. It's super easy to use, and has a lot of success on ladder. I got 100 above second place using it, and it's had some good tour performance. I made it for GL Volkner to use in finals for OMWC and used it in early rounds of BH Open. I don't have a ton of replays here unfort because I decided against RMTing this one.
Abbey Road by a loser
[Balance - PH Palkia + Adaptability Yveltal]
Description: Fat-ish offense with mixed PH Palkia, late game cleaner Yveltal, and a defensive core that isn't super passive.
How to Use: Leading with Bunker on Palkia is a good idea to activate its orb and potentially punish pivot leads. Palkia pressures a ton of things with its STABs and potential to spread status, so it puts in good work. RegenVest Zama-C is a pretty solid general special check and can scout for choice items while pivoting out. Ho-Oh keeps hazards off the field with -ate Rapid Spin and can pressure offense and certain walls with its STABs too. Bring Yveltal in only when needed, as it needs to stay health in order to put in the most work. Once the opposing team is weakened a bit though, it can do some major damage and just win. Zygarde-C hangs out until PH Gigas comes in or other random setup sweepers.
Weaknesses: Glacial Lance is pretty annoying since only really Zama-C can take it well and it can get owned by V-create or other coverage that Glance users commonly run. Zacian-C puts in some work with this move and can 2HKO Lunala with Sunsteel Strike but risks being Nuzzled. PH Xern is annoying to deal with but Palkia can outspeed and dent it with Rend, Zama-C can steal boosts and use Iron Head, and Ho-Oh resists it and can 2HKO with V-create.
Effectiveness: This team has faired well on the ladder so far, helping me win at least 15 games in a row. It has enough of what you need to handle various ladder threats like setup, Normalize, etc. I haven't faced full stall with it yet, but it should be able to give it trouble. Here's a replay below. Not having hazards (or Court Change) makes the team feel a little odd, but Spin support and the power of the offensive mons has worked well.
All In by Champion Leon
[Balance - Cramorant Support + Double Ice Scales]
Description: Disable while denting, Disarm with walling, open up several forms of passive damage, all while maintaining momentum as you sweep their weakened and statused remaining last resorts. *Gulp*
How to Use: Inspired by another user's non-optimal version (wrong form, not the best moves), I upgraded to Cramorant-Gorging to achieve an unremovable ability that both deals 25% damage and paralyzes any foe that deals (even non-contact) damage; while contact moves receive 41.66% flat damage before you even use an attack. . Typically if you aren't using Endure, Flip Turn allows you to pivot the turn you leave your foe around 1/2 health, keeping up your momentum and an easy KO / forced switch the following turn. With your check safely pivoted in, you can decide between your switch-in likely being Pheromosa to maintain momentum via U-Turn, or ensuring their switches are not free with Eternatus to easily set-up hazards. Being able to send in Cramorant when your foe sends in a Rapid Spin user can easily double-up on the status and passive damage delivered, and means pivoting to Pheromosa allows you to easily dent to gradually wear down the foe's team, be it HO or defensive. Pheromosa's Glacial Lance secures its 1HKO on Zygarde-C, Wicked Blow's 1HKOs Calyrex-S. and Close Combat will force out non Fur Coat Zamazenta-C.

While keeping momentum is key, so is reducing your foe's own momentum, which is why Anchor Shot Doublade, and Thousand Waves Prankster Zygarde-C can easily trap. Zygarde-C also benefits from he massive PP of Haze, while both can prevent Rapid Spin either via Ghost-type or by a speedy Court Change before the Rapid Spin can happen, waiting to return hazards back once the Rapid Spinner cannot remove it. Eternatus becomes an effective tank, resisting many physical moves (V-Create, Bolt Beak, Fighting, Fishous Rend, etc.), while Ice Scales makes it surprisingly effective at taking even super effective hits, with Core Enforcer and Volt Switch removing ability effects before pivoting. Lastly, Yveltal can work wonders to mixed sweep, and potentially trap Imposter if the foe gets greedy, while hitting common defensive options like Zygarde-C, Giratina, and opposing Yveltal with its coverage. Doublade and Yveltal have excellent synergy, as does Zygarde-C, making them great switch-ins to their teammates' counters. Ultimately you focus on racking up status and early passive damage, tanking any opposing set-up, and HO, then trapping and gradually leaving dents for Yveltal or Pheromosa to finish off their now slower, and weakened team.

