Smogon Premier League XI - Finals [Won by the Alpha Ruiners]


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Quickly shoutouts, I won't include everyone although I love yall, i just don't feel like spending 2 hours writing these, you will have to forgive me :p

Empo one of the best new gens player all around, you know I love your approach into the game, powerful teams with the goal of being able to outplay every matchup, I hope we can win another trophy in wcop (but firstly I'll need to improve in ss myself :psysad:)

FLCL lazy team choices at times (but i blame the OU council, not quick banning dug and possibly zeraora/kyu seems bad even for a non ss mainer like me), but you played so great every game, i don't ever remember a missplay from you

Altina ty for helping with team choices every week, your adv knowledge is so great and i don't know if i wouldve been able to put such a good record without you

xImRaptor Gondra sick records guys, glad I had the chance to work with you 2

Sadlysius ty for your help as well in early weeks
mncmt gostosa, don't ever bring a team weak to ferrothorn in any tour anymore though :puff:

umbreon098 your help with dubs teams was huge, i'm still sorry we werent be able to get you at the draft but i'm pretty sure you will have your chance in snake and in future spls

qsns pardini

Rewer HANTSUKI ty for drafting me, i know there were some doubts about me prior to this season but i'm glad i was able to overcome expectations and be able to put a good record that helped the team

ErPeris dw about your record friend, stuff can happen in rby. i'm sure you will have much more success in other tours

Hyogafodex one of the hardest workers of the team, i think we played a milion of test games during this spl, ty for your efforts

also ty to Emeral BIHI for helping me prep for this last dpp game, and s/o to jake and FriendOfMrGolem120 for being one of the bests in their tiers

finally, a mention to my adv mentor Astamatitos who listened to me whenever i needed him and to my frens Joya Luthier
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ggs ruiners, and congratulations. I'm especially happy for my good friends Altina, Emeral, and Hyoga. I knew the ruiners were a strong team from the beginning, so if there's anyone I'm happy to lose to, it's you guys.

Even though it's my first official teamtour, I knew the classiest were something special this year. Everyone was extremely kind and supportive and I don't think there's a single person on the team who doesn't have a great moment to remember from this season. From early on we were always clawing it back from behind and we somehow clutched in dire situations all the way to tiebreak; I'm really proud of everyone. And even though I kind of descended in playoffs after a decent start, I can still look back fondly on my and my team's performance. Records definitely don't tell the whole story: everyone on the team played a vital part in our success and should definitely be picked up next year if they want to play again.

Shoutouts are for winners, but I feel the need to thank some people.

Thank you FMG and d0nut for taking a chance on me. You two were absolutely superb managers with perfect synergy. You both put a ton of effort into the season and I couldn't be more thankful that I had you two as my managers. I learned a lot from both of you and would absolutely love to play for you guys again. To all the helpers not on the team who had zero obligation: thank you so much. It was very nice getting to know all of you and it was awesome to have that additional support.

BKC Thanks for always wishing me good luck, congratulating me when I won, and always being willing to help. I appreciated it so much! You are easily one of the most genuine and nice people on this website.

SFG Thanks so much for the countless test games; any time I ever needed a test and you were on, you were always willing to play. I'm looking forward to seeing you play in SPL next year.

sheep We go way back man, it's awesome that you came back to this game after so long. Thanks for all the games, you're quickly becoming a menace in DPP again and I can't wait to see where that takes you.

innisfree Bro if you played tournaments actively you'd cement yourself as one of the greatest to ever do it. Always great talking to you, thanks for having my back and being there to help if I ever needed it!

Vay Thanks for being a great friend and for all your advice. Your record definitely doesn't do you justice, everyone knows you're a menace in DPP. Next time we meet up we won't go to McDonald's!

shockproof Thanks for a ridiculous number of test games whenever you were on at like 1 AM. You're one of the first people I met since I returned to this game. Crazy to see how far we've come in a short amount of time. If you played tournaments you'd do extremely well. Stick to your style even if I give you shit for using shed shell wishtect jirachi on screens hyperoffense ;)

Sakito Thanks for testing with me whenever I needed it. I'm glad you're starting to find your own style and build your own stuff. You can tell from my tilt from your crazy ideas that you're doing something right. Keep it up man, excited to see you show your stuff in future tournaments.

