Vote Count 4.Final (aka the "1 down, 2 to go" vote count)

Lynch Votes:

Eagle4: LightWolf, Snaquaza, Metal Sonic, Blackhawk11 Lynched with Majority)

Following the unfortunate suicide of Celever, you decided to take his advice and lynch Eagle4.

Now's the correct time for me to give you a lesson about getting yourself godkilled: it rarely, rarely works. Barring some kind of absurd "I'M A FUCK TIGER" scenario, usually you just die for no significant gain.

Or do you?

Dear Eagle4,
you are Ganondorf.

While you once were an ordinary Gerudo, power has corrupted you.The Triforce of Power grants you unimaginable strength, a strength that you use in an attempt to claim all of Hyrule for yourself. Your continuous efforts to do so have made you the #1 threat to a certain princess and green-clad hero.

The magical powers granted by the Triforce of Power grants you the ability to learn one player’s role every night, making you the Twilight Horde Role Cop. Every night, you may send a PM to the hosts, titled “Night X - Inspecting <USER>’’. Through your magic powers, you will then learn the role that player has.

As a member of the Twilight Horde, you are allowed to talk to your fellow bad-guys in the Twilight Palace, located <here>.

You are allied with the Twilight Horde. You win when the Twilight Horde eliminates Hyrule, or if nothing can prevent the same.
Okay, so much for the teachable moment.

It is now Night 4. All actions are valid; tomorrow will still be a LYLO or MYLO situation if my calculations are correct.
A new day dawns over Hyrule Town, brighter than yesterday - is it because Ganondorf has been defeated? Anyways, there is still more work to do; there are two more evil-willing creatures among you. Not everyone shows up in the square, however - LightWolf is absent. You check out his shack, and the door has been blown open, but there's no LightWolf to be found, though. A scream follows, from the other side of town. You head over to check it out, and find LightWolf, tied up and trampled by bullbos. In his hand, he clenches a note:

Dear LightWolf,
you are Zelda.

The holder of the Triforce of Wisdom, you are very intelligent and wiser than your age. Unfortunately, you are also prone to being kidnapped, and the Triforce of Wisdom is pretty much useless. But no matter what, you will serve the citizens of Hyrule as a benevolent princess.

You are a [BLUE]Hylian Safeguard[/BLUE]. Each night, you may send the hosts a PM titled “Night X-Protecting <USER>”. You will confer the Triforce’s protection on your target, protecting them from all abilities used on them that night. Unfortunately, since the Triforce of Wisdom is weak as <snip>, your target will not be protected from kills.

You are allied with Hyrule. You win when Hyrule has eliminated the Twilight Horde or if nothing can prevent the same.
Who would have guessed that your princess was living in a shack right next to you? The economic crisis has struck Hyrule too, folks.

There's not time to chill now, as there is still mafia to be lynched. You gather in the town square, where you notice Blackhawk11 staring up at the sky. You recognize the look on his face, remember this is exactly what celever did yesterday, and sigh - Blackhawk11 won't be of much use to the town with his mind clouded in Twilight. No votes out of him today.

The players in the town square are:

1. Aura Guardian
2. Blackhawk11
8. Fire Blast Snaquaza
11. Metal Sonic
15. Yoshinite

Dead players (10):
0. shinyskarmory - Role PM Template - Vanilla Town - Godkilled day 0 for posting his role PM
1. Box - Ooccoo - Vanilla Town (retroactively changed to Neutral Survivor) - Godkilled and lost Day 1 for a severe Rule 1 violation
2. CB Terrakion - Malo - Vanilla Town - Lynched Day 1 with L-2.
3. Woodchuck - Postman - Village Tracker - Trampled by Bullbos Night 1
4. Cereza - Fyer - Vanilla Town - Lynched Day 2 with L-4
5. Gronkasaurus Rex - Ilia - Vanilla Town - Sliced to pieces Night 2
6. theangryscientist Meowmixx - Yeto - Vanilla Town - Lynched Day 3
7. Obbmud99 - Auru - Hyrule Mason - Sucked into Twilight Night 3
8. celever - Midna - Hyrule Convict - Godkilled for speaking while engulfed in Twilight Day 4
9. Eagle4 - Ganondorf - Twilight Role Cop - Lynched with majority Day 4
10. LightWolf - Zelda - Hyrule Safeguard - Trampled by bullbos Night 4

With five alive, it takes three to reach majority. Fair warning to everyone - FoS votes are going to be of huge importance today, as a tie in votes will result in a random lynch as of rule 5.

LYLO is active. Lynching a Hylian will end the game.

No deadline has been set yet. Please be active.

It is now Day 5. Feel free to post.

PS anyone who can change the thread title?

Metal Sonic

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okay you know what

i got idea

I will grab the dead body of "godkilled" box, a neutral survivor

and use his vote

to give me 2 votes

Vote:Aura Guardian

Box and my vote on AG, thanks

seriously a multiple-silence in a beginner NOC

Metal Sonic

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if this really seriously comes down to a dice roll

this just shows that hax follows you everywhere

and i'll be content with just calling out the mafia(given that celever gave us a hint of course)

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