Weaknesses: Glacial Lance threatens members of the team, nevertheless, Doublade handles it well, although it can get threatened by V-create and Wicked Blow. Pheromosa can defeat Normalize Ghost-types, but it may have trouble pivoting in, unless its coming from Cramorant-Gorging, which blocks Entrainment, and punishes any attacks. Anchor Shot on Doublade can threaten, and trap Xerneas, with Ice Scales proving useful against even its Fire / Ground coverage, and steal set-up with Spectral Thief, but -Ate Boomburst does threaten Zygarde-C and Yveltal, while Extreme Speed can handle Pheromosa. Zacian-C can be a threat to Yveltal, and Zygarde-C, but Doublade can Spectral Thief, Phermosa can finish off chipped ones in mid-late game, and Cramorant-Gorging can simply come in, and paralyze / dent, while pivoting to set-up Yveltal to KO with Power Trip. Lastly, Zygarde-C can remove boosts and use Thousand Wavesto prevent it from switching non-pivots, and Eternatus can take V-Creates. and Bolt Beaks, resists it and can Shore Up stall, and set-up Spikes, before it pivots to its preferred check of choice.

Effectiveness: This team has an 12/15 win ratio, and doesn't fail to maintain wins even against the same foes in rematches. The key here is everyone has a unique role, and no Pokemon feels too similar to its teammates, while momentum is key in keeping you one step ahead of the opponents. I have to say Cramorant-Gorging is the best use of a sacrificial switch-in, and if it can deal paralysis, 25% damage (or 41.67% with Rocky Helmet) at least twice, and can deter HO from even wanting to use an attack move (including pivots), it leaves them in a state of flux, and has served its purpose well. From here, once they feel forced out, I can begin the hazards setting, and pivoting damage to gradually wear down their offensive and defensive options. The opponent usually has the best chance to win early on in the game, but by mid-game, it tilts in my favor, as I meticulously wear down, and force switches, leaving the foe in a compromised position. Goal - be patient, don't feel rushed, take your time, and slowly let their panic be their downfall.
Let's Dance by XxSevagxX
[Bulky Offense - Adaptability Blacephalon + Choice Specs Xerneas]
Description: Balanced team, with two complementary anti-meta special breakers(Blacephalon & Xerneas), solid defensive backbone to soft check the majority of the meta(AV Zygarde, Eviolite Imposter, prank Registeel), and solid longevity with pheal Calyrex-Ice and AV Zygarde)

How to Use: In the early a solid rule of thumb is to scout sets with Imposter Chansey, and Zygarde, while searching for switchins to safely get in either Blacephalon and Xerneas frealy. Generally you should be clicking Volt-Switch early on to scout, unless going for a hard read. After sufficient scouting, try to safely activate Calyrex-Ice's toxic orb. Calyrex-Ice should be used to put pressure on defensive walls by wearing them down, setting up spikes to allows Xerneas and Blacephalon to score 2hkoes or OHKoes on incoming pokemon. Once the opposing team has been properly scouted, you should make it your priority to keep momentum, by keeping Blacephalon and Xerneas in the game as much as possible, spamming Volt Switch with them, and fishing for opportunities to KO. Choice Scarf Blacephalon should be used to offensively pressure Pheromosa and Zacian-Crowned. Xerneas is used as the primary breaker. Against stall, you should abuse Calyrex-Ice's crazy high pp to put a lot of pressure, and against offense try to slow down the opposition with Imposter and Zygarde to get one of the breakers in for free. Note: Calyrex-Ice is used to 2hko Zamazenta-Crowned and Regigigas with Low Kick. (try to burn Zamazenta-Crowned before comitting to Low Kick though)

Weaknesses: The team is weak to teams with a Regenvest + Scales core, as well as teams with strong Poison heal cores. Ho-Oh can give the team some trouble but Diamond Storm on Xerneas with minimal chip is used to KO it. Poison Heal Xerneas is a massive pain for the team, as it makes progress against it very effectively. A combination of Calyrex-Ice, Zygarde, and Registeel can soft check, but it will still often put work against it. Zacian-Crowned can also make progress against this team. Generally a combination of Imposter and Blacephalon is used to win late game against it. Other than that the team is relatively solid, and is pretty flexible to suit most play styles.