Seven Thunders Thanks for gassing up all my creations regardless of what I send you. Ever since I made you angry enough to sit through 200 turns vs my hitmontop stall and make me waste time I think it was inevitable that we'd become great friends. One of the greatest dudes I've met throughout everything.

eden Thanks for being a great friend. Your record this year does not do you justice at all. You're an amazing ADV player, and every player has irl context that can contribute to stuff. I really hope you get another chance to play next year because your playing ceiling is one of the highest I've seen: if you're on your game, you are ridiculously hard to beat.

DeepBlueC Thanks so much for all the test games, support, and everything you did for me this SPL. Playing thousands of games and building thousands of teams with you has helped me grow tremendously as a player. You're one of my best friends on here, and if all else my time on smogon was worth it because I got to meet you. We'll meet up again when this coronavirus shit ends.

I'm not really sure what's in store for my future playing this game, but I'll probably stick around. Irl's catching up for sure, and I've been at this for a while, so who knows. Maybe it's just me, but if you haven't played in an official tournament before, be prepared: SPL is an incredible tournament but it is also unbelievably stressful. It's easy to think something along the lines of, "oh, it's just Pokemon, how stressful could it be", but people put everything they can into this. There is something really special about this niche and specific hobby we all share. I started playing this game as a wifi battler in 2009 when DP was the current gen just before platinum came out, and because I was so young I never discovered smogon forums. Years later, it's been really nice to fulfill that desire of mine from childhood and find a community of a ton of people just like me who have the same passion that I do.

Lastly, thanks so much Tamahome for believing in me from the start. I would definitely not be here without all of your support and confidence in me. You're easily the most inspirational, humble, and selfless player I've ever seen -- not to mention the best DPP player of all time. Teaming with you throughout this year has been incredible, and I'll never forget what you've done for me. I hope we stay friends for a long time.
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As i said on baril, its inspiring to see a team considered by everyone "the worst" during the pre season getting the trophy in the end, you had an amazing early season, knocked out a strong team in semis and taking a tie break from Tama + Anti (the best tie breaker core of the tour to me) just crowned the competent season you had. I hoped you guys had lost after getting vetoed to join your chat and saw my team being used, but still, good job and enjoy the moment!

Leks se a gente não vencer essa próxima wcop a gente não vence mais, pelamor né.
Thia was an awesome tour and i'm very happy to grab a trophy in my first try. Time for some s/outs now:

Alexander. Askov Sayuze Hyogafodex Rewer HANTSUKI Caasi ty a lot guys, you never let me lost faith in my game and are allways ready to help with bbuilding ideas or with test games. My record will not be good without your help.

Mannat Starry hellpowna you guys are the first ones to notice my potential as a player and to encourage me in trying the big stage. Ty a lot for all the moral support during this tour and for beliving in me since the start.

Thiago Nunes CaCaTuA Nowh Shoot toinha Liemaster Ash KetchumGamer TioDragonite and all my br friends: CONSEGUI, PORRA!!! Falei que ia trazer esse troféu pra vocês. Chupa haters, amos vocês!


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Yo, these past 3-4 months have definitely been a wild ride, so it only makes sense for me to commemorate it into a post. Also obligied to give my thanks and respects for the red, where they are due

Rewer - thanks a lot for everything bro, you are an incredible person and i appreciate the fact that you help other new gens such as myself to grow, also taking risks for players such as myself and putting together our roster which was seen as controversial by others. thanks for hanging out with me in other chats as well, ur the man

HANTSUKI - haha ily man. you sometimes gave me the sense of no hope whenever u typed "season over :clownpepe:" but looks like we didn't get jynx'd at the end... also not to mention your banlist that may or may not have saved the season -- we'll never find out. seriously though, thank you for going along with picking me up, along with your good managing, you are always funny & chill in chat, def a core part of our team <3

