NOC Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Mafia - Explorers - Game Thread (Game Over!)

even if clever Vs Shane had mafia in it, it's not going to be like a town side Vs a mafia side because I don't see most players this game hard defending a partner so hard when it's likely either of them will flip this game at some point
If either of them flips scum, then this almost looks like a teammate diverting attention from the possibility of a scum within that dynamic.

impending investigation of assault

i cant believe you jalmont joey tommy celly and shane will all die this game in quick succession
Sounds like a skill issue imo
Note to self: Don't submit Mii Gunner for Crossover Chaos until after this game.

deliver escalated

The closest is Neon and there’s even (correct) recourse to that assumptive read. And I don’t think we wanna give Neon power ups.
Can confirm, I couldn't be trusted with a gun and would wind up shooting my dryer or some shit

Personally I think I’m not being scumread by anyone

(I was about to end this post with #VoteCelever and then immediately realised what the response would be)
I dunno about that...

Also my school just blocked smogon.

Votals 4.1
: Duskfall98, StupidFlandrs48, joey, Alice Kazumi, a fairy

Voteless: bluedoom, Celever, HydrogenHydreigon, ImaginaryNeon, JALMONT, Laurel, Shane the Shroomish

There are around 47.75 hours left in the phase. With 12 alive, it takes 8 to hammer.

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