Effectiveness: I have gone around 20-0 with this team on ladder as it took me from 82% GXE --> 90.2% GXE. I have beaten others using omwc teams with it but have also lost to a couple omwc teams. I have had general success with it in the Daily Ladders, and challenging friends with it, but it does lose every once in a while against strong teams, though as a ladder team, it was extremely successful and due to how flexible it is and the cushioning Prankster + Imposter provides I believe it should be relatively easy to use.

Purple Stall by XxSevagxX
[Stall - Double Poison Heal + Fur/Scales Core]
This is a stall team which I have found a lot of success with. I’m currently sitting at 3rd on the ladder using it. I’ve used it in room tours 3 times, and have won all 3 times with it. I used this team in the OM Livetour circuit and made it to the finals. I’m also pretty sure I’ve beaten everybody in the top 10 with it. I can explain the team if needed, but here’s a quick run down on why I think this is a good sample team. The team is composed of 2 Poison Heal pokemon, 1 Fur Coat, 1 Ice Scales, 1 Magic Bounce, and 1 Imposter, pretty standard. The team in general is very simple to use. The strategy here is to be in control of the game. With solid typing, bulk, Imposter, and longevity from Poison Heal, it allows for the team to wall a majority of the metagame and stay alive for a really long time. This gives the user the opportunity to get a better understanding of the meta. The main wincons of the team are burns, hazards, and Imposter. Though the team does struggle with Belly Drum Unburden because I don’t have Prankster.

To sum it up, this team is super consistent and easy to use, and can still be used successfully in higher level play.
The Nightmare Realm by Onyx Onix 7
[Stall - Double Poison Heal + Fur/Scales Core + Toxic Orb Imposter]
1584124831349.png Shingeki no Kyogin by DarkRisingRay
[Semi-Stall - PH Regigigas + Double Ice Scales]
Description: a solid defense against the current meta. Team makes use of stall tactics to cripple and counter opposing teams with Attack Titan (regigigas) n Armoured Titan (zamazenta c) being the main strikeforce.

How to use your team: Your lead depends on the opponents team, if you suspect they have imposter, lead with the Cart Titan (umbreon) n knock off n glare then teleport to a poison healer. If the team looks physically threatening or has regifleki or zacian, lead with the Armoured Titan as he handles all non stab V creates well n from ho oh.

Slow n steady, feel out your opponent's team, look out for mons that set up hazards or boosts. Armoured Titan is best for this for just 1st turn clicking taunt to prevent setup, healing, imprison n teleport while locking the enemy in place n giving it some swift kicks. In this heavy meta, all those kicks do big damage.

Cart Titan is a Godsend against most if not all calyrex movesets, with glare to bring it down to your speed. Spread glares n use teleport to add pressure with the switching normally beong gigas or zam.

Beast Titan (Giratina) lives non specs attacks from calyrex n is there to stop stat boosting or lock mons into a move. Female Titan (Tapu fini) is the reshiram n pheal xern answer n spinner. Hint: rapid spin increasing speed actually makes her a bit threatening.

Jaw Titan (solgaleo) was a late addition as i was having trouble with pixilate xern and wanted rocks to deter frequent switches(in the replays I had toxic). He can trap itself n the Female Titan.

The Attack Titan is very standard n needs no explanation, just don't stay in on opposing zam Cs, swicth to the Armoured or Beast Titan to handle those

Weaknesses: Mixed attackers like palkia n reshiram n the odd extreme speed pixilate xern. Ive been thinking of adding flash fire ferrothorn to deal with it but haven't gotten around to it, probably replace either solgaleo or tapu fini for it.
Some mold breaker sets. Encore n taunt are key here.
Spore on Armoured, Beast or Cart Titan can really tilt the balance heavily in your opponent's favour. Abosrb as much as possible with the Female n Attack Titan.

Effectiveness: The team is very effective giving me a 36 Win streak and consistent wins. Keep your key defensive mons relatively healthy as if you lose 1, it will be difficult to get back. Tbh the Armoured Titan is the selling point of the team with its taunt that just shuts down teams.