Empo - yuh aye dewddd let's fking goo. so glad we teamed together and won this. good friends come from rough starts, as they say, and this is no different.. thanks for being yourself, i appreciate your unique playstyle and take of mons, ur motivation ( despite certain individuals not drinking a certain kool-aid), and def enjoy talking with u in NG. you're a fucking beast at this game, from your ability to kill shit in individs to clutching important wins in team tours, there is no denial there. hf defending the cup for another year, lets team again in the future dewd ;)

Twixtry - yo, nice to have you on board man, was a fun season for sure. hope we're on better terms from about an year ago or so, and i'm sorry for maybe causing you to lose some sanity with my shittalking... you're a skilled player for sure, even though near the end of the season wasn't ideal for you, i know for a fact you know what you are doing and are a formidable player. the help in oras/sm/ss you inputted was for sure appreciated and you were paired with a hard group of opponents, week after week, that you took down, thx for everything and cheers

FLCL - goat ass fooly, thanks for your hard effort you put this season, it was most definitely of use. building and *prepping* alot by yourself, along with your amazing game sense and playing, was everything. you left me in shock a lot when watching your games live, very well played games. you're a good chat presence too, was enjoyable working with you, hopefully we get to be around again in wcop !

mncmt - GOSTOSA. you're funny as fuck dude and great to hang around, definitely had a lot of fun with u and the gang. i don't think the chernobyl channel got as brutal as last year according to some sources (it got close though), but maybe we'll all work on that for next year LOL

Askov - another one of the brazilian gangbangers, you're equally funny asf, thx for hanging around and making for some great memories bro. with mncmt though we gotta work on the chernobyl channel :P

Gondra - aaaaaa mi pichulaaaaa!!!! sorry we almost trolled u into thinking we lost, and i'm glad you got to find out your record b4 the season ended :pepega:. very happy you exceeded everyone's expectations and slaughtered the SM pool, keep doing u bro. also nice to know that you are addicted to LoL, hopefully in the future, no cancering because it is too addicting of a game (like some other individuals) :sadcat: LOL jk. let's team again in the future if we can brooo and cheers

xImRaptor - raptorrrr, glad we teamed bro. pre season i didn't know much about you, but you delighted me and the entire squad when u went nuts and showed ur talent in action throughout the season... awesome to hang with you as well. hopefully we can play fortnite or BuildUHC sometime together bruh

Caetano93 - The DR oml.. In a similar boat as raptor, i didn't get the chance to know you before season, so when you went insane in the BW pool i was very impressed. If i've learned anything it is that innovation definitely can exist and is not a joke, from you using epic but legitimate techs in a tier that many others use borderline standard lineups. Your knowledge of other old gens could be seen too, so thanks a bunch bro.

Hyogafodex - easily the funniest dude on the team LOL, i fucking love u hahaha. ty for everything, even though you had a bad record that does not account for the amount of work you put in through basically every classic old gen, as well as being a massive help in our tiebreakers. thanks bro and hopefully ur grandma forgives for your sinful actions now that we have the red :clownpepe:

Emeral - ayy, glad to have you on board as well brother. your talent in DPP was definitely seen by me and everyone else, and you put in a ton of effort so i can't thank you enough. thx for the clutch wins in the finals, you are definitely a powerhouse in DPP and i wish you the best in your future endeavours!

Alexander. - Thanks for everything man. I could really tell how motivated you were to win and equally how much you hated to lose. Your input in literally every tier and generation was really appreciated. I admire your offensive playstyle and it really made me re-consider the "stall / passive" mentality of team-choices I kinda have implanted in my brain. You talk the talk, and your playing is just as great. Thanks for the countless clutches in important weeks, it was undeniably a factor to our victory. Cheers

FriendOfMrGolem120 - There is a saying that goes by "Work hard in silence, let the success be your noise" and you are proof of that.. Well done on your great performance, and even though I didn't hang out in the GSC channel as much, I saw the effort that you gave. Congrats and enjoy defending the trophy for another year!

