RU Index and Reservations Thread


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just a question, why exactly is stunfisk on the unfit list? i have been testing it and it is perfectly viable. i cannot currently reserve it but stunfisk has a niche.

1) very good counter to honchkrow

2) is very bulky can survive a glaceon's blizzard with only 64 SPD evs

3) can be tailored to counter certain threats such as durant, honchkrow, and normal rotom

4) makes a great status platform

5) it has semi reliable recovery in the form of restalk, and even pain split (it still recovers the same amount of HP it just looks like less)

6) has access to cool moves it can abuse such as yawn, again pain split, hell it could even run a gimmicky curse set

7) it can set rain and abuse powerful thunders

8) it can run specs and still keep decent bulk

9) damage calcs

252 / 192 stunfisk vs honchkrow's brave bird (27.49% - 32.46%)

252 / 192 stunfisk vs honchkrow's sucker punch (36.49% - 43.36%)

252 / 64 stunfisk vs scarf Porygon-z tri attack (40.28% - 47.87%)

252 / 192 stunfisk vs LO durant X scissor (45.73% - 54.03%)

at +1 (68.25% - 80.33%)
^ now thats bulky

252 / 192 stunfisk vs Band entei flare blitz (59.72% - 70.38%)

life orb entei (51.90% - 61.14%)

252 / 64 stunfisk vs LO rotom shadow ball (30.57% - 36.26%)

(stunfisk's scald will always break rotom's substitute)

stunfisk is very bulky as you can see, it survives attacks from some of the top RU threats (except the 2hko by entei)

i also have a specs set in mind, will add damage calcs with that if needed

Specs calcs

Specs stunfisk thunderbolt vs max/max slowking (64.47% - 76.14%)

Specs stunfisk surf vs max/min gligar (70.66% - 83.23%)

Specs stunfisk Thunderbolt vs max/min uxie (41.81% - 49.44%)

Specs stunfisk sludge wave vs max/min tangrowth (106.44% - 125.74%)

Specs stunfisk earth power vs max/min ferroseed (46.23% - 54.45%)

Specs stunfisk earth power vs 252/160 steelix (114.12% - 134.46%)

i was wondering if stunfisk could get an an analysis, and if possible, could i reserve it when i can.
It's been about a month since Twanes reserved Rotom-S, and there has been no activity as far as C&C is concerned on his end. That being said, I'd like to reserve Rotom-S, and hopefully this time it'll get done.

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Claydol is Done.

Also, ScarfWynaut hasn't done anything about his Ferroseed analysis for a while now. I PMed him a few days ago asking to take it over, but he didn't reply. May I please reserve it?