Smogon Usage-Based Tier Update: November 2015

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Why would something so amazing drop .-.

Bouf is a slower Stoutland with Head Charge and Sap Sipper over Scrappy. I don't really see why that is what you opted to bold when Pawniard+Exeggutor is legit unwallable...
Bouffalant will run Substitute + Swords Dance in PU imo, so it would be a colossal threat to the tier.


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The issue with Sylveon

is that it is only viable on fairyspam

one sub-archetype...

and it is still OU... why?

edit: Rename NU to Fight Club now Granbull is no longer there to counter fighting-types y/n?
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Other Electric-types and TankChomps are better checks to birdspam than Zapdos is.

Plus, Zapdos is a defogger that's weak to Stealth Rock, which is shitty.
Tankchomp dies to it while only making it take RS+RH damage if it switches into it as it SD's

+2 252 Atk Aerilate Mega Pinsir Return vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Garchomp: 369-435 (87.8 - 103.5%) -- 25% chance to OHKO

Lando-T is a better check to it as it at least makes it more manageable with intimidate. Other electrics can check it but can rarely switch directly into it less they risk getting shot by CC or EQ. I mean aside from a healthy Rotom-W no electric can really switch even safely into Mega Pinsir. Zapdos resists whatever Mega Pinsir tries to throw at and can t-bolt it and roost off the damage. Defog is lackluster on Zapdos I agree but Zapdos is still one of the best answers there is to Mega Pinsir so it is at least not gonna drop immensely in usage and if Mega Pinsir jumps in popularity it will definitely make Zapdos more popular again.
Since before Zapdos's drop, our best UU Defog users were Crobat, Salamence and Mandibuzz, I disagree with you
I disagree with both of you. Empoleon is not weak to any hazards really and has defog. Empoleon us is our best defogger. Zapdos supplies us with an offensive defogger that can hit water types really hard. Just because its weak to rocks does not make it shitty in the slightest. Other options include agility sweeper, specs, scarf, and bulky toxic. Zapdos will suite us fine for now although having other drops like sylveon conkeldurr and celebi would have been awesome.


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Houndour should be banned from LC UU. We had banned it the last time it dropped but for some reason the ladder was never updated to reflect it.

Also, Exeggutor is in PU which sounds really fun. It has to work around Pawniard but that shouldn't be too hard. ;)
Pinsir's back in OU baby!

RU's got a couple of returning pokes as well. Zapdos is also an amazing addition in a bulky water tier called UU with the ability to pull off offensive and defensive sets.

PU got the best of this shift this round as it gained a lot of mons and lost none. Exeggutor seems the best of the bunch by looking at its sky-high SpA, movepool, and Chlorophyll ability.
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