ErPeris - ayy my man (: really cool to hang around with u. sorry that shit happened, it hurt to see the bad luck and other shit that went on for you, but you are no stranger to RBY, knew what you were doing, and are a great player. congrats on the red brother. p.s. i still haven't watched scarface, i will eventually loool

jake - yo, didn't get to chill with the LC gang that much this season, but it was pretty awesome to see you and shrug not only work together by yourselves, but also kill it. good shit man.. glad you finally got your deserved spl trophy now haha. also can't forget to mention your great music taste, denzel curry is phenomenal. cheers man

Shrug - CHIEF SHRUG SOSA IN THE CUT.. definitely not a debate about you being a steal, the LC help and everything else was so appreciated. Thanks for hanging around too, you were great to talk to. Just as pleased to see someone being a Chief Keef fan (though not as big as me of course). #300

qsns - didn't get to talk much unfort, but good work and grats on the win for the 2nd year in a row, enjoy defending the red broo

umbreon098 - Dario :thumbsup: kek you were pretty much a part of our team, thanks for the help in doubles and also a great chat presence. if there's something that really pissed me off this tour it would have to be people giving you shit for the dumbest thing ever. they're all losers anyway so don't mind them bro. thanks for all the doubles help that was literally more than anyone ever asked, and hope we get to team sometime.

Altina - glad to have you on the team, it was shown you were more than skilled in advanced and your help in other old gens was sweet too. hope you weren't too disappointed at the quality of my cooking/eatings that i shared :P. congrats on the win and enjoy the trophy!

Valentine - unfort that u didnt hang out that much, would have liked to talk more with u dude. thanks for the fire music, your music taste is dope. enjoy the red fam

NG Spencer - lets fucking gooo :poggers: (that's ironic). honestly i'm happy as fuck we teamed and also that we fucking won LOL holy shitttt. we stay poor with no games played, maybe we're a more iconic POOR duo than blargh and tricking? kek. if there's anything i ASK for right now it's that you enjoy your trophy for the future and HOLD ON TO IT<<. You have my promise that wish killer or baboboy or Anthony won't look down at you now that you have become a virgin trophy holder lmfao. its cool to talk and hang around with u in both ruiners/NG so yee.

Sadlysius - was nice to talk with you, although some shit happened. enjoy the red :>

Century Express - thanks for hanging out and helping FOMG and others. your help was much appreciated :) gl in the future dude

Caasi - fuck it, helper caasi. as rewer's boyfriend you were obliged to join anyway, but you are def a really good friend of mine. ur so funny but also i appreciate the real talk we have. thanks broski and cheers

cleann - kek thanks for chilling with us. thx for the good times in NG bro. good luck in OST bro, wrap that shit up

LuckyPiper - thanks for chilling around, enjoyed it for sure and w/ helping me boost the server. this is a self-reminder that i need to unsubscribe so i stop getting drained 5 euros per month :tympole:

Croven LMAO, almost forgot about you... sike. thx for being in the chat d00d. Also thanks for the one week of homework u and empoor helped me with kek. that was much needed

Lopunny Kicks , Heroic Troller , BIHI: An unlimited thanks to you for the help that you guys provided in playoffs!

Panni - Thx for the help with new gen OUs, your take on teambuilding is really something unseen of, unfort that the techs didn't work out in finals, but saying anything less of thanks would be wrong. Let's team in the future fam

Troller - Thank you for joining near the end, glad to have you on board the Ruiners Ship. Like Prinz, you helped out & provided your input in every tier, even though you may think it wasn't helpful in the end, it was. Also a phenomenal RBYer, I look up to you in being that good at it someday... Until then I have a ways to go, though.

BIHI - Hey, big thanks once again, even though I told you this in person, the amount of help you put together for Prinz's game in finals was definitely unasked/unexpected of, thanks so much. Sorry I was a dick to you in the past, hope we're cool now.

Anyways, think of this post whatever you want to. Even though I didn't get to play any games, I wanted to show respect to my team and everyone else that pitched in to make this win possible. To anyone I pissed off throughout the span of my tournament, you have my apologies more or less, but I don't regret anything I've said.

I won't do personal shoutouts at this point right now at least, but I am more than thankful for those who PM me and talk to me on a constant basis -- you know who you are.

