Smogon Premier League XII - Week 9

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How do 3 way ties work again? bc if the classiest lose and the sharks and raiders tie...
also who to root for in that oras game :smogduck:
The simple response is that the tiebreaker would be game differential. In your given scenario though, since the classiest would lose, the tiger would inherently have 10 points meaning that the playoff scenario would be cryos, pack, tyrants, tigers [ignoring the scenarios of bigs v scooters].

also as someone whos brain doesn't work most of the time, how long did that take you luthier
it took me about an hour
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I wasn’t even supposed to be here today
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Scooters and BIGS gotta double sub because McMeghan and Linear couldn't come to an agreed upon time. We felt that the TD's didn't need to make a post about this because as a manager, I may be cheeks, but I am not inept.

FMG > mcmeghan

Also, an apology to the fans looking forward to this slobberknocker of a battle between Linear and McMeghan. We are all saddened that this high-level display of ADV could not be exhibited to the common viewer.

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Subbing Narwhal in over Dice

snaga d0nut rozes

This is now twice this season Dice has randomly been completely MIA and gotten/almost gotten us an activity loss, not to mention his “smartest guy in the room” attitude all season and refusing to test, ever. Seriously, how much does a player have to do in a team tour to get banned? This is ridiculous.
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