Pridemons! (Requests Open)

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Happy pride month everyone!

As for whether I'll do more of these: Possibly, but probably not at the rate of last year. For one thing, my passion for this isn't quite where it was at that time. I also still got exams to worry about unlike last time, and while studying for those don't consume every last hour I have, far from it, they can kinda get me feelin tired. So yeah, that's the situation. Please Understand:tm:


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hey guys! was looking over this again & i realised there were a few more requests that went unfulfilled, so i thought i might as well bash them out. now, i can't claim to be as good at this as yung dramps, but hopefully i've done alright by you!

:heart: I'm a little late in the month here so I understand if this gets rejected but if it's possible I'd like to request pride marshadow :heart:
pride marshadow.png

i used the philidelphia pride flag - here - since the colours lined up quite nicely.

Take your time and hugs :], this is not something that is important in any way, but it’s great to have something like this that brightens up every bodies day. When you have time, I’d like to request a Bisexual Obstagoon.
bi obstagoon.png

sunburnt? or just fabulous? you decide...

Happy Pride Month again!

If these are still open, could I request a Gay Gastrodon? Either form would work. Thank you!
gay gastrodon.png

gaystrodon was based on the pink form (whichever one that is), because the blue one looked sadder.

If this is still a thing that is happening, can I get a bisexual pride Starmie?
bi starmie.png

very chuffed with how this one turned out.

starbi-e? that doesn't sound right...

for real, asexual necrozma would look cool
ace necrozma.png

you're damn right it does.

An ace Feraligatr that's a king (crown and other regalia and all)?
i had a crack at this, but i'm not really good enough at drawing things - recolouring's about as far as my skillset extends. :( sorry about that. (there is an ace gatr earlier itt tho, if that helps!)

Can I get a swalot :3
hello I will be excited to see a barbaracle thanks you !
same question for both of you - did you have a specific flag in mind for your design? i'm more than happy to whip something up!

also, if anyone's not 100% happy with how their pridemon turned out, hmu! i'm perfectly happy to redo if you're not satisfied.

and here's a little bonus i made for myself - enby magnezone!


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Hi, first of all I'd like to congratulate you all for doing great sprites and art.
Honestly I've been lurking here for a while and I'd like to request a pan Raboot (no hurry btw). Thank u and happy pride month!


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Taking a brief break from my hiatus to do some of these requests (ie all of the currently undone ones because I had some time to kill and got carried away lol). If you have issues with these or whatever then feel free to pm me on Discord (Albatross#1292), I very rarely log into Smogon atm so I'll be able to respond to you faster on there x

Can I request matching Demi Boy and Demi Girl furfrous?

The demi duo!
Unfortunately there don't appear to be any Furfrou trim sprites, and I don't really have the spriting skills to make my own, so if you wanted a demi boy/demi girl Furfrou with a specific trim - or with any trim at all - then I apologise x

can i request Mega Mawile in Bi colours please?

A lil purple critter.....

Can I request a Pride Kyurem?

I went with the classic rainbow flag for this because there are a lot of different pride flags - if you wanted a different one then feel free to lmk

Honestly I've been lurking here for a while and I'd like to request a pan Raboot (no hurry btw). Thank u and happy pride month!

They are now Blue, and also sporting a funky pink hoodie. What a fashionable fellow x

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