Pokemon Merchandise thread

More goodies have been released. Long post incoming (don't worry, I'll use spoilers):

They're not physical merchandise, but new Pokemon stamps are available on the Line store for those with the app: link.

Following in the footsteps of the Machamp/Alolan Vulpix collaboration with the Hokkaido Nippon HAM Fighters, their foes in last year's finals and this season's Central League Champions, the Hiroshima Carps, are represented by Magikarp:

In addition to the above T-shirts and towel, there will also be A4 clear files and stickers. They will be available starting October 14th, two weeks before the Nippon Series.

As a tie-in to the release of Gold and Silver on the Virtual Console, Nanoblocks of four second-generation Pokemon are being released for ¥1,200 each:

They're set for release in late September, so probably soon lol.

As they say in the north, winter is coming. The temperature this morning dropped to single digits up here in Hokkaido and I put away my fan last night. This set of earmuffs are being released late September (again, probably soon, then) for ¥1,600:

Yep, that's Pikachu on one side and Mimikyu on the other.

There's also a muffler for kids at ¥1,500:

Daiichiyaseipan is releasing four types of bread on October 1st: Malasada, pizza bread, choco chip pancakes, and hot dog for ¥120 each:

October is coming in 2 days, meaning there'll be 3 months left of 2017 (and we're getting closer to USM!). The 2018 Pokemon Calendar] will be available starting September 30th for ¥1,200. While it does seem to be Alola-themed, these pictures don't include any spoilers for USM, unfortunately.

In Japan, osechi-ryouri is traditionally eaten for the New Year. The contents will vary from family to family, restaurant to restaurant, but each individual dish symbolises something different to hope for a better year to come. You can learn more about it from Wikipedia or do your own research on it if it interests you. The Pokemon Company is collaborating with a Kyoto company to produce osechi this year for ¥9,800, in a box the shape of a Poke Ball. This is obviously marketed towards children, as traditional osechi have more dishes and aren't designed in a way to appeal to children, not to mention a lot more expensive. These are for preorder for now and will be delivered in time for the New Year.

Lastly, a set of Apricorn Balls and the GS Ball are going to be released by Bandai Namco. They can be opened and used to store mints. I bought a Master Ball one recently but now I want these too... Click here for more pictures.
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Another week, another batch of goodies.

First up, you may want to get your hands on these for ¥500 each if your desk is looking a little bare.

As you can see, you can use them to hold small items and stationery such as pens, name cards, and rubber bands.

In addition, why not add a weekly calendar to remind yourself of important dates for ¥1,500?

Not sure why Mimikyu is in May given that Halloween is in October.

More Ditto merchandise are here!

Plushes are ¥1,200 each and the smaller ornament ones are ¥800.

I guess the Pokemon Company saw a rise in Ditto-related merchandise sales or something. Try your luck at the Gacha machines (¥300) for these guys.

Vulpix are really popular too, I guess.

Plushes ¥3,000

Charm ¥1,300

Snow globe ¥3,000

Keychain ¥800

Scrunchie ¥1,200

Hand towel ¥600

Mirror ¥1,400

Phone case ¥3,200

Glass cup ¥1,200

B6 notebook ¥600

There are other things too like cushions (¥3,000), bracelets (¥1,400), wallets (¥3,500), pouches (¥1,600), ball pens (¥700), and mini tote bag (¥1,800).
It's been a while (because merchandise the past few weeks has been underwhelming that even I am too lazy to post them), but to add to the USUM hype, some USUM goodies are gonna be available on November 17th, the same day as the game.

Does anyone still use them? This series features the two main Pokemon in USUM, Dusk Mane Necrozma and Dawn Wings Necrozma, as well as Lycanroc-Dusk, now my favourite Lycanroc form.

These make Necrozma and its two new forms a lot less menacing. Necrozma itself is cheaper at ¥3,200, whereas the other two are ¥4,800 each.