Don't want to make this anymore cliché so I'll end it with a classic~
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Probably the first, but (hopefully) not the last time you'll see me write something this long; what a way to end this spl. It all started with u Suapah, thanks a lot for cheering me up and encourage me to play in a time where I thought no one would even bid 3k for me since my shit record in SSD that I got because of personal problems and school. I'm very happy with my record now and the best of all is that I got to prove wrong a lot of people that thought I was bad at the game.

A special shoutout to the dickhead that said I wasn't good anymore at the game. That really encouraged me to play even better and I only saw you losing the only game you got to play vs our gsc :´´) .

Rewer I am very happy that you picked me over so many good options to play the tier and give me the chance to be the starter. You're a great person and I hope you keep playing League with us though season is over. With no doubts, I would give you a team again because you're very participative and pay a lot of attention to the team.

HANTSUKI : You're also amazing as manager, what would we have done without the ban tier list on all the tour tiers :clownpepe: . Thank you so much for trusting me and enjoy the trophy!

Empo : Damn, you're really an incredible player. You have the confidence and the ability to play in an insane way. I'd never been on a teamtour with you before, but I'm very happy we were together on the team and hope that we can share one in the future.

FriendOfMrGolem120 : You're really good at the game and really funny, I you had talked a bit more on chat or with me, but I know that you're a really nice guy, take care and grats on the trophy!

qsns : You made me like doubles and made me actually want to give it a try to learn it, even though I think it's way too much IQ for me, ergo, you're 3382389547239 IQ, congrats on the trophy!!

Dario aka umbreon098 : I'm sorry Umbry, you really deserve the trophy as much as the rest of us for all the help you gave in doubles. I can't wait to see you play in a big tournament because I'm sure you can be one of the best.

Alexander. : What a very gay guy but amazing at mons at the same time. You've carried the whole season playing old gens plus you're a great person when you don't want to sub out puto, I hope we keep talking and grats!

FLCL : Dissabled Jackey Chan we finally did it and what a way lmao. Even though you don't talk that much I appreciate you a lot for those days on SPL 9, we'll find more time to talk I hope.

Twixtry : :clownpepe: you started great and then not that much so u had to be subbed out, but I think you're really good playing. Also, your wins were super important to build all the way here, I hope we can be on the same team in the future!

xImRaptor : Chupala maricón. I told you, we were winning this because you were playing really good all this time, I can finally say I respect you as a player and all your stupid actions have been forgiven. Good luck with your life now that u wish to stop playing (Or at least u told me that) u idiota.

Sayuze & NG Spencer : What a pair of amazing supports you guys were, always active and helping on what you could. Unfortunately you couldn't play this time, but I'm sure you'll have your big times in future tours because you have the skill with no doubt.

Sadlysius : Sincerely, I don't know what happened to you or why you did what you did, but if that's what your gut told you to do and you think it was the right thing to do, it's ok. I can't blame you, I just think you should think that what you did could've affected us all, specially the trust we had on you.

Hyogafodex & Erpenis: Sadly this wasn't your tour, but this shouldn't affect u guys as much as it usually affects me. You helped and supported everyone all you could and that's something that's always valuable af.

mncmt : You're the little gama :clownpepe: . I had a lot of fun reading what you wrote and also helping you with that win on semifinals; you'll have more chances to demonstrate how much you're worth.

Altina : Thank you so much for the support to Prinz in ADV :clownpepe: . You really helped him a lot and you were a great presence on the chat. Enjoy the trophy, you've earned it!

Caetano93 : Congrats on your amazing record! Very good BW games that were crucial to get to this point. Keep playing like that and you'll get really far, I hope to see you in SS with Brazil as well.

jake : I'm sorry Jake, we have so much ppl that I'm typing them as soon as I see them online on the chat, that and you have a weird pic that won't let me identify u :angery: . Whatever, thank you so much for the carry on LC . I'm really happy to see you with the trophy after how close you were on SSD, you deserve it, now, enjoy it!

Shrug : You helped Jake a lot and were a nice presence on chat, grats for the 2nd trophy, always important to mention!

