Shiny Trio

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I'd love to be able to get my grubby mittens on these three, if some awesome distributor would be so kind as to clone some for me (my computer HATES superGTS and all other programs related to it I've tried to install).
could i have one of each please? would really appreciate it.

It would be awesome if a distributor could send me a message, i will be available all afternoon and tonight.
If I am still able, may I get all three, and if not all three, can I get just Terrakion? Please.

I can't use PKM files.
The GTS is crashed.pokes were given out to 17 different IPs. 47 Pokes were distributed over the 9 hours period,until it crashed.
Have fun trading ;)
I would love a copy of these as well. I'm available for about the next 2 hours if anyone would be so kind as to pm me?
The pokes being full redis means that I can trade them to whoever and whenever I want, right?
But does It also mean that I can clone them as many times as I want?
This is probably a stupid question but I'm new to all this and I just want to make sure.. I don't want to do anything wrong.
I will just get the pokes from the .pkm file ;)
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