If fast reply was in reference to me, that's just because of when I got back home to check this site.

As for not claiming my role: Claiming would negate my role's usefulness entirely.
Good point, do not claim your power. It's not like the game might end this day because we lynch you for not claiming your role.
BPV = bullet proof vest

well your flavor choice is suspect anyway

yoshinite is even more suspect (i deleted role pm!)

blackhawk's link vanilla is also weird but if nobody counter claims him then we can take it as such
i have a grand ass dandy idea

let our vig strike aura guardian's vest

and clear both

if aura is bullshitting he will die

in the meantime lets hunt the next 2 scum
Well, I agree with people Celever might be a mason and that it is indeed not smart to try to lynch him when he is silenced so I'll unFoS Celever

As it is too big of a risk too try to lynch him while he is silenced and yea might be a mason, but I still think some of his posts are suspicious, but that might be a sign of him being new to mafia games
Ok people, this is the end of my mafia journey. I bow out graciously today, as since if I do not post this I will die (not literally in the game, just inside if you mislynch). However, this post is not without an incentive, I am going to give out my two main mafia suspects (Aura guardian, which was long before you guys were posting about him, Metal sonic) and a person who I KNOW is mafia, Eagle4, and I am going to give the former two a case. A couple of sentences and the hosts can come forward with me on Eagle4. I will be posting full reads though.

First of all, Eagle4. Hello Eagle4! I am Midna the vanillager! Say what, Eagle4? You label me as Vigilante!? Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Like Link, the gods of light took any power away from some of the main people in Hyrule! I know, rude right? But you should have thought harder about claiming a power role like that! Would you have not known to claim a side-character of the game? Oh, did you think that you could just make a case for yourself being Midna for fun? Well, you wouldn’t have thought of someone getting the gods of light to kill themselves to prove you wrong then, did you?

Basically that was just me having fun in the above paragraph, but the point still stands. Lynch Eagle4! I think my vote even counts, there you go, another villager doesn’t even need to post! So easy to lynch him… him and his false claims. I couldn’t hold on to myself, having this piece of evidence that could turn this whole game around for us villagers and not get a chance to use it! I am really interested though, if no one else has claimed mason… was there only one mason? LW is Zelda the safeguard (which I love btw, I use her a lot in smash bros. brawl :P) and I totally believe him on that. Aura guardian says he is an one- time life vest.. which would be a good excuse not to lynch him, correct? Except, of course, of Metal Sonic’s good point on post at #585. But hey, you can do that tomorrow, after lynching Eagle4. Blackhawk claimed Link, which I actually believe him on… dark Link? Nah, just kidding, Link :P. He is turning around, but I must point out some stuff about him later on. I am Midna the vanillager, Eagle4 claimed Midna but is now clear scum, Snaquaza claimed vanillager… he guesses but didn’t get a role PM when he subbed in (lmao), MS claimed headhunter (False imo, I believe he would be mason if anything and he is an idiot for now claiming so. Not only this, but once Eagle4 flips mafia his scumhunting that Eagle4 is leaning town will make everyone doubt him) and Yoshinite claimed vanillager. Lightwolf, he explained exactly why he knows his role. He remembered from his role PM that the guy turned to gold. I quickly google searched Jovani and couldn’t see anything about gold there, but Yoshinite claimed he did some google searching, why not lynch the site?

Out of those people, I entirely believe Lightwolf and Snaquaza. Yoshinite and blachawk are a little edgy, I am not sure at all on Metal sonic or Aura guardian thinking about it. Metal sonic’s readings are futile thanks to Eagle4, and Aura guardian just made a great excuse for people not to lynch him.

Now, what do I think of my silencing? Well, I believe that Aura Guardian figured out I was onto something with him. He must’ve realized that on the last three days whoever I have pushed for has been lynched (but I suck at lynching, like Yoshinite! :P) and me trying to push for him the whole of day 3 and some of day 2 got him on edge. Another thing I found about my silencing was Blackhawk. He kept trying to bring me up in a negative way, and was the first person to post a case for me after my silencing despite not being the first person to post. I feel like it could have all been some kind of plan he had. Later in the day he kept talking about me as scum, knowing I couldn’t respond. He was even making posts assuming I was scum, and asked Lightwolf to do so too. But what is his saving grace? Well, he has been big on lynching Eagle for a while now. When Eagle flips scum he is pretty much in the clear! I believe that this is pretty much solely down to Aura Guardian.