The full list of items is shown here, but I'll list them anyway:
Male main character backpack ¥4,000
Female main character shoulder bag ¥3,000
Pikachu T-shirt (men's and women's free size): ¥3,000
Pikachu cap: ¥3,000
A4 clear file: 240
Postcard: ¥150
Mini poster: ¥400
Stickers: ¥500
A5 ring notebook: ¥650
Male and female main character keychain: ¥1,000
Paper theatre: ¥2,200
Ultra Alola Adventure T-shirt (size 130cm): ¥2,500
Ultra Alola Adventure T-shirt (S/M/L): ¥3,000
Mug: ¥1,200
Tote bag: ¥1,500
Deck case and shield: ¥1,000
Necrozma and Cosmog A4 clear file: ¥240
Necrozma and Cosmog postcard: ¥150
Necrozma and Cosmog mini poster: ¥400
I came to read past posts and....
I see, then again I also think GF might want to consider re-doing some sizes of Pokemon so they're on par what we see most of the time like in the anime or other official merchandise. I would also suggest the same thing with weight but that actually has some moves mechanics connected to it so a bit more trickier to change.
Yeah, there's no way they're that big. It would probably make more sense to say that Eeveelutions are a meter long since the Dex never specifies length vs. height vs. wingspan, and Eeveelutions just look the size of medium dogs/large cats. The producer of those products probably just assumed the Dex was giving height measurements.
Apparently, their heights are measured to the tip of their ears. And yes, I'm seriously saying they're that big.

People in Twitter had been posting theirs that have arrived. The earlist I noticed was around October 30th. Including Masuda who visited the Pokemon Company's building. Scrolling down will at least give an example of someone's Vaporeon.

I recently have my little Espeon arriving late due to some problems (I admit, my fault too). I'm sick right now, I'll take pics later when I feel better. But yes, my little Hoshina is really that big. Since her forelegs seem to be supported by some kind of pipes (maybe very tough paper pipes) and too rigid, she may not be as huggable as I had hoped. But her head and ears are pretty soft and plushy. She is just as tall as I am while I sit, she makes perfect companion while I'm drawing or doing stuffs on my lappy on my small desk.

Here's the chart for comparison, scaled to each 20cm. They are apparently not joking when they post this. (And yes, looking at this reminds me how when compared Glaceon's size is too small, as I have complained before in another thread)
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I keep forgetting to post this. This isn't official merchandise, but it should give the Pokemon Company some ideas.

In the shape of a Charjabug (Dendimushi in Japanese translates to "battery bug"). Okay, he probably just made the Charjabug exterior big enough to fit a large AC battery in it. Capable of using USB and Type-C for those new iPhone fast charges, and he claims it can charge a smartphone up to 9 times.

I haven't had my time to take photo of my real-size little Eifie plush but anyway....

Out of curiousity, I came to the US PokeCen site and noticed that they have different sets of campaigns to the Japanese PokeCen. In particular, I find this to be cool.

I have seen those arts I think, particularly, Deciduye? and Incineroar? are taken from their released official artworks, but Primarina looked from the back... Iirc that is taken from the concept art that was leaked few months before SuMn was released (or is it? Maybe the one in concept art were even more backward in view angle, but either way....). And then they stylised it pretty nicely, I already fell in even more love to Primarina now. I must say these are very interesting, not behind the Japanese campaigns.
The plushes they offer is just the previous larger plush they have released before though....

Speaking of plushes, the large Lapras is also being sold in the US PokeCen, I don't know since when. In case anyone's interested....
Which may also mean for you in US, there's hope that the 'Vee plushes will get their turn there too.
Oh, it's been a while...

Remember the previous big Lapras Plush? There's now a Jumbo one:

Now for stuff from the Japan Store.

