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Programming Pokémon Showdown Damage Calculator

Rivalry is showing that pokemon that share a gender with the target (male pokemon vs male pokemon), do less damage than when they attack a pokemon with a different gender (male vs female)

It's a calc bug. Zamazenta's on switch in boost is not calculated in the calc. Proof is in the replay and in the calc itself. The tested sets were the ones that are in the calc.
The ranges : +6 252+ Atk Linoone Stomping Tantrum vs. +1 64 HP / 0 Def Zamazenta-Crowned: 346-408 (101.4 - 119.6%) -- guaranteed OHKO
It is supposed to ohko but it deals 69% damage to the zamazenta. Which is the range at "+2"
+6 252+ Atk Linoone Stomping Tantrum vs. +2 64 HP / 0 Def Zamazenta-Crowned: 232-274 (68 - 80.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
So two issues:
  1. Utility umbrella not ignoring rain's damage boost
  2. Celesteela's "OU usage" set is seems mixed up, the movesets are the typical protect,leech seed set yet the EVs are max spa and max speed with modest as if it's the meteor beam set.
sand is misimplemented in adv


this ones correct cause it correctly implements sand in the turn order, so it records this as being a sure 2hko


which isnt reflected here, sulcalc implements these slightly more niche, harder to catch things p well;

making some more small tweaks to account for more niche stuff like would be great

sorry to bother, awesome tool overall, thanks for all the hard work
I was wondering if we could Add Ingrain and Aqua Ring to the Damage Calculator as a Button. We have Leech Seed, so why not Ingrain and Aqua Ring. Its mainly useful to see if Leftis + Ingrain or Aqua Ring get you out of range of something. Would be great if it could get added.
Minor Bug since the last Update of the Import function for custom sets few days ago. When I scroll down my imported pkmn and press enter and scroll down from there I automatically jump to the first one instead of the next pkmn in the list when I reach number 30 or 31.

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