Now for some cases, there is no needed case for Snaquaza or Lightwolf, I am positive they are town, absolutely certain of it.

Aura Guardian has had some suspicious votes in the past. A lot of my claims have gone without backing though, I get an impression of him but then it appears to disappear when I do some research for evidence. Lately though, he has begun to be suspected by other townies (I was first guys!!!) due to the argument he had against Metal Sonic and siding with my sub, Acklow. I take no responsibility for what Acklow did, but to be quite honest I believe it was staged between Metal sonic and Aura guardian so at least one would be in the clear if one of them were lynched and were flipped mafia. Aura guardian has been incredibly soft on Metal Sonic throughout the whole game though, and I ain’t falling for it. As I said earlier, AG’s claimed role is a brilliant excuse not to get lynched, and he was really cautious about saying it… or to have time to think about what would be the best role to claim and not look like a lurker. Experience has been brought up many a time as an excuse not to lynch him. To that I say this: WHAT!? If he is experienced he can be a BETTER mafia! He can act more like a town and still do what a mafia has to! That argument was flawed from the start. I think that is it on Aura Guardian and my hands are getting tired from typing this up. I am pretty much at 1100 words now (almost as big as one of Gronk’s posts!) so you get to know that I take a break right here! Yay for you!

Ok, back, and now for Metal Sonic:

Metal Sonic got through on nonsense. People were cautious to lynch him because of a claimed power role. Well, everyone is claiming vanillager now! And that is everyone – some must be lying! Aura guardian is probably lying on his life vest thingy, you should all lynch him! Now, Metal Sonic and Aura guardian do appear to be teamed up very well. Aura guardian goes soft on Metal Sonic sometimes, and Aura guardian puts forth the occasional lynch on him. To do what? To take it off again in pretty much 10 posts maximum. Metal Sonic has lasted this long by being an idiot. He is actually helping the town now, and is definitely looking more conflicted between Aura Guardian. Overall though, I believe that Metal Sonic and Aura guardian are a clever team. Always connected with each-other, be it good or bad, they are a team, a very clever scum team.
Certain that either Metal Sonic or Aura Guardian are town? Then how about you take a look at these back-up lynches!
Blackhawk has never made a long post. He has made a believable claim for Link, which no one has argued with, so I am not actually that certain on him. He has been suspicious, and is probably the least likely back-up lynch you should lynch. Just putting it out there.

Yoshinite seems to have some kind of thing with predicting lynches. Either he has some kind of connection with the mafia, or he is just incredibly good at it. He was trying to tell you guys that he shouldn’t post, and Aura Guardian would have none of it! He is also a lurker most of the time.

There is not a big case on the final two people, but the likely teams would be Aura guardian + Metal sonic, Aura guardian + Blackhawk or Metal sonic + Yoshinite. I don’t believe that Blackhawk and Metal sonic have any kind of connection, and Aura Guardian has been biting at Yoshinite all game. If Aura Guardian flips mafia Yoshinite is town and vice versa, same goes for Blackhawk and Metal Sonic, Blackhawk has hated Metal Sonic for a long time.

So this is it, my final stand. I have made cases for for people, 2 my prime suspects, and for Eagle4 I say adios! You are scum, you claimed incorrectly and you and your mafia team must pay the price.

Good bye guys! I have really enjoyed this mafia game, we should all say a huge thanks to the hosts for hosting it so well, including a slip-up occasionally just so that we can laugh (lol). This is a really well-structured game, I am sorry that I lynched 3 vanillagers so early on and may have lost the town the game, I hope this post makes up for that.