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First thoughts on the generation:

Zacian-Crowned in SWSH BH is far more insane than Primal Groudon in SM BH. Considering that Steel types aren't that amazing (Melmetal and Zamazenta being the main ones since the Aegi nerf) it isn't really that difficult to just straight up win games with this mon, and it doesn't really help that not only is it also able to stay in on Imposter with some sets, but also Imposter in general is a lot less bulky this gen so it can't always switch in. If I'm being honest I'd have my doubts about this mon being legal even in unlimited dex BH. Fuck Zacian.

Dragapult is the new Gengar, yes - But the issue with it is that it's not Zacian lol. Let's be honest, Zacian can run p much whatever the hell it wants, and it has bulk to boot. With Trick or even just "unsets" (as if those exist) like Pixilate or Intreprid Sword w Bullet Punch, Dragapult will have a lot to worry about.

People need to use Zekrom more - but again, it's not Zacian. It needs Terrain support, and takes full damage from Stealth Rock and has to take Toxic Spikes. Even so, the mon w Bolt Beak and Surge Surfer is fucking nuts. There aren't that many good grounds and dragons can't really answer Zekrom that well.

Gyarados isn't awful in rain. The main problem is that with stuff like Zekrom and Eternatus in the meta it has a really hard time getting the OHKOs it wants with Fishious Rend, but neither of these things can switch in unless Prankster.

Court Change is overrated, here's why. Suppose rocks are up on your side. You Court Change. You've only just put rocks up on the opp's side, and you'll just have to deal with them again later. You may not be able to remove them. Court Change is best ran with Defog, but at that point why do you have it?

Eternatus is solid. Or it would be if Zacian wasn't here LOL but Tinted Specs has shown to be good and it removes TSpikes. Defensive sets are fine too.

One last thing before I close out this post - Ability clause just got deleted. Personally I don't think this means much for the meta, but I've been trying to create a multi-Imposter team for shits and giggles so once that's done I'll probably post saying how it went.

That's me byebye

e: ban dynamax
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Meet our new Normalize Ghost GL Volkner alluded to, Dragapult:

Dragapult @ Ghost Memory
Ability: Normalize
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Entrainment
- Multi-Attack
- Shift Gear
- Fishious Rend

Man, does Mega Gengar wish it had this guy's speed tier.

Ideally, this guy Entrainments the ability off the opponent fast enough, so I figured I'd go with Fishious Rend instead of a Moldy move. If they've got Magic Bounce, at least Water has no type immunities, unlike Bolt Beak's Electric.

Watch this guy eat Magic Bounce Knock Off, among other things.

On another note, I got to watch some lower-ladder BH games, and even there, No Retreat needs to be paired with a switch-out move, or you're going to eat a Spectral Thief/Topsy-Turvy and screw yourself over. Clangorous Soul looks great with Poison Heal or maybe recovery, though.
I’m rather sad: all the nicest pokes were removed. Especially my favourite PixilateESpeed MDiancie.
Speaking of which Mega Evolutions and Z-moves are not allowed here as well, right?
That is correct, we will be sticking to what is coded in the game.
Lame. Sticking with whats in the game in a meta that isn't even playable in game. Why reduce potential metagame variety just because GameFreak decided to limit the dex? Its one thing if this was a real meta, that is based directly on coded information, like OU, but it isn't, so why should this meta retain those limitations?
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This doggo might be the first dog that needs to go.

Zacian-Crowned @ Choice Band
Ability: Gorilla Tactics
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly / Adamant Nature
- Sunsteel Strike / Double Iron Bash
- V-create / Play Rough
- Bolt Beak / Precipice Blades / Photon Geyser / Close Combat
- Trick / Stealth Rock / What else does this even need?

Well, the dog doesn't really need to go but I couldn't resist the pun. But Gorilla Tactics, as fun as it is to use, is incredibly restricting on this brand new meta that lacks the choice of walls the previous generation had.

The premier choice of walls for this set include but aren't limited to Zamazenta, Melmetal, and Toxapex. The first two prefer to run Fur Coat to have a shot at walling sets that don't use V-create as coverage while Toxapex prefers to run Prankster.