Emeral : You took the bull by the horns when hyoga had to be subbed; I really hope you enjoyed it and learned of an experience like this, grats for the trophy!

Askov : Lanza e brava fdp, thanks a lot for all the help on the channels; when u wanted to scout rewer came and ate yours >:( , grats on the trophy!

Valentine: Sad you really couldn't play. I was eager to see how u played on the tour because I had already seen how good you were on any tier, anyhow, grats on the trophy!

Lopunny Kicks: Adding you to semis was a great decision. I've been amazed with how good you are at this game, not only playing, but also building and checking teams. I really hope we can be together on a future tour.

Heroic Troller: Another person I was amazed with. You know a lot about a lot of tiers and you're an extraordinary presence on chat. No doubt I'd love to share another team with you in the future and I hope u pick a new gen to keep playing on tours now that RBY isn't there anymore

BIHI, Century Express, Caasi & LuckyPiper: Thank you so much for being on our chat and helping on the channels or being a nice presence on chat in general, that's always appreciated!

To my rumblers: I'm really really sorry, you don't know how bad I felt with how I dissapointed u guys and even now I feel bad, specially since there were a lot of ppl that I admire as players like TDK John & Borja.

I'm really sorry, and I hope we can talk again )): . I'm a pendejo

Big s/o to Akaru Kokuyo as well i cant write all of this without u honestly

London Beats Lednäh lo hice, despues de mucho tiempo pude hacerlo espero que esten bien y disfrutando de sus vidas

Durza and his keen eye, such an analytic mind
I think it's fair to say that most people had the ruiners ranked low after the draft, and nobody really saw this tour playing out this way. Lots of people on the ruiners stepped up and proved me and a ton of other people completely wrong, and I've admitted that I was wrong about that multiple times. Glad to see lesser-known players on the Ruiners have great seasons and eventually claim a trophy, so congrats to them.

And troller, I, like many others, expected the Tyrants to take it all, but it seems that I was very wrong there as well and the rest of your team couldn't step up when it counted. Looks like I haven't been too accurate in my preseason predictions this SPL, but it's just as fun to be proved wrong by the underdogs. Grats again Ruiners, especially FLCL!


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Jesus fuck, it finally ended. I'm too old to be part of those long tourneys LOL After week 5 I was already hoping the tourney would end asap because my vacation was over and I had too many stuff to do. At least Corona Break came in handy at the end LOL

Anyway first shoutout I have to do is to lax for trying to conspire with Lavos and making snaga lose the Ruiners in the process. Would be really weird to not be on Ruiners for me and we would have lost 2 important retains. So big thanks!

Being honest, I almost didn't manage this year. I haven't been in the mood for smogon's shit. The jerk culture is so meh. Because of this we have mongoloids believing DPP is just a variance madhouse because some known players say it is (while it's not!!!) and stuff like what happened to umbry on the week vs Sharks. That dubs player that I already forgot the name played on PUBLIC with the team he was planning to use in the most important week for them so far and someone saw it. His own fault for being dumb, but what happens? God bro fist says it should not be allowed and umbry becomes "the dude who leaked x's team". (also not like it mattered for the result in the end)

Because of stuff like that, days before the managers being announced I told Rewer I didn't want to manage anymore because fuck it 3 months with the chance of having to read annoying people everyday, I just couldn't do it anymore. Then he said "don't worry we'll draft nice people" then I said ok and........well, we got Prinz. LOL NICE PLAN

About our draft plan...almost everything went like we planned. Btw shoutouts to hyoga for convincing us to buy Prinz, because...

Rewer 11/28/2019
prinz is a beast in rby
but adv he prob isnt worth

Even I was thinking about maybe buying 3k Poormog for ADV with the pool we had. But after we set on hyoga nad Prinz, it was the beginning of the Alleanza Brazitaly. Was a pleasure to plan everything with you guys, you all did an amazing job. Some stuff that I want to say about the planning was hmmm...first, I wanted Raptor on my team because I became a fan after he beat me on seasonal twice. Then this feel became even stronger after we decided to pick someone who had sinergy with him and asked him about getting Gondra so we got those logs:

I thought those messages were so cute that I started shipping both. Since Croven didn't signup and I would not have my favorite dubs couple in the roster anymore, I needed a new ship for my team. So we decided to go for the LA couple and holy shit, those 2 destroyed everyone this SPL.

