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Hello, person who clicked this link. I'm Shirley, and I'm an apprentice baker.

I also write and draw, having been trained in the latter formally for two years.

Most of my work is in monochrome with patches of colour in them.

When I paint seriously, I opt for watercolour finishes.

I'm not sure what my style is supposed to be defined as - originally I drew anime-esqly, but during my time in art school I was nagged at for two years, and the result is... this.

Checks on my twitter will reveal tons of crazy Jojo('s Bizzare Adventure)-esq anatomy doodles, but when I'm not busy being fabulous I do stuff like... this. Yeah.

I've been reading Smogon on and off for a while, and am a fan of THE SMOG (or at least, its entertainment section).

As such, I thought I'd start putting my art faculties to work, and what better than to contribute to Smogon?

Having gotten clearance from several members of the community about what's okay/ not okay to post, I shall now proceed to housekeep and update the thread, as promised.

About Contributing (Critique/ Art posts)

Having been formally trained during my short stint at school, I am very, very harsh with my critique.

Even if I give it in a civil manner it may end up deflating someone else who just wants to have fun, so as a general rule I refrain from giving critique unless I am asked for it, or the user tells me upfront that they don't give two hoots about what I have to say (in which case I can just say my mind).

I was famous for this in skoolz, so I suppose it carried over even after I left.

On a sidenote I DO love talking with others about art though, and not every single one of my replies would have an update/ picture with 'em, so I hope that's okay.

About Requests

I think I may be able to do a few from time to time (refer to "Annoying people over Twitter" in the lower sections of this post), but I can't guarantee anything.

Most of the time I already have projects of my own lined up, or a stupid idea in the wings (Apparently Reuniclus is my latest victim), so yeah. Feel free to ask though - I'll see what I can do.

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Prismatic Eevee Overdrive

This piece was the first colour piece I've done in a long time since my eventual, slow recovery from the tail end of 2011. To keep things simple, a series of traumatic events in my life took my drawing ability away wholesale, and it's taken me THIS long to recover. At least now that I can paint again we can all have more Flareon butts in the future. Speaking of that...

Flareon ('s Butt)

More or less still WIP, this was originally scheduled AFTER P.E.Overdrive was finished, as I did not want to paint Flareon's fluffiness without first re-establishing my paintin skillz (or lack thereof). Now that said piece is done I'll be working on this soon. As said in the initial rendition of this post, I mainly draw anthromorphic representations of Pokemon - While I can draw the mons themselves I am sadly not very interested in doing so. I may eventually do so as a companion piece to the anthromorphed work.

This will be the first in a series of 7 (+Sylveon, 8??) Posters and Mock CD covers - I've always wondered how anthromorphic Eeveelutions would look like if they were all in the musik industry. Yeah. Don't ask me how I came up with that. I don't know myself.


Am I the only one who thinks that Reuniclus' name is a failure of a pun and is ridiculously stupid to spell?

Hell, even if I am the only one who thinks so that matters little - I renamed her to RENI-RENI anyway. This little project started off chasing the coattails of the previous PRISMATIC EEVEE OVERDRIVE, and it seems like more of my colour faculties are back now. I mean, look at those giant paw arms.

Gonna stuff your face full of shadow_BALLS UGUU

On hindsight, that swimsuit was the most annoying thing to paint. Oh well. POSTMODERN COLOUR GRADATION END

PS: Shown in native 3000x4000 pixels for MAXIMUM GLORY. WA HA HA HA HA

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PRisM Series

The original. Done more as a social statement as opposed to a series, it somehow sparked off a series.

The sequel. The funny red lines are Jojo sound effects.

What came after the sequel. Personally I love PRisM's horn things.

Another PRisM unit - I drew her for use as my 3DSXL cover image. I have yet to print it out, though.

The PRisM Series is an after-work mini-series by me, highlighting the odd travels of a space trucker who somehow got turned into a little girl, and now has to explore the wrecks of ancient ships in search of a similar artefact to turn himself back. Yeah. As with most of my monochrome works the PRisM series is meant to be rough, with odd splotches of colour here and there. It's mainly me cheating and creating instant areas of focus, but meh, let's not go there.

I love space opera as a genre, setting, and more or less anything - if I had enough time on my hands I'll end up drawing cyborg steelmons, and I don't think that's a very good thing.

Atelier Series Works

Merietta Muir, totally awesome shopkeeper that for some stupid reason isn't playable in Atelier Ayesha. MERIETTA, WHY?!