+1 252+ Atk Choice Band Zacian-Crowned V-create vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Fur Coat Zamazenta-Crowned: 328-386 (84.5 - 99.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
+1 252+ Atk Choice Band Zacian-Crowned V-create vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Fur Coat Melmetal: 330-390 (69.6 - 82.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
+1 252 Atk Choice Band Zacian-Crowned Play Rough vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Zamazenta-Crowned: 223-264 (57.4 - 68%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
+1 252 Atk Choice Band Zacian-Crowned Precipice Blades vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Melmetal: 402-474 (84.8 - 100%) -- 6.3% chance to OHKO after Leftovers recovery
252 Atk Choice Band Zacian-Crowned Bolt Beak (85 BP) vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Toxapex: 182-216 (59.8 - 71%) -- guaranteed 2HKO (Assuming Pex moved first with Prankster Strength Sap)

If you want other ways to wall this mon, you can opt for things like Volt Absorb/Levitate Toxapex, Fur Coat/Volt Absorb Golisopod, or Levitate/Fur Coat Reshiram or Zekrom, but each of these can still be defeated by the right coverage. Either Pex set loses to Thousand Arrows or Photon Geyser and Fur Coat Golisopod takes 81.9 - 96.6% from Bolt Beak and is even a 2HKO by V-create after any chip. Levitate Reshiram and Zekrom also hate Thousand Arrows and are 2HKO and OHKO by Play Rough, respectively. Fur Coat Resh/Zek are both 2HKO at best by the right coverage. Not to mention that each of these options outside of Reshiram aren't doing much back to Zacian other than fishing for a Scald burn or hoping to chip Zacian some before it just switches out.

Imposter users can force Zacian out if they happen to come in safely, but that doesn't happen often from what I've seen in this meta other than on turn one. Imposter users most definitely cannot safely switch in to an incoming attack, though. Wobbuffet is cleanly OHKO by V-create and cleanly 2HKO by Sunsteel Strike. Eviolite Munchlax is also cleanly OHKO by V-create, is cleanly 2HKO by Precipice Blades, and has a 42.2% chance to be 2HKO by Sunsteel.

Basically, this mon is extremely fast and either 2HKOs or OHKOs the entire meta fairly easily and causes a panic each time it gets a free turn, which is often. Without Gorilla Tactics, it will still be a very dangerous threat while also being much less restricting on the meta. Intrepid Sword is another conversation to have, but it at least can be hazed, sapped, or stolen.


Gorilla Tactics Zacian also severely limits its doggo counterpart, Zamazenta, to basically one set in Fur Coat. While this set is great already and is also imposing on the meta with Body Press, this mon is almost forced to run it and be present on every team. It takes away from other potential sets Zama could run with its choice of almost any other defensive (or offensive) ability.
Sleep still exists without a clause on the ladder and that needs to go ASAP.

I think v-create is actually a huge problem since it hits almost all mons above 600 BST SE and close to one shots everything else. If I really wanted to I could probably make a sun team around gorrila tactics vcreate and completely tear through pretty much any stall team in the meta.

Body press is insanely hard to stop because it deals >50% to nearly all defensive mons I have tried even unboosted. It basically mandates any stall team has aegislash because haze is completely inadequate to deal with it and many fur coat users still struggle with it. Burn is completely ineffectual at stopping it and its really hard to take down a mon with cotton guard and fur coat up so I have spent many games just trying to pp stall it which is honestly ridiculous. You know its bad when people are running soak zamazenta.

Gorilla Tactics and Intrepid Sword are unbelievably broken. pls stop.

I really dislike banning mons on principle but i can see the argument for why Zacian needs to go. It's kind of stupid honestly.

Bolt beak- why is this allowed?

If I had to choose which of these to ban first there is no question in my mind that it is body press. I have seen teams with 6 mons running body press and peaking and there is a reason for that. It is almost impossible to check when your opponent can just run a bunch of fur coat and scrappy zazmantas and it completely centralizes team building. I've played about 100 games on the ladder so far and in those games these threats have been the ones that have obviously stood out to me as bannable
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Thoughts on the meta rn:

actually burn does halve the damage body press users do to you, and I run prankster WoW on my prankster users to get it activated. At least that's how it works on the simulator. I've also tried out eviolite prankster Doublade which has even better physical bulk than Aegi. Haven't found much use for special bulk rn on my Prank users, FF Ferro holds against most of that shit including Hydreigon, MMY with Sheer Force, Darm-Z...