Another thing about our planning was that we wanted to get Pearl as our BWer and we were fine with spending a decent amount on him, but holy shit Tony was really trying to buy him in the auction. This move made us give up Pearl to him and get an army of 3kers in the end, but at the same time we got the Fire Doctor so shoutouts TonyFlygon for this. Also if we are having an army of ladderdudes legitimizing ladder, it's your fault!

Sooo we got our army and well, I will not say that I thought we had a great shot...but not because I thought the team was bad, but because pokemon teams are a fucking huge gamble. It doesn't matter how great a player is, there's always a chance of him underperforming and the goes for "weak" player overperforming. Prolly most of the community thinks we got some of the later. So I drafted players that I thought could win games against anyone and let them do their shit. I'm not the type of manager that will be on my players' necks asking everything they're doing and questioning every team they post. If I picked a player, it's because I trust them somehow, so I only need to feel like they're actually doing their best. Only thing I do is making a ban list of what to not use in some tiers (aka Celebi in everything outside ADV, SM Bulu, ORAS Manectric, Fire Blast Bull in RBY etc...) and this list WORKS :smirk:

Then the tourney actually started and we were winning a lot. This was important for the morale for sure after being ranked as worst team. We also had our bad weeks but in the end we managed to put our shit together and win it all, so nice job everyone. Guess the corona break made the italians unstoppable since they got free time to focus only on eating pizza and play pokemon all day! Seems like the world wanted us to win :clownpepe:

Talking about free time, shoutouts to ABR for playing us three weeks this SPL for three different teams. Dude played us on Wolfpack, then helped the Scooters and also helped the Classiest! I know some people say "wow it's nice how passionate guys like ABR and Finch are about this game" but it's actually not. Still I'm always surprised about how much free time you have even on corona break. You prolly already spent more time in this game than me in almost 15 years of competitive mons, it's really an achievement.

Also shoutouts to reyscarface and CrashinBoomBang for always acting like morons on stours. Tyrants always do this job and it's important for the SPL environment. You acting like dumb assholes made some of my players want to really beat the Tyrants and it helped the morale, so thanks.

Well, I'm done with shoutouts for people outside the team, so time for the real shoutouts:

Rewer - First to my boy Rewer. You are really a GREAT manager and I have said this since you helped us on Ruiners in SPL IX. You actually puts a lot of effort on this and helps everyone on the team. I would prolly not be really good if I didn't have someone like you doing the stuff I'm too lazy to do for the team. And I guess we make a good duo because of that, while you have heart attacks in every important moment, I'm always chill and it prolly balances the team environment. Since I won both WCoP and SPL as captain/manager guess I'll try to manage Snake as well, so I hope you still want to stick with me for a while. Good thing is I prolly will not complain about Celebi THAT MUCH in SS :clownpepe:

Empo - EMPOVERPAY/Poorvolone. It's really nice to see how much you have grow as a player in the last years. While I got you for only like 5k? Years ago, you now became an important retain to make the franchise winning twice in a row. You're always a nice person to have around and also a great player like I said. Even if you didn't ask + don't care :clownpepe: ... Also, I'm always surprised that you watched HxH in 4 days damn...

FriendOfMrGolem120 - you didn't talk much outside the GSC/RBY channels, but your wins were pretty important for the trophy, so great job. You are REALLY good in GSC and it was nice to see you in the tier this year. You also posted some nice memes LOL

Alexander. - the most annoying player of the team. Everytime someone didn't use a cheese he suggested, he would cry in the manager chat. Everytime we lost a game he would say "season over" and all the teams he suggested were some kind of cheese, specially Rain. Jokes aside, you were a huge piece for the team this SPL. You not only got a great record, but you acted like the leader among the players themselves. Every team that wins a tour on this site has a player like that and I'm pretty sure that you acted like ours. Now stop annoying us finally :clownpepe: also Sadly hates u

Gondra and xImRaptor - Great season for both of you. I knew Gondra only had a bad Snake because some issues he was havin at the time and would have a good SPL after what I saw in his last WCoP. I already said what I thought about Raptor before the tourney, so I also wanted him on the team. Even if I expected good records from you both, I have to say that you went beyond my expectations. Really nice work and you were both cute users to have around. Also shoutouts to Raptor for bringing the PELEAR BOT, a massive part on our team success for sure.

