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SS Forum Rules and Information
The purpose of this thread is to establish key rules when posting/making threads, while also providing info regarding the council, moderation team, and other necessary information for the forum. This is your go-to place for understanding the policies of our forum, as well as the people who run it.

Forum Rules

- Global rules apply at all times.
- Before posting a thread, get it approved by a staff member. Make sure to note who approved it at the top of the post. Unapproved threads will be locked.
- Don't post threads asking questions; instead, post them to our "Simple Question, Simple Answer" thread.
- Don't post teams here; instead, go to the Rate my Team forum for team rates, and be sure to read their rules before posting.
- Non-competitive topics should go to the Orange Islands, and are not meant for this forum.
- Try not to theorymon or ask "what ifs"; please only refer to verified, confirmed information.
- Ensure your posts are grammatically coherent, contribute to the discussion at hand, and aren't simple one-liners. The moderation team is subject to delete them if they feel as though they do not add anything to the discussion.
- Don't engage in flame wars, and do not instigate them.

SS Moderation Team

These users will be responsible for the maintenance and facilitation of the SS forum, and are your go-to people to ask for questions, comments, and concerns regarding threads and the forum itself! Please bear in mind that these users can enforce rules at their discretion.
SS Council

These users are responsible for any and all tiering decisions that pertain to the Generation 8 metagames and prioritize their well-being and maintenance. Ask these people instead if you have any inquiries regarding tiering!
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