Smogon Shoddy Server Statistics - February 2009

For those of you who care, here are the stats for the top 60 Pokemon used in the Standard ladder, in terms of how far each Pokemon rose/fell:

(keep in mind, there were 11,153 more matches in January than in February)

Pokemon (rank increase/decrease) (total usage increase/decrease)

1. Scizor (0) (+12799)
2. Salamence (0) (-17614)
3. Heatran (0) (-7518)
4. Gyarados (0) (-2050)
5. Metagross (0) (+2702)
6. Infernape (0) (+1352)
7. Tyranitar (0) (-2859)
8. Blissey (0) (-2520)
9. Latias (New)
10. Swampert (-1) (-6168)
11. Gengar (+1) (-2307)
12. Lucario (-2) (-6128)
13. Zapdos (-2) (-10790)
14. Jirachi (0) (-4863)
15. Starmie (+2) (+268)
16. Azelf (-1) (-5485)
17. Celebi (-4) (-12252)
18. Bronzong (-2) (-6490)
19. Kingdra (+3) (+2412)
20. Vaporeon (-2) (-2670)
21. Gliscor (+4) (+1489)
22. Breloom (-1) (-1106)
23. Skarmory (0) (-504)
24. Magnezone (+4) (+3671)
25. Flygon (-6) (-6620)
26. Rotom-H (0) (-870)
27. Machamp (-7) (-7889)
28. Togekiss (-1) (-1402)
29. Suicune (-5) (-4317)
30. Jolteon (-1) (-439)
31. Electivire (0) (-1219)
32. Forretress (+2) (+142)
33. Weavile (+3) (-4859)
34. Snorlax (-1) (-695)
35. Mamoswine (+4) (+310)
36. Heracross (-1) (-2273)
37. Aerodactyl (-1) (-2189)
38. Dusknoir (+3) (+220)
39. Tentacruel (-1) (-2511)
40. Empoleon (0) (-1406)
41. Hippowdon (-9) (-5689)
42. Dragonite (+1) (+2987)
43. Cresselia (-6) (-6102)
44. Porygon Z (-2) (-327)
45. Ninjask (+4) (+1307)
46. Dugtrio (-1) (-684)
47. Rhyperior (+1) (-1138)
48. Alakazam (-4) (-2248)
49. Umbreon (+3) (-166)
50. Milotic (+1) (-935)
51. Donphan (-1) (-1224)
52. Yanmega (-6) (-2970)
53. Smeargle (0) (+633)
54. Porygon 2 (-7) (-3253)
55. Ambipom (-1) (-135)
56. Rotom-W (+2) (+1508)
57. Gallade (-2) (-1055)
58. Roserade (-1) (-286)
59. Ludicolo (-3) (-1981)
60. Crobat (+6) (-176)

Pokemon that Rose the Most:
-Crobat (+6)
-Gliscor (+4)
-Magnezone (+4)
-Mamoswine (+4)
-Ninjask (+4)

Pokemon that Fell the Most:
-Hippowdon (-9)
-Machamp (-7)
-Porygon 2 (-7)
-Flygon (-6)
-Cresselia (-6)
-Yanmega (-6)

Pokemon that Rose the Most:
-Scizor (+12799)
-Magnezone (+3671)
-Dragonite (+2987)
-Metagross (+2702)
-Kingdra (+2412)

Pokemon that Fell the Most:
-Salamence (-17614)
-Celebi (-12252)
-Zapdos (-10790)
-Machamp (-7889)
-Heatran (-7518)
Latias is probably directly responsible for the Scizor upsurge. I'm surprised that Flygon fell; I predicted a further increase due to Scarf U-turns / Outrages hurting Latias pretty bad. Infernape is standing strong surprisingly.

I can't wait to hear Paltheos' Uber analysis. The statistics are throwing me off.

Many of the just-banned UU pokemon actually FELL in usage.
I believe people dropped their suspects to get a jump on testing suspectless teams. Unlike OU suspects (like Shaymin-S), there was no benefit to abusing UU suspects because ratings were going to reset. As such, practice to get ahead of the game without them.

EDIT: Oh yes, Suspect is super centralized @_@
Umbreon and Milotic in OU? o_o
I personally think Porygon2's a lot more deserving of an OU slot than those two =/

My poor bird's fallen even further, to 27th T.T
Dude, how come there's such a huge difference between Slowbro and Slowking usage in UU--about 75 or so ranks? He's not bad, really...
Scizor's massive rise in usage is simply amazing, especially when you consider that there were less battles this month and that pretty much every other Pokemon fell quite a bit.
| Blissey | Nature | Calm | 49.0 |
| Blissey | Nature | Bold | 43.9 |

YES! Finally, people are actually wising up with Blissey!
Why is Electivire still OU? And at a pretty solid spot at that. By now, people should have realized how bad he really is. I'm surprised he's all the way at 31 since I've only seen one or two this entire month (or maybe I just didn't notice them most of the time since they didn't do anything? o_O).

The one instance of an Electivire I do remember seeing is one that failed to OHKO my Gliscor with Ice Punch even after it's suffered SR damage. I mean, come on! My Gliscor is max speed so it isn't even EV'd very defensively. Electivire just fails at life.

| Blissey | Nature | Calm | 49.0 |
| Blissey | Nature | Bold | 43.9 |

YES! Finally, people are actually wising up with Blissey!
Huh? That Calm > Bold?
| Trapinch   | Usage        | 258              |     0.5 |
| Trapinch   | Move         | Substitute       |    61.6 |
I'm pretty sure these are all mine. (I've never seen any Sub Trapinches besides mine.) Meaning I played 159 matches this month - interesting to note.

| Linoone    | Move         | Belly Drum       |    99.4 |
| Linoone    | Move         | Extremespeed     |    89.8 |
| Linoone    | Move         | Shadow Claw      |    80.6 |
| Linoone    | Move         | Seed Bomb        |    49.1 |
| Linoone    | Move         | Dig              |    22.3 |
| Linoone    | Move         | Return           |    20.8 |
Hmm. Who's still using Shadow Claw? The best Linoone attackset is easily Extremespeed/Seed Bomb/Return. People are using Dig?! I guess the outdated analysis is to blame.