First, they released the Sinnoh Badges:

They're making a Z-Form Lillie Kotobukiya figure paired with a Clefairy (and a Poke Doll stuffed in her backpack):

The second series of those Poke Ball Terrarium Collection features Pikachu & Togepi playing in the snow, Squritle chillin' in the water, Charizard flying through a smoking volcano, Psyduck & Poliwag keeping dry by the river's shore, Sandshrew & Cubone having a stare down on the beach, and Articuno stirring a blizzard:

A neat but missed opportunity item, a Poke Ball box from Silph Co.! It contains 10 Poke Balls, 1 Master Ball, and 3 belt clips you can attach Poke Balls onto (and some candy as Japense toy tradition). The box is also decorated with Gen I sprites on the sides and the Gen I version of the Silph Co building on the bottom of the box.
Overall a neat little product, but 10 Poke Balls? Really? Even if you wanted to stick with just the Poke Balls only available in Gen I, why not Great Balls for Ultra Balls? Could have also maybe thrown in the Safari Ball.

Finally, I should of realized when they were having that Rainbow Rocket takeover thing they'd have products... including a series of Pikachu dressed up as the villain bosses!

SO CUTE! There's also a Guzma one! (So many Avatar possibilities... well, 7)

All the merch for it is here, the most obvious ones being the Pikachu plush, Legendary plush, shirts, and TCG cards.
Since no one has posted it


behold the image that has the internet speculating about a new eevelution! upcoming plushies for movie 21

also as a bonus this


24 karat (that's 100% pure for those of you behind in your metallurgy/jewel making) gold pendant and Pikachu statuette to commemorate the opening of Pokemon Center Tokyo DX on march 14
Any reason why? Could be Zeraora.
Considering the blocks' position and that it's for upcoming movie, I'd say most likely Zeraora. I do get that we're about to reach 3 years since Gen 7 was announced as time pass toward next Movie, but that's still too fast to me. Vees also generally has long ears that would spread out, which would not really be covered well just by oval block.
Or that's just me denying that we're in the end of an era. I haven't even saved for Switch and still have vendetta with some vees.

That Jumbo Laplace tho... I thought it was the same big one, but it's actually even larger version now? With almost 80k¥ I could have gotten 3 real size Vees and still have little more to spend lolw
EDIT: Found the link. Yes, it's apparently made by Bandai, preorder opens in 11th March. 117 cm high. Still not real size though? I recall Pokedex says its even bigger, or this is real-size young age one.

Also I just realised there's a map under Detective Pikachu figurine there?
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Out of curiousity, I came to PokeCen US and found this.

Looks like they redo the Life-size Fokko, which is a great thing. But... there's something wrong on its muzzle, compared to the one I got years ago from PokeCen directly. Looking from its side view, the muzzle and back of head looks too artificial or generally screwed up.
Funnily, they also make Mudkip. It is as if they're inciting the memes of Gen6 times.

:pikuh: Meanwhile, I'm confused by this bitch Alolan-kon's actual size. Lillie's, as in the anime and the lifesize plush by Tomy, barely reaches 50cm tall, while the Pokedex lists it as 0.6m tall. Just which is right? I'm planning to seize this little... even though late and considering a lot of things. And this is against the newly released fluffy sitting lifesize Eevee plush too.

I'll also start art commission and grab more things. Sleeping Espeon on my cable looks nice.

One thing that really annoys me with the JP company and their merchandise is that they put the names of Pokemon in Romaji which doesn't match their English names. Even worse, the Japanese name for Gengar is ゲンガー, and the first character is "ge" in English, yet when they put it in Romaji it becomes "ga". I'd rather they just use their Japanese name in Katakana. Anyways, the rest of this set is here.
Some neat things I saw in the Japanese store:

First is the finished version of that Z-Form Lillie with Clefairy we saw the prototype for:

But that's not it for Lillie, as we also have Nendoroid Z-Form Lillie with a Heal Ball and both Clefairy and Cosmoem:

Next these two neat snowglobes of normal and Alolan Vulpix:

And finally the most interesting product, they released these beautifully drawn prints of the first time the Ultra Beasts are encountered in the wild (with the players, Ultra Recon Squad, and Poipole family distributed throughout):

EDIT: Found this neat leftover from the Rainbow Rocket merch:

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