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Recently, I gotten hooked onto standup, both watching and participating. A few of the interesting ones I've found are:

- Russel Peters - He has really topics and decent content in every show
- Ricky Gervais- There's just something funny about a british comedian
- Dave Chapelle - Again, good content

Considering Smogon is full of comedic people, I wouldn't be surprised if some of you already do standup, so do any of you do standup comedy? Do you know any decent performers? I would honestly love to do some shows and stuff, and have got material written, what about you guys?

Do you have any tips for someone wanting to get into standup?
Two personal favorite comedians of mine are Donald Glover and Myq Kaplan. They're both hilarious.

Another amazing comedian and entertainer is the late George Carlin.
My friend really likes Eddie Izzard because she's a history major and he makes a fair amount of history jokes.

I like Jeff Dunham too, if he counts.
I second George Carlin. Russell Peters is a great one too.

I'd suggest Louis CK. Pretty great content. I'll edit later with others
I like several British comedians. Especially Rowan Atkinson, Fry and Laurie many comedians on that show that I need to check out urgently.

I also like a lot Dutch/Belgian comedians but they are not very well known here I guess. Favorites are:

- Urbanus
- Alex Agnew
- Bert Visscher
- Najib Amhali
- Hans Teeuwen
- Adriaan van den Hoof
Anjelah Johnson - Mexican Comedian, mostly race jokes but does other stuff too xD
Dat Phan - Vietnamese Comedian, probably funnier if you're Asian but still funny

Also Russell Peters and Dave Chapelle are hilarious...


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george carlin is the perfect example of how intelligence has nothing to do with being boneheaded. His rants during stand-up may be funny but I sincerely hope nobody actually thinks he makes any good points, because he doesn't.


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Went to see Rich Hall, amongst others, a couple of weeks ago at this awesome little comedy club in Greenwich. Was pretty good. Anyone ever heard of Doc Brown or Eric Lampaert? (both were awesome).

Probably my favourite comedian of all time has to be Reginald D. Hunter, though. Legendary. Eddie Izzard is also up there.


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I listen to a lot of stand up (and as a result my standards are too high and I can't laugh at regular life anymore). People I recommend are Richard Pryor, Patton Oswalt, and Eddie Murphy.
Aziz Ansari
Louis CK

I have Aziz Ansari's standup album in my car. I play it when I'm driving with people I don't know too well in an effort to break the ice a little.
For My 16th Birthday, a While ago now. I went to see 3 comedians over the space of a couple of months. Saw Lee Mack, who I wasn't expecting much of and he was absolutely Amazing. Say what you want about his sitcoms. His Stand Up is amazing. I've seen Rhod Gilbert twice. Very funny but not outstanding. Dara O' Briain was fabulous. But of the 3 Lee Mack was the best.
I find Bill Bailey superb.
I think my favourite Comedian has to be Russel Howard. Only he can make me cry with Laughter.

Comics who use their race as the base for the majority of their jokes, I just can't get on board with. Sorry Shappi Korsandi, Omid Djalili, Chris Rock.
a recent favourite of mine is a man named anthony jeselnik. i'm a fan of his wry and offensive material but i also really enjoy his aggressive jock/rodney dangerfield hybrid delivery. he handles unreceptive crowds in the best way possible.


:35 is one of the best jokes i've ever heard

also if you hate dane cook (which you should) you'll probably appreciate this


other than him, watching QI has opened me up to a veritable throng of fantastic comedians (except phil jupitus who sux). dara obrien, david mitchell, rich hall, ross noble, bill bailey, the list goes on


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dara o briain is one of my favourites: a fair bit of his material is pretty mundane observational comedy but it's not his crutch (*cough*michaelmacintyre*cough*) has incredible charisma and has a scientific background that he works into his routines, which appeals to me for obvious reasons. A good video:

Eddie Izzard is another whose charisma really helps his act out. I'm still not convinced that the stuff he says is inherently funny, even though I love his stand-up.

Frankie Boyle was funny until he went overboard with toeing the line when it came to causing offense. I have a lot of respect for comedians like Sean Lock, Jason Manford and Bill Bailey who don't need to touch any offensive material to be funny.


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Gotta give some love to Demetri Martin, Mitch Hedberg, and Tim Allen (early stuff, pre-home improvement). Surprised they haven't been mentioned yet!
Richard Pryor is an all-time classic. His humor trancends all races.

Any member of the Blue Collar Comedy group is pretty damn good (except Ron White).

Jerry Seinfeld can be funny sometimes, but most of his stuff is dry humor: you either really like it or really hate it. I'll give him this, though, 20 or so years later, a lot of his humor is still very topical.
Everyone in this thread should see Kevin Hart's Seriously Funny special, it's as good as any of Louis C.K.'s specials which is a pretty big deal.

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