FLCL - another fire weeb on the team. I think I never saw your play level so good like this year lmao. You weren't afraid of pulling the trigger when needed and even if you used the same team every week, you still put up a great record and won in important moments for us..........actually I was surprised when I realized you actually used 19 different mons instead of 8 when I counted in your replays (half of them were prolly random sacs tho, like the Mew).

Twixtry - you had a great start on the tourney, with some dominant games but started losing in a row smh. Still you're a good player and I was expecting you to have a good tourney after lurking your games on the ladder during early SS. Even if you didn't get a great record, you were always there to help however you could and was a nice teammate.

jake and Shrug - great LC duo here. Always thought jake was a great player and he managed to pull out a good record along with Shrug who was an important helper for him. I haven't been in touch with LC in the last years, but I enjoyed your games this season! Thanks, Zebraiken.

qsns and umbreon098 - quinzo is a Ruiner for life. You were Croven's help and wife in the last years and you finally got your chance to start. We were really sure that you would have a great tourney from what we saw from you in the past. You didn't get the record you deserved, but I still think you're a great dubs player and I ship you and Croven forever! Also Umbry was a fire helper, I really got sad that we didn't get you officially on the team. Thank god no one tried to get you on mids :clownpepe: oh, and I really hope you don't get an unfair stigma because of that thing with Sharks. You are a great dubs player and should be recognized as so...also Prinz playing rn

Caetano93 - THE FIRE DOCTOR :fire: Not gonna lie but you were a backup plan for BW, but thank god we ended up with you. I wasn't sure how you would handle a SPL BW Pool, but you always put a lot of effort and managed to get a good record with important wins for the team. The first time I think Brazil has a good BWer for WCoP since sogeking and it becomes full CG smh

Emeral - nice job saving our DPP slot specially on playoffs, buddy. I saw you and hyoga worked really well together. Should have listened to my banlist and not used Celebi tho :clownpepe:

Altina - sadly you only had one game and against BKC from all the people. You were a great help for Prinz for sure anyway. Also it was always nice to have someone with Aoko as avy in the chan!!!

Sadlysius - hates Prinz. That's a good meme.

ErPeris - didn't have a good run, but was always there rooting for us and trying to help at least. Gotta listen some Cowboys from Hell to celebrate.

Sayuze - didn't get the chance to play, but you were a good help for us for sure. It was nice to have you on the team, I hope you get your chance to start in the next tourneys.

NG Spencer -


Valentine - cheerleading from time to time yn

Hyogafodex Askov mncmt - GANHAMOS FODASE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Always a pleasure to play with you guys. Hyoga was a huge part on the draft planning so even if he got the title of biggest anchor of all time, he was still important for our success. We wanted Askov as a sub since the beginning because he (has too much free time) plays almost all tiers and is always available to help with tests. mncmt is actually a great player when he doesn't sabotage himself in the builder (which is usually the case), but at least got a win :clownpepe: Anyway, it's always fun to have you guys in the chat and it's a miracle we actually won a trophy together kkkkkkkkkkkk agora bora esfolar a fimose rapazeada

Also shoutouts to my good friend Maya for our fire avatar on PS!

I hope I didn't forget anyone since the army is fucking huge lol. Also big thanks to all the people who came to help us along the tourney, you were all nice people to have around. I actually got a team chan without annoying people (except Prinz) like I wanted from the start and it was a pleasure to play this tourney with you guys, even if I wanted it to end since week 5 because I'm a boomer LOL

After all the memes about the season over, I can finally say to you that...

season ACTUALLY over and we WON! Time to celebrate and enjoy the red while it's on our profiles. See you guys around.

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