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Mewtwo leads were mostly their to counter the Rise of Darkrai (heh) leads in the Uber game. Since no one runs Scarf Darkrai leads any more, then there is less need for Mewtwo
There are a few surprises when I look at these stats.

BTW, awsome job Doug.

The majority of the lead usages surprise me. Firstly, Jolteon is 27, behind Breloom. Since when? I see so many jolteons I would have put it in the top 10. Secondly, I play shoddy quite a bit and not once have I ever seen a Zapdos lead, and it is 23 (ahead of Jolteon too). I can honestly not recall ever playing a Zapdos lead. Weird :P

My God am I ever surprised Latias got to #9. I know its been used a lot but I neve knew it was that much. 15% wow.

Since when has slaking been so low? 129. There are even a ton of crappy UUs pokes higher han that. Very surprising.

I was also wondering when people are gonna stop using scizor so much. I know he is absolutely awsome but 30% is too much for any pokemon. Too centralised.

Anybody using Bold Blissey needs to stop. Seriously, it adds a whole 11 points to defense. Like that'll spare her life anytime soon. She needs to be Calm to help take Special hits (without significant investment, it can be done).

| Latios | Item | Life Orb | 39.7 |
| Latios | Item | Choice Specs | 31.0 |
Specs isn't the most common, but definately up there. I suppose freely switching attacks saves you from being Pursuited without a fight.

Another random things I've noticed

| Linoone | Item | Nevermeltice | 8.3 |

And dude, seriously?

| Electivire | Move | Earthquake | 82.3 |
| Electivire | Move | Ice Punch | 80.9 |
| Electivire | Move | Thunderpunch | 73.6 |
| Electivire | Move | Cross Chop | 68.3 |
That's as bad as Bold Blissey. I really hope the redone analysis fixes this problem (hint: Use the first set!!). Electivire isn't as bad as people make him out to be if he doesn't use the above set. Seriously.


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A few things:

Wow, lucario fell pretty far, I wonder why?

How is infernape staying so high with latias around? Mostly as a lead?

How is gengar still flirting with the top 10? And ahead of lucario? O_o
I've also been trying out Electivire but I find that it is just setup bait for the Rotom formes, whom can easily stall it out. Though nobody really expects Electivire, and when I've removed the Rotom threat it can really do a lot of damage.
A few things:

Wow, lucario fell pretty far, I wonder why?

How is infernape staying so high with latias around? Mostly as a lead?

How is gengar still flirting with the top 10? And ahead of lucario? O_o
Pretty much the same things I have been wondering.

I still use Lucario a good bit, he can devastate teams just as good as ever. I'm not sure why he doesn't get more usage.

The fact Gengar remains higher than all the Rotom formes combined is simply astonishing. Scizor can switch in freely to any of his attacks and ko with Bullet Punch or Pursuit. I just don't get why people keep using a Pokemon who is stopped cold by the most used Pokemon in OU.

Well it isn't exactly that hard to get Latias out of the way, Infernape can still deal a lot of damage to the majority of the metagame.
@pierce: I wield a McGar with Wow so he doesn't exactly fear Scizor, but the usage of Gengar is puzzling. Either way, his usage is going to take another major hit if Latios makes OU, as he largely outclasses Gar (except for things like McGar, which is another reason why I use him)
Yeah I think the only reason Gengar is hanging around is the McGar set which can put a hurting on a lot of it's main counters.

Sub/Focus Punch/Hp Fire/Shadow Ball deal with Scizor, Ttar and to an extent Blissey.

Gengar also generally has a lot of chances to get a sub up with it's three immunities. I agree though Latios would outclass any Scarf/Specs with Trick set unless you were taking a gamble and running hypnosis.


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Yesterday I felt horribly sick. Today I feel slightly better, to the point where I can actually walk from my bed to my laptop (yeah, it was that bad yesterday). I'll try to get my stats done.
I haven't seen a single McGar ever since I started playing on Shoddy back in 07 =\

I really expected Mamo leads to be much more popular. I've been using the shit out of it to beat Metagross and Heatran leads. I guess it will never catch on though as Swampert leads became ever more prevalent as it can beat all three. Maybe it's time to use HP Grass Shucatran?

I was hoping Jolteon would move up, I am surprised it actually fell. I've been using LO Jolteon with great success he sweeps through so much of todays metagame. I really suggest you try him out if you haven't already.

I don't see why there is so much Starmie usage either.
I know this might be a lot to ask, but is there a chance we can get statistics specifically for leads? And maybe seperate the statistics for "leading", "not leading", and "both".

This way we can get an overall better idea at a specific pokemon's place in the metagame. Of course, what we have now is great anyway
Umbreon's at 49. Great Sage must be hitting his head against the wall now. . .

There seems to be a greater difference between numbers 1 and 2 than in a particularly Garchomp was allowed (August 2008). Scizor for Uber? Then again, I'm a crackpot who would have allowed Garchomp in Overused if given a vote. . .


In all seriousness, why is Gengar still popular if he's Pursuit bait? Why did Umbreon go up to Overused? I would think Porygon 2 would be used more, since it can force Choiced Pokemon and Intimidators with Trace.

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