Round XIX: Coconut vs Banana, Exeggutor vs Tropius!

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Look, don't get me wrong, Pinsir is pretty fucking cool.

However, Heracross is out of it's league of badassary. In fact, it's not only badass, but also slightly adorable. It's adorably badass, and adorably badasses are somehow even more badass than a regualr badass. Not only that, but this motherfucker gets Moxie, a badass ability saved for only the most badass of pokemon (Pinsir gets it too, but refer to my previous sentence). Add in it's awesome typing, and it's kickass facial horn, and it's obvious why Heracross is winning thing almost without resistance.
I love both, but I'm sick and tired of seeing Heracross all over the place in, going with Pinsir on this one. I have a feeling the score is going to end up like 30-1 in Heracross' favor though...
Now it is 29-2

Haha. But Seriously Pinsir is so much cooler than heracross. Come on...

The pinsirs freakin' CRUSH SNAKES IN HALF!!
Heracross was awful in the anime, it managed to land a focus punch on Darkrai and couldn't take it out, and who could blame it Ash spent maybe 4 episodes with it for training its just not at the same calibre
Thats what she said ^_^

By the way Heracross. It looks like: "ey dont fuck with me". He is used more out of the whole UU tier, and it defines badassery.

Pinsir looks like an alien. Jesus, it`s even uglier than Trubbish (trubbish looked pretty funny :P) and Pinsir OHKOd my whole team in W2 yesterday, and I hate him for that. F*** you Pinsir
Heracross for me is responsible for revolutionising the Bug-type, and making it a legitimate force in the Pokemon games. In Generation I, the utility of Bug-types expired before you obtained your bicycle. It was either early evolvers with rubbish stats, or difficult-to-obtain version-exclusive misfits who wouldn't know STAB if it slapped them in the face. Then, one fateful day in Generation II, my Furret headbutted a tree, and this delightful bundle of love and violence fell into my arms. We've been breaking balls together ever since.
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