Smogon Shoddy Server Statistics - April 2010

Specs Heatran can OHKO Machamp, Occagross and Swampert with the right move, making it a great anti-lead.

And lol@those using Sturdy Magnezone and Illuminate Starmie.
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to play (goddamn laptop), but if I could, I would certainly include a Slowbro on my team. Slowbro is probably Machamp's greatest threat, and I think it is for that reason that it's seen increased usage (82% Mar. to 69% Apr.). I think we'll see further increased Slowbro usage in OU.
If you have anyone who can Baton Pass a Substitute, remaining EVs go in defenses to make it that bit tougher (maybe to take a leadkarp tackle ;-) ). If not, put them in speed - there's not much it's gonna help you outspeed, but there's Forretress and enemy Shedinja. And if you get a Choice Scarf Tricked on you you'll outspeed neutral base 84s and + natured base 71s. Not that there's much down there, but hey, anything you can get.
In lower tiers, of course this is all rather more relevant.

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I think it is very interesting that Tentacruel passed Roserade in usage for the first time in a few months

(People are finally realizing there are solutions to sleep, and cruel has better sp def, and a better primary stab... the list goes on)
that's what I always do when I'm using a lead exploder. Unless you've got a hard counter to machamp like slowbro or something I think exploding is best course of action if you're using a lead like heatran
I'm using a Spiritomb with W-O-W. Better then explosion! lol

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