SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

I thought that too. I mean, they added all the Ash Cap Pikachus. Why?
Because it's not to exclude at some point in either SwSh or >following title< life they come back.

Plus, we might also be able to just transfer Ashchus from Gen 7.

To be fair, they have retconned evolution methods in the past. Milotic had to have its evolution method changed when Contests were scrapped, for instance
That wasn't really a "retconning" and more accepting that trying to insert a Beauty Contest in every single game would have been a waste of development time (for once, actually true)
I can't think of any other case of retconned method, not even for some of the weirdest ones (Accelgor/Escav, or Inkay)
I hope they cut Happiness so Eevee can finally evolve with only Stones.

Yes, that Includes Glaceon and Leafeon, the Ice Rock can kick rocks.
I would hold off on making up theoretical sets for Alolan mons yet. They don't have updated mini sprites in the image, which is a bit interesting. The Galarian Pokemon all have updated Minisprites. This could just be a case of them grabbing the "Raichu" container and dropping everything in, even if it might not actually make it into the game. The "old" minisprites is giving me vibes.
Ultra Necrozma's sprite does not exist at all. They might actually be cleaning up all junk box sprites.
They cut Razor Wind.
Also curiously:

Kantonian Sirfetch'd? ^

Alcremie gets a bunch of colors.

Is it just me, or are these the OLD Kyurem-Black/White sprites?
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Can't wait to see how to get Toxtricity and Galarian Darmanitan to change forms. The second one's prolly just Zen Mode or a clone ability but hey.

Speaking of clone abilities, do we know if any abilities were removed from the game?


No need to worry!
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Cinderace has its own version of Protean as an ability? Hoo boy, this is gonna be fun for it competitively. Being pure Fire-type sounds unremarkable on paper but in practice, we've all seen Greninja and how good it is, Cinderace has got a great physical Attack and Speed and its movepool may end up being really good so this thing is defenitely gonna be a threat wherever it ends up in.

Rillaboom having Grassy Surge sounds fun though.
Good riddance about Pursuit -- that move was always uncompetitive and unfair and it needed to go.

It combines the worst aspects of the most controversial move in the game, Stealth Rock, namely its type-discriminating potency, and Arena Trap/Shadow Tag, the quintessential uncompetitive abilities.

It's been flying under the radar for years because of its limited distribution (that incidentally coincided with many Smogon favorites such as TTar, but I digress) and caused too many "dead if you stay in, dead if you switch out" scenarios because Ghost and Psychic types aren't exactly known for their physical bulk.

It might be shocking news now but we'll get over it. The metagame will be better without this cheat move.

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