Pokemon Merchandise thread

To celebrate selling almost 300,000,000 Pokemon Kids (no seriously, that's what they're called), Bandai is re-releasing their packaging from October 1996.

From 1300 on June 12th to 2359 on June 25th, you can choose which of the 151 first generation Pokemon they will release in the above packaging in December. If the poll reaches 300,000,000 votes, they will even give away a golden Pikachu that weighs 300g (that's 300,000,000 micrograms!)

Some fans have begun to show off their collection from all these years:

Ah, I rarely come here lately. But anyway, I was looking for references for my artworks when I find this:


Big Size Snorelax now. As long as 1m (around 87cm on default sitting pose), it certainly makes a good sofa for children or cuddle toy.
Apparently part of Pikapika-summer campaign.
Too bad, it isn't life-sized like the once memetic giant plush before, but still....

I must be living under cave for way too long time to miss so many things right now, though....
That... is double the price of Laplace before is it? Holy... it's just about time they go full furry with others too later, like say, Luc or Zoro.

Seriously though, never there's rock puppy lifesize plush. Iwanko when....
Next in line to get the life-size treatment? A 180cm Furret

Gaaaaah!! I have no more money with Switch looming over my insufficient wallet and now this?! I had always wanted to see just how big this is, and hug it like a fluffy pillow, ever since Furret is pretty much the only lovable common rodents ever (granted, among things like Ratta, Diggs bunny, and Trump. Unless you count memetic god Bidoof lovable too.... ) but....:blobsad:

I need these in my life... but why must they be so expensive? Ring is ¥26,000 and the necklace costs ¥26,000 for silver, ¥59,000 for white gold, and ¥69,000 for platinum.
those are pretty bad designs tbh
... I'd say old design, as old as Gen1 itself. Not that the way they arranged the composition is any better (WTF with Blastoise's word overuse?).

Anyway too, for spring, PokeCen is doing throwback with Pikachu, Latias, and Latios.
Yes, 7.8/10 Too much water. It's way too late for the trumpets and "confirmed" jokes now (all of the featured 'mon even came from there), although at least it made me chuckle out of that old memetic times.

I feel so old....
I need these in my life... but why must they be so expensive? Ring is ¥26,000 and the necklace costs ¥26,000 for silver, ¥59,000 for white gold, and ¥69,000 for platinum.
Waaah, those are some ridiculous prices..! It doesn't even look that great on the picture, I would happily skip that, haha.

Anyway too, for spring, PokeCen is doing throwback with Pikachu, Latias, and Latios.
I'm not a big Latios/Latias fan, but those plushies look way too cute! ^^
Some new stuff from JP Pokemon Center on April 13th for the upcoming Mewtwo movie:

Might get the Switch pouch. Also you can get the pre-sale ticket that comes with a code for Mewtwo for PLG on April 12th.
I just want to pipe in here and talk about that I'm starting a Pokemon plush collection. I love the Pokemon Center plushies. They're on par with the San-ei stuff, which San-ei just started fairly recently (I buy frequently from San-ei the Mario plushies). But something gets me really excited when plushies for unexpected things like Salamence and Dartrix become a thing. Sure, they're littered with Pikachus and Eevees, but at least they manage to balance things a bit. But anyway, I'm really liking the sitting cuties collection, being plushies of the first 151 Pokemon. Instantly fell in love with a Spearow plushie I got recently just because Spearow is such a mundane Pokemon who seems like would never get plush format. It just makes me want to have plushies being made for all of them, honestly.

My only complaint about sitting cuties would be the sizes seem to be very compact with larger Pokemon; of course, it's not detraction points, but it kind of limits plush wars I like to enact, such as having the Mario plushie ride a Fearow against Bowser or something. But sitting cuties has a perfect size for smaller base forms like Nidoran and Jakks Pacific, and Pokemon Center. I'll also probably post a wishlist IN CASE someone knows that good plushies of them passed through my radar.



Takara Tomy

Pokemon Center
Mudkip (big)

Jakks Pacific

Really old plushies
Pikachu (yeah, it's the fat one)

and I have a Torchic which I'm not sure what brand it is.

Decidueye (one that's at maybe 9 inches, like the size of my Mario San-ei and won't tower over Bowser like the current Pokemon Center one that's like 12-13 in)
Fearow (a bigger one)
Mega Altaria
Articuno (sitting cutie is way too small; I want something that can look like it can fight Bowser)
Huntail (lol so random but it'll be a miracle if this one gets made)
YESSSSS Porygon2 and Magcargo plushies!!! It's about time Porygon2 got some merchandise after being shafted hard by anime (it's not even Porygon's fault!). Also can't wait to get my hands on Natu (not sure if that's already available as San-ei) and Xatu (which most definitely didn't). And who doesn't want the Steelix plushie to smugly wag your finger at Amity Square on how utterly adorably Steelix truly is.

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