Mimi Houllier von Schwarzlang, of Atelier Meruru, although she first appeared in Atelier Totori. No, I'm not making that name up. It's real.

I love the Atelier series, having played from A9 (ManaKhemia) all the way to A14 (Atelier Ayesha). TBH the Atelier series only really took off with the advent of GUST somehow managing to hire Kishida Mel as the series artist, with his illustrations single-handedly defining an entire generation (A10-A13). Although I really like his colours the style gets old quickly - A14 brings something new to the table, but I suppose as long as I get to synthesize Uni bombs I'm not complaining.

The Mimi illustration (the one with the pointy stick) is what monochrome drawings of mine look like when properly cleaned up. For this reason, I don't bother cleaning up my monochromes up often.

Misc Works

Filia, Skullgirls, done as a present for a friend.

Cerebella, Skullgirls, done as a present for that same friend.

Cake-Cup-Tan, fanart done for Dan Kim @clonemanga. Stay based Dan.

Jojo-esq Mokou, done to annoy someone on twitter. I succeeded I think.

I occasionally draw Skullgirls and stuff like that - I have the relative misfortune of being acquainted with a few individuals who are crazy over it. I also annoy people with random crazy Jojo-esq doodles on Twitter to make them trip balls. Mainly because I can.

Having finally finished my housekeeping I think I shall give myself a pat on the back. I will mainly be updating the pokemanz section only, the rest of my stuff can be viewed on my DA.

You're also welcome to annoy me on twitter, and if I'm near my tablet (and not a mountain of dough) I may think up of something annoying to send your way.

Thanks for viewing.

I hope you have an above-average day.

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Judging from what I've seen around the studio, your line of art should have no issues finding their place here. We do, however, have a rule that any new artist thread requires a minimum of three images (to avoid spam). You seem to be a seasoned artist however, so I doubt you'll have trouble choosing two more images to complement your first post. Doesn't need to be pokémon related.

As for what you've posted already, it's a good start and you've done well with the facial features. Her armor is a bit messy compared to the rest of the lineart, so if you were to continue on it, I'd say a good cleanup of those lines would be one point to start.

Welcome to Smogon, hope you'll post more!
Thanks for the response! I was waiting for quite a bit as I have seen people get beamed out of existence before. Will proceed to update thread as accordingly. INCOMING SOLARBEAM
Done throwing in a few more images. The first post will probably get very messy/ convoluted with time, so when I generate more pokemon-related pieces I'll have to clean it up. This will do for now I guess!
Damn you're too good at this ;; luvdisc
Herro Ylix! I've seen some of your work. I really like the colours and composition on some pieces. I speak Japanese as well - but Pokemon was something that I've always found was better in English.

I think Smogon has a strictly-english-only rule or something like that? So while I won't prattle too much about it here you're welcome to annoy me on DA/Twitter. Fun times with Eevees!

For the record I DO paint in colour, but I'm not allowing myself to use it. I want to see how much I can bring out with two (background white included) or three colours at most, although to accurately colour Flareon's butt I'll probably have to lift that limitation.
Hey, nice pieces you've got so far man! Really like it. It looks like a style I was about to try myself, using the lineart colour for the shading.

Overall, you seem to have a good idea of anatomy and body structure, which is always excellent. You can have the best technical skill in the world but the anatomy would look messed up. But you nailed it pretty well.

I'd say try to clean up your works a bit. It would make the images a bit clearer and easier to figure out, not that I can't figure out what they are, but just to help the overall picture.

Anyways, that's just my two cents, hope my critique can help you! Can't wait to see what else you make.
the first picture reminds me of Pokemon Conquest! :D
and like others have said, you're really good at getting anatomy right. I used to draw anime-ish stuff when I was younger, but could never get proportions right, so now I stick to animals! ^_^'
Yes, she's actually the Protagonist from Pokemon Conquest. strictly speaking my stuff isn't a very "pure" strain of anime. Due to my time in art school and the combined force of nagging from all my teachers over a period of 2.5 years I more or less ended up drawing in a strange hybrid style for a while - and even though it's stabilized a bit now I'm still not very sure if I can pin it down to a specific region.

Animals simply require another set of anatomical knowledge - I used to draw horses back when we had anatomy class. I even drew a dissected, preserved horse once - I feel that if one has a good feeling of the bone structure (of anything) you're mainly clear to go.

