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Welcome to Smogon, the premier competitive battling Pokemon website! If you're new to the forums or competitive battling in general and looking for help on how things work around here, feel free to ask any questions you have in this thread.

Please keep in mind that this is not an introduction thread, so do include relevant queries in your posts. You're more than welcome to ask questions regarding competitive battling, our forums in general, or how to get involved in a particular section of the website, and we'll be happy to help you out or direct you to the appropriate resource.

We'll do our best to answer every question in this thread, but if your question relates to a specific part of the forums, you'll likely get a much quicker answer there. For your convenience, here are links to the Simple Questions & Answers threads in Smogon's various forums:

If your question pertains to any of these areas, please use the forum-specific SQSAs.

There are also several other threads in the Information & Resources forum which might contain the information you're looking for:
  • Introduction to Smogon - Provides an introduction to the website and information regarding our various resources and contribution opportunities.
  • Global Forum Rules - You know what these are; you should read them.
  • Competitive Battling FAQ - A basic introduction to competitive battling. If you're completely new to the competitive aspect of Pokemon, then this thread will give you a solid foundation to build from.
  • Tiering FAQ - A useful introductory resource to Smogon's tiering processes.
  • Badge FAQ - A rundown of Smogon's contribution/staff-based awards for contribution: badges. Also, their Badge Leaders.
  • Smogon Staff & Promotions - Contains a list of all staff members and the section of the site they moderate.
If your question is related to base stats, moves or abilities, it'd be a good idea to check out the USUM research thread or the Past Generations research thread depending on the game.

If you can't find the answer you're looking in any of the above threads, then we encourage you to use this one!

If you spot an error on one of the site pages (such as a Pokemon being listed in the wrong tier in the Strategydex), post here.

Also, feel free to post any suggestions you may have for Smogon here as well. Here's some of the stuff that's been put forward already:
Can we delete inactive accounts with 0 posts?

We're not deleting inactive accounts because chances are an older user could return and want their account back. The most that'll probably be done is name changes if a user is desperate for the name. But in general a purge is very unlikely in the near future.

Can we enable likes in Smogon conversations?

This feature costs money that we don't have unfortunately. Plus, the admins are programming more important things for the site, too.

Can we have a dropbox to export older teams into?

It's currently not possible for XenForo. You can upload teams to files and then upload them to Dropbox to share with friends, but XenForo does not support this.

Can we add Tapatalk, or some other way to view Smogon better on the mobile?

chaos is currently too busy to be able to have the time to implement something like that. You can try to make something for us though!

Can we have a darker Smogon theme?

NMx13 designed one. This thread has instructions ( to add it in.

Can the search function look for three letter words?

Unfortunately not, but you can try to search on Google.

Can we have clans?

It's generally accepted that we won't have clans anytime in the future.

Can we have a ROM hacking forum?

We wouldn't get enough activity to really need a forum, as everyone goes to the other ROM hacking forums already and we'd have nothing new to offer.

Can we edit options in a poll?

Nope, Xenforo doesn't support that unfortunately!

Will we ever change the logo?

Nope, Smogon means Koffing in German, so unless we change the name there's... not really a point.
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Hi, I just joined and when I go to the thread to submit my name it says something like this "thread no longer accepting more replies". I am wondering if I go somewhere else to get my name and password. Thanks
Hi, I just joined and when I go to the thread to submit my name it says something like this "thread no longer accepting more replies". I am wondering if I go somewhere else to get my name and password. Thanks
Thread "Not open for further replies" indicates that the thread has been locked and no users can post in it without it being unlocked by a mod. OR the whole forum itself has restricted permissions where most likely you're unable to post in it.

What do you mean by getting your name / password though? Is there a particular thread you're referring to and require help in?
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I'm trying to set a gif that's under 200x200 as my avatar, and it's 75 kb, but it still says the avatar is too big. I have attached the image I'm trying to set. lucario.gif
weird question incoming:
is your first badge displayed on the right or on the left when you have more than two badges.
or is it in a specific order?


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I'm trying to set a gif that's under 200x200 as my avatar, and it's 75 kb, but it still says the avatar is too big. I have attached the image I'm trying to set. View attachment 69771
I don't think this leads to your problem in this specific instance, but it's worth pointing out that there's a recommendation on the avatar change menu that your image be at least 200x200, not less than.

Edit: ok then
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PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP ME. Right now. I need answers! I went on Showdown like 8 minutes ago.... I saw it wasn't working, so I went to Twitter and I found out that PS was HACKED.... I have like 2 accounts on Showdown, does that mean all my emails and shit will be hacked too? Or is the only thing being hacked the accounts on PS??? ANSWER ME PLEASE, I use my email for all my social media accounts and I will die if someone hacks me and posts embarrassing/nasty shit. My mom will freaking KILL ME. Help
it's just PS accounts, but if your e-mail password is the same as or similar to your PS! password, I'd change it.

And since I went to so that mean all the hackers memorized my IP Address and shit??? are they hacking my computer??? i need answers, this isn't funny
no they are not hacking your computer. you need to edit your post and not double post. this isn't as big of a dealis you think it is. please calm down.
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Ok im new so i try to look around so i read a thread and it says (You have insufficient privileges to reply here.) what does that mean?
That means you aren't allowed to post in a thread either be that you aren't a staff member or you aren't invited to post in the thread.


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More likely answer imo is that s/he needs to confirm her e-mail for full registration. After that it should be fine.
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Each letter you add or remove in a name changes the color

so if I chose Conni it would be pink and if I added a 'n' it would be blue, and if I removed a 'n' it would be green, that sort of thing
But by that logic shouldnt 21misa and asim12 have the same color? they didnt when i tried it.

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