I do agree about Zac. I've heard a lot about the Guerilla Tactics set, and I've also had a lot of success running Technician Shell Smash with: Bonemerang, Double Iron Bash, Shell Smash and filler. I run Knock off to give utility before I am ready to set up because Zac forces so many switches that you can just knock random stuff off.

Darm-Z-G (darmanitan-zen-galar) is a cool threat with 160 atk and 135 Spe. Pretty much a cooler Kyurem-B because Dragon/Ice is a fairly redundant typing. Fire/Ice is way better, and Darm-ZG is a lot quicker. I've been running no retreat/pyro ball/multi attack/sunsteel @ Ground Memory (sadly, this set is not self improof because Darm-ZG is ohkoed by Pyro Ball). I use FF Ferro to improof this as well, and the Ground Memory lets me hit Toxapex though Bolt Beak can do this as well. Ground Memory just hits the Prankster set harder after a haze.
But I could see a choiced Guerilla/IS set working as well, though Icicle Crash is a fairly weak move, and there are plenty of Ice resists running around rn.

Imposter: Imposter both gained and lost this meta. On the positive side, the meta is a lot more offensive which means that Imposter can often countersweep after a few shaky Improofs get removed or things get paralyzed. Pikachu @ Light Ball is very scary with support. The con is that without Chansey and blissey, it's a good deal less bulky, with people resorting to Wobbafat @ Choice Scarf or Munchlax at Eviolite. Pretty sure Scarf is just better right now.

Double Iron Bash is really tough to deal with after setup like Smash or Shift Gear, because you often have to risk your wall flinching (51% chance), unless it's Prankster, and that can be easily punished with a double. It also breaks Focus Sash, so teams can't use Sash Spectral Thief to stop sweepers using it.
Agreed with most of what was said, with the absence of the omnipresent walls of last gen(Gira, Registeel, POgre, Mag, MAudino etc) defensive options are a lot more limited.

A few thoughts are

1. Sleep Clause ASAP, I think it's been discussed already far too much last gen

2. Intrepid Sword and Gorilla tactics are both abilities that should be discussed, the former more than the latter, however. I'm not too sure on whether Zacian itself is the main problem in terms of being able to abuse these abilities but I'll need to play more to make a judgment.

3. With blissey and chansey being gone imposter needs to find new users so with some calcs I started to look for some replacements which come down to Wobbuffet for obvious reasons and the next best eviolite user which ends up being munchlax, unless there's a new mon I forgot about.

Using magearna to model for Zacian(gorilla tactics choice band ), Eviolite munchlax is 2hkoed by sunsteel and PBlades

+1 252+ Atk Choice Band Magearna Sunsteel Strike vs. +1 252 HP / 252 Def Magearna: 237-279 (50 - 58.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

Wobbufet is 2hko'd too and potentially dies to Pblades
+1 252+ Atk Choice Band Magearna Sunsteel Strike vs. 252 HP / 252 Def Magearna: 354-417 (60.6 - 71.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
+1 252+ Atk Choice Band Magearna Precipice Blades vs. 252 HP / 252 Def Magearna: 566-668 (96.9 - 114.3%) -- 81.3% chance to OHKO

but can OHKO back
+1 252+ Atk Magearna Precipice Blades vs. 252 HP / 252 Def Magearna: 378-446 (97.4 - 114.9%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO


The Xatu Warrior
so just bringing up that idk if you know this yet, but turns out just because a move has a description aside from "delete asap" doesn't mean its usable.

guy hacks in darkrai, ominous wind provides the "Delete asap" message, dark void does not, both are not usable.

basically, id bring ALL moves with no learners onto the table. some exaples of big staples that might go missing: Geomancy, V-create, diamond storm, tail glow, to name a few. another thing to note, is darkrais move data still applies to the pikachu-darkrai hybrid. so dark void should still treat it as a darkrai, thus, allow it to use the move.
I would say that in its current state the meta is nearly unplayable. BH has a history of having really long suspects but I think it's at the point where so much stuff needs to get fixed that we should look at the option of quick banning several things so the meta can actually be somewhat serviceable.


