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Hello and welcome to the Generation 7 OU RMT nomination thread!

Here, you're free to nominate any SM OU RMTs that you feel deserve a spot in the RMT Archive. Here are the kind of teams that we are looking for when building the archive:
  • Teams that introduced a new strategy that became widely popular. Example: this team introduced Genesect Sun teams.
  • Teams that represent the best build for a popular archetype during a given period of the metagame. Example: this team was the best Rain offense build towards the end of the BW era.
  • Teams that have been proven to be especially successful. Example: this team won OST 8.
You are also welcome to nominate any RMTs that you feel deserve a spot in the Team Showcase forum. If you see a team that you think should be showcased, simply post it in this thread with brief reasoning. Some are more obvious than others so a single sentence works (i.e. tournament winning teams), but otherwise just a couple of lines works. The bar for showcasing teams is lower than for archiving them, but they should still be excellently presented and have some degree of success, such as tour or ladder achievements, as a minimum requirement.


With that said, I'd like to lay down a few ground rules:
    • Only one person can nominate a certain team.
    • There's no need to post here saying "I agree with this nomination". If I see any of this, your post will be deleted and possibly infracted.
    • This is self-explanatory. Explain why you nominated a team in a few sentences.
    • Please refrain from posting your own teams. If it deserves a spot, it'll be nominated.
    • Rejected teams can only be nominated again only once, and nominations will need to be backed up by solid reasoning. Nominating rejected teams multiple times will result in an infraction.

Here's the format for nominating teams. Failure to follow this format will result in your post being ignored:

Title of the team: Make sure to include a link to the RMT.

For archive or showcase: Specify which forum you're nominating it for.

Justification: Brief summary of why you think the team should be added.
Hi, I'd like to nominate robopoke's team: http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/robo-strikes-again-double-peak-with-double-sash-2036-and-1971-points.3606976/ for some reasons:
-The more obvious is his set of magearna, I can be wrong but this man create this bulky double dancer magearna set which is ridiculously efficient.
-He plays 2 sash mons and we all know that it's really uncommon moreover he popularized Azelf lead in SM OU.
-Even if his Zygarde set is really gimmick it finds a good niche in the team that Robopoke built and probably in many teams.

To conclude in my opinion this team has some arguments like originality which SM OU's metagame lacks and it's really easy to see that this man worked hard in order to build this team so we need to reward his effort.

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I'd like to nominate Qwilfish's Plan by LL for team showcase because it shows good innovation in finding a niche for an otherwise useless mon, while at the same time staying true to the USUM rain formula that has kept it as a threatening playstyle ever since the release of Mega Pert. Of course, the one thing that stands out on this team over everything is Qwilfish lol, but LL does a great job explaining its role and how it helps rain teams break past their traditional counters. Also, the RMT is well written and is presented nicely which is always an important part for making it into showcase.

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Nominating Metronome Lele Offense for "Teams that represent the best build for a popular archetype during a given period of the metagame," in this case for bulky offense in late gen VII, especially as it topped the ladder. For Showcase at a minimum, potentially Archive.

Subjectively, I think the team should be nominated for because it's as hard as balls to pitch an offense team right to reach no. 1 at the end of any given meta, because the meta is so damn settled and all the bad stuff has been banned that it typically is at the height of its balance.

Objectively, I'll try and break it down. Essentially though there's a lot of cleverness, without descending into gimmicks:
  • Metronome has been flagged as a sleeper-hit item, with robopoke first identifying its usefulness (as far as I'm aware) in a creative sets thread. It's a great set as it makes intuitive plays counterintuitive (if you sack a mon to it, that move can grow in power). Here hamoodi puts it to great use on a totally sensible wallbreaker like Lele, allowing it to push past walls without CM (which is a great idea) while not compromising on coverage. It also can allow it to get past Unaware users at a push.
  • Latias-Mega is a great choice, hitting hard, providing Defog support, and being able to fully revive one of the bulky setters with Healing Wish - as well as having a good speed tier.
  • Fini and Defensive Zygarde make a great pairing. Fini weakens dragon attacks by a half with Misty Terrain, as well as protecting Zygarde from status - allowing it to not necessarily need its Substitute, and meaning Scarf Latios can't OHKO with Draco Meteor. Fini also provides a sturdy Psyspam check and Ash-Greninja counter, as well as a Hawlucha check (presumably threatens Heatran too).
  • Shift Gear Magearna is a solid win-con if I ever saw one, being able to take a hit and then hit back incredibly hard with Z-Fleur Cannon once it can outspeed. Provides a solid fairy check, and can readily blitz a team.
  • Def Lando is what Def Lando does.
From the team as a whole, you have decent strategies for chip damage on switches in and U-turns out (Rocky Helmet Lando, Fini and Latias), decent bulky win cons for sweeping (Lele, Zygarde, Magearna), recovery and an option for fast cleaning (Latias), as well as great defensive synergy. It's no small feat to make such an incisive team so late in the meta, and its ability to handle many of OU's top threats competently (not all, but most) is why I think it should be listed.

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I want to suggest the team Five Years by curiosity for a potential spot in team showcase.

While the team may not be a successful / high peaked team, it honestly looks solid to me. I'm not the best with reasonings but I'll try my best to explain why...
  • Clef+ferro+pex+tran+scarf landot type teams are nothing new, they are a tried and tested style that works well and in the hands of a right player, they should be able to win most matchups including stall with it.
  • Utilises specs ash gren as a 6th mon to clean faster threats that might pose as a problem to balance teams like this which adds up to be a very solid team imo.
  • Sr wish clef on a build like this is really ingenious & it supports literally almost all the mons on the team, clef will likely have a chance to pass a wish to another mon a team, be it an offensive mon like ashgren/landot which makes it harder for tran to wear down the team or a worn down defensive mon like ferro. This is the part I really really like.
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voting for happyland 2.0 by jordy to be showcase.

yes i know he gave me a shoutout but it has nothing to do with that. i voted for curiosity's team even though i didn't even know the guy when i was writing above post.

reasons being:

mega zor + zygarde + clef + tornt + tran + gastro

- defensive pov it covers 3/4 of what is relevant in ou like kartana and ashgren, very solid. re threats like psyspam can be pivoted around till terrain wears out and team has 2 forms on priority to disposes of zam + lele. zygarde and gastro can also take hits if healthy. very hard for conventional balance breakers like tran to bypass the zygarde obstacle coz of wish clef, own tran also kept healthy by this
- decent offensive presence with 2 breakers in cb zygarde + z magma tran as balance/stall breaker with sd scizor as a wincon
- shows off a solid team not requiring a scarfer which is becoming a trend as meta becomes stable

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nomming the book of eli by Ske Mask The Slump God for showcase. this team features a rising bulu set in spd sub sd and is well presented. it managed to get #3 on ladder on two occasions. its representative of how many balance teams look with cores like bulu/tran and pex/clef/scarflando and mega latios is not an uncommon last on these teams to help ease the kartana, heatran, and toxapex matchup while providing a gliscor check and a ground immunity. many teams dont prepare for swords dance tapu bulu anymore and this team takes full advantage of that, and many of its checks including tornadus-t. its also extremely well presented.

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