Round XIX: Coconut vs Banana, Exeggutor vs Tropius!

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Never has the number 108 meant so much... 108 kg, 108 cm, #108 on the Sinnoh Dex, Base 108 Defence & Sp. Defence, referring to themselves as plurals in the PMD games "We are 108 spirits!"... And ridiculously difficult to obtain.

Sableye? Ehhh, not even diamonds can help it from being more cooler than something so numerically inclined, lol.
Yep, it also takes 108 years to find

cant say

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^ lol

My vote is for Sableye. He was a notorious badass in gen III for me, and has the most expensive diet of all pocket monsters.
I too like both, but I think I'd go with Sableye. Its design is sort of sleek and understated (apart from a bit of bling, but hey, we've all been through that phase), and I like that he's found himself an interesting niche in the metagame. And yeah, look, Spiritomb... just one of those Pokemon that I've had zero engagement with. I like his concept because it's a bit dark, but then I feel that he kind of fell over in terms of design - he looks like a bit of a psychedelic mess, whereas he could have been maybe a bit more sinister, with such a bad-ass premise behind him.
I feel spritomb's difficulty in acquisition is what makes him so interesting. With so many mons all over, I think there should be more pokemon with odd/complicated ways of finding them. If Sableye evolved maybe, but since not...

Stellar is very very awesome and tallied up the last round since a certain RODAN didn't.
18:32 Stellar jumpluff 26
18:32 Stellar whimsicott 13

So there we go.

The next round be closing soon enough. I have no idea on the next round, but I am thinking magikarp versus groudon...
This is a joke if you vote in that round then LOL!!

Anyway, Sableye for me

As said before, it finds he perfect balance between creepiness and cuteness making it one of, in my opinion, the best designed mons. I really like pokemon with dark stories behind them, followed by derpiness and then cuteness, so I really love sableye.

I have never used a spiritomb, simply because.
Sableye is just much cooler to me. It's like a shadow with gems for eyes. Spiritomb is just a cloud or clump or whatever of spirits and it's ugly. Never liked it.

If you haven't noticed, I prefer Gen I-III mons over Gen VI - V mons. Gen III was Pokemon's peak :( Hopefully Gen VI can turn it around!
Spiritomb 16
Sableye 22

I thought we were going off track, but we got it right again! :P

Sorry about updating this late - short round this time.
Also the next round is Heracross vs Pinsir

for one, pinsir isn't even a fighting type. what.

second, pinsir sucks competitively and heracross is awesome.

third, there is a girl in firered/leafgreen that comments on big heracross horns and how they make her shiver when she sees them. or something like that.

fourth, ash's heracross was hilarious and enjoyed... sucking... on... bulbasaur.

fifth, they're purple/pink when shiny. manliest of all.
I do have a soft spot for non-fighting types with CC and Pinsir is no exception. However Pinsir is kinda badass-ugly while Heracross is badass-cute.
Also, he is named after an ancient Greek demigod.
And I am more of a Johto guy anyway :P


PS:Shiruba let's not talk about manly shinies :(
Come to think of it the pink kinda goes well with the female one, as it has a different horn too... Omg I'm rooting for Hera even more now! :3

Also because of being the first thing to get MEGAHORN!
Of course this is a reason too, thank you

I chose spiritomb for obvious reasons.
It has superior stats, a better movepool, and just looks badass.
I would have said Sableye because Gen III was the best.
But other than that, Spiritomb is the clear winner.
Heracross because he's one of my favourite Pokemon. Check my avatar if you need any more proof.
Also because of being the first thing to get MEGAHORN!


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Heracross all the way. It looks more like a real insect than Pinsir does, has much better overall stats and typing, has a more aesthetically pleasing color scheme, and is perfect for bad jokes. The only bad thing about Heracross is its molestation of my beloved Grass-types.
Holy shit... 5-0 so far!

celever said:
Spiritomb 16
Sableye 22

I thought we were going off track, but we got it right again! :P

Sorry about updating this late - short round this time.
Also the next round is Heracross vs Pinsir


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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There is no contest. Pinsir may be pretty sweet, but Gamefreak just shafted the hell out of it with typing, moves, etc. Heracross not only looks the part, but plays it too, unlike Pinsir.
I love both, but I'm sick and tired of seeing Heracross all over the place in, going with Pinsir on this one. I have a feeling the score is going to end up like 30-1 in Heracross' favor though...
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