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Corsola-Galar @ Eviolite
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD
Sassy Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
- U-turn
- Roost
- Aromatherapy/whatever
- Haze

ive had a lot of success with this set so far in the early metagame. So far I’ve seen a lot of set up, and with ability ingoring Moves running around I think prank haze is really good. Walls some Zamazenta sets, and is great support. There probably is a better user for this set, but this is what ive used so far
I've tooled around a little bit with some silly stuff on the meta so far, mainly spamming a bad 6 Banded Intrepid Sword Zacian team because I am everything that is wrong with the world. I don't see reason to take things too seriously until the coding's all done and we're certain whether the "Delete plz" moves are usable or not. (Hoping not because I've love to see stuff like Sunsteel Strike go die in a fire.)

One note, while Cotton Guard Body Press is annoying, it's seemingly best user, currently, is Zamazenta. One super overlooked move to help deal with it is... Sacred Sword. It's been a kinda crummy move most of the time its existed in BH, but it shines against Body Press Zama since it both ignores Cotton Guard boosts and is super effective. My cancer wolves can nearly OHKO Zama with the move. I'm sure something with STAB that sets up along Zamza or runs a Sash to set up in its face could trivially OHKO.

Not saying that makes Body Press shennanigans "not broken" or not (way too early to tell), but it is an option.

There's also Chip Away, but lolChipAway.

Also, Shedinja seems to be a hard stop to any Dynamax shenannigans, or at least most. Outside of Max Ice/Rock moves weather (which it can Goggle), there aren't any normal Max moves that hurt Shedinja. There might be a G-Max move I'm overlooking, however. Dynamax regardless feels manageable currently, as Max moves are a heck of a lot easier to tank than Z-moves and the Dynamax Pokemon loses all of its utility moves, like Taunt, Recover, status, pivoting, etc. Also some mons (fairies, dragons, ice, rocks) also risk taking an effective pre-STAB, pre-item, pre-ability, pre-boost BP 400 attack from Behemoth Blade, Dynamax Cannon, and... Zama's move whose name I forget if they go giant. Ouch!


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sword and shield rly changed the metagame a lot.......all the good mons gone but i do hv a few suggestions for substitution. (lol its gonna be worse)
btw we can use 'unreleased' mons currently, like reshiram but they technically arent in SwSh... can someone confirm if it is a bug thx

NormGar to Dragapult: both ghosts are super fast, as Dragapult is even faster, I think it does a better job on spamming entrainment on low ladder. however as it got a damn 100 spA from 170 it's gonna boost quite a bit before it can efficiently sweep. Also as this gen introduces the overpowered zacian-crowned and its still faster than our ghostly dragon it's not gonna be as useful as u thought.

Prankster/Mbounce/FlashFireSteel/Fur Coat: These are basically on mons that got huge sheer bulk, exact mon depends on yr team, but same again LOTS of those have been removed. ones that remain include golisopod, snorlax, melmetal, zamazenta?, hippowdon????, solgaleo, steelix (poor no mega), toxapex (im not saying its good in gen7 ok) and...idk

Aegislash got nerfed i kinda dont wanna use it

also ICE SCALES IS OUT BOIS so things like Melmetal, Golisopod get huge buffs in stalling. Zamazenta also get an alternative of being specially defensive if its pretending to be fur coat Steelix

I changed Reshiram for some Primogres, namely PHeal Qdance, im not sure on RegenVest as it kinda lacks a bit bulk...

Onto the legendaries, Kyurems are 'unreleased' atm but ofc I'm spamming those refrigerators. I currently don't see anything that completely checks/walls it as they could be priority specs scarf mixed... that looks scary

Ho-Oh, Dialga, Giratina, Xerneas, Yveltal, Regigigas, all the good old mons gone rip (megas mega rip)
Zacian-Crowned is definitely gonna dominate the meta (at least for a while)

Honestly all the removed mons punched a rly big hole here, im looking forward to seeing how the gen8 bh beta will change

(Also give respect to gamefreak they didnt remove the 1hp god)
resh, zek, kyurem, bulbasaur line, squirtle line, celebi, mew, mewtwo, jirachi, the muskateers+keldeo, rowlette line, popillio line, and litten line, cosmog, solgaleo, lunala, necrozma, and melmetal line (lol we almost thought they weren't in the game) have been confirmed to be in the games code, likely being stuff you can bring over from pokemon home/ obtain via event. if we can hack them in via gameshark-like-methods, we can use them in BH.
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some exaples of big staples that might go missing: Geomancy, V-create, diamond storm, tail glow, to name a few.
notably v-create and accelerock are both 100% functional
i think this is already in showdown? but not sure
EDIT: I want to share a set that I used to really good success in BH Beta, but hasn't been working with the bulkier current meta - Unburden Darm!
Darmanitan-Zen-Galar @ Psychic Seed / Normal Gem
Ability: Unburden
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- V-create
- Close Combat
- Psychic Fangs / Earthquake / Bolt Beak / Fake Out
- Spore / Lovely Kiss / Bolt Beak

