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There's a lot of variety when it comes down to Pokémon pfps so you should probably be more specific, like a certain mon, gif or image, anime or manga, etc
greninja or ash from xy, image, anime, blue color scheme
understood... let me see what i can find for you. I am somewhat of a pfp wizard.

this one just screams cool. i think a lot of people would respect you if you used this because Ash-Greninja is very powerful. you would be welcomed into the CAP and Orange Islands communities with open arms going with this one.

next up we have this glaceon. if you want to be a user people will think is cute look no further. pair this with a teardrop badge and you will have a cool aesthetic (even cooler when it becomes alum). you have a good chance at becoming a moderator if you go this route.

whereas Greninja would cause people to respect you from your posts alone, this Wartortle is going to give a "nothing personal, kid" vibe to all your posts. be careful with this one. you will need to be a very good pokemon player to pull this one off, like really good, think BKC and McMeghan levels. if that doesn't sound like you, stay FAR AWAY from this one.

last up we have the social forums poster. you wear your heart on your sleeve and while you may not be the best battler or poster, you're a cool guy. you just want to make people smile and are always there if someone wants to talk. you are a good friend. do not use this if you are not ready to make lots of online friends.

you are misunderstood. at your core, you are a loving friend, but your upbringing and family expectations challenge this. your favorite pokemon type is electric. you would excel in Other Metagames and C&C. if you play your cards right and seek help from the neurodivergent thread, you have the potential to nominate one of the forums mentioned above.


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I can't tell if this thread feels like it's on the bordering edge of spam or not. Maybe I'm being too harsh, but a thread like this feels like spam, particularly with a one-liner OP but also because of some of these replies. I very vaguely remember having some moderation ability here in Cong on account of one singular badge my permanent decision to stay away from the Politics thread not withstanding so while I would like to, for lack of a better phrase, "do my job for once", it's been so long since I've done any moderator action with said badge that I... honestly don't know how to go about this situation.

If this sounds like an extremely convoluted way for me to to ask other more experienced moderators (or heck, at this rate anyone more active than myself) for advice, that's because it is.

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