With regards to the cleanliness of the works: Protagonist-girl and Flareon's (butt) are more or less WIP. PRisM and the other pieces are intended to look that way - I usually hate using the phrase "BUT IT'S MY STYLE!" to justify anything, but in this case I suppose I'll have to say that it was an intentional stylistic choice.

When "cleaned up", they mostly look like this:

When lesser time is used, but the same effect is desired, they usually end up like this (I wonder if there are Skullgirls fans here?):

Although I'm still debating on whether to go for a full smooth finish (unlikely), or to leave rough bits behind to accentuate an area of focus. Of course, with monocolour, adding streaks of chromal difference immediately creates an artificial AoF, but that's kinda like cheating.

Unfortunately I DO cheat when I come home tired and dead. I guess I'll try to finish pokemon-conquest girl (henceforth known as Eevee girl) so I can move on to defining Flareon's oh-so-fluffly butt.
I feel that people should be able to draw what they wish to draw - but when they're going to be posting in a pre-established institution, said institution's rules come first.

I have nothing against furries, but unfortunately (fortunately?) I don't have the necessary aesthetic understanding to draw them anyway, so you probably wouldn't be seeing them.

Is "Luvdisc" more or less a "Like" here? I'm kinda planning to do an Eeveelution list of paintings/ mock CD covers. Flareon probably comes first. Vaporeon should be next.


The worst taste in music
I feel that people should be able to draw what they wish to draw - but when they're going to be posting in a pre-established institution, said institution's rules come first.

I have nothing against furries, but unfortunately (fortunately?) I don't have the necessary aesthetic understanding to draw them anyway, so you probably wouldn't be seeing them.

Is "Luvdisc" more or less a "Like" here? I'm kinda planning to do an Eeveelution list of paintings/ mock CD covers. Flareon probably comes first. Vaporeon should be next.
Lol girl, the furries thing was just a joke, you're free to draw whatever you want X)

and yes, the luvdisc system is like facebook's "likes"
To be honest I really haven't done colour in a long, long time, and while I was intending to finish this today Photoshop decided to be tempermental and explode an hour into the piece.

This sufficiently made me mad enough to throw out all conventions of "Sticking to source material" and heap tons of what I prefer (read: What i do when I don't really want to care, and just paint) instead, resulting in this.

She should be done soon. I still need to put more colours in her hair though. Too brown right now.

When I finish this piece I'll redo the first post and clean up everything else so it's in one place. Until then please bear with the terrible state of housekeeping orz

Housekeeping complete, thread updated!



I said something about Reuniclus being my next victim yes?

Don't make her forget trick room. She will hate you for all eternity.
Should be able to finish Reni before the day ends. I DO feel like slacking off though, since it's my day off and all.

Gonna LOAF around, SLACK off and REST to RECOVER HA HA HA

WIP, 30% done:

Not pictured: Shadow Ball and Focus Blast effects


formerly Doran Dragon
you have some pretty cool artwork here. Ill definitely be keeping an eye on you. I have to say, I think you would make some pretty awesome art of Lady Ashe from FFXII...Id like to make that a request actually ahahaha. Keep up the good work!
Doran> Thank you for the kind words - unfortunately I'm not very fond of FF art, and everything after 10 (9 was already bad to me) kinda went even more insane/ off the charts. Don't worry though! At least we'll all get more flareons and things like that.

Yilx> I think part of me doing gijinkas is because I'm lazy. It takes time to study the bone structure of say, a dog, then learning to draw a proper eevee while taking fox/cat elements. Of course, most of the time i BS through that with line flow, but it's very noticable when I try to draw "dynamic" poses and something appears off.

And meh... Renireni seems to have so much work left on it. Time to go slack off on my rocking chair for a while... bakery work is so tiring, it creeps up on you even after a proper night of rest.
Dear Reni-Reni, Flareon called.

She says that your "Flat ass" is "hogging the production line" and demands that you "move aside".

My speed sucks orz // The next tiem I update she should be 100% done.
Dear Flareon, I have every right to be on the Atelier production line. Perhaps you should move your mangy tail away... while you can.

Yours sincerely, Reni-Reni

Yes I know I said she'd be done, but I'm too tired to carry on. On another note, I thought it'd be interesting to share the process - it's crazy painting after work AND exercise deep into the night omg

Now updated with native resolution, completed Reni-Reni! Apologies for those who get a shock because it is huge. A more visible option can be viewed at my DA.

Hey Shirley, I love your work, I was wondering if you could do an Aggron and Haxorus for me? (if you make them into part-humans with nice butts thats ok too :3)

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