Good bye! ;_;

Hey look, almost as long as some of Gronk's posts! :D
anyway, instead of my Celever FoS, I will FoS Eagle4 as Celever wouldn't let himself be godkilled for nothing, so I think we must believe him (and do we get his role like lynched people) so that is why I vote for him now, as Celever probably won't kill himself if what he says is a lie
celever, who before had been sitting quietly add the edge of the square, staring up at the sky, suddenly comes rushing towards the rest of you, shouting ''Lynch Eagle4! Lynch Eagle4!'', before starting a monologue the likes of which we haven't seen since Gronkasaurus Rex' untimely demise. In some way, celever managed to clear his mind of the Twilight that was plaguing him during the rest of the day, allowing him to think clear again. As the monologue lasts longer and longer, the skies turn darker and darker, as Twilight packs above him. Right as he's finished, a huge hand comes down from the Twilight, picks up celever, and takes him into the Twilight. That's it, then; the end of celever. Let his death not be in vain.

celever has been godkilled for talking while being engulfed in Twilight.
We are now entering LYLO (Lynch or Lose fase)
Vote counts have been reset
(sorry, celever, but dead people can't vote)
(new vote counts etc. further below).

After all the bold claims celever has made during his final moments of life, you decide it's a good idea to check if there's any truth behind what celever said. You locate his house, kick in the front door, and find a small note:

Dear celever,
you are Midna.

You were the Twilight Princess, ruling over your palace of half dark until Zant dethroned you and turned you into a little imp thing. Despite your embarrassing defeat, you didn’t give up, crossing through to Hyrule to get revenge. If revenge includes riding a wolf around.

You are a [BLUE]Hylian Convict[/BLUE]. You have no night ability. During the day, however, you will be lynched at L-2 on Days 1 and 2 and L-1 on all other days, due to your resemblance to the Twilight Horde.

You are allied with Hyrule. You win if Hyrule eliminates the Twilight Horde or if nothing can prevent the same.
Good thing you didn't give him the L-2 treatment.

Vote Count 4.3 (aka ''The Greatest Sacrifice'' vote count)

Lynch votes:

Not voting (7): Aura Guardian, Blackhawk11, Eagle4, LightWolf, Metal Sonic, Snaquaza, Yoshinite

Finger of Suspicion votes:

Not under suspicion (7): Aura Guardian, Blackhawk11, Eagle4, LightWolf, Metal Sonic, Snaquaza, Yoshinite

With seven (7) players alive, it takes four (4) to lynch with majority.
LYLO is active.
No deadline is set yet.
I wuw you celever. Also AG BPV is like the easiest counterclaim ever, and lo and behold, how well it would line up Eagle fake vig claim: "Sorry guys, I tested AG's BPV last night since I had no better target, turns out he didn't lie, so his claim is legit". Also you not claiming makes absolutely zero sense since your chances of actually dying got reduced to zero the second our "vig" claimed, no way the mafia wouldn't just kill the vig, or kill MS who is basically our inspect and hook the vig, ergo you were not even up to die for two nights, after which there is no night since we are not going to no lynch in the 2v1 scenario, so your BPV would never come into use given the circumstances.

Either way celever, I salute you, you died a great death, now lets lynch the fuck out of Eagle.

Vote Eagle

Also lets pray I accidentally protect the silenced guy, or we lynch the silencer EVEN BETTER, but if not pray I safeguard right. MS please please please please, don't take any chances with your "townhunter" ability tonight, we can't risk to lose you with a suicide.
clean players: me(I didnt die to eagle LOL)
Blackhawk(no link counter claim)
Lightwolf(no zelda counter claim)

lynch pool:
aura guardian(master of bs)
eagle(i got fooled)
yoshinite(total dumb)
snaquaza(i find this guy super town though)

Depending on which mafia role we lynch, I will choose my options.

If role blocker dies:

Mafia may kill me/LW. LW will *town roleblock* a scum, preferably the silencer. I will(townhunt? who?) I may consider townhunting Lw but realised that wont work since one of us is dying anyway. Maybe one of on the clean list. Either way, one of Me/LW is going to carry.

If silencer dies:
LW will attempt to block the mafia role blocker(ironic) I will town hunt as similar to plan A.

please tell me if any body thinks theres something wrong with the plan
actually with this supreme town voting block, we win

<choose between snaquaza and yoshinite>

I think snaquaza is town but since I was wrong on Eagle4 feel free to discredit this

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