RU Index and Reservations Thread


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Actually, I'd like to offer my Swoobat reservation analysis to someone else who wants it (non-Simple Swoobat's hard to use).

Instead, I'll invest my energy to Togetic.


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yeah it's a database error, they should only be one analysis page on the Dex, but because they are technically different mons they have a separate page. This will be (hopefully) fixed in the future.

For Basculin, you should be writing the analysis as if you are for the one that gets the extra ability and until it's fixed the analysis will go on both pages.

This also happened with Darmanitan-Z and a couple others.
ok guys, biiig update! In other news, Zweilous and Snover are now up for grabs, but as they have already passed QC, feel free to go directly to the GP stage.


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Snover please.

And if there are any issues with me reserving while having 2 analysis currently reserved and 1 in progress at the GP stage, I'll have those finished up over Thanksgiving break.
Could I get Zweilous through GP? I know I already reserved Fearow (posted skeleton) and Mantine (not posted). Torkoal is on the forum waiting for a second stamp too... I've done more than three analyses at a time before, it's not too much to handle :P
A lot to say here: Raseri has given me the Rotom-F analysis to write up, so I will be doing that soon. Gtm has relinquished Vanilluxe to me, so I will be doing that soon too. And Tauros is ready for GP checks.

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