V-Create isn't strong enough to OHKO Zam without sun boost (or Etern without Psysurge Max Psychic Fangs) - but dynamaxed Darm-Z-G is real strong. Dynamaxed Darmanitan-Z-G notably survives a +2 DIB from Zacian (without Rocks) and proceeds to OHKO. Get Unburden up, then sweep teams with a weakened defensive core. Speed Boost is probably better - but Unburden is improofed. Also, Photon Geyser turns into a special move if dynamaxed (at least on showdown) so Psychic Fangs are prefrered.
Anything that resists V-Create can take on this set, so a partner like Mold Breaker Scarf Darm-Z-G or Zacian is preferred. This set may not even need Unburden if on a Webs team, outspeeding Zacian without the ability.
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Apparently, "Shore Up does not exist in Gen8."
"Bonemerang does not exist in Gen 8."
"Steam Eruption does not exist in Gen 8."
can anyone give a full list of the updated moves? im begging that it is a bug

EDIT: is ice face exclusive to Eiscue like disguise to Mimikyu does? it didn't specify like "If Eiscue", and changing Eiscue's form involves a stat change

Why is it that someone who can copy a mon 6 times can beat someone who has an actual team? Pretty much sums up how awful gen 8 is.

Can we at least consider banning forms of setup. Like I mean last gen we decided to go after shed (which went extremely well I hear) and now this gen they took away all the walls with base stat totals above 600 and crammed a bunch of OP breakers and moves down our throats. The problem is if anything multiple times worse than it was in the (already bad) last gen.
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Champion Leon


Why is it that someone who can copy a mon 6 times can beat someone who has an actual team? Pretty much sums up how awful gen 8 is.

Can we at least consider banning forms of setup. Like I mean last gen we decided to go after shed (which went extremely well I hear) and now this gen they took away all the walls with base stat totals above 600 and crammed a bunch of OP breakers and moves down our throats. The problem is if anything multiple times worse than it was in the (already bad) last gen.
I feel like you could have saved Reshiram from the second Photon Geyser, and preserved it for its strong Fire coverage to break its Steel typing, and that could have been done by Dynamaxing sooner with Golisipod.

In either case, I appreciate your use of Darmanitan-Zen Mode, as it is the absolute best counter to Zacian, which actually still holds even after considering the ones you faced had Photon Geyser, over SunSteel Strike. That move to avoid Spiky Shield and King’s Shield doesn’t hold a candle to Darmanitan-Z.

If you had given it Blue Flare, Fur Coat, and had Haze, Topsy Turvey, and / or Spectral Thief on any pokemon, then I would think you would perform much better. Even Destiny Bond, Perish Song, etc. would be great force out options. Give the defensive legendary Zamata Fur Coat, and it will do very well, especially if it had Spectral Thief.
Apparently, "Shore Up does not exist in Gen8."
"Bonemerang does not exist in Gen 8."
"Steam Eruption does not exist in Gen 8."
can anyone give a full list of the updated moves? im begging that it is a bug

EDIT: is ice face exclusive to Eiscue like disguise to Mimikyu does? it didn't specify like "If Eiscue", and changing Eiscue's form involves a stat change
Aw, I just played 2 days ago and it validated my team.
Apparently, "Shore Up does not exist in Gen8."
"Bonemerang does not exist in Gen 8."
"Steam Eruption does not exist in Gen 8."
can anyone give a full list of the updated moves? im begging that it is a bug
Sadly, it is not a bug. It is a feature-related introduced in Generation 8, where some moves are unclickable in the game.
Here is the proof from Mechanics Research in case you don't believed in me. It also includes pictures coming from the cartridge itself.
Reminder that this is stated on the OP:
"Balanced Hackmons (BH) is an Other Meta that allows you to use nearly anything possible that you can battle with in a local battle between players, in the most current cartridge."

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