Vote Count 5.1 (aka the ''Shortest Day Ever'' vote count)

Lynch votes:

Aura Guardian (3): Metal Sonic, Yoshinite, Snaquaza (MAJORITY REACHED)
Metal Sonic (1): Aura Guardian

Finger of Suspicion votes

Yoshinite (2): Metal Sonic, Aura Guardian
Metal Sonic (1): Yoshinite

Fastest day I've ever seen - Snaquaza didn't bold his votes, but his intention to hammer was clear, as he posted the same thing twice, so I counted it anyways.

It is now Twilight - to allow for some discussion, Twilight will last 24 hours today (until 2 PM server time, June 20). Night update will follow at deadline.

Edit: edited out Yoshinite's FoS on AG
''It's Aura Guardian!'', says Metal Sonic.
''Yeah, he's such a hater!'', says Yoshinite.
''Yes, lynch Aura Guardian! Lynch Aura Guardian'', says Snaquaza.
Blackhawk11 just sits there, and stares up at the sky.

For the second time in the game, you reach a majority, and decide that it's Aura Guardian who should die today. You lead him to the gallows, and just before the floor drops, Aura Guardian screams out ''I follow the strongest side! It's all I've ever known!''. No way to hear him out about this 'strongest side', though, as he already hangs by his neck, unable to breathe.

As you take his body down, you search his pockets for valuable items. All you find is a note, though:

Dear Aura Guardian,
you are King Bulblin.

You are the leader of the Bulblins, strange, humanoid creatures that roam the fields of Hyrule. Your hobbies include, but are not limited to, riding across the fields on your boar Lord Bullbo, challenging heroes to jousting matches by blowing on your big-ass horn, and kidnapping the innocent inhabitants of Hyrule.

Your experience in kidnapping people has made you the Twilight Horde Roleblocker. Every night, you may send a PM to the hosts, titled “Night X - Kidnapping <USER>’’. Successfully doing so will prevent the kidnapped player from executing their night action.

As a member of the Twilight Horde, you are allowed to talk to your fellow bad-guys in the Twilight Palace, located <here>.

You are allied with the Twilight Horde. You win when the Twilight Horde eliminates Hyrule, or if nothing can prevent the same.
Good, at least you will get another day to try and lynch the final member of the Twilight Horde. Think wisely on your night actions; they will be the last you send in, as tomorrow will mark the last day in the game.

It is now Night 5. No talking until the morning update. Get your night actions in ASAP.
Once again, a new day dawns over Castle Town. It may very well be the last time, too. As per usual, you head over to the town square. You walk past the destroyed houses of Zelda, the Postman, Ooccoo, and many more, and then notice that another house has its door blown down. You quickly head inside, where you find a mangled, spread across the room. A Twilight-like fog has filled the room As you reassemble the bits piece by piece, you realize it's Blackhawk11. As soon as he's recognizable, all the Twilight in the room gathers in one place, sucks up Blackhawk11, then disappears. You check Blackhawk11's night stand, where you find a strip of paper:

Dear Blackhawk11,
you are Link.

As the holder of the Triforce of Courage and wielder of the Master Sword, you’d think that you’d have some ridiculously powerful role in this game. But you don’t, because goat herders don’t get special roles no matter what their credentials. Sucks to be you.

You are a [BLUE]Vanilla Hylian[/BLUE]. You have no night action.

You are allied with Hyrule. You win if Hyrule eliminates the Twilight Horde or if nothing can prevent the same.
Looks like our hero couldn't make it to the end this time. Damn.

The only players left are Metal Sonic, Snaquaza and Yoshinite. As you walk towards the square, you see the all-to-familiar gaze in Yoshinite's eyes; stupid Twilight! Looks like Yoshinite won't be of much help during the last lynch.

It is now Day 6, the last day in this game.
It takes two votes to reach a majority. Chance is that Finger of Suspicion votes will decide the game.
You may now post. Good luck!
No, you do not get to vote twice.

Vote Count 6.1

Snaquaza (1): Metal Sonic L-1
Not Voting (2): Snaquaza, Yoshinite

FoS Count

Yoshinite (1): Metal Sonic
Not under suspicion: Metal Sonic, Snaquaza

There is currently no deadline, but a deadline may be added if post quality is low or if inactivity occurs.

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