Round XIX: Coconut vs Banana, Exeggutor vs Tropius!

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Heracross is both visually appealing as well as interesting to use. It has always been rare, yes, but so has Pinsir, and Heracross has always given you more in return for finding it. It has great stats, a great movepool and is an all around good contributor to your team. Pinsir is, well, Pinsir. Slightly underwhelming, boring movepool, and while it looks iconic, can't stand up to the blue beetle.
Well I'd say it's pretty clear that I have to go with Heracross. Pinsir was a missed opportunity. The designers could have made him much more interesting and useful but they did not. Heracross looks cooler and is far better competitively.

On a side note, I'm wondering if celever, the author of this thread, plans to update the first page with the results as they come in. I'm not trying to be a bother, but it is rather annoying to hunt through the pages right now to learn the more recent tallies.
Okay then closin' this round off...


Godammit you voted wrong again :<

Round XI: Umbreon vs Espeon

I loved both since GSC came out (and both were awesome in Colosseum). Umbreon is awesome, but Espeon even more so. I've always thought Espeon was awesome, even before Magic Bounce.

My vote is Espeon.


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Hey! 32 to 9, more than I predicted, for both sides... (predicted 30-1 in Heracross' favor, haha)

Also, I think it's funny how the OP spoke of the voting and discussion of each round taking a week or even longer, but it's shaping up to be just a day or two for each :P
I'm not complaining, since I have managed to vote for the most part, but it's still an interesting observation.

Anyway, for this round my vote goes to Espeon. Espeon was my favorite eeveelution until I fell in love with Glaceon. I do like Umbreon but he is very annoying in UU.


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I'm definitely going with Umbreon. He's very cute, Dark typing is always good, and I have some ever-so-sweet memories with him...
See, an Umbreon named Oscuro was the second Pokemon I ever raised for competitive play. He was an incredible tank, and was largely responsible for making me the youngest (or maybe second-youngest, I don't remember) entrant to make it to the top eight in the VGC 2009 NorCal regionals. After that, Oscuro became a staple of all my 4th-gen competitive teams, and always did a beautiful job of annoying my opponents. Nowadays, he enjoys a comfortable retirement in my Pokewalker and a special place in my heart.
Now this one is tit for tat for me. I really like both of these pokemon so its hard to pick one above the other.

Ima have to go with Espeon for dat magic bounce


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Don't get me wrong, I like Espeon and all, but Umbreon is one of my favorite Eevolutions (maybe only passed by Vaporeon). I'll admit, my love for it is almost all design (though I have used it in game to great effect), but my lord, that design! It manages to look cute, badass, cool, and exotic all in one go. And it's shiny form is easily one of my favorite shiny forms. I just love the damn thing, that's all there is to it.
The first time I played through Coliseum, I didn't know you could catch shadow pokemon, so accidentally did a run through with just Umbreon and Espeon. And since Umbreon bit a Steelix to death(the hardest battle I've ever been in) I'll have to go Umbreon
the title is confusing.

anyway, espeon for me. not only is it better competitively, but it's purple/pink, and purple is my favourite colour.

and... it's my best friend's favourite pokemon. c:
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